-24 Hours (18+)

Must Read: 24 Hours (18+)… Part 10

A Story written by RedHairedAndFriendly

He places his mouth against my Kittycat and breaths a mixture of cold and warm air against my flesh. I gasp, thrusting my hips towards him, moaning his name. The feel of cold and heat hitting my skin stirs my pubic hairs causing cold shivers to cover my body, goose-bumps appear on my skin. His chuckle fills the room as the cold cube beings to slowly run against my wet lips. My legs try to clasp close but, my lover presses them further open as his mouth takes back the cube. A cold tongue strokes my swollen clit. The coolness comforts the puckered spot, a feeling so erotic and hot that more moisture seeps from my body. His tongue moves over and around my cunt, diving between the lips and flicking over the clit. I feel him draw my clit into his mouth and suck hard on it. “Don’t stop!” I shout out to him.

His head moves back and forth as he blows, sucks and strokes my Kittycat. One hand is placed under my Buttocks lifting me to his mouth, the other used to spread my lips open, giving his tongue the hole it wishes to pursue. My hands move to grab my Bosom, but are held tight against the bed. I kick my leg in frustration, thrusting my hips again into his face, driving his tongue, mouth and nose against me. “F**K me!” I scream again. His tongue moves faster, his fingers dig into the cheek of my Buttocks as I wrap my legs around him, holding his head to my wet cunt. His finger drives deep into my Kittycat along with his tongue, together they move in a motion known by all of human nature. He thrust his tongue and finger deeper, harder. I feel my stomach contract, my Kittycat opening, blossoming up for him. His tongue moves to my clit, two fingers screw into me, sliding and pumping into my hot hole. I look down and feel myself come as I gaze at my lovers head buried between my legs. My orgasm erupts from my body as Pour flows fast and thick through the dark tunnel until it reaches his mouth. He sucks the juice from my cunt, being sure to get every drop that escapes me. I arch up and back down continually, until I feel the last quivers leave my body.

“Release me please.” I hear myself ask in a hushed voice.

“Yes, my love.”

He comes up beside me, releasing my hands, letting the scarf flutter to the floor. He kisses both my wrist, bringing his lips down to my mouth, our kiss is slow and gentle. I taste my own Pour on his tongue and smell the musky scent of my s*x on his face. I moan into his mouth as his tongue touches mine, softly guiding it across his. “Thank you.” I tell him.

“Your welcome.”

I move over on my bed giving him room to lie beside me. I rest my head on his chest and he strokes my hair. “I love you.” I hear him say. I feel a tear coarse down my cheek, wiping it away before it hits his skin and he is made aware of it. “I love you,” I whisper back to him. My eyes gaze down the length of his body, to the hard swollen Joystick before me. I watch it flick towards me, trying to speak its own language, urging me towards it. I lift my head and smile up at my best friend. He smiles back and places an arm behind his head, letting the other toy with my curly red hair. I savor the feel of his hands in my hair, closing my eyes, enjoying the touch of love that radiates from our bodies. I smile back at him, pulling my hair from his hands, my body slides down his.

My gaze travels up his legs and I watch him move them, opening them so I can rest my leg comfortably between his thighs. My Kittycat touches his thigh and I press it against his leg, letting myself move up and down on the firm muscle, enjoying the feel of our bodies caressing each other. I scoot my Kittycat down his leg, bending so that my hair touches his thighs. I take one hand to move my hair to the side, so he can watch me love his Joystick. I let my tongue touch his balls, reaching out with the tip, tracing the shape of it. My tongue gives each side of his scrotum a lick, long and firm, making the sack move about on his body as each sphere inside is messaged. My breath blows a breeze against his pubic hairs and I watch small goose-bumps rise up on his skin. I let my nose nuzzle his body, breathing in his scent, letting it fill my senses, an intoxicating cologne all of its own. My tongue moves over the large vein of his Joystick. I follow it up to the head and then let my tongue take the same trail back down. I do this over and over watching his Joystick jerk. I allow myself to lick the edge of the head each time, then quickly move away from it.

