Must Read: How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)… Part 18

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They were still burning with desire. We had both forgotten about my sister, or our phones or anything. Only intimate pleasures mattered at that point in time.

My d*ck slid in with joy, and I started pumping as I watched her half-ajar mouth shake with each thrust.
Then her moanings resumed.
I continued pumping, stabling my leg on the edge of the bed. I knew we could not stay too long in this position, except if I wanted to spend the rest of my life holding my back.
My lips fell back on hers, moving my tongue with each thrust.

After a couple more thrusts, I put my leg down, and also helped her with hers.
Then I asked her to hold the edge of the bed with both hands.
She did.
That lovely apple bottom was facing me in all its glory, waiting to be devoured.
I bent down and felt her br*asts from behind, cupping them in my
My d*ck found its way into her without my assistance, and I took
its cue and started the ministry.
My pace picked up itself and my d*ck started moving in fast with each thrust. She was moaning and saying something that was not clear as the pounding was affecting her entire body.
She was still talking, so I decided to listen a little. I did not hear a thing she was saying, but I could hear a phone ringing from outside the room. That was not my ring tone, so it had to be hers.
I didnt mind that one, I just kept f*cking her till I felt my cream begin to build up.
Her own moaning increased, while my groans deepened a little.
I felt a gush of her cum around the head of my c*ck.
Thank God!! I said in my mind.
Her body had already relaxed a little, but my thrusts were still having their necessary effects.
I started shooting my load when I heard a knock on the door.
Whether the person had been knocking since, I did not know.
We were both silent, but I made sure to finish the business I had started.
I did not answer. We just remained silent for a while.
But she knew we were inside, so there was no need staying silent, so I kinda screamed; ”yeaah??”
”Anita’s phone has been ringing…and Mummy just called and said you should remember to…”,
I didnt hear the remaining part.
I slightly heard her footsteps as she left. If I could hear her footsteps, what could she have heard?
Anita got up and went to where I had dropped her bag. She opened it and brought out some tissue paper.

***** THE END*****



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My d*ck got hard again instantly. She sucked it like she was enjoying some kind of ‘stick-sweet’. lol.
I briefly tried to forget about my sister. Jane must be watching TV now or something. I didnt care.
Anita payed optimum attention to the cap, sucking it with the kind of seriousness first class students use in the library.
I just layed back and relaxed, enjoying the sensation that came with each feel of her warm tongue. I Never knew she’d be much of a blow-jobber (if the word exists.).
Suddenly, the blue light at the corner of the room went off. Then it came back on. I was still trying to figure out what was going on when I heard the sound of generator dying. Then it occured to me that those silly people must have restored power.
I stopped Anita from sucking as I felt my load was already starting to arrange.
I got off the bed and took her by the hand, leading her towards the corner of the bed. I asked her to rest her hands on the wall and put her left leg on the bed.
She looked at me and did as she was instructed.
I lifted my left leg and kept it on the bed, holding the wall with my right hand for support, while I slid my d*ck in with my left hand. I took that left hand to her bosom and squeezed it as I started moving in and out of her bee hive.

I looked down watching her bum shake like jelly as my piston movement continued. She was moaning softly to the wall, obviously enjoying the thrill. I continued squeezing her both bosoms one after the other and together. You could hear the slapping sound my device was making as it kept receiving 4.5g network. I started playfully hitting once, rolling my waist a little, then hitting again. She was moaning with pleasure, but it was not too loud. I kissed the back of her neck, then worked my lips around it, almost kissing her collar bone.
I reduced my pace slowly like I was gradually applying break, then I told her to turn around.
I wanted to see her ”I’m-being-bleeped” face.
She turned around, dropping her leg, with a puzzled look on her face.
I pinned her to ther wall with a kiss. My hand found its way to her wet p*ssy, simultaneously working on her mouth lips and p*ssy lips at the same time.
I used my finger to graze around in her warm womanliness, in frantick search of that spot..yes, that spot. She jerked forward, with a loud moan in my mouth. Yes…I must have found it.
I continued probing her Kitty-Cat, and showering kisses on her neck, with my right hand pinned to the wall.
Then I lifted her right leg upward and placed it on the bed. She almost lost her balance, but she was good.
I liked the fact that I was taller than her, if not, this position would not have been easy to continue with.
My hard d*ck was poking the area around her pubic hair the whole time.
I used my left hand to help my d*ck towards those p*ssy lips that it was already getting very familiar with, brushing her little pubic hair in the process.
Finally, it was there.
I looked her in the eyes. Those sexy ”i’m-about-to-be-bleeped” eyes


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…when i got back inside, she was sitting on the bed already. My hard-on was just too hard to be left in my shorts…that shii could break if care is not taken. I pulled my shorts immediately and felt more comfortable in boxer shorts. I had brought her hand bag along with her shoes and mine into the room.
I looked round for a while, like I was checking for hidden cameras *in my own room. lol*

The time was right, the stage was set…let the events begin. I moved closer to her, but she stood up and stopped me. She ran her fingers s*xily along my T-shirt, then down towards my bum, and gripped it.
I got the message that she wanted to be in control.
No Problemo!! My captain down there was shouting.
She brought her hands higher and rested it on my back, pushing me towards her, making me bend instinctively till our lips locked. We started our kissing game again, but this time it was a lot more sensual.
I squeezed her a** as usual, very gently with one hand, while I rubbed the second hand around her back. I broke the kiss and somehow, my fingers were already on her blouse, working on the buttons. I removed the first and second before she stopped me and removed the last two by herself.

