Must Read: Birthday Sex 18+… Part 7

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“My turn now” Tochi exclaimed. She wasted no time in impaling herself on my cock, sighing a huge moan of pleasure as I penetrated her.

Her was completely soaked from where she’d been fingering herself and she easily slipped up and down on my cock. It wasn’t long before she was moaning loudly as she bounced up and down on me, before suddenly “Oh Shiiiiit, uh uh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

She moaned as she came, her juices shooting out and running down my cock and into my lap.

She took a second to compose herself and then slipped off me. “I can’t believe you just fucked him until you came!” Tolu exclaimed. “I just couldn’t help myself, his cock filled me so well it was incredible!” She said.

Tolu couldn’t help herself now, after seeing Tochi cum she was so horny she straddled me and pushed her down onto my cock, letting out a gasp as it penetrated her.

It slipped in easier this time, but there was still some resistance, and she was already doing her best to get rid of that. “I can’t believe you two” Ife shouted,

“You drag me off him, only for you to yourself to an orgasm on it (she said pointing at Tochi), and now you’ve gone back for seconds (pointing at Tolu).”

“Well you were right, it just feels too good” Tolu said as she slid up and down on me at an ever increasing speed,

“You can have another go next, you started, so it’s only fair you finish!” By now Tolu was frantically playing with her tits as she slammed herself up and down on my cock, she was looser now, but still very tight and it wasn’t long before she too had an organism “ yes, oh shiiit, fuuuuuuck, ohhhh Godddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss” She screamed as she came violently, her body trembling with her orgasm.

Her was clenching hold of my cock and it took a hell of a lot of self control not to shoot my cum into her. She slipped off me, my lap now full of her and Tochi’s juices. I barely got to see my dick though, as soon as She was off , Ife literally jumped back on, sighing loudly as I penetrated her.

She was soon bouncing at some speed, her tits flailing wildly as she did, I wanted to grab out and play with them, but I still had the damn handcuffs on. She started moaning loudly and then came violently with a loud squeal of pleasure. Her juices ran out of her pussy, down my cock into my lap.

She collapsed into me as she fought for breath.

She eventually crawled off me and flopped down into her chair. “Don’t I get to cum?” I asked. “Of course you do, just not near any of us.” Tolu told me. “Oh” I said, slightly dejected. “Not this time anyway, Moji has been waiting for you to shoot cum into her for the best part of two hours, she just told us to make sure you had a nice big store of cum for her.

But maybe next time…. If you want a next time that is.” Tolu said. “I think I’d like there to be a next time.” I said with a broad smile. “So would we!” The three of them said in unison.

They all put their dressing gowns back on and then undid my handcuffs, I got up from my chair, still naked.

Tochi came up to hug me and whispered in my ear “Thanks for the orgasm, it was the best I’ve had in some time.”

“No problems” I told her.

Tolu was next: “I still can’t get over how big you are!”

“Well I can’t get over how tight you were!” I replied. “Not any more I’m not!” She said with a chuckle.

Ife was last: “That was the best sex I ever had, thanks. I just wish you weren’t dating my best friend”

“we can pretend I’m not!” I whispered to her.

She smiled and dropped to her knees, kissing my still erect cock on the head “Don’t be a stranger” I grabbed my clothes, but didn’t put them back on.

“Now go fuck your lucky babe” Tolu told me,

“But remember, I don’t think she’d appreciate knowing we all had sex with you.” “Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on telling her!” I responded.

With that I walked towards Moji’s bedroom, thinking what a lucky guy I was and how great a birthday this had been, but still looking forward to the next time I get to play with my girlfriend’s three friends!

*****THE END*****


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I caught the look on her face as I penetrated her, she looked like she was in heaven! She started slowly rocking herself back and forth on my cock, grinding it deep inside her.

I couldn’t believe how good she felt, she felt silky smooth and after what must have been hours of teasing her cunt was doing an excellent job of cooling down my cock.

