-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 16

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly

Placing his hand on mine, he looks over at me, “I shall remember this always, it is burned into my soul. ”

“Will we remember in the morning?”

“I’ll never forget.”

“Neither will I,” I whisper as I lean over and cover his mouth with my lips. “Mmmm… blackberries.” Taking my finger, I dip it into the blackberry pie. Smiling at him, I run it over his lips, and then slowly remove it with my tongue.

“Nice,” he grins. Taking a large dollop of pie, he opens my robe and coats one Tip with blackberry filling. Shivers run over my skin, as the cool gel of the pie touch my heated flesh. He bends his head, takes my Tip into his mouth, then his tongue sweeps across the hard bud.

Moaning, my fingers move to the pie, and I coat my other Tip with the sweet treat. He looks up, our eyes meet, and he smirks before he devours the sweetness. Grinning wickedly he looks up to me, his face full of mirth and humor. I watch his finger gather more pie and feel myself shudder as he pushes it into the wet folds of my s*x. The cold fruit tickles my walls, as my body warms it to a pleasant temperature.

My pupils dilate as he lowers his mouth to my wet arousal, “Wait,” I whisper. He looks at me, the glow of the porch light illuminating us; I place a finger into the now demolished pie and move some onto my belly button. He laughs as he quickly devours that place as well. My lover owns my body. He cleans my belly, then takes his tongue on a sugar filled journey.

As I feel the heat of his body, press between my legs, I sigh in contentment. His breath hovers over my s*x, bringing trembles of desire to my flesh. When his tongue touches my berry covered clit, I squirm and shift, hoping to press more of my wet, lips into his face. He blows on the hairs of my Kittycat, stirring them, raising goose-bumps across me.

His teeth pull at the fine, soft curls and tug on them. My hips lift, when his tongue slides and pushes my clit, slipping down between my wet walls. The sticky berry juice is gathered and lapped up by his mouth, drawn deep between thrusts of his muscle and the motion of his sucking against my s*x. I gasp as I feel his strong fingers open my lips wider, and soon I feel his tongue lick inside my slick hole.

My hand moves down to join in the banter, as he licks and pulls the juices from my body. Lifting my hips to his face, I plead with him to continue, to cleanse me of the fruit, not just the blackberry, but my very own fruity nectar. He does. With each thrust of his tongue, he works more warmed dessert out of me, as he begins to use a finger to slide around inside my body.

Stroking my walls, grazing the fleshiness of them with his nails, I feel his hands under my Buttocks. My legs are lifted to his shoulders; they lock at the ankles and pull him towards me, holding him there. “Oh yesss!” I call out into the morning air. “Please, ohhhh yesss!!” Each sound echoes off the trees, my house, the very buildings that surround us.

I feel it. I feel the explosion of desire burn from me; the heat leaves and flows like warm syrup, coating my walls, his tongue and his fingers. I gasp and lift, fall and moan with each pull of his finger, each push of his tongue. My Pour escapes my body, an offering to him, for his questing mouth, and seeking fingers. My lips tremble as I feel the shivers that course through every vein and seek release through every pore of my flesh.

Slowing the movements of his tongue and finger, I feel my body begin its descent down to Earth. I close my eyes savor the warm breath upon my skin, as he moves my legs from around his neck. He snakes his tongue back up my skin, poses over each Tip and sucks each one, an unexpected treat for the twin peaks that call out to him. Our lips meet again, and I accept the taste of my juices and the pie, begging him for more. My tongue dances with his, merges with each stroke, increasing the force of our mating.

His hands slide to my hips, and he lifts me. My Kittycat smacks against his Joystick, pressing against it. “I need you,” he growls in my ear.

“Not yet,” I whisper against his. “It’s my turn.”

He carries me to my bed, turns himself around and brings me down with him, as he lies back. I straddle him, and then lower my mouth to his neck, covering it with bites, licks and sucks. His fingers skim my back, Buttocks and thighs. He kneads the flesh he has marked. My tongue moves across his collar bone, then attacks the dip in his neck where the bones meet. I lap at it, he shivers under my touch. Smiling I continue to drink from his skin. Then slip my tongue and body lower.

I place a kiss on the center of his chest. Another on each Tip before, taking one in my mouth and biting it. My teeth pull and tease the hard button, sucking softly, then biting once more. I only wish to taste all of him, learn all of him, own all of him. My tongue slides over the Tips of my lover, feeling the ridges that rise up to greet me.

With practiced ease from the hours we have spent together, I place a kiss on his stomach, my eyes hold his. He watches me, as my tongue slides over the head of his Joystick, and then down each side. Taking it in my hand, I allow it to be praised, covering it with wet licks and strokes. My fingers run over the head, teasing it, bringing the oily gift to the tip and letting it be captured by my lips. Running my closed lips over the head of his shaft, they now glisten. I quickly relieve them of their precious lipstick, as my tongue slides over them.

My hand cups his balls, lifts and plays with them. Each marble is a jewel hidden from my eyes, but felt by my tongue. I taste each one. Guiding them like fine wine being savored in one’s throat, I begin to take them into my mouth, holding each one as if it were a gift to me. My tongue presses against them, pushing them back and forth, up and down. I feel his hands in my hair, holding me against him. I know he wants more, needs more and so I give him want he craves.

Moving my mouth from his testicles, I place it just over the tip of his Joystick. He watches. His chest lifts and falls as I guide the swollen head into the heat of my mouth. “Ohhh love,” he groans out to me. I smile and take more of him inside. His shaft is only partially buried in the warm blanket I possess, and still I hold him, waiting for his need to voice it. My tongue circles and stretches down the length that is covered within my velvet lips.

To Be Continued…

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