She suddenly gripped my d*ck with her right hand and squeezed it a little. She used my d*ck to direct my movement towards the bed. I just followed obediently till the back of my leg hit the bed, and I had to use the last of my balance to make sure i did not fall back. All my efforts were soon nulled, as she pushed my chest,
and I fell like a felled tree. I was staring at her with burning eyes.
What was this girl planning on doing?
She put her hands on the sides of her waist and playfully moved them upwards to start removing her blouse slowly.
I just watched as the blouse slowly moved inch by inch till she widened her arms and took it off completely.
Now she was standing facing me, with her very small bra that barely held her b*obs.
My eyes trailled downwards and I discovered that her jean button was already unfastened. The sight was er*tic.. Very er*tic. I couldnt control my hand as it went and quickly gripped my d*ck.
The teasing was unbearable.
She took her hands behind her in an attempt to remove her bra, and kept her hands in that position for about two seconds. I was waiting for her to set those two boys loose in the next second, but she brought her hands back down and started pulling her zip down.

She tugged at her jeans and started pulling it down slowly. I caught a glimpse of her black panties that matched her equally black bra. All girls have black panties, dont they?
She pulled the jeans down completely and lifted her legs up one after the other to get free from the jeans tugging at her ankles.
I kept watching and stroking my swollen d*ck very slowly.
She made a very ridiculous but sexy pose, and I just couldnt help but let out a small groan.
From what I could see already, it seemed she was completely shaven down there, and it looked great.
I gave her a ”turn around” signal, and she did slowly. She turned very slowly, giving me a robust view of that very nice, round, consumable a**. It was just the perfect size to squeeze and hold, and it looked very soft. Her colour was magnificent. I just kept stroking my d*ck, not missing any stroke at equal intervals as if my survival depended on it.
She walked towards the bed and came ontop me. She bent into me and gave me a full mouth kiss that sent my brain far above the horizon. This kiss was different from all the ones I had received earlier. It tasted like s*x.

I kept up with the kiss while my hands playfully found their way to her a*ss. I played with her a*ss cheeks, squeezing them one
by one, using them like a lever.
She let out a moan in my mouth just before she broke the kiss.
She moved up a little and put her hands behind her back, losing her bra. She let it fall on my, as her wonderful b*obs popped out.
My hands quickly ran away from the far-away land they were in and came to visit the twin towers of mexico. I fondled and skillfully played with her Tips. My left thumb and finger were pinching and rolling one n*pple, while my right hand was squeezing her other b*ob. She started grinding her a** on me, feeling my hard on with her a** and back atimes.
I rolled her over and started sucking her b*obs, the two at a time.
Then I started alternating. I swear, God knew what he was doing when he made b*obs. I put my face between them and she used them to rub my cheeks with the aid of her hands. My face was in heaven. Her b*obs were nicely toned with slightly pointy Tips that were hard like they were on another form of viagra.
I resumed sucking like I was expecting milk from them, and she m*aned to urge me on.

