-A Teenage Love Affair

Must Read: A Teenage Love Affair… Part 7

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“Okay. I don’t get why you’re so touchy”. “I’m not”,he said. “Fine”,she replied and turned to go back to her seat. “Where are you going now?”,he asked. “To get my bag,and to say bye”,she replied. She walked to the chair and did just that,but not before Mike asked for her phone number. She gave it to him with a smile,not noticing Orisha glaring at them.


They were in the car and they’d been driving for over 15 minutes. Mimi had been trying to get him into a conversation,but he only replied in monosyllables. It was like she was talking to herself,and she was getting pretty riled up. “Ok,what is it with you Orisha? You’ve been acting like a jerk all night! You spent the entire night brooding,you almost bite my head off at the party,you haven’t said anything reasonable to me except yes and no since we started driving home,what is wrong with you? It’s like you’re mad at me,and i don’t know why!”. “I’m not mad at you”,he cut in through clenched teeth. “And then,you’re rude to Mike,giving him these looks. It’s not like you to be rude. What’s going on?” “Can we please stop talking about the guy you spent all night throwing yourself at?”,he asked angrily. “Throwing myself at? . . . Throwing myself at?”,she repeated,hurt. Orisha knew as soon as he said the words that they were a mistake,but by then it was too late. “Mims. . “,he began. “Stop the car”,she said. “What?”,he asked in surprise. “Stop the damn car”,she repeated,trying to keep her temper in check. “Mimi . . ” “Stop the car!”,she yelled. “Okay,okay,i’m stopping it”,he said and pulled over. She opened the door, came out of the car and walked to a bench. There was a streetlight in the distance,and it lighted up the area where the bench was faintly. “Mimi. . Miriam!”,he called her. She didn’t answer him. He turned off the car’s engine,locked the doors and went to her. She was already seated when he got there. “What are you doing?”,he asked. “Go away,Orisha. I appreciate all your help,but i’ll find my way home”. “This is ridiculous.

You can’t get a bus from here”,he said. “I’ll find my way home,don’t you understand English? Go away!” “I’m not leaving you. It’s dark,it’s dangerous. I said i’d get you home safely”,he said. “You also said you were my friend. Friends don’t say what you said to me”. “I’m sorry”,he said,running a hand through his hair,and continued;”It’s just. . . He was all over you tonight. Everywhere i turned,you guys were together;talking,laughing,sharing some secret joke. . . You were all over each other”,he said. She stood up and came to face him. “How dare you? How dare you stand here and say that to me? You know how important being noticed is to me. You know! And tonight,for the first time in a long g time,a guy noticed me. How dare you denigrate that? For the first time,someone noticed me!”,she said,her hurt and anger clearly on her face and in her voice. “I notice you”,he said softly. “Wha. . What did you say?”,she asked,not wanting to believe what she’d just heard. “I notice you. All the time. When we’re going places,having lunch,hanging out,or when we’re just talking. I notice you”,he repeated again for emphasis. She didn’t say anything,she couldn’t,s he just stared at him as she tried to process what he’d just said,telling herself not to read meanings into his words. And then he kissed her,and there was no way in hell she could possibly misunderstand that. There they stood,kissing in the faint light,shadows stealing across the dark sky. They kissed and kissed and kept on kissing until Miriam felt like she would die if he stopped she couldn’t think clearly,hell she couldn’t think at all,she was completely focused on how good he was making her feel. Her knees went weak,and his arms went around her as he pulled her closer to him. Her hands went to his broad chest and she took fistfuls of his shirt and felt his hard muscles beneath. Finally,the kiss ended.

“Wow”,she said seconds later,her eyes still closed,and continued;”I’m speechless”. “That’s a first”,he teased with a smile. She opened her eyes and said,still in his arms;”Y’know,i always wondered what all the fuss about a kisr was for. Now i know”. “I’m your . . ” “First kiss? Yeah. You are”,she finished for him,and continued;”There have been guys. Cute guys . Hot guys. Guys that i’ve crushed on,but i guess i never really liked them enough to wanna do this with them”. “You like me?”,he asked in shock. He was still blown away by the fact that he was her first kiss and how it made him feel oddly possesive. “Yeah. I really like you,Orisha”,she said in reply. “So do i”,he replied and pulled away so he could look into her eyes. “I have feelings for you Miriam. Strong feelings. About tonight,i didn’t mean what i said,and i am so sorry that it hurt you,cos the last thing i wanna do is hurt you”,he said. “It’s okay”,she said softly. “I just. . When you came to the party,you were so pretty you took my breath away,and then Mike showed up,and you went off with him,and for the rest of the night,he was hanging around you,talking,laughing. . . . You seemed so into him it was driving me crazy”,he said. “Mike,is cool. He’s a great guy,but he’s not the guy i like. That guy’s you”,she said,putting a palm on his cheek as she said it. “Besides,it’s kinda flattering that you were so jealous”,she added. He smiled at her,and then said;”I guess this means we’re kinda together now”. “Yeah. I guess it does”,she replied with a smile of her own. “You know,Orisha,where there’s a first,there’s always a second. And a third,and a . . “,she said was silenced by his lips on hers as he kissed her a second time. When it was over,she smiled against his lips and then saw her wristwatch glinting as a ray of light was reflected to it. “Ohmigod,Orisha,look at the time”,she said with a gasp. “We’ve gotta get going”,she continued and they hurried back to the car and drove home.


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