-A Teenage Love Affair

Must Read: A Teenage Love Affair… Part 14

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Miriam and her sisters had just gotten home. Claire greeted their parents and headed straight to her room. Eghosa followed her after a rushed greeting amd Miriam went to her room after doing the same. Claire was sitting on her bed. “Claire. . . ? Claire we’ve gotta talk about this”. “I’d rather we didn’t. Eghosa,i’m pissed off. At you. At Owen. At the whole friggin’ world. You knew i didn’t want to see him,and yet,you went right ahead and set tonight up”,Claire said,trying to take of her heels and attacking them with a ferocity that showed how angry she was. “Claire? I’m sorry. You didn’t let me in. You didn’t tell me what was going on”. “Oh so this is my fault?”,Claire cut in. “I didn’t say that. Look i’m sorry,okay,but did you expect me to just sit there and do nothing? I mean,a few weeks ago you two were all lovey-dovey,and now you don’t even wanna talk about the guy?”,she asked. “I’m never lovey-dovey”,Claire said crossly. “Okay,so maybe not lovey-dovey. But you were happy with him,and then,all of a sudden,boom! It’s over. You break up with him in a text?”,Eghosa asked,incredulement creeping into her voice. “That’s cruel,Claire. A text? How could you do that to him?” “So now i’m the bad guy,huh? You’re my sister. You’re supposed to be on my side”,Claire said. “This is not about taking sides Claire. It’s about you. I love you to pieces. I want you to be happy. You’re happy with him,he’s crazy about you. . ” “Yeah? Well apparently,he’s not as crazy about me as i thought”,Claire said quietly. “Whaddya mean?”,Eghosa asked. It doesn’t matter anymore”,Claire replied with a resigned sigh. “See this is what i mean Claire. You don’t wanna let me in”. “It hurts to admit it to myself. I don’t think i can handle admitting it to someone else”Claire replied softly. Eghosa came to her,sat down beside her and held her hand. “Did he. . . Did he cheat?”,shd asked just as softly. “He might as well have. Infact,this was much worse. I mean if he cheated,you could say it was just s*x,right? But this was.

“What happened?”,Eghosa asked. “I can’t talk about it Eghe. God. . . I so didn’t want this. When he came around,i didn’t wanna get into a relationship with him. I knew his type. I knew it wasn’t gonna last. I knew”,she said,tears rolling down her cheeks. Eghose put an arm around her and said;”I’m so sorry”. “I just wish this had happened sooner. If i didn’t love him as much as i do,then this wouldn’t hurt as bad as it does”. “And he had the nerve to act like he was completely innocent. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’d have shown him a thing or two”,Eghosa said. Claire smiled through her tears-that was classic Eghosa,fiercely protective,always ready to rip the head off anyone who hurt her family or the people she cared about. “It doesn’t matter anymore Eghosa. I love him,but i’ll get over it”,Claire said and continued;”I have to”.

Claire,Eghosa and Miriam sat in the shade of the big orange tree in their front yard,playing a game of cards. James,the gateman walked up to them. “Miss Claire?”,he called out. “Yeah?”,she replied,looking up at him. “There’s someone here to see you ma. He said his name is Owen”,James replied. “Oh he wants to see her?”,Eghosa said,getting a bit agitated and then continued;”I’m gonna go give that jerk a piece of my mind”. “Cool down,Eghe. He’s not worth it”,Claire said. “Says who?”,Eghosa asked. Claire rolled her eyes. “James,tell Owen that i don’t want to see him”,she said. James nodded and then left to do as she had told him. “I can’t believe he had the nerve to come here. How dare he?”,Eghosa asked. “I thought you were all for us settling our differences”,Claire pointed out wryly. “That was yesterday,before i knew what happened”,Egosa said and added,”Men are all dogs”. “Speak for yourself”,Miriam piped in. Eghosa had filled her in on what had happened between Claire and Owen(or at least what she thought had happened-Claire hadn’t really given her any details the night before). “My man’s great”,Miriam added. “Your man’s still a boy. Wait till he grows up”,Eghosa said. Claire chuckled. “When he grows older,he’s goingto be the same person he is now;kind,gentle,sweet,thoughtful. . He’s gonna be all that and so much more. He’s gonna be a wonderful man”,Miriam said softly,her emotions shining in her eyes. Claire’s smile dimmed as she saw that Miriam’s feelings for Orisha were growing stronger with each passing day. Eghosa cleared her throat and asked,”So what are we gonna do all day?”. “How bout a movie?”,Miriam asked. “Sounds alright. Do you have any one in mind?”,Egosa asked. “How bout the latest installment of twilight? Breaking dawn? I heard they’re showing it at the cinemas”,Miriam replied. “I dunno. . . “,Claire said with a shrug,and continued,”I don’t really like all those vampire films”. “And i do?”,Miriam asked with a laugh and continued;”Honey,who cares about vampires? Taylor Lautner is shirtless all through that movie”. They all laughed. “I should go check the times they’re showing it”,Miriam said a little later. “Okay. Hey Claire,it’s almost time for the repeat episode of tinsel. You know we missed yesterday’s episode”,Eghosa said. “Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Let’s go in”,Claire said,and they did.

***THE END***

To Be Continued In Season 2, Did you Enjoy The Story?…

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Very interesting i luv it


i stil don’t get what james do for claire to be angry wit him,wot did he do? anyone who know d answer shld tell me?

doesn’t dis story have a continuation of season or does it end here!!

Abi O
Where Is Season 2

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