Must Read: Neighbourhood Sex…. “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”… Part 18

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i tried to get intouch with Sikirat but she didn’t pick up my calls, i was so confused, then i sent Janet some message on whatsapp “baby, am so sorry about what happened yestaday, i swear,nothing happened between me and Sikirat, baby,my sweet potato please, u are the only one for me” (sweet words continue)bla bla bla. She didn’t reply me at first but i keep disturbing her untill she replied me “it’s ok Taiwo, i know u cant do such thing with that dirty girl,but u should have informed me about her lesson at first” i apologised, and she forgive me, we chatted more than 2hours, we even go to the extent of s*x chat before she asked me to come over to white house the second day.. i was so excited, i drop my phone and keep jumping up and down on my bed “ring ring(my phone was ringing)” i looked at the screen, woow it was Sikirat.

Me* hello my babe

sikirat* hello dear

Me* sikirat why did u leave me like that, u didn’t listen to my explanation, i would have explain everything to u(bla bla bla)

Sikirat* am so sorry babe, but u know its hard to believe such a thing.

Me* i know

Sikirat* aunty Janet have begged me also, she said she was just suprise to see me in her teacher’s room ni(then we talk on phone more than 40minutes)

chaii..e don set again, but this time around i will make use of my sense, i will only face Janet, i was in my room allthrough, i slept off.

Second day, around 8am, i’ve put on my cloth and shoe, i checked my wardrop i found 6 alomo bitters, then i drank 4 of alomo bitter, withen 10minutes i put on a very strong face, i was intoxicated, i went straight to white house, on getting there, i met Sikirat washing cloth. i was somehow ashamed of myself but i later jinjer my swagger with the alomo bitter which i took earlier.

Me** sikiratu sindodo.

Sikirat** good morning Taiwo.

Me** u ar looking great today, *as i was about ask about Janet,i saw her coming up, i quickly leave sikirat.

Janet** Tizzy, gud morning *she hugged me and plant a kiss on my lipz*..are u drunk? She asked, not really dear, i took herb which was made wit dry gin, hav u ever seen me drunk before *frown face*?? I asked her…

i know u are not a drunker, i have to ask u if i notice something strange in u or am i not ur girlfriend again?? She asked me..

don’t mind me sweetheart, enh, please dear am so sorry about what happened yestaday(before i say any word again, she moved closer to me and kiss me and said “let forget that one, i know u are trying to help her, enh enh, guess what(she smiled).


Janet* i won’t tell u, just come up and see it by urself…

janet was so excited, i keep wondering what
could have make her happy like this, i followed her, on getting to her room, she said “Tizma, sit down and let me show u something”

i sat down on the edge of her bed, and keep watching as she pull off her yellow top, janet wore black bikini skirt…woow, she play a her LG radio tape, she start dancing and grinding, woow, i never know janet is good is stripping like this, she was wining to SUGARMAN by Chris D signalled instantly, she moved closer to me, she startd using her tongue to tease my ear and lipz…chaii, e don set again.this girl go kill me today.
She pushed me to bed, and start remove my belt, she unzip my shirt and my trouser, chaii…i don die, she wispered to me “just watch me”..

i was left wit only boxers alone, at this point my D have raised up,no doubting Janet was absolutely a bad girl..she collect my boxers and i was unclad, as she was doing the the mouth job, i totally lost control.
Untill i hear “paaaaa” it was a slap on my face, it sound like a thurnder, before i can open my eyes,i hear another one..chaii, i can’t see well again, all i could see was small small stars runing up and down just like unclear black and white brain disconnect instantly, my heart quickly run to my toes, my ear keep sound like suzuki machine, but i can only hear someone said *mr champion, u think u wise abi?..u ar giving 3people one stick to use at the same time, for ur mind u be real man abi?..i wil make u a scape goat*..

chaii, this is madam voice oøo, i tried to open my eyes a little, i saw upto 8ladies inside the room, i tried to move myself, then i noticed that i’ve been tied with a rope.. chaii, see me see disgrace.this people gave me beating of my life, i almost enter coma that day..2hours later they released me, am totally out of energy, i find a way to grap my boxers and run for my life, thats the lastime i set my eyes on white house family.



Must Read: Neighbourhood Sex…. “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”… Part 17

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Few weeks after janet’s post ume. It was a market day and I was at home as usual waiting for my lovely sikirat to come.. I had spread a new bed sheet and sprayed air freshener as usual.

At about 9am, sikirat arrived. She helped me in preparing soup with the ingredients I had purchased earlier in the day. The cooking lasted till few minutes to 10am that we started a lesson session.
After the english and math tutorial, we sat down together on my bed and started gisting. One thing led to another and our lips found each other, cloths was ripped off and we were Unclad. The passionate kiss led to a romantic handling of her bosom, I grabbed it and was performing my tongue magic on it while finger fuccking her Kitty-Cat. After 5 minutes of the pre-intimacy, she turned upside down, sleeping on her sideways forming a 69 position with me. I lifted up her left leg a bit for better mouth experience as she was doing mouth-job on my dick down there.
I knew where to touch on sikirat’s body, she enjoyed it better when her clit is teased than when her pusssy hole is “tongued”. I was teasing and sucking her clit as she was nodding on her dick vigorously. She was jerking and moaning louder at sweet tempos. At a point, she pushed me over making me face the ceiling and she knelt down on my mouth, positioning her pusssy on my lips as she bent forward to speak to my erected dick. I was doing the mouth-job as she was doing deep penetration dick sucking down there. As the noise was getting louder, I increased the volume of the music playing on my sound system with the remote on my mattress. Sikirat was jerking ontop of my mouth and pressing her pusssy over me making it difficult for me to breath. I was enjoying her mouth action down there to the extent that I cummed into her mouth.
“Hmmmyaaamaaa” why didn’t you tell me you want to release? Said sikirat. She stood up, went to the toilet to spit it out. before she returned, the Attention was reducing.
Sikirat said “Why is it going down?, did I tell you I’m satisfied?”.
“Chaiii, this girl no go kill me”. She knelt down on the floor by the edge of the bed and started hand-job on the lazy sleeping dick.
Before I knew it, dickson was rising again. It was then I knew the power of seduction. As dickson was erecting, she was complementing it with her mouth by sucking and licking it until it gained full Attention. She picked my condom at the usual place, tore the nylon and inserted it on the dick. She climbed up the bed and sat on it riding it up and down. I was carried away with the fuccking that I didn’t sense any trouble ahead.

After few minutes into the “girl ontop riding”, I began to hear a strange sound. I ignored at first thinking it was from the stereo.
But the sound keep coming, it was then I realized it was a knock on my door.

****who could that be?, I wasn’t expecting anyone. “I thought”****. I pushed sikirat away ontop of me. I could see a look of dissatisfaction on her face as she was lieing Unclad beside me while my condom was still on my dick. I lowered the sound system and asked “who is there?.”. A voice answered from outside, Its me JANET!!,

ME: I’m coming please
****within the speed of light, sikirat was wearing her cloths, I put on my 3-quarter and singlet after removing the condom and threw under the matress*****

JANET: open this door or are you hiding someone?

