-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 14

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly

I laugh and slap at his shoulder teasingly as he rises from my Bosom and holds the shirt above my head. I lift my arms into the blouse and feel it pulled down over my head and over my wet Bosom. The silk clings to my wet Tips, the texture making them harden further. His eyes are riveted to the two bumps protruding against the cloth, again his mouth sucks each one, enclosing the Tip and the silk, wetting each side. Rolling my eyes at the two wet stains on my blouse and the wicked smirk on his face, I move over to my dresser and pick up my brush. Taking it from me he brushes out the tangles, till my hair only slightly damp, curls along my back. Kissing the back of my head he turns me to face him. “Beautiful,” he tells me. We leave the bedroom after slipping our feet into sandals, my polished toes peek out as we move to the front door. I stop, looking back at me he smiles, “Trust me.” he says before opening the door to the world outside.

Holding hands I follow him through the door. I close my eyes, hold my breath and wait for me not to feel his hand in mine anymore. I hear my breath whoosh from my lungs as I breath deep the crisp morning air. Opening my eyes I look down, his hand is still in mine. Looking up at him I feel my heart sing, my smile huge as I stand on my tip toes and kiss him. His face is transformed by his own smile and I see his own relief, realizing that deep inside he too was worried. Together we stroll down the sidewalk holding hands, my neighbors and friends greet us as if we had always been together and he isn’t a stranger to them. What a wish, I think and once again offer a silent prayer to the heavens for giving us this moment.

We reach the cafe in under 10 minutes and he finds a nice secluded and quiet corner. I slide into my chair and feel his breath against my neck as he pushes me closer to the table. I smooth my skirt and lay my napkin across my lap. My best friend approaches us asking how we have been and what we would like to drink. My jaw drops quickly but just as fast I recover and order orange juice. I watch as friendly banter passes between my lover and friend and again I am awed at the fact that everyone is a part of our wish. She turns to leave only returning to take our breakfast orders, refill our glasses and deliver our food.

We watch the morning slowly go by and I let my hand rest on his thigh. I feel a spark of adventure start to take shape in my mind. Slowly I sneak my hand to his crotch, to press firmly against it. He groans and moves his hand under the table, he winks at me and slides my hand to his knee. I frown a little and look over at him, his eyes darken and widen as my fingers slowly glide back up to his crotch. I see his jaw clench as my hand pushes harder against his erection. He closes his eyes and again moves my hand away. I glare at him, then smile, this time I slowly run my hand three times down the entire length of his bulge and cup his balls at the end of the final stroke. His eyes close for a moment and both his hands work to free the buttons of his shorts. He opens his eyes and looks into mine daring me to continue.

Quickly I look around and see the morning crowd has almost deserted the cafe, turning back I grin at him. My right eyebrow raises as I let my hand grasp his Joystick firmly. He moans and moves his hips slightly. My hand slides gently over his Joystick moving slowly at first. I release it so I can reach in and fondle his balls. Lifting them I cradle and feel the weight of them in my hand. They tighten under my touch, my nails skim over his sensitive flesh as I run them back and forth. He quivers slightly and I place a finger to his lips urging him to remain quiet. I hear my own gasp as he sucks on my finger, quickly I drop my hand from his mouth as if it had been burned. “Continue.” I hear him in a whispered demand, veiled with heat and passion.

My hand slides back up to his hard Joystick. Gripping it I stroke him with long, firm, slow movements. I watch as the skin of his Joystick slips and slides as I pump the hardness underneath it, bringing the head to a more red and purple color. I lick my lips as I see the first sign of his desire escape him. He runs his finger over it and brings it to my lips, my eyes widen as I lick it off savoring the taste of him. My Kittycat throbs inside, causing me to squeeze my legs together. My hand continues to work on his Joystick, stroking faster. His Joystick jerks and jumps wanting to find release. He moves his hand to the napkins and covers his Joystick as I pump his Pour from his body, my Kittycat loses some of its juices as it slides between my thighs. I watch the wet spot on the napkins grow, though I do not orgasm my own body feels a thrill at seeing my lover brought to ecstasy by my touch.

