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Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 12

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I packed my bag and headed back home. The peak of the day for me was seeing Rahina after such a long time.

Greg getting a whooping would have been it, but I didn’t really witness it.
At home, Tintin wasn’t back (her car wasn’t in the driveway). I had my shower, nuked a leftover and went to bed for a well-deserved nap.
Sleeping is a precious commodity to me and the best way to enjoy it is for at least three hours. With that in mind, I was painfully dragged back to consciousness by a steady and determined knock on my door after just two hours of sleep.
The rage in my face lost all motivation at the sight of Rahina and Tinuke’s beaming faces as they ushered themselves in. They looked comfortable as Tintin made a beeline for my kitchen while Rahina plumped on my couch and started handling my remote. I was still standing by the door and they didn’t even say a word to me!

By the time Tintin came back to the living room with two plates of food, Rahina gone through all the cable channels and was playing Hitman on the x-box. Still, no one said a word to me!
It was after the meal that Tintin started asking me questions about Pamela. Things like if we were still together, why we broke up, was I sure it was not just a hoax, have I tried to get in touch with her since…pretty much every question you can imagine that would tick you off some more about an ex.

I reckoned Rahina had covered the shameless way I was in love during my undergraduate days and was expecting the romance would last forever. So I could see the shocked expressions on their faces as I narrated how Pamela would take a weekend every month to go back home to Yala in Cross Rivers state but one month, didn’t make it back. She claimed to be feeling sick at one point, after two weeks back home, said she was on admission at a hospital over there. I had kept transferring funds to her account so as to help cover the bills and made plans to go down to meet her and get a full picture of what was going on. Two days to my expected departure date (on a
Sunday), I get tagged in fifteen pictures that covered in brilliant imagery; Pamela’s wedding to a handsome young man named Christopher.

At this point of my narration, Rahina’s eyes were getting red and Tintin was calling on the son of the creator with greater frequency. I was surprised that I had no emotional response to the story I was telling.
I continued to tell them how Claudette (Pam’s cousin who tagged me) went on to tell me how disappointed she was in me for not attending. She saw no reason why I wouldn’t take a weekend off to attend since she had to pull strings to rearrange her flight schedules (she is an air hostess) so that she would be in Nigeria for Pam’s wedding.

I couldn’t muster a single word to my defence. She felt obliged to then type out her admiration of Pamela’s romantic relationship and how it had romantically started in secondary school, how they went through thick and thin and even the strains of a long distance relationship could not deter the flare they had for each other and how they made a cute couple. That was the longest thirty-minute chat of my entire existence.

At the peak of my depression, I tried on number times to get in touch with Pam but the one and only time my call was answered; Christopher threatened to cut off my head if I didn’t stop stalking his wife. I surrendered and tried my hardest to get my pathetic life back to normal.

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It has always been my belief that good writing like this takes research and talent. It’s extremely apparent you have done your homework. Wonderful job!

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