ME: I’m coming,

JANET: hurry up and let me see who owns these slippers at your door mouth.

” Chaiii, kasala don burst, I intended hiding sikirat in the bathroom before but its too late, janet is an impatient girl who will search the whole house most especially as she found a slippers at the entrance. Sikirat was trembling and shivering seriously as I was going to the door, I held the handle of the door while still locked from inside. “Push it from outside” I said.

JANET: its not opening, or are you hiding someone?
I signalled to sikirat to spray the air freshener, spread books on the floor and sit down on the rug as if she was solving exercise.
That’s the only thing I can do as at that moment, I rubbed my chest as a sign that she should calm down and act along. My heart was beating heavily as I opened the lock behind the door for janet to enter.

JANET: whaaaaaat!!!!!, our maid in my boyfriend’s room?, what is going on here?

Sikirat: ***trembling and shaking**, no ma. Its not what you think ma.

ME: **** I stood in-between janet and sikirat to prevent combat**, I can explain to u janet, its not what you think.

JANET: ****loosing patience and restless***. Ok, go ahead and explain to me how you have been sleeping around with this dirty girl, our maid for that matter. onihaxy, so your are this useless and classless??

ME: **i faced janet as sikirat was standing at the edge of the wall***. janet, please listen to me, its not what you think, sikirat here only begged me to help her in arithmetic lessons and infact, today was her first session, you can see books spread on the floor. Plsss

JANET: arithmetic abi ?, and you can’t do it openly with her in our compound abi , and you locked yourself inside with her that I have been knocking for the past 5minutes, arithmetic abi? And you sprayed air freshener and even increased your sound system?. You think I’m a fool? “Gbooooosa”, she slapped sikirat.

ME: ***frightened as sikirat was crying****. Janet plss, you know I loved playing music, and also, I should have informed you about the lesson idea but you might not welcome it. I just wanted to impact on her life positively and that was why I agreed to tutor her please.

JANET: ehn ehnn, you think I’m a fool?, no wonder she comes back late from market all the time, so this is where you always come to for a Bleep abi? “Gbooosa” another slap on sikirat’s face.

ME: ****i held janet and moved her far away from sikirat*** sikirat was crying helplessly. “Janet, you are just dragging this issue too far, I’m only helping her and that’s all.

JANET: ****still wailing and shouting restlessly***. No problem, mummy will hear about this I swear. As for you sikirat, consider yourself in serious trouble. And for you onihaxy, your job is over I swear.

Janet walked out of the room, banged the door and left, I turned to sikirat trying to console her.

ME: I’m sorry dear for everything.

SIkIRAT: ***yelled at me*** leave me alone you this useless boy, sorry for what?, I never knew you are this useless and heartless *******crying***

ME: baby, why saying all this now?, please for God’s sake.

SIKIRAT: each time I ask you about your closeness with aunty janet, you would keep telling me that “nothing nothing nothing”.
Then why was she saying “what am I doing in her boyfriend’s room?”. Just leave me alone please and forget about me.

Sikirat walked out of my room in a sad mood. I sat down on my bed feeling depressed and don’t know what to do next. I picked my phone to call janet.

ME: hello janet, pls I’m sorry, its not what you think pls

JANET: if you don’t want thunder to strike your entire generation, don’t ever call this number again ***hanged up***

Chaii, e don happen!!!!


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She was in her transparent night gown revealing her underwear when I opened the door. She was standing at the entrance holding her laptop

MADAM: why aren’t you picking my calls?

ME: I’m sorry ma. The phone was on silence and I slept off.

MADAM. Ok no problem. That means you didn’t get my text.

ME: at all ma.

MADAM: ok, I called you to help me check my system, it was hanging. I thought you don’t want to come to my room anymore, that’s why I brought it here for you.

ME: ok ma**stretched my hand to collect the system***.

Goodnight ma.

MADAM: wait a minute, I want to chat with you.

She entered my room and sat on the chair opposite my bed while I sat on the bed.

MADAM: back to what happened last night, where did you get the courage from?.

ME: what courage ma?, I don’t understand

MADAM: like seriously, I only called you for a massage, and you end up manipulating my body to the extent that I was lost in ecstacy, I couldn’t resist you when you manipulated, sucked, and eventually fuccked me. It was when you were done that I came back to my senses.

ME: ***silence and looking down****

MADAM: talk to me young man, you don’t even have any feelings that I am up to your mother, now tell me, are you into sugar-mummies?

ME: no ma.

MADAM: you have been having sex with older women?.

ME: no ma.

MADAM: how come you were that good, hot and energetic to the extent that you were so difficult to resist?

ME: it just happened that way ma.

MADAM: you weren’t even scared of contacting HIV? Or getting me pregnant?

ME: ****raised eye brow****, I was lost also ma, and I found it difficult to resist you ma.

MADAM: you are just something else that I don’t know how to describe. Anyways, I enjoyed you last night, it was the first time to felt that way after 8months that my husband travelled out of the country. infact, you touched me more than he do, maybe that’s why I couldn’t resist you.

ME: I’m sorry about that ma.

MADAM: no problems, let’s just count it as an accident. And let’s just pretend as if nothing happened , and no other person must know about it apart from you and I. I’m old enough to be your mother and you should safeguard your destiny from sugar-mummies.

ME: ok ma, thanks.

MADAM: you are welcome. When you are through with the system, return it to my room this night.

ME: ok ma,. *****closed the door while she walked out*****

I checked the system and found out that nothing was wrong with it and decided to return it back to her. On getting there, the door wasn’t locked and I was hearing the sound of a playing movie. I knocked once and entered, I met her sitting on the bed, resting her back on the wall and spreading her legs.

ME: I have fixed it ma.

MADAM: ok dear, thanks. Why not join me in watching this movie?

ME: I don’t feel like watching ma.

MADAM: common, don’t be silly, sit down here with me and watch.

ME: ok ma.

I sat down at the edge of the bed, watching with her. It was an english tragi-comedy movie. Each time there was a thrill, she will pat my my laps and laugh. At a point, I wasn’t concentrating on the movie again. Her touch on my laps and the sight of her undies was giving me erections but I was covering my dick in between my laps. Atlast, the film ended and I was about going when she said. “Pls wait. Help me to apply this ointment on my back, it seems I’m having rashes” giving me a “Nixoderm tube”.
She removed her night gown at the top, exposing the back while the bra is still on. She sat own on the bed and turned her back to me and was playing music on her android phone. I knelt on the bed behind her and was applying the ointment. Each time I moved my hand up and down, my dick erect the more. As I was rubbing, I was losing the hook of her bra stylishly in the pretence that the bra straps is obstructing my application and she was silent about it. After the last hook was removed, I didn’t know what came up to me, I slid my hand into the bra and grabbed her bosom from the back. She moaned. On hearing the moan, I said to myself “chaiii, e don set!!!”. I continued squeezing both bosom as her moan was increasing. I turned her around and hooked her
Tip with my mouth and gave it a suck of life. The scenario lasted for 10mins of sucking and finger fuccking, she was moaning and cummed twice.

