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Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 9

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I had planned to stay there all night, but gradually the party was fading out. Uzi headed home with Bunmi’s boyfriend (her cousin), the ladies went home in batches and the married couples went early so I decided to go too. Patrick and Greg were still dancing with some ladies making them the last of our party. Luckily for me, Bunmi’s boyfriend left his car to Bunmi so she offered to drop me off before heading home.

The car ride was interesting. I don’t think anyone in the history of being a passenger has prayed for the cops to pull the car he was in for reckless driving. She was not concentrating on the road. She wanted to keep her eyes on me when we talked and occasionally used both hands for gestures which normally wouldn’t bother me but the last time I dared to peep at the dashboard I saw we were going at a hundred and twenty kilometres per hour. I pleaded for her to let me drive, but that was out of the question. For the first time in a long time, I PRAYED.

I jumped out of the car with a “thank God” on my lips.
“You too de fear,” she said as she got out of the car and locked it. “Can I come and see your house?” she asked.

As soon as the question came to my ear my loins jumped with a yes. I had no reason not to let her so I took her in.
Seeing her in the white lights in my apartment greatly improved her looks. Her heels brought out the gentle curves of her legs and enhanced the petite mound on its top. Her chest was popped out. The two mountains looked steep and tender she looked damn hot!
I had two voices in my head. It was loud and clear, “DON’T DO IT,” it said with a barrage of reasons but then there was a silent voice that said “go for it”. I caught her by her waist, turned her around and planted my lips on hers. At first she resisted but didn’t try to break my grip on her. She looked into my eyes as if searching for something. Once more, I came in to kiss her, this time, I was welcomed. I am not going to say I “I enjoy kissing” because I do not sit down and wish I was kissing a girl. To me, kissing is like an instruction manual on how a lady would like to be treated in bed. Bunmi wanted to be savoured with passion and care.

I do not think she noticed when I unzipped her dress or when I lead her to my room. I had issues with her bra.
Hooks in front aren’t as easy as they should be to unhook…maybe it was because they were working hard to keep the twins together. I was soon introduced to the twins. They weren’t soft to the touch, they were firm yet vibrant. The big tips on them rested on proportionate islands. She couldn’t help but moan when my tongue wrapped them and I sucked like a baby seeking nourishment simply because I liked the sounds she was making.
Her panties were down to her ankles…I am not sure who pulled them down. Her cleanly shaved orifice was moistened. When my fingers entered some fluid dripped out. There was nothing more to wait for. I got out a condom, put it in place and gently went in. The deep groan that came out of her was overly generous for my meagre six-inch antenna, but it appreciated it. It was warm inside. Her lips were glued to mine so my hand was left to do some roaming while our rhythm’s tempo increased. She wasn’t a loud girl in bed; she just let out a couple of heartfelt moans on occasion. After a really big and extended groan, I saw the strength leave her body as she tried to catch her breath. It was obvious she had arrived at her destination.

I was happy for her, but I think I was detoured along the way, so I turned her on her stomach, raised her bums with a pillow and while on my knees, went in again. Slowly it began and as her body started twisting and turning, the tempo increased and this time I wasn’t trying to control myself. She was getting louder; I could feel pushing her bum back to increase our impact. Before long, she was there again but this time, she wasn’t alone. I crashed next to her in bed held her close to me before sweet sleep took over.

I was stirred from my slumber by sobs around four thirty in the morning. That definitely was not something I pictured happening after the night we had. “Bunmi, what’s the matter?” I asked in as soothing a voice as I could muster. That simple question led to an extended narration on how she didn’t know what got into her, how much she loves her boyfriend and how I must be thinking she is a slut for sleeping with me, how she was going to face her guy and other things that I was surprised she could worry about.
I had to think for a bit before I started addressing her concerns. I told her we made some questionable choices last night that we had to live with. The choice we took did not change who we are to each other or the respect I had for her, the night’s events were purely physical. She should focus on the love she has for her boyfriend and realise that he would never know if she didn’t tell him and that telling him would not only ruin the beautiful relationship they have but also break his heart. I went on and on consoling the girl and when she finally sobered up; I went closer to give her a peck on the cheek but somehow ended up kissing her on the lips.
I was a bit confused by the enthusiasm in her kiss. She was coming closer to me underneath the sheets and sooner than later, the light weight damsel had her lovely features on me. It was obvious she wanted to take control, but I had no idea why. I was pulling her close to me from her bum and rubbing her against my nether regions. In no time, my peaceful early morning stiffy had become a militant on a quest for its rights. She reached for the bed’s headboard and picked up a condom from my stash. Sat straddling my shin and delicately dressed my little monster. Then she mounted it as if it was going to quench a fire in her temple. She wasn’t just going up and down; she was taking a circular path on my small one.
After a while, she was quaking and had released her warmth. Bunmi didn’t roll off me as I expected her to. She laid back with her head on my shin and her feet above my shoulders. That gave me an idea.
I still had a stiffy so I decided to use it. I pulled my legs from under her, grabbed her by her waist and got on my feet (with hers still on my shoulders), pinned her to the curtain by my window and went in. I think the depth at which I accessed stunned her because her eyes popped.

She held me by the neck and pulled me to her for our lips to interact while I rammed in her with not a single care in the world. This time around, she was very loud, but I didn’t mind. After a while, I exploded into the rubber shield I was wearing. I tossed her back into bed and felt my consciousness leave me slowly.

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