-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 13

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly

I am quiet now, relaxed, serene, and for once without words. I just stand there enjoying his touch as he runs the towel over my back then up into my hair, squeezing the excess water from my long curly strands. I close my eyes and let every moment of our shower imbed itself in my mind, not wanting to forget even the temperature of the water or our bodies as we touched and loved. I breath deep as I feel the soft towel running over my skin. My shivers cease as he wraps the towel around me, knotting it at my Bosom. I turn to him, treating him to the same loving caresses with his towel. I bring my hands to his hair and let the towel absorb the moist droplets gathering on his head and dripping to his shoulders. I slide it down his chest and around his back. My fingers bring the towel to his legs, sliding my hands over them, I transfer the water from his leg to the towel. I step back, admire his form and wrap his towel around his waist.

“Now we have breakfast.” I hear him tell me.

You and breakfast,” he says with a smile and a lift of his brow. “Come on then.” He takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen. “Stay put!”

I sit at the table my knotted towel cinched at my Bosom. I watch him reaching into cabinets, amazed that he knows exactly where everything is. He’s never been here before, never walked the footsteps I have, yet he is familiar with my home as much as I am. I rest my elbow on the table and my chin in my palm while he goes about banging pans, closing cabinets, picking out silverware. I move to rise thinking I could get juice or tea for us, he however has different plans. Suddenly he stops, turns to me and says, “Let’s go out.”

My eyes widen, I think why? Why leave? If we walk out the door won’t the wish stop working? Doubt runs through my mind as I feel a grip over my heart. How can he think that the magic would carry itself to the outside world? He sees the shock on my face and comes over to me. Cupping my chin with his fingers and wiping a tear from my eye he presses his lips against each one. His tongue moves slowly over my closed mouth, my lips tremble as I try to hold back the tears threatening to escape. “Hush sweetheart. It will be all right. I promise.”

Looking into his eyes I see the strength there, he seems to have no doubts so I keep my thoughts to myself. He takes my hand and leads me to my bedroom. I sit on the bed as he walks to the closet. My eyes widen again as I see behind the closet doors are not only my clothes but his. I begin to think maybe time is frozen in this life, maybe we can move about and leave the house to venture into the world beyond my door.

He looks over at me and then back to my closet, his hands move along the hangers and he brings to me a tan suede skirt, black belt and cream colored silk blouse. The blouse has been a favorite of mine for many years, it’s low cut v-neck exposes the gentle curve of my Bosom and the thin straps sometime slip down my shoulders. When that happens it makes me feel s*xy**, as if someone is being given a special treat when I have to slide my fingers up along my arm to bring the strap back in place. I feel the soft suede skirt between my fingers before walking over to my dresser. I open the top drawer and begin to rifle through it. I hear his growl against my ear as he closes the drawer of panties, stockings and bras. “Your kidding right?” I ask him, both of my brows arching, a blush rising to my face as he smiles and winks at me.

I laugh at his retreating back then I hear myself moan as he drops the towel from his body. I run my tongue across my lips then my teeth as I watch him, Unclad, pull his shorts and shirt from the closet. I notice he has chosen a pair of black shorts with a button fly and a tan colored button short sleeve shirt. I watch as he opts not to wear any underclothing with his shorts and I feel my face flush even more as I imagine his Joystick free and moving as he walks.

Sitting on the bed I watch him slide his long firm legs into the shorts then sliding them over his Buttocks. I move to help him finish dressing, my hand takes his Joystick and I gently place it inside the shorts, feeling it grow from my touch. Sliding down to my knees I draw his Joystick, not yet completely hard into my mouth, I feel it getting firmer as my tongue slides around it. I slide my mouth on it a few times before drawing it out and sliding it wet into his shorts. My fingers move over each button and close his Joystick off to me. I press a kiss against the bulge and rise up on my legs to button his shirt.

