-A Teenage Love Affair

Must Read: A Teenage Love Affair… Part 8

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A few days later,Miriam was knocking on Orisha’s door. They were supposed to meet there and then go out on a date. Date. Miriam smiled at the thought of the word. Date. She had a boyfriend,and she was actually going out with him on a date,she thought with a grin. On the third knock,Orisha answered from within the house;”I’m coming!”. About half a minute later,he opened the door. “Hey”,he said with a broad smile. “Hey”,she replied,surprised. He was wearing a white polo and black cargos-and he was carrying a baby. “Come in”,he said,and she did. “I know we were supposed to to go out for lunch,but things’ve changed. I’m stuck babysitting”,he said apologetically,gesturing to the baby he was carrying. “We could stay in,watch a movie or something”,he said hopefully. “Orisha. . . ” “Or we could reschedule if you like”,he continued. “We can stay in”,she said unenthusiastically. “If you don’t wanna babysit with me,i totally understand”,he began. “No-it’s not that. I like babies. Love them,actually. It’s just. . . I was really looking forward to our first date”,she said in reply. “So was i. . I’m sorry to disappoint. This just came up. My aunt needed help,so i offered. I’ll make it up to you,i promise”,he said. “It’s okay”,she replied. “Thanks”,he said,leaning in to kiss her softly on her cheek.

“So i think it’s time we met”,she said,talking to the baby. “Mimi,this is my cousin,Bj. Bj,this is my girlfriend,Miriam”,he said with a grin. She smiled too-Bj was adorable. “Can i hold him?”,she asked. “Sure”,he said,handing Bj over to her,and continued;”I’ve gotta warn you though-He doesn’t like strangers”. Miriam cooed and made funny faces-at which Bj laughed. “I thinks he likes me”,she said with a grin. Bj and Miriam hit it off immediately,Bj was so cute when he laughed(he just had a couple of teeth,and it only made him more adorable),but he was a little mischevious-he’d taken a handful of her hair,pulled it pretty hard and refused to let go. She’d had a hard time loosening his hand from her hair(because he had a pretty strong grip),but eventually she did. She tickled him,made some more funny faces-it was great. “Wow. I’ve never seen him warm up to anybody so fast”,Orisha said a few minutes later,and continued;”You’re good with babies”. “Thanks. Y’know,if i had a penny for everytime i’ve babysat,i’d be a millionaire”,she replied with a chuckle. “I was about to change his diapers when you came. . “,he said. “Ok”,she said and gave Bj back to him. Orisha took Bj to the dining table where all the stuff was,took off his shorts,and started taking off his diaper. “Err. . . Orisha,when you’re changing a boy’s diapers,you’ve gotta be . . . ” “Extra careful? I know”,he finished for her. “Oh. Somebody told you?” “No. Experience is a horrible teacher”. “No friggin way!”. “Yes way”,he replied with a smile. “Oya,start talking”,she said.

“It was with Grant”,Orisha said,referring to his younger brother. “I had 11 years on him,so i was very involved in taking care of him. It was a Friday afternoon,i’d just come back from school. My mom was busy in the kitchen,asked me to change him,so i did. There was this cool cartoon that was on;i can’t even remember what it was,but i was watching it. I’d changed Grant’s diapers so many times i could probably do it with my eyes closed,so i wasn’t paying as much attention as i should’ve been”,he said and paused for dramatic effect. “And . . ?”,she prompted. “I shall never know. One minute i’m watching my cartoon,the next my face was full of warm urine. It took a few seconds for it to click-Grant had peed on me! So there i was,the stuff was running down my shirt now,and Grant,he started laughing,like he knew what he’d done”,continued Orisha,chuckling at the memory. Miriam was laughing too-she could see everything in her mind,and it was hilarious. “What happened next?”,she asked,the laugh still in her voice. “I yelled. My mom came running out,took one look and figured out what had happened. I went to my room,showered,changed. There was a bright side to it though. I was off diaper duty for months”,he ended. By then he’d finished changing Bj’s diapers. “I’ll be right back”,he said,took Bj and went to dispose of the used diaper. When they returned a few minutes later,Bj was crying.

“What’s wrong?”,she asked in concern. “He just started crying when we left”,he replied. “Is he hungry?” “Nah. I’ve fed him”. “Is there something he wants?” “No. If there was,he’d be yelling. Now he’s just crying softly;start and stop,start and stop,like he’s confused or something”,Orisha said,and then added seconds later when he was sitting with Miriam;”I think he wants to sleep”,he said to Miriam,and continued;”That’s it,isn’t it Bj? You wanna sleep? Ok,nappy time”,he cooed to Bj. “Y’know,i’ve always wondered why babies cry when they want to sleep. Why can’t they just close their eyes and get on with it?”,she asked. “Beats me”,he said with a shrug and then stood up. “I’mma go put him to bed”,he said. He then walked to the t.v stand and switched it on. “You can watch t.v. I’ll be back as soon as i can”,he said and left. Fifteen minutes later,he returned witg a baby monitor and dropped it on the table. Then he sat down next to her. “It took us a while,but r finally got him to sleep. What are you watching”,he asked. “Nothing in particular. Just trace”,she replied. “You mind?”,he asked,gesturing to the remote. “No. Here”,she said and gave him the remote. He changed the channel and put it in Movie Magic. A movie was about to start-Disturbia. “Cool. Disturbia! I’ve been wanting to watch this film for a while now. At first it was because of Shia LeBeouf,but then i saw a trailer and i knew i had to watch it”. “I guess you’re getting your wish”,he said and stood up again. He returned with a 1 litre pack of Hollandia yoghurt-plain-which he knew was her favorite,a glass and a bottle of Smirnoff ice for himself. “Thanks”,she said. “You’re welcome”,he replied. And then they settled in to watch the film. He draped an arm around her and she leaned into him slightly.


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