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I was stirred by nothing other than a phone call. Her guy was on the line and he was calling to hear if she got home safely. She told him she was too drunk to drive so she rented a room for the night. He bought the lie hook line and sinker. She said she wanted to go shower and bring the car over to him but by her response I figured he was going to come over to her house in the afternoon for the car. I found it funny.

She got out of bed, didn’t bother to cover up and walked into the bathroom. My eyes couldn’t help but follow. I wanted to follow her in, but honestly, I was spent.
She dried off and got dressed in front of me. She would smile whenever our eyes met. “What are you looking at joor?” she finally asked me. “I’m looking at the small girl that wanted to kill me in my own bed,” I said. She laughed. “Well, you started it sha. Come and help me with this zip” with that she turned her back to me. I got up and pulled up the zip for her. She leaned back into me, looked up and said “you are really good”. My hands were on her waist, but she pulled away. “I have to go now,” she said. I put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt then saw her off to the car. With a promise that no one would know what happened between us before she drove off.

Tintin was on her way back from what looked like shopping. “Isn’t she a bit too young for you?” she asked.
“Na, I’m not that old” I answered. “How old are you sef?”
I chuckled. “Tell me your date of birth and I will tell you mine”. I knew she would most likely lie, but it sounded better than just telling her. She went around the answer for a while but eventually, I found out she was just a month younger than I was. Somehow, she felt the urge to clarify that I didn’t look older than my age, but acted more experienced than I looked. By the time we got into her living room, she had deviated into interrogating me about where I went the night before. Initially, she was upset that I even went clubbing without
telling her or inviting her to come along. Then I pointed out how she left to talk to her boyfriend for more than thirty minutes. On hearing that, she changed topic to who the “slut” I brought back home. She was not too pleased when I highlighted the fact that she too brought home a lover from camp and unlike my friend, she slept with me on the first day we got to know each other. The whole line of talk went hostile on her end from then so I went back to my place to tidy it up and shower.

Later on in the evening Tintin invited me over to eat dinner after which she modelled out some clothes for me so I could help her choose the ones to wear for the traditional wedding and church wedding she was travelling for in the morning. Watching her change made my pee-pee feel funny but I was not going to make a move. If she was trying to seduce me, she would have to try harder. Eventually, I left her to sleep. I too needed to sleep.

I was jerked out from my blissful slumber on Sunday morning by both a knock on my door and my phone ringing. I put on my tracksuit pants and went to hear what Tintin had to tell me. The sight of her in my jalabia made my morning stiffy jump with excitement. She slept in that thing and it alone. She caught me staring at her nipples under the garment and smiled. “My friend, be a gentleman and don’t stare,” she said. “Okay, I will try not to, but you know that won’t be the only thing that is hard” I replied. She laughed and I caught her gaze down south. “Let me hurry before that guy loses control again,” she said as she pointed towards it. “I need you to take me to the airport please, my flight leaves in an hour thirty minutes. We should be at the airport in at most an hour” she continued. “So please be ready in less than thirty minutes,” she said as she turned to leave. I couldn’t help but grab one of her bums. That made her hop as she sprinted off. She screamed “naughty boy” as she was noticed I was watching her when she looked back before she entered her crib. Damn that girl got me hard that morning!
After I got back from the airport, I went to bed. Mark came over in the evening with his girlfriend Ann. He came over with a new PES and hoped to kick my ass on it. That led to six matches. Ann had a movie she wanted to watch on African Magic so she went to my room to do so. That was her first time at my place but it seemed she was impressed…

Unfortunately for Mark, I kicked his ass four times out of six. He kept blaming my brand new pads for being too stiff. Seeing no hope in winning me, we switched to Gears of War II. He had a boss he had a problem beating so I showed him how to do it (my gaming prowess shouldn’t be a surprise since I stay home most of the time).
Ann came back after her movie and was squeamish at the violence in the game. That was amusing to Mark and me. She started narrating what transpired in the Movie because he was actually interested in watching it, but it wasn’t his main priority.

They left around eight and I went about preparing myself for work the next morning. Tintin called and apologised for not calling me as soon as she landed, but I was not really bothered by that since I heard no news of a plane crash.
Monday was made lively by the gist of what happened on Friday. Apparently, everyone thought I would be too shy to dance. Then the best dancer was sort out. Greg was pooling votes with the number of dance partners he had while I got points for skill and energy…but I wasn’t campaigning.

