-ABETE (The Hood)

Must Read: ABETE (The Hood)… Part 1

This is another new story written by Olufayo Oluwatomisin


Everybody picked race. Nobody wanted to know where the gunshot was coming from – are you a learner, wise men pick race first then ask questions later.
So that was how me took off o, didn’t even pay mama Roda for the painter of garri I was buying (I know she go still ask for her money sha, any time she see me, that woman bad)

BAM BAM BAM! Came another shot, and it was like the guys doing the shooting were behind me so Zam – I run enter the next compound (confirm public yard – 30 one room apartments kinda yard).
Una grab nah.. That kind room plenty for ikere nah.. 30 room no toilet…

Vam – I push the first door that hit my eye like say na ma own the damn thing and Wire(ma guy) was staring at me with fear in his eyes. Aside Wire, there were about five other occupants in that tight one room apartment. The owner of the room turned to Wire
“You no lock the room when you run enter!” He asked angrily
Wire moped, the guy cursed him then went to the door and locked it.

I walked to Wire. The guy dey sabi get info about cult matters for this street and I felt it was cultists doing the shooting outside – na normal thing around here na.

“Guy, who dey war”. I asked Wire.

“Black skulls” Wire replied, still out of breath from running.

“Na black skulls dey shoot” (Of course I used fake cult name – real names withheld)


“Axetate”. Wire replied.

I cringed, it was like my eyes opened. I looked around the room. Wire was an Axetate, every single person in that room dey Axetate – na only me wey no be carried entity there. What if Black Angels bust in here now – See me, see stray bullet.
I started walking towards the door. The owner of the room code say na cut out I won cut out and was like: “Fayo, no open that door abeg”
I paused, took a deep breathe and walked back into the room to wait.

“Father”. I prayed silently. “If I have sinned, forgive me cos e be like say I dey show heaven soon”


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