…When I felt like I was done with that section of the multi sector economy I was handling, i started my routine of kissing, tracing down to the promise land. Each kiss brought a different effect on her, as she was wriggling and twitching her body to each soft kiss that landed on her delicate skin.
When I got to her panties, I first brought my nose down to smell dinner. It smelt like strawberry mixed with female fluid. I used my mouth to drag her panties, but couldnt use it to peel it off her, so I used my hands. She turned around, letting her a** face me as I dragged down her panties. I looked at those bums with lust.
I got her panties out of her legs and slid one finger through, into her sumptuous bum valley. I felt the wetness of the world within and turned her around so that her pubic could face me.
I removed my own shirt and threw it behind me as I looked lustfully at her well trimmed pubic hair. I had not seen it earlier, but now i noticed, it was trimmed to form a triangular shape just above her p*ssy. It looked very inviting, and invited I was.
I got off the bed and took my boxers off, finally freeing my main-man down there. It sprang up ever so happily, and i could see the engorged head of my own manhood.
I got back on the bed, covering her with the entire of my body while my tongue found her mouth.
I kissed her as my d*ck found its own way into her soaked p*ssy. *It has a mind of its own*
I started stroaking rhythmically as I looked her in the eyes. She was no more the shy Anita I knew. She was now the s*x greedy Anita who desired what only the art of love could paint.
I continued banging, still watching as her eyes stared at the ceiling, with her mouth partially opened, and she let out sounds that only she understood. I took my own gaze to the wall in front of me, as I continued to bang ferociously. She was nearing her climax, and I could feel it.
I bent down and kissed her mouth, as I tried to maintain my pace with each stroke.
I took myself back up and continued the government job I was doing, gradually sensing her heavenly feeling approach. I felt her hot c*m on my d*ck, the lubrication made each stroke have that squashy sound.
I layed down on her left hand side and positioned my d*ck again into her hot hole. I started slowly, and gradually picked up pace.
She used her legs to wrap my legs slightly and made me penetrate deeper. I searched every section of her p*ssy as if I was looking for something, enjoying the sounds of her m*ans.
She tried kissing me but found my nose. I slowly brought my mouth to hers and we formed a good union as usual. Her p*ssy was just perfect, gripping my d*ck as if they were made for each other.
I stopped and asked her to turn so that I could spoon her. We resumed our f*cking in this position, and it was not long before I felt her hot juice coat my d*ck.
I kept pounding away while i gripped her br*asts. I squeezed them and occasionally kissed her neck. Her sounds were unexplainable. I felt my own climax coming but I held it back. I had to give her one more heavenly feeling before I blew this one.
I kept on f*cking her and started urging her on to cum when I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it for too long anymore.
She could not talk very well, as I was interchanging between fast pounding and slow movements. Soon i heard the glorious words
”..i’m c*mm…cu*mming..”
I increased my pace and released my juice immediately i felt hers on my shaft.
Then it registered in my head… I was not using condom.
Chai… Why did I make this mistake naah..? I think she felt my disturbance. She looked at me and said, ”..i’m on the pill”
Those words made my life a better place to live in for that moment, but it still did not change the fact that I did not use condom.
Wait.. Shes on the pill? I thought. So she actually came here equipped for f*cking? Who’d have known? Chai…girls!
As my dick slid out of her, we heard my sister’s door open. We heard her footsteps as they marched towards the sitting room.
She opened the front door and close it back. Unlike I expected, she did not come to knock my door. Whats happening?
Shii… I remembered. I did not carry our phones that were charging in the sitting room.
She must have suspected something and decided not to come and disturb us inside here. OMG!! So all my Michael Scofield was for nothing.
I looked at Anita, and she looked at me.
She looked downwards, got up and crawled down a bit.
We both looked at the door..
She surprised me when she took my d*ck in her mouth..and started sucking.


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…Dang! My bulge! It was very evident and in full view, and now it was almost between her thighs. In the position we were in, it was as if I was trapping her.
No words were spoken between us for a while.
Something just told me in my head that this was my chance. My only chance, maybe.
I threw the napkin on the tiled part of the sink and bent down a little to kiss her forehead. My left hand went behind her waist and pulled her closer to me, sending my bulge between her thighs.
She did not do anything. No reaction, positive or negative, so I continued.
I did the acid test and kissed her lips, using my tongue to part them. She responded and took me fully in. She took over and gave me a very intense kiss. I broke the kiss at a point for us to catch our breathe. I looked her in her eyes, and she was not scared to maintain eye contact anymore.

First obstacle out of the way.
I resumed the kissing, devouring each state in her mouth and using my tongue to wreck the capital.
My left hand went lower and grabbed her a** through her jean trousers, while my right hand followed suit, pinning her very close to me.
Her height was very suitable for me.
I broke the kiss and started kissing her all over. With each kiss brought a moan. That moan that could make a bat fly out in the day for no reason at all. I kissed her neck, her ear lobes, her nose, her lips, her jaw, her neck again, then very close to her bossoms.
The heat that both of us were generating alone could boil another water for poundo-yam. Poundo yam! Thank you poundo yam!
I squeezed her a** with my two hands, running them up and down that perfect sample.
My lips gripped her lower lip again, before my tongue delved into her mouth one more time. She moaned in my mouth, and I felt her hand resting on my bulge. I broke the kiss immediatelty at the shock, looked her in the eyes and saw the desire.
I took her hand and led her to my room.
I closed the door behind us and continued my rensacking of her properties, before a thought entered my head. I told her that I was coming and ran out to take her shoes from the front door. I did this incase my sister came out. I usually locked my room door if I was going out sometimes, so if she came to my room and found it locked, she’ld think we were’nt in the house anymore. She’d go outside to check, and she’d not find our shoes. That’ld show that we’d gone out. Now, the strategy was to keep my ears down for when her room door would open so that we’d keep our sounds down. Even if my mom came back, she’ld not notice a thing. *on my Michael Scofield shii*
I took my pam-sandals too, and rushed back to my room.


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…She had this sexy smile on her face. Innocently sexy. Me likey.
I asked her to have her seat while I performed my magic. She did, and I went outside to put on the gen. That our gen sounds like a factory work machine. That shii is loud!!
I closed the door behind me, smiled at her and went to the kitchen to change the socket shii to generator.

When I got back, she had already picked up one of my sister’s magazines and was going through it. I rubbed my palms together and sat on a chair close to hers.
We started talking about something she saw in the magazine, before an electric current ran through her and she took her bag and brought out her charger. She gave me her phone and pleaded with me to help her out with the charging.
Just as I plugged the charger, I heard my sister’s room door open.
I sighed. She came out and saw Anita. They knew each other because my dad usually sent her over to their house whenever I was not around, and she was. I just hoped that Anita’s brothers did not have my own kind of mind, because my sister was quite a masterpiece herself, like her brother. Thank you very much.

