-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 12

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly

(8:30am – 9:30am)

I groan loud as I feel a kiss pressed against first one cheek then the next, taking a small bite of each one before he cleanses them. The sponge slides up, down, left then right as he covers every inch of my Buttocks. His hand takes the sponge further up my body, covering my back with soapy suds. Up and down he strokes me, as he continues to wash my skin, the water flows over each muscle as I let it ease away any thoughts of this dream ending. I feel his hands on my shoulder, pressing into my neck to turn me around to face him, our lips cover each others and I melt into his arms. I feel clean, refreshed, new as if it has just been scrubbed of every painful event in my life and then coated with a fine sheen of silk.

He tilts my head back, combing his fingers through my hair, letting the water fill in the curls as he works through the tangles, slowly loosening them till he can glide his hands freely through it. The beat of the water, massages my scalp, I hear the sounds of the shampoo bottle being opened, followed by the cool soap being worked into my long tresses. I feel my legs weaken as his fingers lift and tug at my hair, moving it in large handfuls as the shampoo is worked deep into my scalp. I bite my lower lip as he moves the pads of his thumbs into my neck, easing my muscles as the water had eased my tension and fears. He moves my head back again under the water, bending his head to my neck I feel a slight kiss upon my skin, as fingers and water work with soap. As the suds rinse away he licks on my neck, sucking gently, slowly tugging my skin into his mouth he sucks harder, enjoying my moans of rising desire. Moving his hands from my hair I raise my head up and he begins to work in the conditioner, again paying my head complete attention as each strand of hair is allowed to be healed and refreshed. Once my hair is finished I let my eyes roam over his body, smiling up at him, I tell him, “Your turn.”

His smirk makes my mouth grin wide, I slowly step closer to his body and let my Bosom touch his chest, my Tips hard from the need and desire he has provoked in me. He squirms under my touch, I feel the power of controlling him run through my skin, I lower my lips to his Tip and suck gently. “That isn’t going to get me clean you know?” he tells me as I suck harder on his body. Shrugging my shoulders I continue to lick and suck the water from off him.

“I’m cleaning you my way.” I mumble against his Tip. My fingers stroke the other, teasing it pulling it, twisting it gently, his groans of approval urge me further. My teeth pull the hard bud into my mouth, my tongue flicking it across the tip, drawing it into my mouth I suck his Tip hard, enjoying the tugging and pulling I place on his skin. My mouth moves over to his other Tip, not sparing it any mercy as I bite it, bringing into my mouth, sucking hard, again his groan makes my body tighten, feeling the surge of power, letting me suck his Tip harder, biting his skin, his hand pressing into my hair.

I move my tongue slowly down the center of his chest, loving each flex and twitch of muscle that jumps under my strokes. His body is quivering underneath my hands, they move slower down him as does my mouth. My knees bend and I settle myself before him, he is like a prize, waiting to be claimed, waiting for the right woman to lay claim to his body. I feel the water hitting my skin as my tongue licks his balls, closing my eyes, I allow my heart to guide me.

My tongue presses the right sphere, caressing it and flicking it gently, over and over I allow my tongue to push against the hidden jewel. I could feel his scrotum tighten with each stroke of my tongue. My hands continue to roam his body, one moving slowly down his thigh, then grazing back up the inside, my nails skim along the sensitive flesh underneath his balls. He groans loud as his sound of encouragement beckons me further, sliding my tongue across the bottom of his tight sack, I proceed to pull the left sphere into my mouth, tasting him, stroking him with my tongue, again I lick and lap at his ball. Opening my mouth I slide his balls, guiding them with my hand, into my hot haven of moisture. Sucking gently at first, coaxing his balls into my mouth, my jaw becomes accustomed to the feel of him, calming my bodies natural reflexes to reject this perfect gift, as I begin to suck him with more pressure.

I feel his hand digging into my hair pressing me to him, looking up I see his eyes through the haze of water that is streaking over us. Closing my eyes I slide my tongue underneath the sack, as it stays bunched in my mouth, finally I allow his balls their freedom and guide them out with my tongue and hand. Cupping his scrotum in my palm, I move, rub, and stroke it slowly, while my tongue slides up the shaft of his Joystick. My mouth reaches the tip, placing a kiss on its center, before moving down the sides of him, to lick and enjoy once more. Moving over his Joystick with long licks and strokes, I drink the water from his body, only to have it replaced by more from the shower. Circling his Joystick with licks, I slide my tongue up to the head, this time using my hand to guide his Joystick head into my mouth.

My mouth wraps around the head of his Joystick, sucking it as I swirl my tongue around the tip, my nails bite into his skin. The sounds of grunting and the movement of his hips urge me forward, my mouth covering his whole shaft. “Yes!” I hear him growl out. Sliding my mouth deeper against him, sucking harder, my tongue presses against the tip as my hands continue to occupy themselves with his balls and Buttocks. I feel the blood rushing through the veins of his shaft, reminding me of liquid being ran through a straw. More and more I urge his Joystick to Pour to me, to let me finish my breakfast. I hunger for him, his touch, his emotions, his raw passion. I hunger for all of him and I hunger for this moment.