His eyes dart over my left shoulder and I wink at him, slowly I remove my hand and shield his body from my friend. I decline her offer of a refill and accept the check, chuckling to myself that even in a wish nothing is free. I feel a hand pinch my Buttocks and I jump, turning to look into my lovers eyes, I smile at him. I kiss him gently on the lips, my eyes rake over his body and take in his repaired state of dress. He stands, drops an assortment of bills on the table and drags me outside barely giving me time to say goodbye to my friend. He pulls me along the side of the cafe, into a deserted alley. Looking in all directions I take in the freshly swept alleyway and the beautiful flowers along the side walls of the shops that form it. My thoughts are swiftly brought back to my lover, pushing me hard against the brick wall of the cafe. My back scraps against its rough surface, my eyes burn into his soul. He slides his tongue into my ear before he tells me he wants to F**K me, needs to F**K me. I growl back at him that his Joystick is mine and my Kittycat his, Biting his neck I suck greedily on his body. He grinds his Joystick, once again hard and firm against me. My leg wraps around his and I press my body tight against him. “F**K me,” I tell him before I bite his neck again.

He quickly turns me, my hands hold myself against the wall, the silky blouse scratched by the rough brick. “Yes!” I tell him hearing my own hunger trying to get out. I feel his hands moving against my Buttocks as his fingers unbutton his fly. I feel the cool air hit my Kittycat as he raises my skirt to my hips.

“OH YES!” he growls out to me as he drives his hard Joystick into my wet cunt. “Like this baby?”

“YES!” I yell to him. I feel his Joystick pumping into me, Bleeping me fast, Bleeping me hard. My Kittycat clenches tight and I feel his Joystick pushing in deeper, his fingers dig into my hips. My hands push against the wall as he pulls me back against his Joystick, his balls slap my Buttocks. He brings one hand to rub my Bosom, pinching and teasing the Tip. Squeezing and pressing my whole Bosom, then letting his fingers rub my Tip hard. My own finger slides against my clit rubbing it , stroking it. I feel the tremors raging through my body, needing to run whatever path they want. His Joystick pounds into me, the walls of my Kittycat feel his hard shaft slide against them. I shove my Buttocks against him, while my finger slides and flicks my swollen nub, pushing his Joystick in deeper. He pulls his Joystick from me leaving just the tip pressed inside, my hands curl into fist and push harder into the brick, scratching my knuckles. My Kittycat feels so wet and hungry it can not get enough of this man. His Joystick slides back harder and faster the sounds of our juices slipping together and the smell of our joining causes my cunt to release more hot liquid. My lover continues to move our bodies as one; faster, harder, deeper, touching my womb. Screaming his name, I hear it echo down the alley my head drops back and I feel his teeth upon my skin, biting my shoulder, bruising my flesh.

He continues to F**K me, his hard Joystick stroking long and deep in my hot slick Kittycat. Biting my lip I grind my Buttocks into him, with one final thrust I feel my Pour flow free as his shoots deep inside me. He bites my neck as his Joystick continues to pump into me. Climaxing over and over, each of us giving into the urge to call out our lover’s name. He slides his tongue along my ear as his thrusting slows until it finally ends. My Kittycat continues to clench and release feeling his Joystick slowly begin to ease out of my body. Putting my head against the wall I feel his hands slide over my hips and smooth my skirt down. I turn to face him my skin hot and flushed, my lids heavy on my eyes. I watch his hand slide his wet Joystick back into his shorts covering it from my prying eyes.

He pulls me to him and kisses me hard, my hands wrapping around his waist. “Forever,” he tells me as he slides his tongue along mine. “Forever,” I answer back.

My hands slide over his back and down to his Buttocks. “We have hours to go love. What would you like to do?” his eyes search mine as he waits for my answer. We both look down at my silk shirt and notice the frayed material brought on by the rubbing of the brick wall. “Well, it looks like we’ll need to do a little shopping,” I say with a devilish smile and a wicked sparkle in my eye.

(18 1/2 hours to go)

To Be Continued…

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