“Mmmm, nice.” he whispers into my hair as my fingers slide each button into position. When his shirt is buttoned I slowly walk around him sliding my hands into his shorts as I tuck in the ends of his shirt. My fingers graze his flesh, rubbing against his hips, back, stomach. I let them linger longer then necessary as I finish tucking his shirt in at the front of his body. I reach deep and slide my fingers over the tip of his Joystick. He grabs my hand and pulls it from his shorts. I watch with passion filled eyes as he kisses my hand then leads me to the side of the bed, slowly removing my towel exposing my body to his eyes.

My body trembles as he drops to his knees and grabs the skirt from the bed. My knees weaken as he lifts one foot then the next, my hands rest on his shoulder to steady my balance, as he slides the skirt up my body. Looking down I see he has paused halfway, his eyes staring at my Kittycat. My hips voluntarily thrust forward at the same time his tongue licks at my clit. My fingers dig into his shoulders. His hands drop the skirt and come up to my Buttocks, pulling my Kittycat against his face. His tongue strokes my clit and whimpers of desire and lust escape my throat. My Kittycat clenches as my hands move to his hair. I grab his head and push his face deeper into me. My hips pump against his tongue as it slides between my lips. Thrusting against him, I can’t seem to get enough of his mouth. His fingers slide into me, showing no mercy in the ravishment of my body. “OH GOD!” I cry out as his tongue and fingers slide into the hot wet hole. “OH GOD!” I scream again with each F**K he gives me, each drive into me harder then the last.

“Pour for me!” he growls before returning to suck and bite my flesh. I hear myself crying out as I hold his face to my body. I feel my Kittycat ache and squeeze, hardly breathing I hold on to the feeling of his loving. “OH GOD! DON’T STOP!” I cry out again as he sucks my clit. He is all over me sucking, biting, licking, Bleeping every centimeter of flesh. I call his name over and over, hearing myself plead for him to make this agonizing torture end. I feel his fingers slide from my slick entrance so he can use one hand to open my swollen lips while he hardens his tongue and drives it deep in to my cunt. He licks one side then the other moving his tongue quickly over my Kittycat. He drives two fingers in and out of me as his tongue licks firm against my cunt. With his tongue sliding over me he puts a third finger into my moist cavern and screws my Kittycat deeper. My head falls back and I cry out his name, each drive of his fingers rock me. He scraps the sides of my Kittycat walls. I can feel his nails sliding the juice down my body, faster he moves his fingers as his tongue slides and flicks my clit.

Seconds before my Pour hits his mouth, my body tightens and holds itself taunt. My nails still dig into his skin as my hips continue to thrust against his probing tongue releasing my Pour for his pleasure. I can’t stand, his hands support my Buttocks then move to my back as I slide down to my knees. I hold his face in my hands and slide my fingers over his lips, touching my own juice. I kiss him gently licking his lips clean before taking his tongue into my mouth. His kiss sears my soul and his fingers run up and down my back. “Thank you” I tell him as he wipes a tear from my face and presses a kiss to my forehead. “Your welcome.”

Standing he helps me to rise then bends to lift my legs one by one into the skirt, this time he keeps his eyes locked with mine as he pulls it up to my waist. He slides up the zipper and slips in the button. His fingers gently caress each Tip before reaching for the black belt. He feeds the belt through the loops and lets his hand rub across my Buttocks and my waist before bringing it to slide into the remaining loops. He buckles the belt and returns his hands to my hips.

My eyes close just as his mouth closes over one of my pink Tips, hard from arousal and hungry for his touch. He slides his tongue slowly over the hard bud before sucking it in gently. The other is teased and tugged by his fingers, it too desires his mouth but will have to wait its turn. He slides his tongue over my Bosom covering the entire surface leaving it aching as he moves over to the other Tip. His teeth nip the center of my Bosom, the peak proudly juts itself out to meet his bite. My fingers toy in his hair and I moan his name again. Looking down on him I watch his tongue lick over my Tip and around my Bosom. My stomach growls interrupting the sweet moment of loving, moving my hand under his chin I open my mouth to speak, his own words are out before mine, “I know. I know, Breakfast.”

To Be Continued…

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