After the 10th minute, she said “STOP!, that is enough before you loose control,. I replied “ok ma”.

MADAM: but why is it that I find it hard to resist you.

ME: nothing ma.

MADAM: I so much enjoyed it, you are a genius.

ME: thanks ma***i stood up from the bed***

MADAM: but don’t let this happen again, I’m old enough to be your mother.

ME: ok ma, I’m sorry ma.

MADAM: no problem, goodnight

ME: goodnight.*** I walked out of the room and went to my room***.

Sunday morning, we went to our separate churches. After church, I went to see a friend before returning home to white house by 6pm. Janet had arrived before my return and we were gisting and chatting about what happened during the exams. She resumed her cooking until tuesday when sikirat arrived from ilorin. Now the white house was full again, During the week of janet and sikirat’s arrival, I thought of everything that transpired between me and the entire white house, I thought of what would happen if the 3 of them finds out about me, then I concluded that the best way to maintain my game and dignity is to move back to my house which I did in the following weekend.
Janet’s result came out after 3weeks of exam and she scored 237, madam was so happy that she showered me with gifts, cash, and pats on my lap. Janet begged me to continue staying in the white house for her own interest but I declined telling her my landlord is complaining about my absence at home and also, my properties aren’t safe in my long-absence. Madam also plead for me to stay and prepare janet for her post ume. I was amazed for
hearing this, I never knew madam could compel me to stay. After long discussion, I agreed to be staying over once in a while but not fully like before. Sikirat and I resumed our market days meetings, janet will also visit twice a week on my safe days “non-market days”. My lesson sessions was going on smoothly with janet as she was preparing for post UME. White house became my second home as I was staying comfortably at both places. My sexcapades with janet and sikirat was going smoothly, though sikirat is always suspicious and complaining about my closeness with janet but I keep assuring her that nothing was going on between us.
More importantly, madam and I had 4 sessions of accidental hot sex sessions within 4 months in the white house. It was either she calls me inside to fix something in her room, or she gives me laptop to sort out and tell me to return it to her in her room and sex will come up accidentally . Janet couldn’t suspect us because madam treated me nicely like a son.

One thing is common about madam. After each accidental sex, she will keep saying, “I don’t know why I found it so difficult to resist your look and touch and you know I’m old to be your mother. You are making me an adulterer.”
After janet’s post ume, something happened……………………………..


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I went back to my room.
Feeling bad about the whole issue.
I wondered where I was wrong, was it my fault?, how would she expect me to only finger-bleeped her and sucked her bosoms only without sex?,
why didn’t she resist me when I entered?.
Why was her anger and rage coming after she enjoyed the sex and cummed?.
Why didn’t she regard finger fuccking as a sin?. Why would she be Unclad and expected me to give a massage without me having an Attention?, so what would happen next.

The time was few minutes to 1am and I couldn’t sleep. I began to ask myself questions, I began to reason the whole white-house drama, I imagined how I sampled all the 3 females in the house, I imagined what would happen if they all find out that they all chewed same stick. Will madam ever trust me with her girls anymore?, how would I face her in the daybreak?. At a point, I stopped asking myself questions. I decided that I would leave as the day breaks and return to my house to sort out myself. I even made up my mind on loosing the job and be free.

I managed to sleep and woke up around 7am. I took my bath, brushed my teeth and arranged my luggage.

At 9am, I went out of my room with my bag on my back and went to the sitting room. I met gideon and I sent him to call madam for me. Madam arrived with a straight face. I greeted her and she sent gideon to go outside and play.

ME: I’m leaving ma.

MADAM: have you been planning to leave before? Or because I said it yesternight?

ME: the latter ma.

MADAM:: onihaxy sit down

ME: ****dropped my bag on the chair and sat with it**** ok ma.

MADAM: and don’t you think I deserved an apology for disobeying me?.

ME: I did that last night and you shunned me and shouted on me ma.

MADAM: you see onihaxy, after chasing you out yesterday, I sat down and had a re-think that it wasn’t really your fault.

ME: how ma?

MADAM: first, I was the one who called you to bring soap for me when you hard erections, 2ndly, I called you again to rubb my back while I was Unclad. 3rdly, I didn’t stop you while you were using your fingers. But why can’t you listen to simple instruction of “DON’T DIG THE HOLE”.

ME: I’m sorry ma, I was carried away.

MADAM: and that’s bad of you. I’m a good christian for heaven’s sake and a faithful married woman until yesterday when you made me an adulterer and a sinner by having sex with me against my wish.

ME: I’m sorry ma.

MADAM: no problem. Return to your room. The only thing there is that you shouldn’t step into my room any more and try to resist me as best as you can. And what happened between us last night should remain a secret between us.

ME: thank you ma, but I’m leaving.

MADAM: but why?, is there any other thing I don’t know?

ME: yes ma

MADAM: what is it?

ME: 1. Janet is writing her jamb so I should go home. When she is back, I will be coming around for post ume preparations and be returning to my house everyday. 2ndly, you might not trust me with janet and sikirat if I’m still living here, you might think I am doing/will do same thing with them. 3rdly. The more you see me, the more you might remembered the ugly incident and hate me the more.

MADAM: you are just taking this thing too far. Anyway, If you insisted on leaving. Just do me a favour of waiting till janet is back. I don’t want the house to be empty.

ME: ok ma.

I picked my bag and returned upstairs to my room.

I was in my room upstairs when I got a text on my phone. It was form a friend who was into examination “runs”, He sent type F answers of the on going jamb to me and I forward it instantly to janet..


Friday evening while I was chatting with janet, we had already discussed about it. I told her to place her phone on silence and shade the “exam type” that I will send to her. I lied to her that it cost me 10k to get the answers. She was so happy that I could go extra length for her, she promised to compensate me when she returned on sunday morning. Sikirat on the other side told me how she missed me when I called her to teach me porridge cooking, she told me how her accent changed at home in ilorin, how she was speaking english and helping the kids to solve mathematics, she told me how she was envied by her friends and neighbours in ilorin. She promised to return on tuesday.

At 11:20, madam called my name from downstairs to come down and eat my breakfast, I came out and went to the dinning. She had prepared rice and stew with stock fish and beef, I was putting on a “straight face” while I sat down to eat. Madam served the food and came to sit beside me. She patted my laps and ask if anything is wrong, I replied “nothing ma”.

After the meal, I packed the plates, took them to the kitchen and washed. I arranged all the plates into the shelf. I took a mob, mobbed the kitchen and the tiles in the living room while madam was standing upstairs watching. I dusted all the chairs and electronics, arranged all the room and went out of the compound. I trimmed the flowers and swept the back of the house, I did all this with a frown on my face and never smiled. I returned inside, walked across madam as I was sweating and returned to my room. I had a shower and slept off with my phone switched off. I woke up around 5pm. I switched on my phone and I got whatsapp messages from janet telling me about her exams. And a text message from madam telling me “weldone, you are such a hardworking boy.”.