She then started easing herself up and down the length of my shaft, moaning every time she got to the bottom, I just couldn’t believe how good her felt, she was now fuc.king me quite fast and my cock was easily slipping in and out of her, her moaning was getting louder and Tolu had just noticed.

I saw her stop playing with her tits, look up and then a look of horror spread over her face as she realised what was happening. “IFE!!! , what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Tolu asked She shouted, trying her best not to make it audible to Moji who was still handcuffed in her bedroom. “You know we aren’t allowed to have sex with him, just tease him, that’s all she said we could do. Get off him now!”

“Oh but, mmmmmmmmm” Ife protested, still sliding herself up and down on my cock. “Get off him!” Tochi shouted.

Having heard Tolu shout and seeing what was going on. Ife reluctantly unmounted me, her juices glistening on my cock as it stayed standing to attention. “What the were you thinking?” Tolu asked.

“I dunno, I was just so horny, and he was so big, I just had to have it inside me and then it felt so good I couldn’t stop.” Ife stammered,

“I’m sorry, but you won’t understand until you’ve had it inside you.” “But I couldn’t do that to her” Tolu said, referring to Moji

“Come on, what difference will it make, I’ve already had him after all, besides, she’ll never know.” Ife tried to persuade her. I could tell Tolu wanted me in her, I could tell by the way she looked at my d.ick.

Besides if she had stayed on me any longer she would probably have ended up doing the exact same thing as Ife did. “OK, I suppose, but only to see what it feels like.” She said, giving in easily.

She positioned herself on my lap, lined the head of my cock up with her glistening slit and then slowly, impaled herself on it. “Holy shit, he’s big” Tolu shouted in glee.

Despite the abundance of Ife’s juice, my cock was having a difficult time penetrating her fully, I was stretching her to double its normal size. “Jesus Christ you’re tight!” I told her.

Finally the last inch of my cock disappeared inside her as She moaned in pleasure, I must have easily been filling her completely. “Shit, that does feel good” She exclaimed,

“I thought I’d never get it all in me!”

She grinded against me for a while before getting off.

I caught a glimpse of the huge gaping hole that was now her as she dismounted, looking at the size of her compared to it I couldn’t believe it actually fit inside her! “I thought I was going to be split in half there!” She said, a broad grin on her face.


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Tochi then got up from her chair, walked over to my chair and straddled me! She started running her fingers up and down my chest and then to my imm3nse surprise shifted herself forward so that her p#ssy was against the shaft of my c#ck and started rubbing herself on me.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, I had three n*ked women in the room with me, I had s#cked their n#pples, then they took it in turns to s#ck my c#ck and now, here was Tochi rubbing her p#ssy up against the shaft of my c#ck.

Surely the only thing left after this was s*x, but I couldn’t believe for a moment that Moji would agree to that.

After a while She got off me, but Tolu was quickly there to take her place, she instantly had her p#ssy pressed against my D#ck and started gyrating.

She was wearing a broad smile, and it was obvious she was enjoying it as her n#pples had hardened considerably and she was now playing with her tits whilst rubbing her crotch against my c#ck. She stopped abruptly though, obviously catching herself and got off before she went too far.

Ife immediately straddled me and started to rub her p#ssy against my c#ck, it wasn’t long before I felt wetness starting to ooze from her slit onto my c#ck, I took my eyes off her p#ssy and tits and looked at her face, she just smiled back at me.

Soon my c#ck was covered in her cunt juice and she was playing with her big tits as she rubbed herself on me, she looked down and saw a bead of precum forming on the tip of my c#ck and wiped it onto her finger and then hungrily put her finger in her mouth and s#cked it off.

She then shifted backwards a bit so she was sitting close to my knees and taking my c#ck in her right hand, she then guided the tip of it to her clit and started rubbing her clit with the head of my c#ck. She began moaning with pleasure, too quietly for the other two girls to hear, but more than loud enough for me to hear.

