-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 3

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly


Fingers press and knead my muscles. My leg relaxes and opens for him. Thoughts of his fingers sliding along my wetness bring shivers to my body, as with my sense of feel I coax myself to accept his touch. A slide of his tongue along my collarbone, and the slide of his finger over my inner thigh, brings a gasp from my throat. “Please, touch me.” Begging him, not recognizing my own voice.

“In time. In time.”

A frustrated whimper is pulled from me. His finger slides slowly up and down my leg, then skims, light as a feather over the soft hairs of my s*x. Lifting my hips, I try to capture the teasing finger, wanting more of it; needing more of it. The warmth of his palm presses against my mound, relaxing and yet exciting it. The heat covers my flesh. Tingles escape from inside me, and shiver up and down my spine, over my skin; resting on the surface, waiting to drive out and lift from me.

The wetness of his tongue slides down my chest. The urge to touch him; to touch myself, is high and overpowering. I lift my hand and stroke his hair, running my fingers through its thickness. My skin is beginning to heat, and the surface feels like a warm fire, not quite at its fullest potential. His tongue moves across my belly, sliding over the trembling flesh, tasting it, circling the button, and running slowly along my side.

My s*x is covered like a glove; the perfect fit to my body, coaxing the passion forth; and when he presses his palm harder against me, my hips lift, silently pleading for more. Turning my head to the left, my lip trapped between my teeth, I feel his finger slide into me, slowly, guiding it ever so gently up into the recesses of my being. “Oh, yes,” I whisper, a soft moan escaping my lips. “Oh, yes.”

He continues to tease and tantalize my flesh as his finger slips deeper, touching the fleshy walls of my body. My back arches as his tongue moves lower, licking my skin, caressing each part of me. I feel his breath against the curls of my s*x, and shivers soon bring a new series of goose-bumps to me. I want this man. I want to have him here with me forever; not just for an one day, but forever. He knows my body, my heart, my soul; and I feel him everywhere I am. After our time is up, I will see him everywhere I go.

“What are you wanting, my love?” He asks me. I’m speechless at his request. There is so much I want; so much I need. I know he can’t give me a miracle, so I ask for the one thing I know he can give me. “Your love.”

With that said I lean up, using my elbows for support, and watch as his tongue slips down across the thatch of hair and he nestles himself between my legs. His hands press my thighs open. He brings his fingers up to open my swollen lips, so needy for his touch. I can feel the sweet nectar of my arousal continuing its journey towards freedom. He slowly licks at the gifts of desire that have already been released, from the torments he had played on me before. My fingers curl into the blanket as I watch his eyes lock with mine, and he begins to push the stiffened tongue against my clit.

It is more than I had remembered, and my eyes close from the sheer power of it; the pure S#xual need that my body has craved, and is finally getting release. Opening my eyes, I see that he has closed his, and I watch as he seems to be so focused on me, and the love I have for him grows even more. His tongue slides between the lips of my s*x, his fingers spreading them and slowly kneading them, relaxing the juices from them. Lips are pressed gently against my tender flesh before his tongue slides out to lick them again. His teeth are bared and he gently bites me. Gasping, I feel the pit of my stomach lurch as I try to catch my breath, and his tongue begins to slide deep into my heat.

“Oh my god!” I swallow my breath, and it comes back up to me, panting; wanting to experience each touch. My skin is hot, flushed; overheated from his touching. This moment of tongue and aroused flesh touching is heaven, and with each thrust of his muscle my own body cries and begs for more. I watch, in awe, as his mouth moves over my s*x and back again, slowly blowing warm breath upon my skin. The walls are filled with passion, as his tongue and finger work together to bring each side of my slick body higher and higher; to the ultimate peak, before they stop and retreat. He brings me to the edge many times, before I see his eyes finally look up into mine. Capturing my stare, I feel his final loving touch, as my body gives in and fulfills my wish.

The fruit of my body leaves me; pours from me, as his eyes leave mine. Collapsing onto the bed, I let my back arch and my eyes close. Each wave that had been dammed is freed. Each one sucked from my body, licked from my walls, tasted by my lover. Thrashing my head back and forth as each muscle in my body tenses, holds and then releases. “YES!” I scream at him, pressing my hips into his face. I feel it, the final crashing wave against the shore. My muscles squeeze tightly against his finger, and the release of love flows free.

He rises above me, pressing his body against mine. I feel his arousal pushing against me. My own muscles are weak and tired, my eyes wanting to close again. Smelling the scent of my body on his face, and seeing the glisten of it on his lips, causes my heart to lift, and my lips quickly cover his. Our tongues slip along each other’s, slowly and seductively. “Thank you,” I whisper to him.

“My love, it is always for you. Rest, my sweet. I have something I need to do.” Winking at me, he covers me gently with the blanket. I feel the absence of his body, and watch him pause at the door.

“You’re beautiful; you know that?” He asks me.

“Only in your eyes, do I feel that way. Where are you going?” I ask, starting to feel the craving of the rest of my body, after his slow loving.

He smiles wide, his face looking excited and mischievous, “I’m off to pick Blackberries!” Chuckling to himself, he leaves. Rolling my eyes, I rest, and allow my lover to go off, to pick Blackberries.

To Be Continued…

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