-A Teenage Love Affair

Must Read: A Teenage Love Affair… Part 2

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They sat down opposite each other and started talking. At first,she was kinda stiff,but as the conversation went on,her tension melted away. “So how long are you gonna be around?”,she asked about an hour later. He chewed and swallowed the rice in his mouth and said;”About three months. After which i’ll receive a letter from Met U,find out whether they accepted my college application or not”. She knew how badly he wanted to get into Met U;he’d mentioned it before several times. “They’d be crazy not to take you”,she said,and continued;”I mean,come on. You’re smart,you’re intuitive,you’re hardworking. . You’d be an asset”. He smiled at her gratefully and said;”Thank you for saying that”. “Your’e welcome”,she said,smiling back at him,outwardly radiating cool self-assurance,but her insides had turned to jelly when he smiled. He had pearly white teeth,slight dimples,and his eyes crinkled at the corners when he laughed. “Uhh. . . It’s been over an hour”,she said a few minutes later,looking at heq wristwatch. “I have to go”,she continued. “Bummer”,he said,and rose when she rose. “I just got a new line. Could i have your number?”,he asked. “Of course”,she replied and gave it to him. He dialled it and cut the call after her phone rang. “Call me when you get home”,he said. “I will. Bye”,she replied. “Bye”,he said and gave her a quick hug. She smiled at him and then left the restaurant.


A few days later. .

Miriam and Orisha had talked on the phone everyday since then. They’d even done one night call. His days had been very busy;he and his family had been visiting and being visited. He’d called a few hours earlier to tell Mimi that there’d been a last minute cancellation and they arranged to meet again at the Mr. Biggs in Maryland. Miriam was just getting down from the bike when she saw his lanky figure in the distance. She’d only seen him once since he came back,but the way he walked,and the way he looked,his height,his build,it was etched firmly in her mind and she couldn’t get it out.

Back to what i was writing-

‘She entered the retaurant just before he did and saw him picking a seat. “Hey”,she said when she got to him. “Hey”,he replied,giving her a side hug and drawing out a chair for her. They talked,he enthusiastically about being back in Nigeria,she about how boring her days were becoming.

“There are a couple of places i wanna see in Lagos”,he said. “Yeah? Where?”,she asked. “The slave ports in Badagry,the National theatre, Museum, beaches and uhh. . . that’s about it. You know any cool places i could add to my list?”,he asked. “I don’t know any cool places,period”,she said with a self-deprecating chuckle,and continued;”i haven’t even been to the cinemas.” “Seriously?”,he asked,his left eyebrow raised in surprise. “Seriously”,she replied. “Well,why not?”,he asked. “My dad’s not a very outgoing person. I think that’s part of the reason why i’m not very sociable-i never had the chance to be anything other than that. My idea of a good time is being inside all day on my bed with a good book or just watching t.v.”. “So you havent gone to the cinemas?” “No,i haven’t”,she repeated.”Well,we’re gonna have to do something about that. We’re going to the silverbird cinemas this saturday night.” She laughed in amusement and then said;”No we’re not. “Why not?”,he asked. “It’s a very sweet offer,but i cant go with you on saturday night. I have a very early curfew. 5 p.m? And there’s no way my dad would let me stay out late”. “Oh come on! You’re 16! You’re through with school,you’ve written your waec,neco,jamb and pot-jamb,you were a model student throughout school;You’re 16,Mims. You’re not a kid anymore. I’m sure you could convince your dad to make an exception this time”,he said persuadingly. “He won’t”,she said. “How can you be so sure? You haven’t even asked him yet”. “I know my dad,Orisha. He’s not gonna let me go”. “Just ask him,please?” “Fine”,she said with a sigh. “I’ll ask him,but i can tell you right now,he’s gonna say no”.

That evening. . . . .

Miriam walked into the sitting room and sat down on a chair opposite her father. Her father was seated on the two-seater,his legs on a tablestool as he watched the evening news. “Daddy? I want to talk to you”,she said. “As you can see,Miriam,i’m watching something”. “I know,but after you watch the news,you’ll eat dinner,take your shower and then go to bed. This is the most conducive time for you,and it won’t take long. Besides,this broadcast is a repeat. You watched it in the morning,remember?” “Okay,Miriam,what do you want to talk about?” “I want to go ou done t this saturday evening with a friend of mine. We want to go see a movie at the silverbird cinemas.”. “This friend of yours,is it a boy or a girl?” “daddy,what difference does that make?” “Going by your cagey non-reply,it’s a boy”. “Daddy. . . ” “No. My answer is no”,he said curtly. “Daddy,it’s just a movie. What does it matter if who i’m going with is a boy or a girl?”,she asked in frustration. “It matters a greusting me,just this once?y noat deal,young lady. How can you come and be asking me for permission to go out on a date with a boy?” “It’s not a date,dad. He’s just my friend,”she said in protest. “I hear you. Friend! That’s how it always starts,and then three months later,you end up pregnant”. “Daddy,this is unfair. This is so unfair to me. what have i ever done wrong? Have you ever seen or heard of me doing anything untoward with any boy? Haven’t i always been decent? How can you justify not trusting me,just this once?” “I don’t have to justify anything to you. I’m your father,and i’m telling you that you’re not stepping an inch out of this house come saturday evening.” “Daddy,please. . ” “I said No! Are you deaf,or do you want me to beat it through your thick skull?”,her father yelled at her. Miriam clenched and unclenched her fists,her breathing quickened-classic signs of an impending outburst of her


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