I once again took my eyes off what she was doing with my c*ck to her clit to look at her face, but there was no smile this time, she was h**ny and all she was bothered with was getting herself off; I could see where this was going but I had no way of stopping it.

I had only ever slept with one person in my life, Moji, and although I always quite fancied the idea of having s*x with someone else, just to see what it was like, I never planned on actually doing it, as I knew exactly how much it would hurt her if I did. I looked over to where Tolu sat and saw her still playing with her br**sts, I glanced down to her p#ssy and saw her slightly protruding lips glistening with her p#ssy juice.

I moved my gaze to Tochi, legs spread wide, sawing her fingers in and out of her obviously sopping p#ssy. I couldn’t believe they were both getting off on the sight of Ife getting off on me.

I turned my attention back to Ife just in time to see her stop rubbing her clit with my c*ck.

She then proceeded to hold it upright as she lifted herself slightly off the chair, moved slightly closer to me and then positioned the tip of my c*ck at the entrance to her p#ssy, there was no way I could stop her now, even if I wanted to stop her;

I was about to cheat on Moji with her best friend, but all I could think about was what Ife’s p#ssy felt like.

She seemed to hover just above it for ages, and then she sat down and my cock speared easily into her sopping wet p#ssy.


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“We couldn’t possibly do that, that’s very naughty!”

Then with a wide grin on her face she looked up at me and said

“Well, I guess I could”

She immediately brought her face down to my crotch area and gently placed my cock in her mouth and started running her tongue around it and sucking on it. Up until that moment I had just about managed to keep control, but the feeling of Tolu’s moist mouth around my cock and her tongue investigating every inch was just too pleasurable and my cock did the inevitable – it sprang to life inside her mouth.

She gave it a few extra licks for good measure and then let it fall out of her mouth. She looked up at me with a look on her face like the dog that got the bone and said “Now, that’s much better isn’t it!”

“s*it, that thing’s huge!” Ife exclaimed. “It must be at least nine inches!” Tochi added.

The three girls were now just staring at my nine-inch cock, which was standing at attention just inches from their faces. “What does it taste like?” Tochi asked Tolu.

“Why don’t you see for yourself!” She told her.

With that Tochi leaned over and took my cock in her mouth, sucking it up and down and licking around the shaft. “Mmmmm, it tastes good!” She said, coming up for air. “Let me try” Ife demanded.

She then took the head of my cock in her mouth, licking around the base of the head before taking the whole thing in her mouth and sucking up and down a couple of times.

It was now Tolu’s turn again and she wasted no time in plunging her mouth down over my cock, after a couple of sucks up and down the shaft she started to deep throat me. It was the first time I’d ever been deep throated, as Moji was too scared to do it incase she choked on it, but Tolu had obviously had a lot of practice at sucking dick and damn was she good at it.

Then, to my dismay she stopped, she looked up at my face and saw the look of huge disappointment on my face and a huge smile spread across hers, obviously proud that I enjoyed her brief blowjob.

The three girls took it in turns to lick and suck on my cock for a while, Tolu was easily the most experienced and best followed by Ife and then Tochi.

Eventually just as I was sure I was going to cum in one of their mouths if it went on for any longer, they stopped and stood up and to my utter dismay walked away! Thankfully they quickly came back with chairs like mine, and arranged them so they were all facing me. “I hope you enjoyed our little sucking session?” Tolu asked me.

I just nodded my head, words to describe what was going on still failing me. “Good, now I’m afraid we’re going to have tease you some more, but this time, we won’t be using our mouths!” She told me.


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Tolu continued with the next question, which I again got right and this time it was her turn.

She slowly undid the ties at both sides of her briefs before letting them fall to the ground; her pu.ssy was neatly trimmed with slightly protruding lips. I also answered the next question correctly, and once again Ife couldn’t wait to strip, quickly pulling her g-string off almost before Tolu had even said I’d got the question right. Her pu.ssy was shaved completely bald and seemed to be amazingly smooth, with nothing whatsoever protruding.