“Remember what happens when you tease.” he says in a soft warning. I smile, shrug my shoulders and continue to lavish his Joystick with my tongue. My hand moves to hold his balls, massaging them, letting my fingers and palm bounce and cradle them gently. I hear his moan hit my ears, my other hand slides under his hard Joystick to raise it up for my inspection. My tongue reaches out, licking the hole on the tip of his head. Tasting the moisture that has seeped out I cover his swollen head with long strokes. I moan against his Joystick, placing the head into my mouth. My tongue draws over and around the head, my lips rollover the edge, my mouth and tongue work together to suck on the hard member. I move my tongue from his mouth, licking the full length of his shaft, letting my head angle, my hand moves so I can lick the sides and even the back of his hard Joystick.

I scoot my leg off his thigh, leaning down, my tits rest just over his Joystick. I sit up slightly, as my hands cradle my Bosom, he brings his hand down to his shaft placing it between them. I hold my Bosom around his Joystick, moist from my mouth, it slides smoothly between the freckled globes. I urge his Joystick faster, the head disappears and reappears, the shaft hidden in my warm valley, my tongue sneaks little licks down, tasting the moisture that starts to seep faster from his body. “Soon babe!” he growls out. I release his Joystick from my breasts and cover it completely in the hot cavern of my mouth. I take the full length of his Joystick into my mouth and suck hard on him. Sucking and stroking with my tongue, coaxing his seed from his body, wanting it to flow through his Joystick, into my mouth. I dig into his hips, thrusting my face deeper into his crotch, wanting to suck all of him, needing to taste all he has to offer. My tongue presses against the head of his Joystick while I suck on his whole shaft, he yells out my name, his hot Pour shoots to the back of my throat. I swallow each thrust of Pour that leaves his body. Each swallow slides down my throat to settle deep inside my body. I suck until his body is emptied of his Pour and mine is full. I leave a trail of kisses along his Joystick, feeling it start to harden once more. I smile at it, then at him, smiling wider.

His breathing is heavy and his eyes watch me. A questioning look crosses his face as he watches my hands stroke him to his full erection again. I raise myself to my knees and straddle him. Placing my hands on my thighs, my body hovers just over his Joystick’s head. He takes his shaft, rubs it against my swollen clit and wet lips. My teeth bite my lower lip, my back arches as I try to impale my body onto his shaft. He puts his other hand on my hip, steading my movements as he slowly guides me down over the head of his Joystick. I close my eyes, feeling his head enter me, the edge of it moves in and out of me, stoking itself against the opening of my cunt. I whimper in a pleading sound, begging him to let me ride him. He places his Joystick further inside me and uses his hand to lower me further onto the hard shaft. His thumb pushes against my clit, finally he lets me take him in completely. A sigh of satisfaction escapes my lips as I let myself slide slowly up and down his Joystick.

I push myself up then back down, over and over we thrust ourselves against each other. His hips lift me up, my own body works against his and I push back down. He bucks. I ride. Over and over we move together, setting a pace of heat and passion. Our bodies slip and slide, the sweat easing our riding so we move faster, quicker, slamming into each others s*x. I feel myself weakening, begging him to continue my ride for me. His hands move to my hips, he lifts me to the tip of his Joystick, slams me down hard against him, driving me on and on, making my Kittycat quiver and shake, as I call out his name. His hands dig at my hips as he continues to drive himself up into my cunt. His balls slap against me as I feel the first rain of orgasm hit me. I scream out his name letting my fluids rush over his Joystick, as I hear his own cry for me, being torn from his soul as his Pour shoots up to mix with mine.

We ride this tide until our bodies no longer try and pump against each other. He lowers his hips and brings his hands to my back, gently laying my body down on his. He tucks my hair behind my ears, kisses the top of my head while his fingers comb my hair. I kiss his chest, placing my fist on his Tip and my chin propped on it, I hear myself say, “What’s for breakfast?”

(21 hours to go….)

To Be Continued…

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