Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 55

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Fifty Four read it HERE!!!

Suga begged I come visit her and one thing was whenever she says please I let go of everything.. I dont like her saying it., it makes me feel sad..

I travelled down to see Suga.. she was beautiful as ever call her evergreen..

We had dinner..
She told me she was seeing someone and they were planning on getting married blah blah blah… as I listened carefully without showing any emotions…

But she said she is about calling off the marriage that she has cancer….and its bad but she hasnt told her fiance.

It sounded like a big bang in my ear…
My face froze and my heart stopped…

She then said she wants to spend the rest of her days with the one person she truly loves and that its me… she told me she has never stopped thinking of me, she said alot but my brain was shutting down hence I cant remember anymore…but she told me that I am the love of her life, she explained why she left me… she said I was not acting as if I was going to settle down soon and she was getting older, but now she just wants to live happily her last days…

I havenot cried in a long while but my eyes was raining… I couldnt say a thing… we only sat down looking at each other..

I spent the night at her place as I didnt go back home, Her fiance kept calling and calling but she didnt pick up..
we talked and reminisced on our moments and the crasy things we did… waoh I love this girl

I hugged her and told her be it 3years or less or more I wont leave your side..
I will be with you till the very end,.. but I am not giving up on you..
I love you Suga and will always, like till the end of time.. I will love you when you are sick, I will carry you.. when you feel you no longer beautiful, I will tell you that you are always n will always be the most beautiful I have ever seen..

She smiled and we kissed..

Its funny how you meet a thousand people but then one out of all em changes everything…

Well in the end me and Suga got married
I was 22 and she was 23 ..

I loved her and it didnt matter if it will be two years, three years ,more or less …
Its her for me… and looking back now I am glad I made that decision…

I love you Suga and will always,..

***THE END***


Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 54

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Fifty Three read it HERE

After days of serious thinking, I even went back to the hotel and met the boy Joy was talking with and I became convinced that Joy was bluffing that there was no tape…
But the funny thing was even though I felt sad and betrayed by Joy I couldnt stop thinking about her..

Did I say thinking.. I was day dreaming, the memories of us rolling, moaning… biting, ouch makes me crasy… I was obsessed with Joy.. I knew what I wanted and it was her.

Well whenever there is a will definitely there must b a way.. me and Joy hooked up again and it became a regular affair… I had the fun of my life, With Joy it was constant forking, trying different positions and styles fulfilling all fantasis there was no limits… we did all….

Mehn s*x with Joy was like going for a spa but in this case it was a puszy spa and when you are out you feel rejuvenated….

All I did was blowing kush and forking Joy anywhere, anytime.. we were behaving like kids that are in love just that ours we didnt know if it was love…

Nene called and visited, she spent the weekend with me and gave me a slap (lol) for the last time, (Nene eh her problem plenty)… she said she was surprised I stopped calling or showing any affection towards her me wey bin the profess love like say I wan die… anyways she misses me sometimes blah blah blah..

One thing, one thing before we know whatsup we dey Unclad but I lasted for 5mins and shot for the stars Nene use all her Skills to get my Johnson back into the feild of play but no way na there .. she just vex land me for face gbosa saying I am killing myself becos of too much alcohol and smoking now e by like say she go fork one 70yr old man..

In the end Nene said she was getting married early next month….. so we had all the fun we could and I made it memorable………. reminiscing and laughing… chai my first babe.

She told me her best s*x ever was during that period she was heartbroken and I came to keep her company in her room.. say that orgasm got her body quaking…. it was as if she was going to suffocate as she bin no fit breath again blah blah

I jokingly asked her to marry then for constant and good s*x
She laughed and said she will eventually get old and leave me and I will start chasing younger girls.. but anyways she loves me..

Weeks leta Suga started calling but I ignored her calls not that I dont love her anymore as my heart still beats for her but simply cos I guess I was addicted to this life (having fun and no comittments)
and its kinda hard to quit but she kept calling so I finally had to pickup…

To Be Continued…

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 53

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Fifty Two read it HERE

Our Movement was smooth… I enjoyed every moment as Joy didnt make me feel as if am her Juniour but rather her paddi..

