-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 4

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly


Waking up to the sounds of rattles and bangs, my eyes open to gaze upon the time. 3:00. The iridescent green numbers scream back at me. My body newly charged, I pull the blankets off, feeling the stickiness between my legs. Slipping on my robe, I move into the kitchen. Breathing deeply, I smell the baking scent of a freshly done pie. A smile crosses my face as I see my lover coming up the hall. “The blackberries, I presume.”

“Oh, but of course, that, and perhaps for something else, later.” He walks up to me and places a light kiss on my lips. The taste of blackberry juice still lingers on his tongue, so I enjoy a quick stroke of its sweetness.

“Mmmm… I can only hope the pie tastes just as nice.”

He touches my lips with the pad of his thumb. “We’ll have it later tonight. Right now, there is a lovely afternoon matinee, and I wish to go watch it with you. It starts at 3:45, so if you would like to shower first, we have plenty of time.”

Grinning mischievously, I wink at him. “Care to join me?”

“You know, if I do… we won’t see the matinee.” Patting the cheek of my rear, he sends me off to take my shower, while he restores the kitchen to order.

Climbing into the steamy water, the curtain pulled tightly closed, I recall the memories of our time, so far. I had awakened to the feel of an arm upon me, and knew I had been dreaming. Then I had felt the brush of fingers against my Bosom. Remembering the shock that had elicited in me, I had shivered, as the rush of our first touches and kisses brought us to a heady love session. We both had known that we only had these moments; the next 24 hours to live, laugh, learn and love. We had savored them so far, only wasting a few moments on much needed rests.

We had enjoyed a morning shower, the memory of which brings a S#xual throb to my being, and I feel my s*x moisten. Running my hands over my skin, I can still feel his arms around me. The water had flowed over our bodies, as we had enjoyed each other once more. Then, over breakfast at the little cafe where my friend works, our passion had continued to consume us, with my erotic motions upon his shaft; as well as when he consumed my soul and body in the alley. Our passion continued to burn, as he loved me in the dress shop.

As I towel off my body, the emotional pain of when I had thought he had left me; that our dream was over, still brings tears to my eyes and knots to my stomach. When he had reentered the room and I realized that he was still with me, my heart had soared high above me, and I wept with longing. Again, he loved me with pure tenderness and care, giving to me the gift of his heart, as well as a gift of sensuous pleasure. His humor still showed through, as he kissed me to sleep and left to gather blackberries. Chuckling to myself, I wrap the towel around my body, as the present moment returns to me.

I go back to my bedroom, and quickly put on the dress that I had purchased at the shop earlier. Smoothing it down, my fingers touch and caress the fabric, remembering once again. Slipping my feet into my sandals, I head back to my lover. He smiles at me and takes my hand, kissing it softly, as we leave the house once more. Again we are greeted by my friends and neighbors, seemingly as if they have known him forever. Arriving at the matinee, he purchases tickets to the latest drama, and before we go into the dark room, we select a soda and popcorn to enjoy.

The theatre is dark as we enter, the screen black. Tiny lights line the walkway of a raised floor. The air is cool, and his hand is resting against my back. I sip some of the soda as we look around, letting our eyes become acclimated to the darkness. We can see a small sprinkle of viewers here and there. Looking up higher, figures move in the projection booth. “I always wanted to watch a movie from up there,” I tell him.

“That would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

Nodding, we head toward the highest seats, then to the center. “This is close to the same view they have,” I whisper softly, as the previews for upcoming new releases begin to run across the screen. Placing my hand on his thigh, I lean over, whispering to him, “I love matinees. They are so quiet. Many people choose to attend the movies on the weekends, but for me the quiet theatre on a weekday makes it more enjoyable to see and hear the movie. The noise is less, the lines are shorter…”

“The tickets cheaper,” he winks, as he interrupts me.

Pinching his ribs, “Yes, the tickets are cheaper.” We laugh and settle quietly against each other, as the Drama flick begins.

We watch the movie, enjoying the banter of the hero and his damsel in distress. The film progresses as I feel his hand toying in my hair, and we munch on popcorn and drink our soda. I feel at peace with him. Though only a few couples are in the area with us, we are the only ones at the top. A couple sits five aisles down and to our left, another quietly watches the movie from the center of the room. A third couple views the film from the third aisle up from the screen, and a lone man sits in the first seat, closest to the exit door.

Releasing my foot from my sandal, I run my toes over his leg, as his finger begins to slide over my neck. My hand rests on his thigh, and my breasts are pressed against his side. Resting my head on his shoulder, my drink sits long forgotten in the cup holder. I take my eyes from the movie and run my finger up his leg, slowly sliding a path along his inner thigh. He shifts in his seat, then kisses the top of my head. I turn my face to him. His lips descend softly onto mine, where they rest, soft and light.

My other hand moves to caress his jaw, as our heads tilt and our kiss deepens. “Mmmm…” I murmur. “Buttery.” Licking his lips, I take them in again, and twirl my tongue along with his. My fingers trail down his chest and back up to his neck. My mouth moves down to kiss the opposite side of his neck, while the pads of my fingers rub back and forth across his skin. I turn myself towards him more, the bar between our seats hampering my movements.

I rise partially from my seat and slide quickly over to his lap. I can feel his arousal against my hip, and his arms around my waist hold me to him. Draping one arm along the back of his chair, the other I use to open a few buttons of his shirt, where my palm dips in and plays with his Tip. He nuzzles his face into my breasts as my lips touch the top of his head. His hand spreads, burning sensations of heat along my thigh, and up around my Buttocks.

Sitting back just a bit, I run my hand down his shaft, and across his balls, feeling them leap at me. Leaning over to him, I whisper, “I would love to kiss you right now.”

He smiles and pulls my head to his. His tongue drives into my mouth. The two of us dance, stroke, and slide, merging as one. Moaning against each other, the sound of the movie drowns out our lovemaking. Lifting my head from his lips, I tell him, “Not there, my love.” My hand presses against the hard shaft that is covered by his shorts. He smiles wickedly. I watch hungrily as he opens his shorts for me. My Buttocks shifts here and there, to better accommodate him.

He lifts the hard rod from his boxers and holds it, as my fingers slide over the head. He watches my thumb press over the front of it, while his hand begins to stroke it slowly. I slip myself to my knees, and he opens his. The space between our row and the row ahead of us is tight, but I wiggle myself close to him. My breasts rest on the chair, as I watch his marvelous Joystick jerk towards me. Untying the straps of my dress, my breasts are free. The soft glow of light barely reaches us from the projection room.

To Be Continued…

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