I had just about managed to keep my cock under control for all of this, but it was getting really hard (pun intended) to keep it that way with three hot, n*ked women standing in front of me. I had absolutely no idea how I was doing it, I never usually had this much self control.

I was quickly snapped out of my musings by Tolu announcing what happens next though. “We have one more question to ask you I’m afraid, and this one has the biggest consequences of them all.”

She started. “If you answer correctly, then we’ll undo your handcuffs and let you do whatever you wish.” Tochi continued. “However, if you answer incorrectly, you will stay cuffed to the chair, and we will do with you as we wish!” Ife told me with a wicked smile. “Are you ready?” She asked. I nodded my head.

“Good, your question is as follows: Who is the captain of the Arsenal football team?”

Obviously I knew the answer to this, I mean I’ve been an Arsenal fan for over 10 years but my whole being wanted to seriously get that answer wrong.

“Gervinho” I answered. “Wrong” Tolu said with a smile,

“The answer is Arteta”

I held back from correcting her, heck I wanted to see what was gonna happen next. “Now you’re ours to do with as we wish!”

With that the three girls walked over to me, and each put a finger under the waistband of my boxers and started to pull them off, I helpfully lifted myself off the chair a bit for them and my boxers were soon on the floor, leaving me completely n*ked handcuffed to the chair, somehow though, I still (just about) had control of my dick, but I assumed that was going to change quickly.

Seeing my still limp dick Tolu exclaimed “It seems he’s not turned on by the three hot, n*ked women standing in front of him, maybe we should just put our clothes back on and go?”

“I think we should give him one more chance” Tochi said.

The three girls knelt down, so their faces were more or less level with my crotch. “But how are we going to test him, to see if we do turn him on?” Ife asked, innocently with a wicked smile on her face. “Any ideas how to test you?” Tolu asked me, grinning. Without waiting for a response she put her hand under my cock and took the weight of it in her hand. “How on Earth can we make it hard?” She asked.

Tochi whispered something into her ear, to which she replied.


Must Read: Birthday Sex 18+… Part 2

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“Now, let me explain what’s going to happen” Tolu told me,

“We’re going to be asking you a number of questions, what happens depends on how you answer them, and at the end, the number of them you get right will determine what happens next. That’s all we’re going to tell you, the rest you’ll find out as we go along!”

Tochi asked me the first question, it was about Ancient Lagos History, something I had absolutely no clue about, and duly got the answer wrong, the consequences of which being my shoes were removed.

The next two questions were just as hard, leading to my socks and trousers being removed, leaving me in just my shirt and boxers.

I thought I saw where they were going with this, until the fourth question was asked, which was amazingly easy.

I managed to get it right, which wasn’t a big feat, but I nonetheless felt proud of myself for doing so. I soon felt even better as I saw Tochi reach behind her, unhook her lacy pink bra and slowly remove it! Her bra wasn’t lying, she did have quite small br**sts, maybe at most a small B cup, but they were very perky.

I was definitely starting to feel happier about this whole thing now! I also got the next question right, and this time it was Tolu’s turn to reach behind her, unhook her black bra and with a smile reveal her br**sts to me. They were bigger than Tochi’s and probably about the same size as my Moji’s at a C cup, they sagged ever so slightly, possibly due to weight loss but the thing that stood out most was the size of her big chocolate coloured aureole’s, they seemed to be about the same size as the bottom of a drink’s can! I wasn’t given long before Tolu fired the next question at me, it was another easy one, I couldn’t believe that these girls actually wanted to strip for me!

I quickly got it right and turned my gaze to Ife, as soon as she heard Tolu say ‘Correct’ her hands had gone straight behind her back, she seemed desperate to strip, and even if I’d been in a position to, there was no way I was going to stop her. She unhooked her bra and slowly pulled it away from her chest, showing off a pair of huge br**sts, they must have been at least a D cup, if not a DD, unlike Tolu, Ife had very small aureole’s, but most surprisingly, considering their size, her br**sts seemed not to sag at all, for a second I debated if they were fake, but decided that they looked too good to be and she was only 20 after all.