I asked how we go take go back cos it will be way too late… and she said she’s got everything under control I shouldnt worry..

We got to the venue,

Time checking it was already 11 PM so we hit the ground running no warming up…
Waoh every where was light up….

She showed me some girls say make I make choice.. but I was enjoying the attention I was getting you know…. some rich Niggers thinking na me dey control Joy..
Its funny how Rich brothers try to fall a fellow brother hand becos they have more money.. hmm

Na so one guy came to her and told her babe you deserve better.. and she replied he is the best so whats better? .. she come give me a peck and we ordered for highness and we got high professionally..

The girls too no mind even if you already have a girl beside you.. if you want some they will give you..

At the end of the day.. I was so forken high as in I was in a strange cloud….and I cant remember how it ended…

I woke up chai… hangover wan kill me.
I wanted going back to sleep but my phone kept ringing and someone called out saying that my phone is ringing na there I come remember say I bin come with Joy o..

It was mum so I answered and we talked, she asked me where I was, I lied… …
We kept talking and finally we said goodbye

I buried my head back underneath the pillow but then some one tapped me…
Joy: gudmn sir
Me answered without looking up…Morning Ma…

But she kept rolling her hands over me and then I was WTF, I looked up.. Joy was without clothes… all the highness leave me..
I was staring at a fully grown lady… hips, Bosom,.. flawless skin…I was looking at a beauty or something beyond that..

I didnt know what to say..but I guess my Johnson did all the talking as it was already up..

She leaned forward and kissed me na so I return am before I know whatsup…
I was too without clothes and my Johnson was forking hard and strong call it Arnold Schwarzenegger…… I dived into that Pussssy… and screwed it effortlessly but skillfully like Leo Messi…..

she was a X-trated star but had the skills of Lebron James as we both exhibited our forking skills.
We Erupted as the volcano … Jeez what a s*x as we both kept breathing very fast..

Her legs were shaking as we both laid quietly.. when she finally recovered she got up and went back into the bathroom…

I laid there wondering where I got such skills… but then I was filled with guilt as I remembered weytin my oga tell me..

Joy came out acted as if nothing.. I went in showered when I returned she was dressed and had her bags packed so I got dressed too..

She then said…
Ref… I had always felt like I owed you, now we are even and as it is now I want you to know you cant tell Mr Daniel(my oga) anything cos what just happened was recorded sorry I did that but it was some kind of protection….. for the record you are extremely good, I swear I enjoyed every minute of it and its been a while I felt this good but too sad it wont be happening again..

I felt used, I felt silly… as I couldnt say a thing…….it was then I remembered her talking and giving directives to one guy wey dey work there… talking about digital camera….

Damm bitchhhh

To Be Continued…

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 52

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Fifty One read it HERE

I had always wondered why people say Life is funny…. but then it is, when things you never believed could be begins to happen..

People say ur enemy can be your best friend… Joy perseverance paid off,… after like one month of constant visitation and act of kindness me and Joy became good friends…. before I know whatsup we talking about personal things… like sharing secrets

She told me she came from a family where to eat na wahala not to talk of clothes..say right now she doesnt even know where her two brothers are.. weda them dey alife or not…but they only thing they had in thier family was beauty

So she realised in time that men had always wanted to get under her skirt so she used it to her advantage..

She told me a lotta things and how she got to meet her madam. E.T.C

Through her eyes I was able to see vividly that the world isnt really a bed of roses…..

In all we shouldnt Judge anyone as we dont really know the choices they have..
Somepeople are kind hearted but na condition make crayfish bend..

She says she is more than happy now getting to where she is now…

I told her that what she has shared with me doesnt change the way I see her but rather I am impressed by her determination and smartness….

She smiled and said thank you

I also told her some of ma secrets.. she said I was boring that if she had the kinda of resources I had she would av explored more….

I told her about my Suga but she laughed and told me life is too short to hold on to one person that much..
say more so love is big we should learn to share it,…..