I went down stairs to tutor gideon. I asked of mummy from gideon and I was told she went out. When I was through with him, I went to the kitchen, checked the food time table and it was spiced spagetti on the menu. I arranged the pot, called sikirat for guidelines, and prepared it at the best way I could. I ate mine and served gideon while I went straight to bed at 8pm. I was inside my room chatting with janet when madam entered the house. I could hear her voice and communications with gideon.

At 10:20pm that saturday night, my phone was ringing. I checked and it was madam, I placed it on silent and refused to pick. She called 5 times which I didn’t pick. Then a text message came in and I read. “You amazed me with the level of your hardworking today, you tidy everywhere without any instructions and supervision, you are such a good boy. Meanwhile, my laptop is hanging somehow, can you please come here and help me to look into it?”.

I saw the text and laughed. I dropped the phone, ignored the message and tried to sleep. At few minutes pass 11pm, I heard a knock on my door, **wetin gideon dey find this time of the night?, abi madam sent him to me?**** I thought before asking “who is there?. Its me “mummy janet”, Open the door.


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I got to madam’s door entrance and knocked. “Come in” she replied. I entered the room and stood still while holding the polyethene bag containing the soaps. Madam sat on her bed and tied a white towel around her bosom running to her thigh and another white towel on her head. The upper part of her bosom was revealing on the towel. She told me to sit down on the small upholstered chair opposite her bed and we started a conversation.

MADAM: **holding an android phone and scrolling through it** your meal was so delicious. Kudos

ME: thanks ma. I’m only trying ma *smiled*

MADAM: pls bear with us for now. You know janet isn’t around and sikirat will return on tuesday. So u will be assiting in cooking for now.

ME: no problem ma

Madam: janet is writing jamb tomorrow, how well is she prepared?.

ME: very well ma **i kept glancing at her fair complexiond spotless thigh and her protuding bosoms, my dick was gaining velocity gradually***.

MADAM: Are you sure?. Because if she scores less than 200, i will terminate ur job here with immediate effect.

ME:**scared, and my dick went down instantly**. I’m very sure of my services ma.

She took the nylon from me, removed a soap from it. She picked her laptop from her dressing table and gave it to me.

MADAM: Onihaxy, pls help me to arrange all the musics and videos on a separate single file

ME: ok ma.

She opened the door to her bathroom while i was sorting out the system. The sound of the water splash kept giving me hard-on. I began to imagine myself with her in the shower, how it will feel like entering her from the back while in the bathroom.
Alot of nasty thoughts were running through my mind that i couldnt focus on what i was doing on the system. She came out after 5minutes and sat on the bed.
Madam looked sexier after bath. The water drops on her skin was adding to my Attention. She was applying something on her face while i was on the system. The more i glance at her, the more my hard-on was getting intense, the heat coming out beneath the system wasn’t helping matters.
I began to wonder how i will make the move, should i touch her?, or peck her?, or change my sitting position to the bed?, then I thought of her church attendance, i thought of her vigils, i thought of her moral strictness, then i was loosing hope. Each time i raised my eyes to look at her, i would noticed her staring at me also. I became confused and hopeless but still erected on my boxers. She asked if i was through and i said “YES”. The problem now was, how do i drop the system and stand up with an Attention?. I felt so clueless, i became uncomfortable on the seat to the extent that she noticed it and was questioning my mood. I pressed my dick in-between my thighs as i returned her laptop.

“chai, to stand up and walk out now na wahala”. I managed to stand up and cover my dick with my two palms.

“what is there that you are covering” madam asked. I was amazed that she had noticed me all this while.

“notin ma” i replied.

“Don’t tell me i was the one who caused it. Was I?”,

no Ma “i replied”.

All this young boys of this generation sef!, Anyways, you can go.

I walked out of the room feeling ashamed of my self. I went to my room and was wondering the kind of eyes wey madam go dey take look me, i’m not sure if she will trust me with her girls anymore. She might even sack me, i kept picturing her next strike action against me. I couldnt sleep till around past 11pm. My phone rang, i checked the screen, it was madam calling.
I was scared of picking it not until the 4th time it rang, then i took the courage to pick.

ME: hello ma.

MADAM: why are you not picking my calls?.

ME: My phone was on silence. I just noticed it ma.

MADAM: OK, how are u?, thanks for the system arrangement.

ME: you are welcome ma.

MADAM: Pls i need another help right now. My back is acheing seriously. Come and help me with a massage!.

I got to the door, I noticed it wasn’t locked. I only knocked once and she told me to come in. Madam was still wearing her towels around her body with hair net on her head. She was sitting on her bed.

“Welcome onihaxy”

Thanks ma.

“My back is acheing me seriously”

Sorry about that ma.

“Help me to apply this robb”.

She gave me the robb, lied flat on her chest with her a$$ and back facing the ceiling underneath her towel. I opend the robb, knelt down on the bed and applied it gently on the opened area on top of her back. My dick was gaining Attention but she couldn’t noticed it because she was facing the other side.
I continued with the back robbing/massage still maintaining the upper region not until she was giving a silent moan, she adjusted her towel and made it loose a bit and she told me to robb it down a little. On hearing this, my dick made a full “180degrees straightline”. I moved down a bit on a back. This time I wasn’t massaging but tickling her gently with my nails. The moan was increasing and she was telling me to move it downward to the upper part of her a$$, as I was doing so, she opened the music app on her phone and started playing songs at a high volume.
For the next 5minutes, I was massaging and tickling the back while my dick was fully erect. She wasn’t saying anything again but just moaning softly.

“How do I get to Bleep this woman now?” Was the thought on my mind. Then I increased the pace of my hands down to her as$, damn!!!, madam was wearing a light transparent blue pant. “This one na obstacle oooo, how I go scale through?”.
As madam wasn’t speaking again but moaning, I ignored the pant and moved my hand to the exposed end of her Bottom, I concentrated on this area for a long time moving my hand TO and fro from her a$$ to her back. It got to a time madam was jerking slowly and quietly, when I moved my hand backward to the exposed part of her Bottom, I noticed a fluid stain on the lower part of her pant then I knew she must have released. I was stylishly inserting my hands in the sides of the pants at intervals each time I navigate my hands to the area, after a while, I gained full access to her pusssy tongue but pulling her pant to one side with my hands. She jerked and moaned heavily as my hand touches the pusssy tongue. I located her cliit and was handling it from the back with my hands. She was moaning and jerking. I slid in my fingers into the hole and was performing the finger magic. I took much time like 10minutes fingeriing while she was Approaching at intervals. I just don’t have the liver to fucck her, but I just maintained the manipulation. Her moans was now at different tempo. Suddenly she turned over, facing up with her bosoms and looked at me, I felt ashamed at first and felt like stopping and walking out. But I don’t know where the courage came from, I grabbed her left bosom and started sucking while I squeeze the right bosom. The moan was getting louder that it was competing with the volume of the music, I was switching the bosom at intervals, it got to a time that she was pressing my head on her bosom that I hardly breathe.
I left the left bosoms and concentrate my mouth on the right one while I moved my left hand down underneath her panties, I pushed it aside and resumed finger fuccking. She was making sounds that I began to be afraid incase gideon comes in, I looked at the door and noticed it wasn’t locked.