They did their regular girlish girly girl greetings while I was just there going through Anita’s phone, waiting for them to finish.
I went to her photos, and I saw one of my pictures. Then another, then another, then one other one. I did not remember sending her any of my pictures, but then I could remember that I had used each of the pictures as my whatsapp DP.

That was not a major thing though. I just kept scrolling down, admiring her in her pictures and some of her other friends. There was this very hippy girl there. The type of hips that could make Toolz call her Hippo. I laughed and moved on.
I got an instant Attention when i saw this near Unclad picture of Mariam in her phone. Mariam was in just panties, one of her arms holding her b*obs together and the other hand trying to ward off the camera. All these girls sef. They’ll take these kinds of photos of themselves, and later, they’ll complain of their pictures being leaked. I enjoyed the sight a little before i un-zoomed and started scrolling down.
Then, i heard my name.
I looked up.
It was Anita, giving me a funny smile. She asked what I was doing with her phone that I looked so interested. I said I was just going through her pictures.
She laughed and told me not to look at any nudes that might be there.

”yes, ma”. I told her.

There wasnt any other Unclad there, actually. My sister went outside, to do something that I didnt care about, obviously. I went back to my former seat position and started talking with Anita again. I told her about the food, and we talked some more about some other irrelevant things. I had already put on the TV. I did not want to rush things, though. I took it slow and maintained a steady conversation. The top she wore was rather tempting, leaving some cleavage. I tried alot not to look at it, but I just had to, and it sent some sensations down to my ever-willing brother down there.
The problem came when she asked me if I could bring the food for her. Shiii! She did not know the kitchen. Would I start describing the kitchen for her because I did not want to stand up?? Chai…

I knew that if I stood up, there was nothing that would hide the bicycle kick that my bro down there would do. I looked around, and told myself… ”Dog no dey worry about stretch marks”- Mathicks, 2013. … So why would I worry about this one?

I got up, and so did my erect d*ck.
I looked at her eyes, and they were fixed. Whether shocked, excited, angry, or whatever, I did not know. I just wanted to get out of there and into the kitchen.
Then my sister opened door and entered.
…Instinctively, my both hands went into my pockets and brought them up, slightly covering the bulge.
Anita’s cheeks were a little red.
Luckily, my sister did not really pay much attention to me, she just told Anita that she was coming and went straight to her room. Or maybe she saw what was happening?
I did a very awkward walk to the kitchen, with my hands in my pockets for half the journey. In the kitchen, I did everything possible, using my mind effectively to bring down the bulge. I brought out two wraps of the made poundo-yam and did all the necessaries before bringing her food back to the sitting room, in a tray. How many Nigerian homes use the dining table? Buhaha.
I then dashed back to the kitchen to bring mine. She complemented that it looked nice from the outside view and said she hoped it tasted as nice. We had forgotten everything about
what happened moments ago. While we were eating, she asked,

”who prepared this soup?”

I was faced between the options of lying and getting all the credit, or saying the truth and sounding very honest in the process. My sister might walk in any moment, and something would come up about the soup and Anita would find out I was lying….so i stuck with the safer option.
I told her it was my mom.
She laughed and asked if it was the previous day or that same day that my mom had prepared it. I told her it was the previous day, but I was responsible for the poundo yam, though.
Nice….everything was going well.
We finished eating and started discussing about stuff. I cant remember what we were talking about, I just know we were talking. After some minutes, she cleared the table by herself and took the plates and shii to the kitchen. She was walking as if she knew everywhere in the house on her own. Girls!
She was taking very long in the kitchen, and I wondered what was happening. Well, shes a girl. She wont want to leave the plates and everything dirty like that, i thought.
I waited for a while, busy on my phone, going through her phone for a while too. I was hearing water running, though, so I knew she was alright.

A minute later, she called out from the kitchen. She called my name in the sexiest voice I’ve heard in my life. Or maybe thats what my brain just wanted to hear?
I answered her, dropped my phone to charge, then moved straight-up to the kitchen.
I got to the kitchen door and halted.
…She was cleaning the sink with water, maybe after washing it earlier with sponge and soap.
I was in another world as I stood there and stared at the spectacle of her behind. The frame that had mesmerised me from the very first day I went to her house. She was standing in a position that could drive any man crazy. She was not doing it on purpose, so it did not make the pose look ridiculous in anyway. I just stared at it…and stared at her figure from down, up..,up, down. It was captivating in every sense of the word. I must have spent up to 20 to 30 seconds there just admiring her from where I stood. For that brief moment, i was not hearing any sound again…I was practically deaf. I started hearing those kinds of
noises you hear when you’re dreaming. It was mild, it was as if it was spread across the air. Wait… She was talking.
In my brief state of practical unconsciousness, I hadnt noticed that she was already facing me, and her lips were moving. Then I came back to life.

”Where do you keep your drying napkin?”

It took me a moment to process it, but I did. I just pointed to where it was. Then I walked there and brought out one neat napkin and moved closer to her to hand it over.
Now, I knew what I was doing. I was very conscious.
She had already faced back, and was rinsing her hands in the sink. Her cheek was red. Whats wrong?
I went closer to her..

