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Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 6

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After we had finished eighty percent of the mountain before us, we just sat back and let it all settle. Twenty minutes later she was up on her feet with her plate in her hand. “Tell me thank you for the meal” she demanded with a playful frown on her face. “I won’t” I replied. “Why won’t you?” “I will not say thank you because you didn’t cook it yourself” I said with a grin. “If you don’t tell me thank you I will sit on your stomach till you vomit the food” she threatened. I just kept quiet. Next thing I knew she was sitting on my laps pushing her rotund behind back into me. I could only laugh at the attempt because despite the curves on her, she was barely heavier than a pillow. I chuckled and leaned forward whisper into her ears but I could not help but take a sniff of her. After a long day, almost all her deodorant had been washed off by sweat. The scent the mixture had created was a pleasant aphrodisiac and in less than a second my part time bone was on duty. “If you keep doing that some things will come out but not from the mouth you are expecting,” I said. She took a deep breath as realisation of my meaning got to her “you smell delicious” I added as I took an exaggerated deep breath close to her nose.

With that, she sprung off my laps, cleared the dishes and called me a bad boy as she headed out to her crib. I stood up, said good night and closed the door before I went to sleep.

My one-eyed-monster was restless. It took almost an hour before it let me sleep. It followed me into my dreams and kept showing me the countless possibilities I had lost with the dark skinned damsel that had provoked it. Luckily for me, I was so tired that I was sound asleep by midnight.

Just when that early morning cool weather was getting me into a higher realm of sleep the sound of gentle knocks dragged me into reality. We went to the door ready to deliver a piece of my mind to Charles. He was the only one who would wake me up this early morning to invite me to his church. As I flung the door I was shocked at the sight of Tinuke. She was such a sight to behold.

I invited her in and she obliged wordlessly. She looked straight into my eyes and said quite sternly “this is going to happen only once”. With that, she drew closer and locked lips with mine. It was an intense kiss. Her hands were pulling me towards her as her tongue came into my mouth to tease mine. My hands were on her waist. They were pulling her to me. The lacy lingerie she was in let me feel all the warmth radiating from her. I reckon my movement was governed by reflex because in a couple of steps, we were in my bedroom.

I had my back in bed and she was climbing up over me as she had straddled up to my stomach. We were lost in the kiss. My hands were now able to explore below her waist. She had a firm and full set of bums on her. Her skin was smooth. The more I roamed and squeezed, the more passionate her moans got. When she broke contact with me, I kept cheek to cheek contact while I nibbled on her earlobe. This time, her hands were doing the roaming. She trailed down my midsection and went under my boxers and handled the one-eyed hairy monster. She pulled it out of its hiding place, took a look at it and gave me another deep kiss on my lips. In one swift move she left my lips and gave my little friend a kiss. She then held him and started licking and sucking passionately. Up and down she went.

My mind was rattled. That was officially my first time to get head so good and honestly I lost control of my body. In about two minutes the pressure build-up was too much for me to restrain myself from cumin and it came out hot and heavy. Fortunately, it only made contact with her hand. She looked at me and smiled. Then she came back to my lips for a kiss. I loved her enthusiasm.

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