-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 11

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly

(8:30am – 9:30am)

Following is the next hour of a wish that comes true for two lovers, destined to be apart, are given 24 hours to learn, live, laugh and love with leaving no ill effects when their time is up.

“What’s for breakfast?” his deep voiced hummed through the room as his chuckle brought a smile to my face. I leaned up and kissed his lips before slowly sliding myself off of him. Sitting on the edge of the bed, my feet dangle, my pink polished toes brush against the floor, I take a moment to reflect on the gift we’ve been given. I feel the bed shift as my friend, dream lover and now my real lover slides across the bed and sits beside me. I notice his feet touch the carpet, I feel safe and protected in his presence, his aura surrounds my soul and I know that though we only have hours together, this moment in time is for us.

I move to pick up my robe and feel his touch against my back, “Leave it.”

His fingers run along my arm, pausing at my hand, he curls his palm in mine. Rising to our feet we both meander through my home, I see the things in my life shine brighter then before, as if a window has been added to my walls. This window brings in such great light as if it is wanting to streak and course through every corner of my home, lighting it up so that we may see everything together, remember every detail of this day. I watch as light hits his body, glistening each bead of sweat that has yet not dried from our passionate mating. My eyes roam his Unclad flesh as he walks ahead of me, holding my hand. I rove over him, letting my mind keep track of how he moves. The chords of muscle flex as his body walks along a well worn path to my kitchen, I catch the apple he has tossed at me. “Eat this.” I hear him say as a look of determination crosses his face, I can tell my own expression is one of a questioning nature. I wonder what he is thinking as I take a deep bite of the apple, feeling the juice run slowly down my lips.

He looks back as the crunch of the apple grabs his attention, turning to me I stare into his eyes, a storm is brewing there, a raging wind and fury, his eyes darken with desire. His mouth descends on my lips, licking the juice from the apple as he brings his arms around my body, pressing my Kittycat against his erection, once again yearning for my touch. His kiss is hard against my lips, his tongue tracing the curve of them, sucking and licking the sweet juice from my face. He raises his head and looks into my eyes. I can feel my skin heat as the hunger in his eyes causes my own body to react as if instinct has taken over and it must feed. I move my body closer to his, pressing my Bosom against his chest, feeling the hair on his body tickling my Tips. A growl from his soul runs through my body as he quickly turns from our embrace, pulling me along down the hall.

I eat my apple, enjoying the feel of the cold fruit hitting my empty belly, settling the hunger that was rising. As I half follow, and am half dragged towards my bathroom, I rake his body again. This time lust is what fuels my imagination as I ponder the form of his backside. I watch his body move, each lift of a leg moving his Buttocks, tempting me to touch him. His strong legs move quickly and assuredly through my home, as if they know where to go, as if everything he wants is suddenly there in his mind, as if he knew where it always was. Reaching the bathroom he turns to me, I gaze up at him, taking in the passion filled look on his face, wanting to feel him express his need for me, soon.

Placing his hands on my hips he tightens his hold and lifts me, placing my Buttocks on the counter. I squeal and wiggle while my Unclad self learns the temperature of the marble. Growing accustomed to the feel of the cold lifeless slab under my Buttocks, I eat my apple, enjoying the view of my lover bending over the tub, feeling the water, adjusting its temperature. I angle my head hoping to get a peek of more of his lovely flesh, a glimpse of his erection is my reward. I finish my appetizer, placing the apple core on the counter I wait for my human breakfast feast. He turns towards me at the same moment my tongue had been licking the sticky juice from my lips, he steps quickly to me, tilting my head back he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth, licking and stroking mine as he taste the sweet apple juice lingering in my mouth. Our mouths twist and turn as we stroke and suck, tasting each other, loving each other. When he releases my lips I can no longer taste the apple, but only him.

His hands move to my legs, lifting one up on one side of his hip before he urges the other to wrap around him. I tighten the hold my legs have on him as he scoots his hands under my Buttocks, lifting me and supporting me so I may straddle his waist. His Joystick is pressed against my Kittycat, longing to let itself slide deep into me. My mouth kisses his neck, slowly nibbling it, tasting it, stroking it. Moving he places one foot into the tub, the water hitting our skin to sting at my leg, until the temperature is no longer a shock on my body. I place my hand against the wall to steady and support us, my legs still wrapped around him, as he moves his other leg into the shower. Together the water falls across us, he lifts and shifts me on his body, his Joystick still aching to be buried inside as I release the wall, wrapping my arm around his neck and allowing the other to close the shower curtain, encasing us in our own heated waterfall.

He presses his lips to mine again and I run my fingers through his hair, letting the water flow over his head, coaxing it to fully soak him. He smiles against my lips, then moves my legs from his body. I let myself support my weight with his shoulders as I steady my legs on the shower floor. I look up to his face, the warm light in his eyes has turned to a glowing ember, awoken and raging to escape. He stretches his arm behind me reaching for the bath sponge, it looks small in his hand as he squeezes a large dollop of bath wash onto its surface. I sigh as the first touch of his ministrations begin.

I close my eyes and let one hand rest on his hip while the other he washes for me. I can feel the sponge run across my arm, soaping it all over, cleaning it as it rubs under my arm, then up and over my shoulder. Sighing quietly, the sponge slides across my neck, moves to my other arm and he begins the soapy caress on that arm also. The sponge moves from under my arm to slide down my ribs, his knuckles and the sponge run gently over the curve of my Bosom. Moaning, I feel the sponge move under my Bosom, lifting it to clean the smooth flesh. His tongue sneaks out and licks the Tip, hardening it to form a perfect peak, before he moves his mouth away to slide the soap over that treasure as well. He works a lather on the other Bosom the same way as he did its mate, kissing it before soap finds its way to cover my Tip from his prying eyes.

I open my eyes to see him slide slowly to the shower floor, I hear a stutter fall from my lips, as his tongue licks my Kittycat from the back to the front. One good lick is all I receive before the sponge glides across my belly to my wet haven below. He continues to stroke my thighs, cleansing one then the other, sliding his hands down my calf muscles he works the sponge up and around it heating my skin. My ankle is washed, circled and massaged with soap bubbles left to cling and slide, my toes curl in delight as he washes and admires each polished nail. He slides the sponge over the other leg, gliding across the back of my calf and knee. I feel the sponge being brought to the front of my body, it runs across the front of my thigh, then nestles against my warm aroused Kittycat.

I clench my muscles tight as he slides the sponge over me, feeling it slide further down the curve of my body, my legs spread wide as he massages the sponge up and down. As he focuses his attention on my heated s*x, my own hands move along the places he had worship, rinsing the traces of soap from my skin. The shower water flows over me, letting my head fall back I feel it hitting my Bosom causing a ripple along the porcelain globe. I look down at him as he presses his hands to my hips, turning me so my Buttocks is facing him. The water falls in pellets against my back and I feel it slide down burying itself between my wet cheeks.

To Be Continued…

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