After another 2minutes of finger bleeping, I tried removing her pants and she said “STOP”, I was scared, she said “what are you trying to do?, don’t just go there, I’m a married woman and a good christian, I have vowed never to have intimate intercourse with any other man apart from my husband, and besides, Adultery is a serious sin against God” just continue the hand action, I’m ok with only that one, ok!!.

“Yes ma” I replied. I lost interest immediately and my moral was low, my dick was shrinking instantly. I located her niiple again with my mouth and resumed finger fuccking her, it was as if I was forced to do it because I wasn’t enjoying it. But as I was hitting the walls of the pusssy with my finger and also sucking the niiples at the same time, she was moaning and jerking seriously than before and was releasing juices, this excited me again and revived my Attention, I stylishly moved over trying to lie down straight ontop of her with her legs spread apart but our body aren’t touching each other. I was still sucking and finger fuccking her and I noticed she was so lost in the heavenly feelings, I stylishly brought out my dick from the hole on my boxers, I removed my hands at intervals from her pusssy to lubricate my erected dick with her juice on my finger. Then I stylishly pushed the pants away to one side completely to avoid obstructions, I pressed forward a little bit and positioned my dick at the entrance of her Kitty-Cat without any body contact to avoid her suspecting. Then I focused on her bosom in my mouth and Kitty-Cat on my hand. I made sure I expanded the hole very well with my fingers. I counted from 1 to 3 on my mind. After the count of 3, I pushed the dick INSIDE at once hoping that she will be angry at me and push me away, but instead, she moaned heavily and expanded her legs wider, I began to pump in and out slowly, then I increased the pressure and went faster, the moaning was increasing and she raised up her two legs to hold my back tight. We continued for like 6minutes till she cum again and I cummed there after.

“You this boy!!!, what have you done to me?, didn’t I tell you not to have sex with me?, now you have made me a sinner, an adulterer and a matrimony vow breaker.” Madam yelled at me.

“I’m so sorry ma”. I replied.

“Now get out of here. Idiott!!!!!, and first thing tomorrow morning, you are leaving this house. Idiott!!!!


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After sikirat’s departure. Janet became the cook. Her food wasn’t as delicious as that of sikirat, but it was manageable. Janet was something else, she would act strict and bossy whenever madam was around, she would insult me and shout at me to the extent that her mummy would beg me to ignore and disregard her. But after her mummy’s departure to work and gideon’s departure to school, the compound would become a sex zone. We would dance, bleep, gist, eat and end it with tutorial sessions. On many occasions, we would be running around the house while Unclad.

Throughout the first week, I missed sikirat so much that I do call her frequently. But in the second week, the passion for sikirat reduced drastically as janet was killing me with love and romance. I had to switch off my phone or placed it on silence whenever janet is around me.

Three weeks gone, sikirat hadn’t returned and next weekend is jamb examination. Throughout the week, I was busy preparing janet for exam, its was then that I learnt her centre was in Ibadan and she would have to travel on friday morning and lodge at her uncle’s residence in Ibadan. I talked to my friends who are into examinations “runs” to send answers to me during the exam which I planed to send to janet without madam’s knowledge because I was very sure we didn’t prepare very well for the exams.

On friday morning, madam told me to follow her in her car, she would drop me at her friend’s store to get some items for janet before she leaves for ibadan. As we were driving in her car, she kept patting my laps at interval whenever we discussed something funny. We had series of discussion about sikirat’s mother who died, about janet and jamb, about how I see her house, she told me I will be helping with cooking pending janet’s arrival, she asked about my girlfriend of which I kept smiling at intervals and she kept patting my laps. She finally dropped me at a supermarket and had a private discussion with the shop owner and she left.
The super mart owner gave me tin of milk and milo, soaps, and some other gift items. I returned home on a bike, Janet picked out of the items I brought and she left for the garage which I followed her. After her took off, I returned home. I don’t know where to put the remaining items I brought from the supermart so I took everything into my room waiting for madam to arrive and sort them out.

At about 6pm, janet called to inform me about her successful journey. She told me to go to the kitchen and see the food timetable for that night. “Chaiii, I don turn house boy for here, see wetin sikirat’s absence don cause”. I placed a call to sikirat for guild lines on how to prepare porridge which was on the time table, sikirat laughed at me to the extreme on the phone. She even flattered me saying “I pray make aunty janet spend one week so dat u go be the cook for a whole week”.
I followed her instructions and prepared the porridge. Gideon was so spoilt that he couldn’t boil an ordinary water. His laziness made the whole cooking stressful.
I served myself and gideon because madam hadn’t arrived from the bank.

After eating dinner, I went to bed immediately at around 7:30pm because I was so tired. At few minutes past 8pm, I heard madam’s voice in the living room. I overheard her chatting with gideon about dinner and the person who cooked it.
I overheard her commenting on the food as she was eating. She asked of me from gideon and she was told I had gone to bed. She bid gideon “goodnight” and went into her room.

20minutes after madam entered her room. My phone ranged. I looked at the screen and it was madam calling. I picked it.

ME: hello ma.

MADAM: onihaxy the international cook

ME: **laughed** I only tried my little best ma

MADAM: you tried sha. But janet and sikirat will beat you in cooking any day anytime.***laughed**

ME: ***laughed back*** ok ma, I will improve tomorrow morning

MADAM: ok dear. meanwhile, where are the bathing soaps you brought from the supermart, I couldn’t find it in the bathroom.

ME: its with me ma, I don’t know where I will drop them so I took them to my room.

MADAM: ohhh God!!!. I need it urgently to take my bath with it.
Please bring one into my room right away

ME: ***amazed***, ok ma, I’m coming right away.

She hanged up. I was wearing only boxers and singlet, I took the whole polythene bag containing the items and went straight to madam’s room.


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Immediately after madam’s departure, I noticed she didn’t go with gideon also,I sensed a trouble ahead. I believed madam must have informed sikirat to watch over janet and I, I believed she must have left gideon at home also for same purpose.

While I was in the living room, trying to round up the lesson with janet, sikirat walked in from her room and went to the dinning to pack the plates.

I looked at her and she looked back at me with a straight face. ” I know say I don enter am this nite”. I began to reason how the night will look like, whom I should sneak out to meet”.

Sikirat’s unhappiness must have been caused by janet’s presence in the house. She walked away into the kitchen still looking at me.

Janet caught me staring at sikirat. “I have been suspecting you and our maid of recent. That is why I stayed back this night. I know its dangerous leaving both of you alone in this house” said janet.

“Chaiii, I don enter am”. Then I acted a stubborn boy, “me??, to your maid?! What is the meaning of this rubbish?, abeg leave me alone”.