She said the earlier I realise that I only live once that I will start living life and go for the things I want..and I wont allow peoples dogma or opinion define my life…

Say as for her if she wants something she goes for it.. so If I want my suga I should pick up my phone and call her but I couldnt,..
I had decided not to call her again…

She laughed and said she will hook me up..
Make I just tell am the specs wey me I want.. say na big yansh, abi na bobbi, tall, fair, dark… make I just talk…

So this friday we decided we were hitting the club, make she open my eye small….

Friday evening Immediately I left office I showered got into my Jean, Polo and sneakers..I was off to Joys she had requested I show up early..

On getting there we ate together and then she told me we are leaving early…
I asked ah na we wan sweep the club?
She said its in the neighbouring city say she no wan make any of my Oga friend see am….

She packed her bags showered, called my oga and talked and then off we go, she didnt even drive as she parked her car…. saying she suspect say person fit they monitor am for my oga..

I smiled as I realised you cant monitor anybody…….. just let em be..

To Be Continued…

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 51

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Fifty read it HERE

7 :30 I dey my Oga house,..
He was already dressed… this man is always time conscious.

He took me to his room, for the first time…
We sat down and he began to talk and I listened carefully…

He said, he will be gone for a period of time and that I will assume the role of his son as his two sons are in Canada and his only daughter is married far away..

He said I will take charge of the compound,.. spending most of times here and coordinating sweeping and maintenance of the building.. that he already begged my parents for thier permission.. and they agreed….

Though my parents had already informed me, but I feigned Ignorance..
I saw the trust in his eyes for me and love for Joy as he said please keep an eye for me on Joy.. .. he said plenty..

I wondered why this grown up man was suddenly acting like a baby chai again Love is a drug and the strongest stuff ever..
I felt he was rediscovering his self and feeling like a young Nigger..

We came down and met join arranging the dinning table and we had breakfast…
Looking at Joy its obvious the beauty for money and pleasure.. see hips see bobby..

Joy drove us to the airport..
My Oga said Joy should keep an eye on me as he was no longer there, She should act like an ederly sister for me blah blah..

After much hugging and affection display,.. it was time to say goodbye..

Joy droved as me tell am where me dey reside,.. she begin dey yarn but me no just wan talk…. I just dey the remember slaps wey I chop because of this girl chai my blood dey hot.. she pulled over..

She began begging telling me I shouldnt ruin her chances of getting married to this man, say na her everything be this..
She told me her madam was arrested by the police 2years ago unto say her madam bin dey arrange girls carry go spain, Italy and russia for prostitution.. so she got lucky and hooked up with this man when she relocated here and it has been a blessing as she has a good a job, owns a car and live in a good apartmnt all cos of this my Oga..
Blah blah blah…

I told her I am not instrested in her life..
So whatever she is doing with that man isnt my business… e.t.c

As we continued our Journey back home with both us minding our business.. I asked her out of curiosity how they got to know stuffs about me..

She said they knew nothing.. that the only thing they knew was where my dad was working and his position cos of the thanksgiving party.. e.t.c.

So when they needed someone for the job they remembered me and that was it..

Joy was now begging for forgiveness with tears in her eyes..

I was angry… chai this people use my head..
How am I sure she is real this time? What if na another scheming she dey do so…

To Be Continued…

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 50

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty Nine read it HERE

I wondered what Joy was doing here?
All the way from my state…
This people are every where hooking up with the rich….

My Oga who was our family friend, that explains how I got my Placement in that company, He was a widower and had three children whom are all grown up and working at diff location in the country and outside…he even offered I stayed with him but I declined cos Suga was always visiting before our time out and besides living with him will take away all the fun I planned on having during my service year..
But my break up with Suga changed all that.

My Oga introduced her saying she is my sister becos we were from the same place, we talked a lil in our language..

My oga now said I should see her as my elder sister any time I had a problem I should meet her… he said he is planning on marrying her..

I looked at my Oga again he was in his late fifties or early sixties and this Joy dey her late twenties or thirty at most.
What is she doing with him I asked myself ..
Girls and money …. money is the motivation…..

