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Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 5

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At work, Uzi basically lodged herself at my table. She would leave if I had people I had to attend to, but would be back as soon as they had left. We were mostly chatting about politics, religion, industry, fashion, music and soccer (or lack thereof). She kept dropping the phrase “my ex-boyfriend”. I deliberately refused to go down that line of discussion. She went to lunch and I got another takeaway bag. Emeka sat in a corner brooding while Greg was hardly in the office. I guess he was hunting elsewhere.

“Why are you single?” Uzi asked when we were on our way home. I was expecting the question earlier but I thought on relating to my relationship status would come before it. “Who said I am single?” I asked. She then went on to elaborate how everyone else in the office would occasionally make or receive calls that they would have to change their voices to softer tones or make appointments for later in the evening with someone or even use pet names when talking to someone on the phone except me. I was simply work oriented.
For the fact that she had proved that she had observed me closely, I decided to tell her the truth that I was single because I was planning to marry a lady who was secretly engaged to another guy and she married that guy when I was completely clueless. She jumped on the conclusion that I did not get to really know the girl closely before I started thinking about marriage saying that it was the reason she was in support of long-term courtship before marriage. She was speechless when I told her my ex and I had gone out for four years.

I know telling a lady that was four years younger than I personal stuff like that was not good for my reputation but the Mercedes that came to pick her up every evening was a clear indication that she was out of my league. I saw no harm in revealing stuff…even though it gave the impression that I was a gullible fool.
Renovations went well. The contractor cleaned up the house and made it ready for habitation by Friday. I would leave instructions and observations on notes I stuck anywhere I made an observation in their absence. By evening, they would have addressed it. I got back from work to see an envelope had been slid under my door. In it, ten thousand naira and a “thank you” note. I dropped my bag and went over to see if everything was in order. I liked what I saw then pocketed the cheese. I reckoned I had a week or so before I would see the ravishing Tinuke again. The thought of her brought a smile on my face.
I was awoken on Saturday by a knock on my door.
Usually, that would mean one of my neighbours had something they wanted to tell me before they went out for the weekend so we (this is not a typo) just went to the door in my boxers. As soon as I heard her voice the sleep cleared from my eyes and I instantly regretted my choice of clothing.

“Good morning Michael. I am sorry to wake you up so early.” She said. I stammered a response and she continued “Chief said you told him the apartment was ready so I decided to move in today”. It was a bit chilly outside so I invited her in. I could have sworn the grin on her face was followed by the kind of eye contact guys make after we successfully steal a glance down a lady’s cleavage. She sat down and started asking me some questions about my furniture. She wanted to know where I got them and if they were custom made for me or I just bought them. Then she pleaded that I should accompany her to get some of the things she needed for her place. I offered her some tea but she claimed she ate before she
left the hotel she was staying at so I dashed into my room for a quick shower…

By the time I came out she was flipping through some the channels on TV with no interest. I had decided to dress in her tone. She was in a pair of blue jeans and a pink t-shirt under a jacket so I wore a pair of jeans and a shirt. I also wore my sneakers because I had a feeling this outing would involve a lot of walking. She hopped up from her seat and asked me to wait for her to get some things from the car. Moments later she was dragging two identical suitcases into my room. We then left towards town in her brightly coloured picanto.

She was a very lively lady. Kept joking with people, introduced me as her husband, buying stuff was fun with her around. As I had earlier anticipated, we walked a lot.
By two in the afternoon she was holding on to my arm with both hands in an attempt to control our pace. The look some people gave us showed they thought it looked romantic. At our lunch break, she started telling me more about herself. Chief was her Godfather, she was in town for her youth service, third daughter in a family of seven, fiancée just left the country for a year long course in Sweden…to be frank, it was a long lunch. It was so long I felt like ordering another plate by the time we were finally ready to go.

We got the pickup that she had arranged for with her uncle and retraced out way to all the shops we had made purchases at to pick up her stuff. She had bought a living room set with tempered glass coffee tables and stools, a thirty inch high definition smart TV, king size bed, mattress, kitchenware, toiletries, rug, microwave, fridge…by now you know why we took so long.

I got changed into cargo pants and a t-shirt when we got home while she was coordinating the offloading of items into their respective rooms. She had a way of handling people that I found appealing. After I paid them, I went straight to her room to mount her bed. It was my first point of call because if we could not finish sorting everything out, she could at least sleep in her own bed.

By the time I was fixing her mirror on the wall she had changed into a white sleeveless vest and bum shorts.
Now personally I had never believed that bum shorts could enhance the allure in a lady’s figure, but as she walked in the room to check up on me…I was made a believer.
That evening was mostly manual labour. She was surprised I could handle everything that needed to be assembled. She always gave me a heart warming smile every time she peeped in on me. By eight, I had readied the bedroom and living room. By readied I mean that I had mounted the railings and side hooks for the curtains, put all curtains, mounted her two TVs on their wall brackets, hooked up the sound system, fixed and arranged all furniture, heck, I even connected the gas cooker to the new gas tank she bought. I was tired. I did not notice that she had put on a long gown and gone out.
I was pleased to see her come back with three big bags… because I was also hungry.
We had dinner at my place. She had bought beef and chicken kebabs, fried Irish potatoes and four cans of beer. She was shocked when I told her I don’t drink alcohol. So while she was downing her beers, I was sipping my milkshake. My mouth wasn’t the only part of me that was feeding itself; my eyes were also feasting on her beauty. The succulent mounds she had been bestowed with were a sight to behold. Her voice was also joyously feminine and the way she stared into my eyes with her doe-eyed pair was captivating…

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