-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 2

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly


Rolling over, my arm stretches out, searching for him. My eyes remain closed as my hand feels the coolness radiating from the smooth, silk sheet. Suddenly, my breath catches in my throat, and my body propels itself from the bed. “Oh God, NO!” I cry in anguish, as my stomach tightens, and a wave of nausea threatens to overwhelm me. My tears fall fast, running down my cheeks. The voice coming from my own mouth, I do not recognize. The gut-wrenching pain of the wish ending is more then I had ever imagined it to be. Questions begin to run through my head. What happened? Were we not allowed to sleep; to rest? Did we oversleep? Was our wish now over? What had we done wrong? The questions swim over and over, repeating in my mind, as panic and grief slowly began to overwhelm me.

I watch the clock, the glowing green numbers slowly moving. One minute…then another, each minute creeping by. Five minutes pass, then ten. Finally, rolling onto my back, wiping my face dry, I breathe deeply. I smell his cologne before I see him appear. I close my eyes, breathing in his scent. The muskiness of the smell fills my senses as the shuffle of his feet advance towards the bed. “Oh sweetie,” he says to me, my ears absorbing the sound of his voice, locking it inside. “I’m still here, we still have our time, our wish.” His hand caresses my face, touching and stroking my cheek. Opening my eyes slowly, looking into his, my own sight is blurred by my tears of sorrow, that are quickly replaced with those of relief. Reaching my hand out, I touch his jaw, smooth and soft from his shave. My fingers move into his hair, damp and soft, from his shower. “Don’t leave me again. I know you will eventually, but for now, stay with me.”


Bending down, his lips cover mine, and our kiss sparkles, as little lights cross across my closed lids. The kiss of lovers, who have been separated through different and unfair circumstances, begins to burn into one of heat, desperation and desire. My tongue moves inside his mouth, touching and enjoying the minty taste of him. Running my tongue across the smooth teeth, tracing them before deepening the kiss. His tongue licks and strokes mine. He gives me slow, penetrating caresses against my mouth. The kiss sends shivers along my body, covering my skin with goose-bumps.

My hand moves to the back of his head, bringing him closer to me. The other hand moves on its own to the sash of his robe, slowly untying it with fumbling fingers. I need to feel him; to hold him; to caress his skin. The hollowness of fear that I felt earlier needs to be filled, and only his touch, his body, his love will do that. Our heads angle as he rests his hand on the side of the bed and the other on my shoulder. I am wrapped in his presence; the aura of emotion high and powerful.

My fingers press open the robe, my mouth moves away from his and I press my lips across his jaw and down his neck. Sucking gently on the salty skin, smelling the cologne and shampoo of my lover, my fingers slowly glide down and wrap around the swollen member that my body craves. His mouth, now free of our kiss, slides to my neck, humming against my skin, the vibrations bringing sighs from my lips.

Using my hand, I begin to stroke him slowly, running my fingers gently over the head and down the shaft again. My lips move across his shoulder to his ear. Tracing the curve of his ear, I blow warm air against it, I whisper, “I love you.” Pulling him down with me, my back lays flat on the bed. He stands and removes the robe, and I admire his body. Clean, smooth and hard. He is ready for me; my body, my spirit. Pulling the covers away from my Unclad flesh, he slips beside me. His arms encircle me, pressing my Bosom against him.

“Let me love you.” His voice calls to me, barely audible, as his lips capture mine once again. “Don’t touch, love. Just lie back and let me learn you. My body hungers for you, and craves the taste of your skin.”

Moaning my acceptance of his request, I close my eyes and let my lover do just as he wishes. Shutting down my sense of sight, I allow my inner being to absorb all my feelings for him. His breath hovers over my neck. Not allowing his mouth to touch me, just his breath, he covers my shoulders with warm air. Moving the fan of heat along my arms and back again before slipping the warmth over my Bosom. My Tips stir from the hot air and I lift my back slightly, wanting only to feel his lips upon them. The heat travels to the other Bosom, again denying it the touch and stroke of his tongue. Lips trembling, I silently beg him to taste me and learn me.

The bed shifts as the breath of my lover hovers over my belly, my s*x, my thighs, and then back up again. The torture of his air covers my body, surrounding it, protecting it and shielding it. He has prepared my body for the ultimate gift of his tongue and lips. Finally, the fire he has burned upon my skin is rewarded with a cool tongue, flicking across my left Tip. “Oh yes,” my voice hisses.

The feel of my Bosom as he cups it with his palm is heavy, and tingles cover the porcelain globe. His voice whispers to me, “You have beautiful breasts.” I smile as he continues to use his words and his body to arouse me. “I need to trace your Tips with my tongue, before I lick and taste each freckle sprinkled across your chest.”

Capturing my lower lip between my teeth, I moan quietly, “Please.”

Answering my plea, his mouth slides along my Bosom, covering it, moistening it. I can hear his growl of pleasure and satisfaction as he slides over my Bosom, under it. His hand lifts it, shifting it to fit between both his hands. Holding my Bosom, he sucks gently on the protruding Tip. Teeth nip at my flesh. My Tip rises, aching for his mouth. Drawing my rosy bud deeper into his mouth, my back arches. Movement of his mouth from my Tip lets me know that soon his tongue will slip and slide across my Bosom. It does. Breathing deep and steady, his tongue slides across my skin. I know he is touching the freckles, covering them with the moisture and heat from his mouth. My fingers curl into his hair and press him further against my flesh. He moves over to the opposite Bosom, teasing it and licking it, as he had it’s mate. The Tip is pleasured, teased, and taunted. Sucking it into his mouth, he takes it deep, the pain of his ministrations brings purrs of pleasure from the pit of my stomach.

When his mouth releases my Bosom, the cool air hits the Tip and brings the button up higher, aching for him. His lips return to mine as his thumb rubs across the hard peak. Our tongues dance and love as his hand slides down my stomach. I feel his palm press against my skin, moving it back and forth, covering it, warming it. As his lips leave mine, I turn my head, and he begins to suck and bite at my neck. As I offer my body to him, he slips his palm along my hip and down my thigh.

To Be Continued…

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