” here…”

She faced back abruptly at the sound of my voice.
Now she was facing me, and I could see her full blush. Her both cheeks were slightly flushed. She avoided eye contact…and then I noticed.


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…I sent another message to Anita, ”you there?”
It was still one tick. I checked my whatsapp list again in ten minutes, and I saw that my message had double ticks. Yes!!

I stayed on her page, until i saw ”typing” on top of the screen.

Another ”haha” entered.

Wetin sef? I thought.

Then I saw ”typing” again.
She told me that she was not a lesbian, and Mariam was just her close friend.

I asked, ”how close?”

she said, ”just close nah”

I said I’ve heard her, then told her that Nigerian girls are no always fully lesbian sef.

She asked ‘why?’

I explained that most Nigerian lesbians are usually bi-intimate.

She laughed.

I replied with ”Naija girls like D nah”.

She said, ”maybe not all”.

I asked her where she stood, and she told me she was in the middle of everything.

”Gbam! You’re bi then”.

She laughed and asked me why i’m so insistent.

I was happy in my mind, because this is the first time I had been able to drag her into this kinda topic.
I asked her what she was doing.

She said ”nothing”, and there was no light too.

I told her that we had light and asked her if she’d been to my
house before.

She said she hadnt, that only her brothers had been to my house.

I then asked her if she would like to come and waste some of the time she was wasting in her house with me.

She said she was not going to come, and gave a stern face smiley.

I told her that i’d cook.

”cook? Haha”

”yes nah, I can cook…”

”i will come if you can make pounded yam with egusi soup..haha”

This was obviously a tactic to ward me off. She thought i would decline, but she had no idea that my mom had prepared egusi soup the previous day.


”okay what??”

”I’ll grant your wish, but it’ll be poundo yam ooo”

she laughed and said, okay.

Na iya Risi shop sure pass. Poundo-yam things on point.

…My momsi was not around but my sister was in her room, sleeping, i think. I was not sure. I did not want to disturb her to help me cook anything, so I set out by myself to Iya Risi’s shop, just beside my house. I got back and messaged Anita to know where she was. She said she was still in her house preparing to come already.
Ah ah! Theres still time!
I got to my room, arranged everything I could arrange and spread my bed. I even arranged things that were already arranged.
After that, I went to the kitchen and put water in the electric kettle to boil.

While it was boiling, I ran to my room again and got my towel. I stripped to my boxer shorts and tied my towel around my waist before I went to my box to get another boxer short.
Have you ever brushed two times in a space of 4 hours? Yes, I know, you havn’t. I did.
I used my sponge so fast and concentrated most on my d*ck, which made things easier by being hard.
I got out of the bathroom in my towel, partially running to my room. I slipped a little and was close to falling down dramatically, but thank God our passage is not that wide so I got support.
I moisturised my body a little, before wearing one loose fitted
short and a tight fitted top. I quickly ran to the kitched and pressed a button on the kettle so that the water would start boiling again.

I ran back to my room, this time carefully, and used a little body
I messaged Anita again, ”Howfar?”

She did not reply, so i took it as a positive answer. Maybe she was
on a bike, so she couldnt reply. I quickly went to the kitchen again
and pressed that same button again, and this time, the kettle
tripped off by itself in just some seconds.
I pulled my shirt and started off making the poundo-yam, in my
mom’s special style. I wont explain that one. Girls, come and see me for special tutoring on how to make it. Guys, una no need the
After I was done, I went back to the sitting room and rested a bit, bringing my temperature back to normal.

Just some minutes later, I heard the gate. The knock was subtle, but was passing a message like a talking drum.
I got in my shirt and went out to open the gate for ‘her’. I hadn’t seen her yet, but somehow I was sure it was her. I went to the gate and opened it. It was the boy who sold oranges that always came in a three days interval. I told him to come the next day. If it wasnt for the good spirit of self control i had learnt in church the previous sunday, I would have slapped the poor boy for not being her.
I went back inside and retrieved my phone from the combined armrest of the chair I was sitting earlier on.
There was a message waiting for me already.
It was from Anita.
It read that she was in my street but did not know how to get to my house. I did not even bother replying, I just dashed outside, closed the door quickly, wore my Pam-sandals and went out the gate to start looking for her. I saw her on my first look. She was looking aimlessly lost. I waved, but she did not see me, so I started treking towards her. I didnt like the idea of shouting someone’s name from a far distance like that. She saw me when I was still halfway from her. She frowned.

”this your street wants to lost me”, she said.

”sorry joh.. Hope this sun has not taken anything from you?”

she laughed, ”haba??..”

I got her finger and applied a little pressure, insinuating that she
should follow me.
As we got to my house, the silly people took light (power outage).
Chai.. I was the first to notice, before she did.

”Is there light like this?”

”…er..they just took it oo”
she halted.
I looked at her and smiled, I reminded her that its not because of
light she came. She replied that its part of the reasons.
I told her not to worry, that I’ll have everything sorted out. She joked that I was sounding like a NEPA official. I laughed hysterically.

We got inside, and she got to the regular ritual of looking around and nodding her head.

”..its not mine” I joked, as she saw lip gloss on one of the sofas.