During lunch, I went to a store and got a swatch
wristwatch and had it wrapped for Uzi as a birthday gift.
Apparently, only a handful of her guests actually remembered that you are supposed to get a gift for a celebrant. I think Nigerians have that problem. Most people hear “party” and don’t consider getting the celebrant even a card! At least I gave her a gift for her birthday.
Bunmi was behaving in her usual manner. Even when Uzi and she were taking me home she kept quiet while I gave Uzi directions from the back seat. At one point, I began to wonder if she was the same girl that felt so good in my arms. They were in a rush to meet up with Uzi’s cousin (who stayed at her family’s boy’s quarters) so they didn’t come in. Uzi promised they will come in some other time. I think I caught a small smile appear on Bunmi’s face when Uzi said that. I had a feeling I could guess where her mind went to.

Things went on as usual after that. I avoided getting lifts from Uzi by keeping my usual late hours. She often had people who would come around hoping to get lifts so I decided not to take up the slots of the needy.
Before I could miss her, Tintin was back from the wedding with a ton of pictures she wanted to show me.
The pictures weren’t sorted so she decided that she wouldn’t give me the phone to go through the shots myself. So we were sitting on my settee while she leaned over my side to show me her phone. Occasionally she would slide into a nu*de shot but that wasn’t what was stimulating me…she smelt really good and felt good too!
I saw a gorgeous lady posing in some of the pictures with her. I asked Tintin who she was, but that led to a fury of allegations on how as a guy I am proving to be insatiable and how that was a common trait with guys in this generation. Honestly, I wasn’t really interested in the lady but I was not given the opportunity to explain that I was just admiring a beautiful lady and nothing else.

Out of nowhere she started inquiring if I had another girl spend the night while she was away. I doubt if she would believe, but I still told her the truth. Then she moved her inquiry to Bunmi. I just told her not to assume anything just because a lady left my room in the morning. To add an element of doubt to her conclusion, I asked if she thought I couldn’t sleep on the settee while a lady that was too drunk to drive home had my bed. I was trying to put some doubt in her just because agreeing to have slept with Bunmi was tantamount to “kissing and telling”. Luckily for me, she bought the possibility hook line and sinker.
Our gist went here and there but eventually she led us into se*x-related matters. She wanted to know stuff like my favourite positions, preferences in partners, most appealing feature in a female, longest single round I lasted, the number of sexual partners I have had and when I first had se*x. It was funny to me because those were the type of questions I would expect a guy to ask a girl and not the other way round.
I didn’t give her the number of partners I have had or the age I got introduced fully to the female gender so her interest was piqued by my maximum round length.
Apparently, my fifteen minutes was impressive but she believed I had the potential to reach thirty minutes per round. Personally, I have always thought people who tried to go for such durations ended up in wheelchairs with pulled backs or dislocated hip joints.

Out of the blue, she got up and started undressing as she headed to my bedroom. I tried to think about what was happening, but the brain in my head was shutting down and the one in my nether region was taking over. I was up on my feet and in my room just in time to see the twins break out of captivity. She was giving me instructions. Honestly, I was barely paying attention. “Try and control your breathing, don’t go too fast even though I ask you to, stop if the pressure is getting too much for you….” She went on and on but by the time her panties were on the floor, I was stark naked and ready to pounce on her. That was the start of the longest thirty minutes of my life.

Tintin climbed on the bed and stayed on her knees with her perfectly rounded bums pointed at me. I wasted no time by sliding into the gates with a hastily shielded man probe. She wasn’t as watered as I expected but after a couple of thrusts, the flood gates were opened.
With my hands on her waist, I started the locomotive motion that sent shock waves to our heads. She lost it after a while. I was pounding fast and hard but she was able to mutter out “s-s-sl-slow-slow-slow down”. I pulled myself together and slowed down. By now, her body was quaking to the extent that she couldn’t continue using her arms as support. Her legs were folded under her stomach and her head was on a pillow. I had a feeling she came twice like that, but that was in about ten minutes. I pulled out so I could change my ambassador’s outfit. She rolled on her back with a huge smile on her face. It was one of satisfaction. I spread her legs apart and resumed my invasion…

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