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Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 14

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I watched them leave and tidied up on what I was working on. After work, I went to the ATM for some cash. Then went home to meet Rahina and Tintin had packed up and were ready to travel. Somehow, those two damsels had accelerated their acceptance at their PPA and were on their merry way to their terminal leave. Rahina was going for two weeks while Tintin was going without a definite return date. I relished the hugs I got as they got into a cab together. Rahina’s hug was so relaxing. I went on to get ready for dinner. That involved me taking a shower and switching my shirts and pants for a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a black hoodie. I reckoned dressing up was likely going to send the wrong message. In preparation, I also did not eat and by six-thirty; my stomach was beginning to chastise me. I was so happy to be saved from death at the hands of starvation when she came to pick me up around seven but then I was involved in praying not to die in a fatal accident for the twenty minutes it took for her to take us to a fast food spot. I must have been a pretty surprising sight as a slim guy ordering three wraps of pounded yam, a quarter chicken, beef and two bottles of water. Uzi was taken aback by the fact that after I made my order I asked her to make her order. The poor girl went for fried rice, beef and a bottle of malt. Let’s face it, I was starving. Our discussion was led by Uzi. She had aspirations she wanted me to know, school stories she wanted to share, the music tastes she wanted to explain and felt compelled to promote Nigerian movies. That was one thing I wouldn’t agree to so an hour after dinner, we were headed to a cinema so she would try and convert me to a Nollywood fan…she failed. We walked arm-in-arm to and from the cinema and to be honest, the high points of the movie were the short dresses with low necks. They glorify a vice for two hours and use the final five minutes to quickly state a few small negative results. Let’s face it, watching a Nollywood movie is just as beneficial as sitting down on a stool and gossiping about someone you know. The best part of the whole experience to me was when Uzi would come close to me to whisper into my ears. What can I say? It felt good. She drove me back to my place but luckily for me, she was not driving like the president’s security detail. I then started asking her about what she wanted to do with Greg. The way she responded gave me the impression that she wanted him sacked (sexual harassment is a very serious matter in the service). She even mentioned how she had heard of his reputation from her seniors back in university and was sure they would not mind coming down to testify against him if need be. So basically, I knew Greg was screwed (and not in the way he wanted to be)..

We got home and she decided to know my flat. She looked impressed. Let’s face it, my flat didn’t look like the Taj Mahal but it wasn’t a burial tomb built by a king. It was merely just efficient. I got a big wall mounted television (a humble 42 inch beauty), HD satellite receiver, home theatre, x-box, tempered glass coffee tables and side stools, art duplicates of Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci, cotton drapes and curtains… let’s face it; I took more time picking things for my flat than I do for my wardrobe. I do like the fact that my place doesn’t get disappointed looks from visitors. Uzi made herself feel at home by sitting on the sofa. She was talking about something but to be frank, my mind was not paying attention to what she was saying but the way she looked on the sofa. I suddenly understood why Greg’s hand had to reach out. She looked like temptation incarnate. If she was recruiting people to go to hell looking like that; hell would require a multimillion dollar grant for an expansion. Thinking about Greg’s predicament pulled the brakes on my lustful gaze and then I remembered the reason why we went out in the first place. Bringing up Greg really messed up the warm environment that had enveloped us during the whole evening but he was the reason for the whole endeavour in the first place. After some soothing words and gentle urging from me, she finally opened up as to why she wanted Greg out of the picture. Unbeknownst to me, Greg had been hitting on her from the first day she came to the office. He would flirt with her and would stare at her as if she was walking around with no clothes on. The man would even scratch his balls when staring at her. If this was a murder trial her testimony would make me personally buy a new rope for his noose. I felt dumb for being the schmuck’s advocate. Eventually, things started going on a light note when she mentioned that she was agitated even further by the fact that he grabbed her on the one day she decided to go to the office commando style. I could not hold back my laughter when she mentioned that. My laughter made her blush and nervous. She got up as if to go but stood facing the door. Personally, I am not a fan of female bums but hers looked oh-so appealing. I walked up behind her, held her by her hands and tried to apologise. As soon as my hands touched her she leaned into me. My “sorries” were going straight from lips to her ears. I just kept thinking of the sweetest words of apology to download to her ears and she was snuggling into me more and more and I could feel her all over me. My brain was slowly shutting down while junior was booting cautiously. I cannot really say why I switched from telling her sorry for laughing at the fact that she went to work commando the day Greg grabbed her bums to commenting on how wonderful she smelt. Her giggles were so sensual that I seemed to blackout only to recover consciousness with Uzi wearing only a bra under me in my bed.

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