Whoever said money cant buy you happiness didnt know the right shop to go shopping.. as it buys you erything even the so claimed love by ladies…who continually say its not because of his money …

I gave him the documents and everything he had asked me to do for him….. he was travelling out for a Diploma programme in Uk the next day…. that explained Joys visitation as I believed they will be having a good time this night… my oga said tomorow I should be at his place by 8AM… I was always given saturdays and sundays off …

I didnt want anything to do with Joy anymore

She is bad luck , I dont want anymore problems, I just want to concentrate on my life and build my career as I have 7months more before NYSC finish…

Leta that evening my phone rang..
I picked up and it was Joy..
She said she wanted to see me…
I said me no wan see am..
She said she wanted to discuss something with me..
Me told her I have nothing to discuss with her..and then hanged up..

She called again I rfused picking up, she kept calling till I switched off my phone,..
I remembered how I helped her and then it turned into a nightmare for me…

One of my coper friend came visiting with his girlfriend,.. It brought back memories of my Suga… I realised I loved this girl and will always love her… but again pride wont allow me call her..I felt like hearing her voice,.. I swear love is our weakness…

He leta left with his girlfriend for the club but I stayed back…. I no longer felt the fun again…as in I hibernate…

Suga took a part of me with her

its been 2 months now me and Suga has not talked… and yet still I still think about her, I still wish we came back together..,..

I cant believe she would just break up with me that way.. no reason or whatsoever..
Whats the rush in marriage she was 23 and already acting as if she was 30…

To Be Continued…

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 49

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty Eight read it HERE

I managed Nene and Suga well as a good football manager and both of em didnt know.. ..

Sisi and Nene were posted for thier NYSC leaving me and Suga behind and everything was going on fine.. but anytime Nene comes visiting we do take care of ourselves..

Sisi’s boyfriend proposed to her and she accepted and eventually got married

I got into my finals and Suga was done and she was posted for her NYSC… I stayed faithful to her….as in completely, though it was hard but it wasnt impossible…
We talked everyday on the phone.

In no time I was done too..
My posting was sorted out and I got posted to where I wanted and my PPA was in a company as my Mum sorted it out for me..

I was paid well in the company I was working,..
Suga got a job with the state ministry and we started having problems…

She began putting up attitude and saying stuffs like after school its work and after work its marriage…

Our calls gradually reduced and each time I complained she will say she has no money or one silly excuse.. finally we stopped calling each other and it did hurt..
Love makes you smile and makes you sad..

I tried forgetting about Suga and moving on.. I realised I couldnt even love anymore, Like I have the money and beautiful girls everywhere but I didnt have the energy or the zeal to go after any girl..

But then everything changed the day I saw Joy in my ogas office..
Yes Joy remember Joy the girl that stole in a botique

To Be Continued…

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 48

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty Seven read it HERE

Monday morning I resumed work, this was my last week at the company as I was rounding off the programme, I presented my log book for signing and remark..

I was going to miss my new friends, it was a great experience.. I enjoyed every moment of it..

I dey my dept dey work seriously unto say na monday when I was told I had call.. I recieved it and was told I had a visitor and that I should get clearance from my head of department and then head to the waiting hall..

I began wondering who that was, this is the first time I am having a visitor and I wondered why he didnt call my mobile number.. I was cleared and I walked briskly to see to this visitor..

I entered and there she was sitted, not a he as I expected it was my suga…..
My heart skipped, I never expected her …
I didnt know what to do..
I was stupefied,… well groggily I moved towards her..

Suga: hey
Me: yeah

Moments of silence…..

Suga: how are you?
Me: I am fine and you?
Suga: same..
Me : ummh should we head to the cafe where we can at least take tea or something..
Suga:I am ok here..

Moments of silence
Suga: aint you gonna ask what I am doing here?
Me: Ok sorry my bad so why are u here?

She stammered and then said
Suga: to tell you I love you and I miss you

Me didnt know what to say,..
Me: I missed you more and I am sorry for hurting you.. it wasnt my intention

Suga: its okay, there are many more reasons to love you…so this wasnt enough not to,.. this showed me how much you mean to me.., .. I couldnt concentrate blah blah and I realized its you I want..

I smiled and she smiled back at me, I swear I had an instanteneous Attention, I felt like hugging her, I felt like kissing her.. but I couldnt but I could tell her I love her and I did.. it was true and nothing but the truth.. I love her

We talked as if it was ages we havenot seen each other.. she kept starring at me like those eyes lolz.. and finally said babe cant we go home you are an intern and you can lie to them that its school stuff and they will free you…?