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…I answered, ”yea??”

”Bob, you okay??”


”You know what time it is??”

It was Kenno’s brother. I searched for my phone. When i could not
find it, I looked up at that damned clock.
Nine thirty!!!!
Nine bleeping thirty.

”Yeaa!! I just checked..”

”okay, man… When u ready, I wan discuss som’n with u oo”

”aaight man.. I’ll be right out.”

Tricia’s eyes were on me.. I looked at her and smiled.
Damn… My mouth was stinking, and my teeth could smell it.
I got up from the bed, still Unclad, with my early morning Attention thingy.
She looked at me…
I told her, ”no, no, its not what you think..this is the natural one”.
She laughed.
I found my boxer shorts on the floor, picked it up and sliped in it.
My Attention was already surpressing, but i had to ease myself, so I left her in the room and went to the bathroom through the
When I was coming back, I met Kenno on the way, and we chatted.
He was whyning as usual, and I was giving him fire for fire.
I told him that his party was cool, but he’d better clear up completely before his parents got back. He replied, saying that there was no way his parents wont get to know about it later on, because of their neighbours. They must talk. He shook his head. I left him with his problem, but asked him where his brother was. He told me. I went to meet his bro, and we talked a little.

When I was going back to the room, I saw Tricia just closing the door, coming out. She asked where the bathroom was, and I pointed it to her.
After like 30 minutes, we had gotten dressed up already, and ready to go.
When she was dressing earlier, she had asked me to leave the room for her, which I did. All these girls sef. Upon say I don see everything before. God go save una.
As we were planning to leave, I squeezed her a** one more time,
kissed her neck and used my fingers to trace her p*ssy through her short skirt.
She looked up at me and used her thumb to trace my lips. I gave her a full kiss on her lips and we went out.
I saw Kenno and his brother first, and a couple of other friends that
were around.
I made sure I collected Tricia’s contact before we separated.

I got home by 11:20 am.
When I brought out my phone after settling on my bed, there was a message from Anita waiting for me already.
I replied her, and we began to chat. Its a good thing when you receive a text from a girl first. It shows she has you in her mind, atleast. Or she might just be bored.
Any which whichever way shhaa..
Thats how that week went like that. I was my normal self again. I frequently exchanged messages with Anita and Tricia. I still did not have Mariam’s contact.

There was one day I asked Anita about Mariam, and she told me that she was fine. She said Mariam had told her that she met me at a party, and she was surprised that i even went to parties. I gave her a long ‘loooool’, and told her that it was my friend’s birthday party.
I started wondering what Mariam must have told Anita. Could she have told Anita about her having s*x with me?
I suspected those girls, big time.
One, because Mariam is Anita’s brother’s girlfriend and she was watching Mariam attempt what she did to me in her house that other time.
She did not complain or feel bad about it, why?
Second, the kind of tension that I sense between Anita and Mariam, there must be something going on between them. I was not sure yet, and was not sure of how I would find out.
That was not important, though. I had PES to play.


Anita and I still chatted regularly, like best friends or something, but I always tried to make sure that the ‘friend’ thingy wasn’t too
serious. I’ve heard alot about friend zone. Whether its an MTN zone or whatever, I did not want to know, my own was that I was not willing to Port. I liked my network like the way it was. lol.

We were chatting one day, and I took a dive in an ocean with no life guards. I took a very big risk, in simple terms.
I asked her if she was a lesbian.
She did not reply as fast as she’d been replying.
Then her reply came in, it was ‘lol’.
Ah no gree oo.
I asked her if ‘lol’ meant yes.
She said she was not a lesbian.
I asked her if she was bi-intimate then.
She replied with, ”haha, whats making you think that?”
I told her that I suspected that she was a lesbian…and her lesbian mate was Mariam.
I did not get a reply. Remember, its whatsapp, and the msg I sent had a double tick. Meaning ‘dilivered’, abi?
I waited for one hour, then sent another message to her. This time, it was only one tick.
Then I got the picture. Only three things could have happened.

One, her battery got empty.

Two, she removed her battery or simcard or her phone was stolen.

Three, her subscription or data was exhausted.

I waited patiently, though.
In the night, I got a message.
I happily checked my phone. It was from a number, it said ‘hi’.
Bleep whoever it was. I did not reply, lol.


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…She started bouncing, up and down, up and down, up and down. Her pace was steady and rhythmic. You could hear the slapping sound and could practically ‘hear’ how wet her p*ssy was. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. I just lay there and let her sail the boat.

When I was sure that we had arrived at a safe location, I looked at my compass, and took control of the ship. I held her in a near embrace and dragged her down a bit till I could feel her bosoms on my bare skin. Her Tips poking into my soft epidermis. Shii was about to get heated. I started pounding from below, delving into her wet environment with care, at first. I increased the tempo gradually, until I started hearing soft moans beside my shoulder. I picked up momentum and started hitting it. Her skin was ever so soft, especially the skin on her a**. I squeezed it as i pounded into her sweet warmt.