I stood up, left janet on the sofa and went into my room and locked from inside. Janet called my phone several times which I didn’t pick up. She came to knock but I didn’t open. Then a text came in from janet ” I’m so sorry love, I never mean to upset you, I was only kidding. I love you”. I saw the text and smiled.

At 11:23pm. Sikirat called me, she said I should come over or she should sneak into my room, I reminded her that janet had been suspecting us and catch us. I asked her what madam discussed with her before going to church but she refused to talk. She said she will call me back at 12:30.

I dropped my phone and tried to sleep, a whatsapp message came in from janet and we started a conversation.

JANET: dear, pls I need to be in ur arms right now, I am cold and bored.

ME: so sorry dear, same thing here.

JANET: should I come over?, or will you come?

ME: sikirat is in the house with us, I don’t think its safe.

JANET: what do you mean?

ME: didn’t you noticed that your mum went inside her room the other time?

JANET: and what does it implies?

ME: it implied that sikirat is told to watch our movements, and I don’t want to get into trouble.

JANET: she can’t do anything, she is just a maid. If she dares to report us to mum, I will implicate her and she will be sent packing.

ME: **confused on what to type next**, ok, open your door, I will come to your room soon, I want to tidy up somethings.

I was confused on what to do next. What if sikirat or gideon see us?, what if she decided to expose everything as she threatened earlier?,. While I was thinking, sikirat called again to remind me that she will call me at midnite. This time, I was totally confused. I switched of my phone and slept off.

I woke up around 7am, I switched on my phone, I got several whatsapp messages from janet and “call me sms” from sikirat. I knew I will have to face interrogation today. I was in the room and I heard madam’s voice downstairs. I also heard the sound of a sweeping broom at the back of the compound. I was scared to come out of the room because I don’t know the excuse I will give janet, after a while, I overheard madam telling sikirat to buy fruits while coming from the market, then I remembered today is another market day.

“Waoh, what do I do?”. I sent a text to sikirat that I will be at home by 10am and she should see me there..
I came down stairs and met madam in the living room,

ME: good morning ma

MADAM: good morning onihaxy, how was your night?

ME: fine ma. How was the vigil?

MADAM: it was ok,

ME: ok ma. Pls ma, I wanted to check on a friend in town at 9am so I said I should inform you

MADAM: ***laughed***, you are funny, you are free to go to anywhere at anytime provided it is not affecting my children lesson sessions. I’m not imprisoning you here, you are only here to work so you should have your freedom**she patted me on the back**.

ME: ok ma. Where is janet?

MADAM: she is still in her room.

I went back upstairs to my room. I sent texts to janet, apologising about my inability to come last night. I told her I was scared of been caught by gideon and sikirat but janet refused to reply. I then recorded a 3minutes voice note, telling her how much I missed and loved her. Then she replied with a voicenote ” I loved you too, I couldn’t sleep well last nite because I missed you”. Chaiii, I don hook ooo!!!,

Its 9am, I had my bath, dressed up and went to my house, on getting home, I was in my bad neighbour’s room having a gist and chats when my phone rang at 9:49am. I checked the screen and it was sikirat. I picked the call and she said she was at my door entrance. I dashed out of my neighbour’s room and went to meet sikirat. We entered my room and started conversations.

SIKIrAT: what happened last night, why did you switched off your phone?

ME: I wanted to sleep for a while before the night call, so I ended up sleeping off till morning.

SIKIRaT: hmmmmm, abi its because of aunty janet?

ME: **laughs*** janet kee? Rara ooo, I just slept off, that’s all.

SIKIrAT: I was awake all through the night sha, waiting for the time I will hear door movements but I didn’t hear any.

ME: door movements?, how?

SIKIRAT: that was what madam told me to watch out for. In fact, I slept at the store room upstairs last night.

ME: ***chaiii*** see me see monitoring ooooo”. So if I went to her room, what would have happened?

SIKIRAT: I will tell madam ni

ME: **i don enter am** have you believed me now that I’m not dating janet?

SIKIRAT: not yet. “Smiled”.

ME: now that the white house is secured, how do we get to see?

SIKIRAT: let’s continue with our old method of market days

ME: ***chaiii, this babe get sense***
We had a sweet “woman riding on top” sex after a sweet romance and she left for market.

After her departure, I picked my phone to chat with janet

ME: jane baby, how are you?

JANET: I’m not fine

ME: what happened?,

JANET: you aren’t free and closed to me like before.

ME: but baby, try to understand me. As long as sikirat is always at home, I have to behave myself. You can’t underrate her, she might be dangerous.

JANET: ok, I have an alternative

ME: what is that?

JANET: maybe I will be sending her out on an errand whenever I wanted you, or we will be going to your house occasionally.

ME: “chaiiii, this girls no go kill me”. Ok, we will talk better when I’m back

JANET: back from where?, so you are not in this compound?, where are you?

ME: oooh sorry I didn’t tell you, I went out to see a friend. You were indoor at that time.

JANET: ok sir. Don’t stay long outside oooo.

ME: **laughs*** ok dear.

******fast forward*************

For the next 6 weeks, things worked out fine, sikirat and I would hook up at my house on market days, it was always a moment of tutorials and sweet sex. Meanwhile, janet will send sikirat on an errand For unnecessary things whenever she needs a “quickee” and we will opt for my house on none market days whenever we fill like having a nice romantic outing. I never stopped getting excited whenever I saw madam on her night gowns or short skirts, whenever we are sitting together at dinning, she likes patting me on my laps.

During 2nd week of april, about 3 weeks to jamb, something tragedic happened. We were at home on one saturday evening when a woman came into the house, I guess she was the woman who brought sikirat from ilorin. I was having a session with janet on the dining, sikirat was in the kitchen while madam and the woman was discussing in the living room. Madam shouted “yeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!” We came closer to them, madam said “sikirat’s mother is dead”.
I felt so sad, my eyes were soaked. Janet was crying. Gideon’s face was dull. Sikirat was sent for.

The news was broke to her, she was crying helplessly like a poor baby. I could felt her pains. She had always told me how she loved her mummy so much. We consoled her and cheered her up. Due to islamic tradition, the mother would be buried on sunday morning the next day and sikirat must travel that saturday. Janet and madam followed her to her room to pick few things. Madam drove us to ilorin pack. Sikirat was still crying. We all encouraged her.
She promised to be back in 2 weeks time. We watched her entering the bus with the woman. I couldn’t hold my tears. I felt so sorry for her.
I knew I will definitely miss her for that period. As we were heading back towards home, JANET was smiling in silence. I was like “what the hell is wrong with this girl, why the smile”?


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Tuesday was the next market day. Sikirat arrived as usual. She was behaving funny. I knew it has to do with what happened yesterday but I decided not to talk, I want her to express herself.

And finally she did.

SIKIRAT: onihaxy, what is going between you and aunty janet? Be sincere please.

