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Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 19

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Back at my place, I nervously proposed to her (not the wedding ring type). I basically stammered through it but after an epileptic speech I finally put it on the table. The smile on her face seemed like one you would expect from someone who had received an anticipated gift. My hopes went up faster than a blackout’s spread. With a teary eye, however, she declined my offer.

She said she has had a crush on me for years but wouldn’t be able to go out with me because she knew we wouldn’t go anywhere as a couple. It was painful to hear, but she had her reasons. For starters, she was a Muslim (I honestly didn’t consider that). She was of the same genotype with me too. It really ticks me off to remember I have AS blood flowing through me (I wonder how she knew my genotype).

The final blow to my proposal was a bit surprising, she was a virgin. She brought that up because unbeknownst to me some of my lively bedroom festivities with Pam were loud enough for my neighbours to spread the word and she is certain it was a major element of what I require in a relationship. She even mentioned that Tintin mentioned how we shared some memorable experiences together (that ticked me off a bit) and how certain she was that a relationship with me must require such a level of intimacy.

There was no way to convince her that I wasn’t all about the bed Olympics, but to no avail. I seriously doubt Johnnie L Cochran would have succeeded in changing her mind. She had tears going down her cheek in a way that greatly disarmed me. I just had to accept her answer and went about consoling her. Even my little leprechaun was at peace with the situation. She slept over at my place that night. Maybe I was trying to prove a point to both her and myself but we slept on the same bed without incident (apart from the early morning roll call).

Life went on in a bit quieter tone from then on. I gave Tintin a piece of my mind about her sharing details of our friendly benefits package to Rahina. She was defensive but without a reason. We lived as a happy unit of friends. Sometimes Rahina would sleep over and albeit hard, nothing would happen.

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