She became restless, moving her Bottom with my dick in it, north, west, south and east. She was very restless and had started breathing heavily. Her lips managed a small
‘faster…fas..faster’. It was a whisper, but a whisper that could cut through the greenwich, if care was not taken. I obliged, and started hitting it faster, faster, and even faster.
She stiffened as her p*ssy started convulsing. I continued hitting it until she calmed down. Then I brought her up and let her face fall on mine. I kissed her deeply like she was my long lost wife, and then I realised. I had not used a condom.
My mind was bothered, and a song of guilt played through my mind.
I was guilty of breaking my personal rule, that I had promised to break only when it was necessary.

All the thoughts about condom and shii vanished from my mind immediately she started grinding on my d*ck again.
She kissed my chest and started moving her waist in something that seemed like a 360 movement. My d*ck that had already started becoming soft at the fear of the sudden realization of my condomless state, immediately sprung back into action. I looked in her eyes, and moved a little. She understood and rolled over. I got up and positioned myself in the middle of her legs. We were sweaty, in the heat of the moment, and the fan was not even working at its full potential. It all made it better anyway, so I did not mind. Her sweaty body glistened before my eyes, looking beautiful like fried plantain. Very eatable, if only there was stew to pour on her.
Those p*ssy lips were already swollen, smiling at me with there invisible teeth. I smiled back at them and used my finger to feel the wetness. My fingers were immediately covered with the thickness of aloe verra.
I finger Bleep her for some seconds and even two of my fingers moved in with ease. I tried slipping in three, but it did not go very freely, so i stuck with two, and watched as she was twisting and turning like Neymar.
Sex and football are truely alike.
I held the glans of my rooster and slid in with ease. Her p*ssy had already adapted to the girth and length of my Iraqi weapon. I just started pounding away and enjoyed the sounds of her moans, while the clock continued to tell us that it too was watching everything, with its incessant ticking sounds.
I did not bother looking up at it, I already had a sight to behold in front of me. In another minute, I felt my d*ick enlargen. I could feel that fluid was going to start climbing through my urethra soon. Tricia was still moaning loudly, and again becoming restless.
I turned her sideways, as I held my release. I bent down a little, cupped her bosom with one hand and used the second hand to support myself as I slammed away. I felt her hot cum on my d*ck, and she twisted in yet another splendid heavenly feeling.
I was ready to release inside her her confinement when Angel Gabriel shouted in my head.

”You dummy!! What do you think you’re doing?”

Shiii…i remembered…No condom!
I quickly used my supporting hand to push myself up(on my Jet li shii again) and brought out my cum-filled c*ck, immediately pointing in towards her bum.
I struggled to keep myself in that position as my entire body vibrated with electricity. Spurts after spurts of thick cum were deposited on the bed and on her Bottom.
I fell on the bed, avoiding where my sperm had deposited itself.

She turned and faced me with fulfilment in her eyes.
I smiled, and moved closer. She rolled into me, and I could feel her breathe on my chest.

”Bob… Bobby!”

we woke up to the knock on the door, still unsure of who it was.
Maybe Kenno.
I rubbed my heavy eyes.


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she looked at me with a steady stare. Her lips were a little open as her eyes held her gaze. She was under the blanket, so I could not see what she was wearing underneath. I did not know if she wore her short skirt again, or she could still just be in her panties and top.

”you know, you could have switched off the lights if you did not want me to look”

”you were supposed to be sleeping..duuuh”

”have you ever seen Jet li sleep when they’re fighting outside?”

”hmm”.. She smiled a little.

”hope you werent looking when I bent down”

”I woke up to it”..

”so you’ve seen everything”

”no, not everything..”

”whats remaining?”

”Well, I only saw your back and side, a little”..

She was not sounding angry at all. I had thought that she’d be slightly angry. Angry for what sef? I scolded my mind.

” so you want to see my front?”

”well, thats if you dont mind” .. i swear it wasnt me talking. It was my dick.

”you’re a pervert..”

”if pervert is a synonym for sexually excited, then i’m one”
As she was talking, I noticed that her legs were moving under the blanket. Maybe thats just her, or maybe she was just as excited as I was, or maybe..f**k maybe.

I just wanted to jump of her and take the blanket off, and start devouring her b**bs.
That would be molest if she shouted at all, so I coded and continued smiling and talking.
She used her finger to poke my nose, calling me a pervert. As she extended her arm to poke my nose, the blanket lifted a bit, and my thoughts wandered.
I caught her finger. She became stiff. That showed a kind of connection, or electricity, or shock..or whatever.
She touched my nose, she was flirting as far as I was concerned and she deserved whatever she got.
I took her finger to my lips and kissed it. Then i kissed the top of her hand. I brought the blanket down to my waist level, partially altering her own part of the blanket. Focusing on her hand, I kissed along the mildly visible vein running down her hand.
I kissed till i reached the valley atop the other side of her elbow.
She was just looking at her own hand, not even moving her head to look at me directly once. I stared at her and forced her eye balls to catch mine. Then my lips went back to their domestic work and started running down from her elbow. I slowly lifted the blanket, and saw that she was still wearing her top but did not wear her skirt. The sight was very Intimate. Her fresh fair laps and dark knee. I brought my mouth to hers and she did not move. She did not move her lips either, neither receiving me nor pushing me away. I bit her lip, then used my tongue to part her lips and let it explore the foreign land. She accepted me and returned my kiss. We started kissing passionately, while i squeezed her bosoms through her top. Soon, my fingers found the end of her top and went under it, following the smoothe part of her stomach. As my palm cupped her bare bosom, she moaned.