ME: I am her teacher and she is my student

SIKIRAT: I’m aware of that already, tell me the one I don’t know

ME: and what could that be?,

SIKIRAT: you are pretending abi?, I know you will pretend. Just don’t worry, you hear!!***she hissed and frowned***

ME: **came closer and pet her**, I’m not pretending sikkybaby, Its just that I don’t understand what you are driving at. Can you be elaborate please?

SIKIRAT: ***silence for a while*** ok, what happened in aunty janet’s room yesterday? Because I heard her screaming and moaning before you came out.

ME: ** chaiii, temi bami. Sikirat don catch me red handed”**. Nothing happened dear. She told me her computer was faulty, so I volunteered to help. That was why I followed her to her room to check it

SIKIRAT: ok, go on

ME: after fixing the system. She told me she wanted to be an actress. She said she went for an audition somewhere.

SIKIRAT: continue

ME: then I asked her what happened at the auditioning, she told me they were told to act a romance scene.

SIKIRAT: ***she was buying the lies*** ok, I’m listening

ME: so she said she was told to act a romance scene with a guy, screamed and moaned in the scene. So I told her to demonstrate how she did it for me. And that was what led to the sound you heard.

SIkIRAT: are you sure that was what happened?

ME: trust me dear.

SIKIRAT: ok love, I have heard you, I thought both of you bleeped ni **** she hugged me****. So when are you moving into our house?

ME: this weekend.

SIKIRAT: that is good, we will be sneaking into our rooms at midnights.

ME: ***which kind girl be this na?, she wan get me implicated ooo***. That is not a good idea sikirat. Madam will not forgive us if we were caught. Let’s keep maintaining our friday nights only.
Or if we were alone at home.

SIKIRAT: just kidding. I have heard you.

ME: ok sikkybaby

SIKIRAT: one more thing, nothing must happen between you and aunty janet oo. Or else!!!!!

ME: or else what?

SIKIRAT: I will expose all of us. If any janet wants to snatch what belongs to me, I will rather scatter everything, and I mean it

ME: ****chaii, this girl looks serious ooo,”

She left for market while I kept wondering how my stay will look like at the white house. When it was friday afternoon, I called madam to inform her of my packing in. I picked few shirts, trousers, shoes and cosmetics. White house, here I come..

I arrived at the white house that night, I was welcomed by the whole house. Sikirat helped me with my luggage to my room while I remain seated on the sofa.

MADAM: mr teacher, I hope you remembered why u are here?

ME: yes ma.

MADAM: make your self comfortable. What ever you need, sikirat will get them for you.. Just make sure my janet is well and adequately tutored. She must not fail again this time

ME: ok ma

Janet was sitting on the other side of the chair winking at me.

Sikirat came back to the parlour to inform madam about what she was cooking.

“Onihaxy, dinner will be ready soon, just be patient. Maybe you should go to your room to freshen up and relax. Janet will start her “after dinner lesson” today” said madam.

I stood up from the chair, went into the guest room which was made available for me.. It was well arranged, as I sat down, a text came in from
janet “you are welcome, I will make you enjoy your stay”.

Chaiii, make this girl no put me into trouble oooo..

At 7pm. Dinner was ready, sikirat was sent to call me. “Ko ko ko ko” she knocked, its me sikirat, dinner is ready. I opened the door and noticed sikirat was still standing at the entrance. I looked at her and she smiled back at me and whispered “thank God today is friday”.

I went to the dinning, I met janet, gideon and madam already sitted, I noticed sikirat was not sitting among us but I can’t ask why. I guess probably because she was a maid. Madam started a topic about “banks and how they recruit people from every fields and how engineering students gets the job better than the banking students”. I contributed to it and debated intelligently on it, madam was so amazed with how I talked. She patted me on my laps and said “Good boy”. My dick signalled, I was surprised and shocked because her hand almost touched my

”Janet, hurry up and get set for lesson” madam said to janet.

Madam stood up and walks slowly into her room. “Oh my God, madam looks sexier in mini night gown, the dress managed to longer a bit from her a$$ region. Her a$$ was fitted in it, her bosoms were doing oscillation up and down while the a$$ was vibrating left and right as she was walking”. I stopped glancing when janet noticed my eye direction. She looked at me with a straight face.

I tutored her janet till 8:43pm. She was behaving as if she was forced to learn… Something happened that night. Madam came out of her room at around 9pm wearing a long sleeve top and a long skirt. She called on janet to inform her that its time to go for vigil, janet said she wasn’t feeling too fine and won’t be going.

Madam went into sikirat’s room, she spent up to 15minutes before coming out and she bid us bye-bye as she entered her jeep and left for church.


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On getting home that sunday night, my mind wasn’t at rest. I was worried about sikirat, what if she is truly pregnant?, won’t I be implicated?, or was sikirat keeping other guys apart from me?, I kept wondering.

Monday is another lesson day, I don’t have the liver to go to the white house. I tried calling sikirat but her number wasn’t reachable. I just have to know sikirat’s pregnancy status before going there for tutorial class. I called janet but she wasn’t picking. “Chaiii, e don happen. I don enter am”.

I dressed up, stopped a bike, went straight to the house, I knocked on the gate and oga peter opened. I stylishly ask him if anything is happening in the house, he replied “something like what?”, then I was sure oga peter no “jasi” wetin dey go on. I went into the house and met janet watching africa magic in the living room.

ME: janet how are you?

JANET: **hugged me** I am fine dear, and you?

ME: I’m doing good. How is sikirat?, was she eventually pregnant?

JANET: and are you responsible for it?

ME: me keeee?, just asking since I was here yesterday when pregnancy issue was mentioned

JANET: anyways, she was taken to hospital this morning and she was negative.

ME: ***took a deep breath***, sebi I said it that I trusted her, she isn’t a wayward girl.

JANET: hmmm. Well, I have been suspecting the two of you because I have seen your number on her call list more than thrice.

ME: meee?, maybe its another onihaxy.

JANET: well, If you say so.

ME: ***scared****. Alright dear. Where is she now?

JANET: she is at the backyard washing cloths. So when are you packing over?

ME: maybe this weekend

JANET: not maybe, mummy said you must move in this week.

ME: ok ma, can we start our lesson now?

JANET: no lesson today abeg, come with me inside my room, I want to show you something.
I sat on janet’s bed, looking all over her room. What is it that you want me to see? I asked. She went to her wardrobe, opened it and brought out a black nylon. She opened it and brought out 3 bras and 2 pants. “I just got them today and I want you to tell me if they are ok on me.

“Chaiiii, which kind temptation be this”

Janet unbuttoned her shirt, removed her bra stripes. “Omo see bobby”, my dick signalled instantly. She bent on the bed, picked the first bra, wore it and faced me, “onihaxy, how does it look?” I replied “great”. She dropped the bra.

Picked the second bra, wore it, the second one looks tighter, she faced me and asked, how
does it looks like? “Sexy” I replied.

This time, I am getting uncomfortable, my dick is getting harder. She picked the 3rd bra, it has no top stripe and it doesn’t cover her breats fully.

”Chaiiiii, see almighty bosom”.

She faced me, “how does it look?”.