I paused and looked at her..
She smiled and said please forgive me but I want you..

Time checking it was almost lunch break I told she should go that by 12PM I will be at her place she refused and said she rather wait and we go back together..

I went back in and met my Head of Dept, tell am say na school ….. he agreed and I signed off for the day.. called Nene and then cancelled our appointment as I give am one lie wey she even come dey pity me..

At Sugas place Immediately we were in we were out of our clothes just our inner wears..
We kissed passionately and hungrily as she muttured I missed ..
She pushed me into the sofa and pulled down my short,.. I raised her up and fling her under wears leaving us totally nakkked..

She melted into my arms as I rolled her around, and handling and sucking her Bosom,.. kissed her neck tracing down her belly button and her body shakes as my tongue finally got to her clitaros..
I romanced her thighs and sometimes scratching it as I built anticipation for my penetration… she moaned

Suga was more than wet as her honeywell was now dripping and her legs shaking as if na electrocution…. I stopped and went back to kissing and handling of Bosom.. placing my hard johnson on the gate of her honeywell and rubbing it..

Suga couldnt take it no more as she begged please please and then arched her back grabbed my johnson and slid it in..

I raised her legs up pressing it towards her head gaining deeper penetration as I began to hit her hard this time her voice was the melody that filled the room..
In no time she started gibbering, breathing very fast and dug her nails into my back,..
Her whole body was now shaking as she stiffled and cummed…. I took one last thrust and meself follow…

Suga: I love you….
Me: I love you more
Suga: baby lets talk about Nene…

To Be Continued…

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 47

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty Six read it HERE

As I stood looking at Nene in disarray, I narrowed my eyes in a way trying to show seriousness and composure I told Nene that I meant what I just said…

Nene kept laughing, now I was mortified, I walked slowly back to my bed…
I was about sitting down when Nene held me

Nene: forgive me, its just that hearing people talk about love tickles my fancy and I cant help but laugh cos I had stopped believing in all that crap.. however deari, it might be true that you love me but I am way older than you, and though I think I love you too but I cant allow myself to cos there is no future in it… so please lets not complicate issues and just enjoy the moment,..

I smiled cos I understood perfectly what meant, I was about talking but she leaned forward and kissed me deeply as I wan respond she reminded me that popsi em dey around say monday during break period for work make me dash in house say she go don finish weytin she bin wan do for school..

She kissed me again and said remember no strings attached please…cos love is demanding and it hurts so she doesnt have the energy instead lets keep it simple and be happy…

I smiled, I was more than pleased, what a great way to end a day… I picked up my phone and I wanted to delete Sugas number, I wanted to forget about her cos her thoughts was making me sad and energy saping, I need to get my mind right, I needed to be happy and stay focused and Nene was offering that…

Sunday came we all went to church and we had a great family time, somehow I kept looking at my phone wishing Suga called but she didnt..and the urge to call her was strong but I resisted..

Instead I turned my attention to Nene as we exchanged SMS.. and we talked dirty as we anticipated monday afternoon..

Monday finally came mumsi dropped me off, I was all smiling as I waited for lunch break, time was slow since morning I dey work time still dey for 10 AM, which kind tortoise time.. finally it was time and I was off.

We had a great afternoon me and Nene and booked another appointment by tuesday,.. before I know whatsup we were doing it even at nights when everyother persons were asleep.. we were hot and we couldnt help it….

Monday through friday we were having mind blowing s*x, and I had thought I would have forgetten about Suga by now but I realised I was lying to myself..

I missed her, I missed her smile, I missed our conversation,.. I missed us,.. I missed her stubborness, I missed my friend, I missed her giggles…

waoh she wasnt just my girlfriend but my best friend, ….

I picked up my phone to call her but I couldnt.. damm pride and pains.. as I asked myself weda she no dey miss me?

To Be Continued…

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 46

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty Five read it HERE

Sitting alone with a swollen head as all eyes were on me inside the fast food… I said to myself you know nothing, chai …. I tried consoling myself by thinking I did the right thing, been truthful to the one I love right?

