-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 17

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly

He groans, and presses his hips up again. I move my mouth lower, taking his Joystick fully. The base hits my lips as my breath touches the hairs that curl around his s*x. Drawing breath from my nose, I move my head slowly up and down. My fingers tease the crevices of his silky sac that is still moist from my previous licks. I hear him gasp and I feel the rush of blood moving through his swollen vein. My head moves faster and my hand soon begins to stroke with the rythmn of my mouth.

I move quickly, wanting to taste his fiery passion. “Ohhhh yesss… OHHH GOD!!” he shouts. The first flow of his Pour covers the back of my throat, and my tongue savors the tastes. Another is followed quickly behind it. I move my mouth quicker, stroking his Joystick free of the seed that I wish to have forever. It flows steadily to me, as I swallow and accept him, loving him fully.

My mouth moves away, my tongue cleans him, rinsing him for my Kittycat. He pulls me up to his body. Our mouths meet and tease then he rolls me to my back. His Joystick is half hard, and enters me. I tremble, as I feel him pump his rod into me. Soon it is growing inside me. My fingers dig at his shoulders, his name falls from my lips. I call out to him to continue.

As he continues to slide inside me, allowing my body to accept him, my eyes close, and I see us. Not as we have been for the last day, but as we will be in the future. It is revealed to me, that someday, whether this life or the next, we will be one. The joy of the revelation is more then I can bear as he brings me back to the place I am now. He pushes deep and I feel my climax hover then cascade down. We are both surrounded by it, covered in its warm embrace.

I pull him close, kiss him gently and sigh into his arms. He loves me slowly, the release heady, and quick, but it was what we needed. He empties more seed, as I clasp his body to me. “I love you,” I whisper again.

“And I, you.”

He pulls his body from mine and once more gathers me up, my back against his chest. He holds me close, his fingers once more resting on my breasts. I look out my window the sun is just a peak above the horizon. I turn in his arms and kiss his lips, then snuggle into his embrace. My eyes close in quiet, love filled slumber. A smile fills my features, as I hear his soft snore against my ear.

The wind blows through my open window, the sun beats down on my skin, my eyes open, and a crystal wind chime blows in the breeze.


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