Waoooo, its cool. “I replied”. She dropped it, raised up her short skirt, removed her pants, “chaiiii, see fresh punny here infront of me, what is this girl trying to do?, should I bounce on her?”.

She wore the first pant, faced me, “how does it look?”, cool “I replied”.

She pulled it off, wore the last one, it was a G-string. She faced me, “onihaxy, how does it look like?” She asked. This time, my urge has became uncontrollable, I couldn’t resist it anymore. I said wait “let me check it myself”. I stood up from the bed. Went closer to janet. Touched her pants “this is really sexy dear”, I moved my hand upward to her full Unclad bosoms, I grabbed it ans squeezed, she released a soft moan. We walked backward to the bed and fell on it while I followed her. I continued squeezing the bosom as she was moaning louder. I locate the tips with my mouth and sucked. I moved my hand down to her G-string, pull it aside to one side and manipulated her, janet was so wet. After 3mins of finger bleeping, janet whispered “please Bleep me abeg”. I opened my wallet, picked a condom, unzipped my trouser to the kneel level and wore. I pulled janet’s hip to the edge of the bed, spread her leg. I knelt down on the tiles and bleeped her, she was moaning heavily so I opened music on her phone and increased to the loudest volume while bleeping. I turned her over. Her buts still at the edge of the bed and facing up, I spread her legs apart and bleeped her in this “customized doggie style”. I bleeped for the next 9minutes and we both cum.

We dressed up and walked out of the room. On stepping out, I saw sikirat mopping the tiles in the living room. Our eyes met.
She looked me with ”an eye of disappointment”.

“Chaiii, sikirat don catch me”. I ignored as if nothing happened. I sat on the chair waiting for gideon to return from school while janet continued watching her “africa magic”.


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The second day was market day, sikirat came to my house as usual. This time, she wasn’t looking happy.

ME: sikkybaby, what’s wrong with you?

SIKIRAT: just leave me ooooooooo

ME: what’s wrong?, have I offended you?

SIKIRAT: I heard aunty janet calling you on phone yesterday saying she has reached home. It means she came here yesterday.

ME: rara oooo, she called me that she want to go somewhere, and I told her to let me know when she is back maybe I can come and tutor her. That’s all

SIKIRAT: are you sure?

ME: yes dear. Don’t you trust me again?

SIKIRAT: ****smiles*****, i thought she came here ni, I don’t want to share you with anybody

ME: ****wahala don dey ooo****. Trust me dear.
She smiled, we had a 40mins maths lesson, then a hot 2 rounds of sex before she leaving for market after collecting her earing.

Week after week. I continued my tutorial at the white house. I don’t Bleep janet there. Instead, I will do that whenever she comes to my house. I was always serious whenever I was around. If janet wants to be free with me, she will send sikirat on an errand because I told her that sikirat might inform madam about us. And when its friday nights, I will resume my sexcapades with sikirat. I so much like sikirat because she was skillful, smart and intelligence, but I love janet because of her milk factory. Sikirat was becoming suspicious about I and janet, but I will keep assuring her that nothing was going on. And she dare not to confront janet about it. Everything was going smoothly Not until about 4 weeks to jamb when madam called me to see her on a sunday evening and its very important, she was so scary on the fone. I was scared “cheiii, wind don blow, fowl yarnsh don open”

After church on that sunday, my mind wasn’t settled. I was wondering what could have happened?, why madam’s voice was so harsh?, why she wanted to see me urgently?. I summoned the courage and went to the white house.
I entered the compound, knocked on the door. On entering the house, I met janet, sikirat and madam in the living room. Janet was sitting beside madam while Sikirat knelt down at the corner of the 3-seater.

I was so scared that my heart was beating heavily. The look on sikirat’s face was indicating that she was in trouble. Madam wasn’t smiling either. Janet looked at me with a straight face and this scared me the more.

MADAM: onihaxy, welcome

ME: yes ma. How was service today?

MADAM: ***dropped her drinking cup on the stool***. It was fine.

I heard something about you so I sent for you

ME: ***temi bami, heart beating heavily, looked at sikirat and still clueless***, hope nothing ma?

MADAM: there is a problem. Meanwhile, can you see sikirat over there?

ME: **wahala don happen, dem don catch us*** yes ma. What was her offence ma?

MADAM: she has started stealing. Whenever she went to market, its either money get lost, or she buys item lesser than the list I gave her. I even heard she is having a boyfriend in this neighbourhood.

ME: **i looked at sikirat again, I felt guilty because I knew I was the reason for the food shortage, her eyez were soaked with
tears** mummy, please forgive her ma. She won’t do that again.

JANET: **interfered into the coversation**, sikirat is just too lazy and silly. Her funny character this days is becoming alarming. It
seems she is pregnant sef.

ME: ***screamed** preg what ?

MADAM: sikirat!!!!, is that true

SIKIRAT: no ma oooo, I’m not pregnant ma **panting***.

MADAM: first thing tomorrow morning, I’m taking you to the hospital for a test

ME: ****chaiiii, I don enter am. But I always condomize my sex?, or has it ever leaked or burst?, or is sikirat having another fucker?, can she truly be pregnant?, I became uncomfortable*****. I trust sikirat very well ma. She doesn’t look wayward to me, I’m very sure she isn’t pregnant ma. Pls forgive her ma.

MADAM: you are saying so because you don’t live with us here.
If you live here, you would known better that she is lazy and useless. sikirat!, get out of my sight, I will resume with you later.
So lesson teacher, back to my previous discussion.

ME: ***heart skipped beats again. This time, My heart beat could be noticed by the movements of my cloth***. Ok ma. What happened ma?

MADAM: I went through janet’s lesson note and discovered that it was scanty.

ME: really?

MADAM: yes, infact, I gave her an exercise from past questions and she failed it.

ME: haa

MADAM: and she told me that you haven’t be frequent and regular again.

ME: ***i looked into janet’s eyes with disappointment, she looked at me with a somehow face. “this is a pure lie, she was the one skipping classes. But how do I justify this****

MADAM: so is this what I’m paying you for?,

ME: not so ma. I can explain, eeemmmm.

JANET: ***before I could utter a word, janet interfered***, no ma, most of the time, we always do oral tutorial, so I don’t write much notes, he is trying his best ma.

MADAM: but I’m not satisfied. JAMB is just 3 months away, I can’t watch you fail again this time.

ME: I will improve ma. I will try my best

MADAM: this is what I want. I want you to engage her in tutorials throughout the day. Even saturday and sunday should be inclusive. After dinner, she should be having sessions before going to her bedroom. We can re-negotiate the fees, I just want the best for her.

ME: ok ma. But concerning the sessions after dinner, it will be a bit difficult because of my area. Its dangerous walking around at nights.

MADAM: then start living here for the duration. Afterall I have given you a room here, you are the one who refused to use it. I will even prefer you stay here so that you can help me to handle sikirat with iron hand, it seems janet cannot handle her alone in my absence.

ME: ok ma, no problem.

Chaii, e don happen, living in same house with my 2 fuckers.

How I go take do am?..