…I untangled our tongues and brought my face up, staring at her closed eyes. She opened them when I pinched her Tip a little, and turned in sensually. She let out a soft moan she look at my chest, and started running her hands through it. My blood pressure either drastically increased or decreased as I felt her touch. It was magical.
I continued squeezing her bosoms, then bent down again to kiss her fore-head. I completely removed the blanket from my body and moved down a bit to her lower body. I looked at her and smiled before I started running my hand through the insides of her laps. My hand movement was slow, but steady, sending massive sensations down her body. I got close to the promise land and stopped. ..

Then I used my hand to lift up her top to make her red panties very visible. There was a wet spot on her panties, and I knew i had done something right.
I pulled down her panties. She helped out by moving her body up and wriggling.
She had very beautifully trimmed pubic hair and I saw the top of that dripping p*ssy. I ran my hands through her laps again, and she started slowly separating her legs for me to have easier access. As I moved up with my hand, I could feel the heat. I put one finger into her soaking p**sy and started slow movements in and out. She was moaning and playing with her br**sts. I slid two fingers in and found it a little difficult moving in and out at first, because she was very tight, but her wetness helped out and I started moving my fingers in her like a piston.

She was moaning at equal intervals, and that shii sounded like the original song of love that Adam and Eve composed.
Her Kitty-Cat was looking very sweet, so I had to break my rule.
I spread her legs apart and put my head in. I was there for just a few seconds before she came. It was lovely. I looked up at her and smiled. Her body was still shaking from the heavenly feeling she’d just erupted.
I moved up and started sucking on her b**bs one by one.
It was as if when I was on one, the other one was calling me to suck it too, so i’ll leave the first one and move to the other, and like that.
She help me face and pushed it up. She lifted herself up a little and started pushing me down to my side of the bed. My d**k was pointing at the ceiling, as if it was trying to show me where the bulb was.
She brought herself up completely and moved her mouth to my John Isaac. She used her tongue to taste to tip of my c*ck before bringing her lips down and started swallowing slowly. She stopped, and brought her lips back up. She was using her tongue magically on the tip of my rooster, and I heard that part has the
most nerves. The effect she was giving me was awesome and I had to hold myself back from Approaching immediately into her
I continued enjoying the thrilling sensation she was giving me with one of the best blow jobs i’ve had so far. She continued for two minutes, and stopped then she sucked my balls one after the other. The sensation was killing.
She looked at me, and it was her turn to smile. She knew the effect she had on me from the groans I had been letting out over the last three minutes.
She looked down at her pu*sy and looked back at me. Then she bend down to kiss me, at the same time lifting her legs to place her cu*t on my d**k.
I felt her lips on mine, and in some seconds later I felt her hot slit on my dick. She submersed slowly…


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I was very fast asleep, but something woke me up in the night. I dont know what it was, but I just woke up. I was under the thick blanket, with only my face head poking out. I opened my eyes very well. Tricia was not on the bed. I moved my head a little so I could see more clearly.
Then I saw one fresh Bottom in my front. Tricia was backing me, she must have thought I was still sleeping.
She was removing her top from her body and she also removed her bra. That Bottom was sumptuous. Theres nothing like fresh yellow yansh staring at you. It was not that big, but it was very alluring.
Her bag was in front of her on the ground.
I saw her head moving a little, and I suspected that she wanted to check on me, so I closed my eyes. I waited for just a few seconds because I did not want to miss much of the action.
When I opened my eyes, I had to close it again because what I saw was capable of blinding the Unclad eyes. She was bending down, searching for something in her small bag on the ground.
Her Kitty-Cat was winking at me. The Kitty-Cat looked even fresher because of it was night and the bulb’s was shining bright on it. The crack of her Bottom could drive a mad man crazy. She stood up and brought up panties. Then she started wearing it.
She wore her top back, but without the bra.
I was just looking, not missing any part of it as if I was watching the last episode of Gulder Ultimate search. She looked back quicker than I expected, but I quickly closed my eyes. I did not know if she saw me. I felt like a young teenager who was caught looking under the desk at a girl’s panties. I kept my eyes shut, maybe a little too tight.
I pretended to be stretching and turned my face to the other side.
I was waiting to hear her climb the bed and start sleeping first, then i’ll know what to do. I wanted to keep to my words that I’d not have s*x with her that night, but my man down there was not saying the same thing. I was even scared that she might see my raging Attention through the blanket, since my dick was twitching.
I felt the bed move and could practically hear her as she climbed on the bed. Images of her Unclad Kitty-Cat flashed across my mind.
My Attention became even harder. Harder than further mathematics. I managed to still pretend like I was sleeping.

”I know you were looking at me”.. I heard in my ear.

I could still smell a little alcohol from her mouth.
I opened my eyes as there was no reason to pretend again.
I told her that I woke up while she was undressing and I couldnt just take my eyes off her…