His Joystick rams hard against the back of my throat, but I continue to give it long strokes of mouth and tongue. My lips roll over the head, then back down again. Faster I move, harder I suck. Stroking his balls, my nails slide against the sensitive place just under his sack, just as his finger twist in my hair. He pushes my head on his Joystick the same time he thrusts his hips forward. His hot seed is emptied into me, filling my mouth with its liquid heat. My mouth slides just a small ways from the base of his Joystick to ease the pressure, making more room in my mouth to suck and stroke. I swallow his Pour each time he sends more down my throat. I feel his hands on my shoulders and I look up at him, sliding my mouth off his Joystick, I reach for the sponge and the soap.

I wash my mate’s legs, the long firm muscles flex under my touch, his hair becomes soapy and bubbles collect all over him. His ankles and toes are treated each accordingly with tender rubbings. My hand moves back up to his thigh, running the sponge over the front then circling to the back. I bring the cloth back down the full length of one leg and then the inside. I wash circles across his inner muscle before slowly sliding the soapy suds over his Joystick, cleansing it with the sponge and my soapy fingers, stroking him to harden against the slick bubbles. The erotic washing moves to his other side. Working my fingers into his skin, cleaning and relaxing his body, as sponge and soap move as one to cover and clean his whole leg. I press my finger against his ankle and slowly massage soap against it. My hand moves up the back of his leg, resting under his Buttocks cheek, my nails touch it gently, before I rise.

Our lips meet again, a long slow kiss of pleasure, his tongue cleans the taste of him off my own and he licks my lips. I step back and wash his shoulders, running a path down his arms, then his fingers. Each one is loved, cared for and enjoyed, each feeling special in its own way. I move the sponge to the other hand, reading the lines on his palm before they disappear to be covered in a blanket of soap. Once again my fingers skim over his muscles as each stroke of the sponge cleanses his body. Reaching his shoulder I slide the cloth under his neck, seeing the pulse beating underneath its thin protective casing, I look into his eyes, “I love you” I whisper to him.

“And I you.”

My mouth moves to his Tip, giving it a lick and a kiss before the soap devours it, leaving it hidden from my lips. I place a lingering kiss on the other, again my lips are chased away by the need to wash him. The sponge moves back and forth across his chest, over each hard Tip, his body shutters at the textured touch. My hand comes to his belly and smoothly I run the soap across him. Sliding the sponge to each hip and up one side. I cleanse his underarm before switching hands to slide the sponge down the remaining side, being sure he enjoys my presence. Standing we slowly and with some friendly chuckles and giggles trade places in the tub.

He faces me, our lips touch for a soft gentle kiss before I reach for the shampoo. Squeezing some on the palm of my hand I work in the soap, cleansing his hair, watching the suds cover it. My fingers massage his scalp, his neck, his temples. When all of his head is covered I stand on my toes to help rinse the soap clean from his locks. I repeat each process with the same loving caresses and motions with the conditioner. Hearing his sighs of pleasure, the water and I work as one to rinse this too from his hair. I place my hands on his still soapy chest and press him to turn into the spraying water.

As the water hits his body, he uses his hands to slip the soap off of him. Grabbing the sponge again, I use it this time to wash his back, cleansing it of the sweat our bodies had produced earlier. The sponge and my hands move to his waist, running along from side to side the sponge washes each part, leaving a soapy layer behind. Over his Buttocks I move the tool, squeezing it to release more of the trapped suds and water, circling each cheek, washing it. Tossing the sponge, I hear it smack against the floor of the tub. I move to place my hands on his shoulders again, turning him to me, his body clean. Soap falls from his back, with the onslaught of water behind him, my lips once again face him and we kiss gently. He takes his Joystick and slides it over my wet lips, I smile into his mouth as I hear myself ask, “Now, do you think we’ll stay clean if we do that?” His laugh is drowned out by the sound of my voice raining his name throughout the room, as his hard Joystick slams into me.

“I’m tired of being clean.” He growls into my ear as he grabs my Buttocks and thrusts harder into my Kittycat. My head falls back as each pump of his Joystick, brings waves crashing through my body. He controls me, controls us, as each time he pulls and returns, he goes deeper, my Kittycat clenching harder. He moves his hips in a circle as his fingers grip into my Buttocks. Screwing me against the walls of my Kittycat, we stir our juices again and again, blending our hairs together making us one. Faster he pushes into me, harder I clench his shaft, together we grind and pump moving to a new rhythm as each one of us learns how the other likes to be pleasured. I move my lips to his neck and I feel my passion building to great heights as each impalement of his Joystick brings me closer to release. His mouth is on my shoulder as I feel his final drive into me. His mouth opens and bites my neck as his Pour floods my Kittycat. My own orgasm slams down against me and covers his Joystick, my own savage hunger is released as I too use my teeth to mark him, own him, master him.

We continue to clench and pump, our bodies humming to each others emotions, feeding off of one another. I feel his shots of Pour filling me up, taking me as his woman, again and again he spasms inside me. My own passion flows freely, no longer do I hold back what I feel, but let it leave my body to join with his, to let him know that forever I will be his whether here or in our dreams. I settle my body against his and he holds me gently, kissing my forehead and moving back to cup my chin in his hand, he kisses my lips as he moves back allowing his Joystick to slide out of me. Turning he shuts down the water and moves the curtain open, the room billows with steam as he helps me to step from the shower onto the rug then follows close behind me.

To Be Continued…

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