-A Teenage Love Affair

Must Read: A Teenage Love Affair… Part 10

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“Now could you go get us the drinks?”. “Sure”,he replied. “Oh and bring us cold ones,as in ice-block cold”,added Claire. “There are no ‘ice-block cold’ ones. Mommy moved them from the freezer to the fridge this morning”,he replied. “Just get us the coldest ones you can find”,she said. “Kay”,he said and left. Eghosa and Claire loved Smirnoff ice. They didn’t mind alcohol,but they were very picky. Stout was too bitter-“Why would anyone deliberately torture himself by drinking that stuff?”,Eghosa had once asked in reference to Stout. They didn’t like Star or Gulder or Crystal. There wasn’t any particular reason;they just didn’t like them. Then whiskey,vodka,gin,rum etc were too strong-a few shots and they’d be down for the count,and they definitely didn’t like being drunk. It was gross-puking,being so conked out you could do some pretty crazy stuff that’d leave you mortified when you regained your senses,not to mention the massive hangovers you’d have the morning after. Smirnoff ice,on the other hand,was sweet(Praise God!),they loved the bottle and it wasn’t too alcoholic. It was love at first taste! Miriam was pretty much the same,except she could handle the occasional shot/s of Johnny Walker,St Remy etc. Given how strict their father was,it was a wonder he didn’t mind them drinking-as long as they didn’t get drunk(or more accurately,as long as he didn’t see them drunk). It wasn’t like they went on drinking binges everyday,though. They were pretty level-headed about the whole thing. None of them ever drank alcohol outside the house(even when the girls went off to school and attended the occasional party,they never drank anything alcoholic),and they all had personal limits. The girls never drank more than two bottles of Smirnoff a day,and Miriam was preuy much the same. “So what’s been going on here?”,Claire asked a few minutes later after Jake had brought their drinks and left. “Nothing much. . . “,Miriam began. “Don’t even go there,Mims. We’ve been gone for months. There’s gotta be something that’s happened”

Eghosa cut in. “I didn’t say nothing’s happened,i just said nothing much”,she said,trying to be blasé about it. “Well. . ?”,Eghosa prompted. ‘Ah,screw it’,Miriam thought to herself and asked aloud,her eyes beaming with enthusiasm;”Remember Orisha?” “Yeah”,said Claire. “Which Orisha? I don’t remember any Orisha”,Eghosa said. “The one from her class in pry. School that she found on facebook?”,Claire said,trying to jog her sister’s memory. Eghosa’s face remained blank. “The one she kissed,that all those small kids in her class came to report her to us? Cute little guy in glasses?” “Oh. . . That Orisha”,said Eghosa,recognition dawning. “Well why didn’t you just say it was him?”,she added. Claird rolled her eyes and smiled. “What about him?”,Eghosa asked Mimi. “Well he’s back in the country. He’s been back for over a month now,and we’ve been hanging out. He’s grown up into an amazing guy;he’s sweet,he’s funny,he has this rare ability to laugh at himself and his own foibles,he’s kind-a perfect gentleman,he’s just. . . . Wow”,she said. “And you’ve got the hots for him”,Claire said intuitively. “Yes”,Miriam replied without hesitation. “Ooooh. . . . She’s got it bad! She didn’t even bother to deny it”,Eghosa said to Claire. They all laughed. “So,anyway”,Miriam continued;”Last week Friday,we went to this reunion thing,of our primary school set,and there was this other guy from way back-Mike. He’s hot,and we were talking and laughing-and Orisha got into a rotten mood. When we were driving back home,he said a few things,pissed me off. . . “,she said and paused to lick her lips. “And. . ?”,said Claire. “And i blew up,and he apologized,and. . . ” “And what?”,asked Eghosa this time around. “He kissed me”. “How was it? Details,details”,Eghosa said,all but squealing in excitement. “It was amazing. He’s the best kisser i’ve ever kissed”,Miriam said dreamily. “He’s the only guy you’ve ever kissed”,Claire noted wryly. “It was so romantic. I’ve been reading about kisses and romance for years,but now,i finally get it, I finally get what all the fuss is about. It was so amazing i ge goosebumps just thinking about it”,Miriam continued just as dreamily oblivious of Claire’s interruption. “I finally got my first kiss at the ripe old age of 16,but it was definitely worth the wait”,she said with a grin,and continued;”So now,we’re kinda together. What about you Claire? What’s tp with you and Owen?”,Miriam asked,referring to Claire’s on-again,off-again boyfriend. “He’s there”,she replied with a non-commital shrug. “They’re off again”,Eghosa whispered to Mimi,but just loud enough for Claire to hear. The three of them continued talking,disagreements forgotten,resentments buried;they were just sisters again,huddling together over the serious priority of boys.


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