I didnt know what to do, going after her will be of no use cos I know she wont listen and besides where will she be heading back to, school abi her house?.. I wanted to chill and watch TV but nothing instrest me so I decided I go after her.

I looked for her everywhere I knew she could be, called her severally till her phone eventually went dead..

I decided to visit one of my nigger roll kush and forget my problems… as he kept telling me you don fork up..

I got home eventually, spent the evening with family and tried acting happy but I was sad like a new widow so I kept trying Sugas number intermittenly as it was still off so I decided dropping messages..

I couldnt sleep,…. no matter how hard I tried and the most annoying part was that I couldnt do anything for myself, like reading or even ironing I was just in my bed wasting the night.

The following morning @ about 9 30 AM I was at Sugas place, her sister was gone(work). I met suga and started explaining but she was just quiet and didnt say a thing.. I talk go left, enter right, go up come down she just kept starring…

I got tired moved closer, tried touching her na so she push me and said please dont touch me I beg of you…

She stood up and told me she will be leaving for school if thats all I came to say then she has heard and that I am free to go, if I want to or I could stay anytime I feel like leaving I could lock the door and drop the key inside the flower vase outside..

I told her okay I will leave but what about us.. she said she doesnt know..

Me: I love you and I am not making excuses for what I did but accepting that what I did was wrong and I am sorry sincerely not becos I got caught

Suga: its the same..

I walked away wondering why she is that mad becos of s*x….. hian, I wonder why people dont like the truth, I told her the truth and she is acting as if she caught me, I was vexed…. weytin she dey feel like self…

I got home force myself eat afterall I no go kill myself e don happen e don happen, I tried being happy but it was not possible..
Last last I slept off.

Its saturday that means two days now Suga still wasnot picking my calls…
I said to myself its time to get happy..
Ah I no go kill myself ni cos of love

Went out chilled with my niggers and had fun and then bought something for my Nene.. yes my Nene
My niggers advised me to be a sharp guy or else I go loose both… after all Dem talk say a bird at hand better pass 20 for bush o..

Got back home met my Nene gave her the parcel I got for her….

Nene didnt show up for dinner cos she was filled…. but she leta joined everyone in the living room after a while me went back to my room..

In no time an sms entered my phone… a thank you message from Nene..
I replied with a smiley anything for my princess… as you are always on my mind..

She replied really!..
I said yes..
She replied hmm what of my Suga?
I replied she left me cos of you..

She didnt drop messages anymore..
I went on and tapped my pad..(PES)
Time checking it was 10 30PM sleep never do me..I realised I am still thinking about my suga.. chai mood swing..

I stand up enter bathroom roll small kush afterwards shower.. came out to notice my phone has been ringing.. I had a message I prayed it should be suga but it was Nene..

She said I cant sleep keep your door unlocked I am comming.. I smiled and replied I am waiting..

Nene showed up shinning like the moon,..
We sat down and she smiled at me..

Nene: what did you say happen between you and Suga? Was that why you have been walking around with a long face?

Me: I told her about us..

Nene: 4 real? What?

Me: evrything..

Hmm I thought Nene will be impressed o instead she got angry

Nene: I am dissapointed.. why would you do such a thing.. ? How do you think she will take me? Chai referee u messed up seriously.. do you even realise the fact that we are not even mates..? Had it been she didnt know me

Me come dey reason I come realise my fork up .. After I don loose my suga Nene go just dump me? That wont be fair

I begin the reason correct tape wey I go play Nene she need dey free me of conji things… after all na becos of her wey me go loose the girl I love..

Me: Nene you didnt even ask me why I told her?

Nene: I dont care.. the truth is I am more than ashamed, I cant and wont be able to look at her.. I think I need to get some sleep, you have ruined everything..

Nene stood up and walked towards the door..
Chai I realized I am going to loose Nene join after I don loose my love..

I have to do something..

I walked towards her and held her hands

Me: Nene the reason why Suga is gone is simply cos I love you..

I wanted to continue but Nene started laughing hysterically..

I was confused what the heck is wrong with Nene? I come dey wonder weda I resemble basketmouth..?

To Be Continued…