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Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 11

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I never thought the sight of a lady’s rhythmic motion to my thrusts could look so mesmerising but hers did. She occasionally bit her lips, rolled her eyes and grabbed the sheets. I was losing it and almost came but she positioned her two petite feet on my chest and pushed me back (in what I believe was the middle of another of her climaxes). She was breathing heavily and so was I. I looked at the gates I had been unceremoniously evicted from. It was dripping with juices. The sheets under her bums were also visibly drenched. I had the urge to go back into that warm place. “Go and lock the door, ” she said within gasps. I didn’t understand what she was saying until she pointed towards the living room door.
I felt funny walking with soldier at attention. I removed its protective shell and threw it in the water closet as I passed by the toilet. The cool air on junior made it stiffen. I hurriedly locked the door and turned off the lights on my way back to the bedroom.

Tintin was waiting for me (not that I was expecting she would disappear).I went straight for my stash of shells and wrapped one where it belonged. She pushed me to my back and straddled me as she led me in gently. As I made my way in, all lumbar I had lost during the break came back with a vengeance and she too seemed to have been rejuvenated. Her chest fruit swung and bounced playfully as she went up and down. They looked so playful that I had to grab one with my hand and squeeze on its tip. I felt a brief pulse in the rhythm she was trying to maintain when I did that. So I didn’t stop but started rolling it between my fingers.

Not long after we resumed, she fell flat on me;
exhausted. I, on the other hand, had so much pressure built up that I was using up almost all my mental strength to hold myself back. It was as if I had had seven litres of malt within the hour. She wasn’t making things easier on me either. She had lain forward on my chest and was gently rocking herself against my shaft.

My mind suddenly went blank and a wave of relief flooded my body. I assume that she felt the eruption because she rolled off me as the rubber container got filled by my fountain. When I finally removed it, I checked just to make sure I hadn’t bled or urinated into it as well.

I turned and gazed at the beautiful girl by my side. She looked so fragile and weak I had the urge to protect her but in my state; I reckon I wouldn’t be able to protect myself. Calmly, sweet sleep took me away.
I woke up with her big innocent looking eyes staring at me. I smiled and she smiled back. I was thinking of a suitable aftermath compliment to tell her, but she killed the chain of thought with a thoughtfully stated “we need to talk”. My mental response was “A-OH!” I sat up and looked around my room. Her clothes were still on the floor so I knew she was in her birthday suit under the sheets; that gave my morning stiffy a little kick.

She took her time to tell me why she liked me. She thought I was discreet, funny, honest, industrious and I looked good. I thought my performance in bed would have at least warranted a mention. Then she went on about how she wouldn’t want to lead me on because she enjoys our physical chemistry but she was in love with her fiancée and would like it if we could continue with our friendship as it was.

Basically, she was muttering about being friends with benefits. I tried to think about the pros and cons of such a friendship, but I couldn’t come up with anything. I just sat there with a blank expression on my face. My eyes were drawn to TinTin’s migration to the bathroom. That girl was a gem to behold. On one hand I was going to be her guy on the side, on the other hand; that is what I was to my ex. At least she was being honest about it.
I wanted to follow her into the shower but ever since I almost broke my neck trying some stunts with a girl in a shower; it lost its appeal me. Not long later, she came out wrapped in my towel with a naughty smile on her face. “You should have come in with me; I needed your help in there,” She said. All I could do was chuckle. She got dressed and met me on the bed. “So what do you say?” she asked. “I’m in; as long as you don’t get jealous if I eventually get a girlfriend” I answered. “DEAL” she replied with excitement. Then I got a peck on the lips as she turned around and left. I had issues that morning…
my stomach ached like hell!

Life continued with the improved routine. I had no real complaints. Tintin would come over anytime she needed my company, get things off her chest or get physical therapy. I tried not to utilize the benefits in our friendship just so I wouldn’t abuse it (as most guys I knew would).

She wanted me to take a day off from the office to accompany her to camp so she could get her posting letter (although I guessed she knew where she was posted to).
I went to work as usual on that Tuesday, spoke to my boss and he gave me the all clear to take the rest of the day off. In fact, I think he was happy that for the first time since I came into the office; I was doing something that wasn’t official.

We got to the camp ground just as they were being dismissed. While I waited by the car, she went to meet with her contacts to get her posting letter. Honestly, I felt out of place. The sight of thousands of people walking around in their khaki kits was not as exciting as I remember it was when I was one of them. Maybe it was just my judgement of age failing me but they also seemed to have a large number of corps members who obviously were older than the thirty-year limit.

“Michael Tank! Michael Tank!!” I heard a familiar voice call my nickname in university. I turned around and before me was the very cheerful Rahina. She was a year behind me in school, but we were close. She would never be found at night in her mates’ studio. She was always in ours seated right next to me. My ex (Pamela) had successfully chased off all my female friends except Rahina.

As she came over to hug me I realised that the Rahina I always thought was just cute was actually HOT! That realisation was probably due to the blindfold I had on because of the way I loved Pam. The Rahina I knew in school looked good enough to be my little sister. The Rahina I was looking at could model NYSC’s khaki outfit on the cover of “Penthouse”.

We were doing the usual make up chat when she mentioned she was one of the first people to get their letters and that she was posted to the federal secretariat.

The CLO had come in with his entourage with buses to usher them to town but said they were going to go after everyone else had gotten their letters. I looked at the long queues of rowdy graduates and knew she would be waiting for a long while so I told her to get her bags from the hotel so she could follow us. Since Tintin had to return me to the secretariat, I saw no harm in her tagging along.

Luckily for me, Tintin came back in a good mood and agreed to have an extra passenger on the ride back. To be honest, I didn’t tell her the gender of the friend that was tagging along.

I let both ladies sit in front while I sat behind. They were sharing stories of their camp experiences. I was shocked that Tintin had stories to share from her stint in camp.

The way they were gusting was surprising to some extent. They were talking on the same frequency. I think I had inadvertently created friends! They dropped me off and drove off to other parts of the secretariat. I went to see what I had missed at work and to pack up my bag. It was one of those days where you work in a boring office, but all the exciting stuff happens when you miss one day…just one day at work.

Apparently, since I was gone, the IT guys were asked to report to Greg. Uzi went to get some direction on the work she was doing and the guy grabbed a chunk of her backside. Then he winked. She responded by delivering a turbocharged slap on his face that effectively knocked him out of his chair and on the ground. In a fit of shock and embarrassment, he got to his feet and charged towards the retreating Uzi but was intercepted by the base of Maryann’s empty Mirinda bottle connecting to his skull.

While the ladies were reporting the bleeding Greg to the boss, he staggered his way to the clinic. Surprisingly, his usual clique in the office did not try to make sure he didn’t pass out on the way. What ticked me off most about what I had missed was the fact that I came back to the office AFTER our boss told all involved to go home and come back the next day with a statement explaining what they had all told him. So I was left with second-hand accounts of the drama!

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