-A Simple Life On Paper

Must Read: A Simple Life On Paper… Part 1

This is another fantastic story I enjoyed reading, it written by Ecksplizit

My life was basically in a boring routine. I had recently been employed into the federal civil service as an architect and for a young guy at twenty-six; I had lost all flare in my life.

My steady job and occasional private gigs were all a means of saving funds towards my intended proposal to my girlfriend of two years. I had only three hundred thousand naira left for me to reach my two million naira savings goal when I got tagged on some pictures of my girlfriend’s wedding by her cousin on Facebook.
I fell into a serious depression for months. My
colleagues and bosses kept their distance at work and my friends avoided bringing up her name whenever I was around. It took two months for me to decide whether I should end my life or start living again. I decided to live.
My daily routine revolved around work and home. I leave for work by seven in the morning and in most cases come back by six in the evening. I had no problem with those hours because I was always able to avoid the hold ups in the morning and make it to work before eight and I eat dinner out before I head home…still avoiding hold-ups.

I live in a one bedroom apartment (that means it has a living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom etc) in the outskirts of town. The apartment is part of a semidetached building and there are 7 of such buildings in the compound. I had initially paid only a year’s rent but since I got the job I was comfortable with I had decided to meet with the landlord and pay up for another five years.

I was surprised that the man came and knocked on my door in person. He is one of the big wigs in his state that you will definitely see on national TV at least once a month so when I sent a text to one of the listed numbers on my lease, I thought I would get a call from a caretaker…not him.

I ushered him in and he jovially explained how he had spent a year or two without coming to the estate so when his caretaker asked if he would like to issue a five-year lease; he decided to take the opportunity check up on the premises personally.
He came in my apartment around six in the evening on Sunday. His driver came in with him and I offered them drinks. “Sorry I came in without warning, I was just in the neighbourhood for an event and decided to ask you some questions before I decide whether to give you the lease you are looking for or not” he started. For an elderly guy, I knew he was still sharp so I decided to be
on the alert. He could have an ulterior motive.
“Why do you want to commit to a lease this long?” he asked. I explained my situation to him as he nodded in understanding. He was concerned that people who took long leases often don’t know how to maintain the premises the lease. He ended his speech by asking if I could maintain the apartment in the same condition as I had met it. I was taken aback by the question. Not because I felt I could maintain it but because I had to renovate it before I moved in!
I took my time to explain to him the steps I took to inform the caretaker in writing of my desire to renovate the apartment and also the pictures I had attached of areas I hoped to have fixed. I went into my room and brought out my copy of the received letter and presented both it and the approval letter I had gotten two days later. The pictures of the apartment were also on display from my laptop and the surprise that was on my face was transferred to his face.

After he regained his composure, he agreed to allow me the lease.”As soon as you can make the payment, I will send the driver with the receipt”. A thought came over me. If I pay him directly, I would be able to avoid the agent/caretaker commissions. “Sir, can I effect the transfer right now to your account?” I asked. That question led to me presenting a lecture on the efficacy of mobile banking and its numerous applications. He was skeptical until his phone rang and he saw a notification confirming the transaction.

The driver was sent to the car to get the required documents and stamp. Thirty minutes later, my landlord left me with a new five-year lease and a smile on my face. That visit saved me a couple grand…who wouldn’t be happy?
I went on with my life in the usual manner. I would often go visit my friends, but the fact that Peter and Gabriel were always in the midst of one new university girl or the other. I hate feeling like the third wheel (although some of the girls seem like they wouldn’t mind a three-way with me) so I make my visits brief. Mark was a gamer like me. So we could spend hours at his apartment playing Xbox. The only problem is…his girlfriend looks at me like I am cheating her of her time with her guy.


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