I now had three topless, hot girls standing in front of me, this was fast turning into the best birthday I would probably ever have!

Tolu (who by now I had worked out was obviously the ring-leader of this) soon interrupted my thoughts to inform me “The next question will be slightly different in that it’s more of a choice for you than a question and you can choose whichever option you want.” She told me.

“Now the question is…

Would you like to carry on with the previous format, OR, just for this turn would you like to make a trade?”

Ife continued. “In return for us removing your shirt, we’ll take it in turns to let you suck on our nip.ples.” Tochi finished.

I weighed up the two options and quickly came to the decision that I was going to end up with my shirt removed one way or another, so I may as well get something out of it!

“I’m going to let you remove my shirt.” I told them.

“I thought you would.” Tolu informed me with a knowing smile.

She then walked over to me, flanked by Ife and Tochi and started to unbutton my shirt, before pulling it off my body as best she could considering I was still handcuffed to the chair. Then she ran her fingers down my chest, saying

“Mmmmmm, you do have a nice chest don’t you.”

Finally she thrust her chest into my face, and I eagerly took each of her nip.ples in my mouth licking and sucking on them until they became hard.

Tolu then moved back to allow Tochi to get her nip.ples sucked, who in turn moved aside to allow Ife access to me, as I took each of her nip.ples in my mouth I heard her let out a barely audible moan of pleasure, she was obviously enjoying this a lot and seemed disappointed when Diane said we’d now continue as before.

I assumed the next question would be much harder than the previous three and thus result in me losing my boxers and being completely n*ked. So I was really shocked when I was asked yet another easy question.

Once again I answered right and was rewarded with Tochi slipping her fingers under the waistband of her thong and pulling it down, so that she was now completely n*ked, she had a landing strip of dark hair which led down to some quite prominent lips, she had a good body, but it wasn’t anything special.


Must Read: Birthday Sex 18+… Part 1

It was my 21st birthday and I was on my way to see my girlfriend in school. She stayed off campus in a 3 bedroom flat which she shared with two of her friends, Tolu and Tochi.

Tolu was short, dark skinned, attractive, Tochi however was a bit taller and light skinned, but still reasonably attractive.

My girl’s bestfriend however was Ife, who was in the same department as her and whose best feature (in my humble opinion) was her big br**sts.

Apparently the four of them were taking me out for a meal and drinks that night. I arrived at their house and rang the doorbell, Tolu answered it, wearing a dressing-gown, obviously still in the process of getting ready to go out, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, wished me happy birthday and ushered me into the house.

I asked where my girl was and she replied that she was in her bedroom, but didn’t want me to come in just yet, as she had a surprise for me.

I went to sit down on the couch, but Tolu quickly stopped me, and pointed me towards a chair placed in the middle of the room, as apparently I had to be centre of attention in the middle of the room. I didn’t see the point in arguing so I took the chair.

But as soon as I sat down, I felt my arms being pulled back behind the chair and heard a click and I could feel my hands were restrained. I looked behind me and saw that my hands had been handcuffed behind the chair.

I turned my head back around to protest and saw Tochi and Ife were now standing next to Tolu, both also wearing dressing-gowns.“What do you think you’re playing at?” I said.

“There’s been a slight change in plan” Tolu informed me. “We’ve decided not to take you out after all, Instead we’re all going to have a cosy night in.” “Why the handcuffs? And where is Moji?” I demanded.

(Moji being my girlfriend)

“Well, as we’re not going out we had to think of a way to treat you, as it’s still your birthday after all, and Moji kindly agreed to let us have some fun with you, but we didn’t want you running away, getting impatient or generally doing anything we don’t want you to, so we’ve had to handcuff you to the chair.” Tochi enlightened me. “And to stop your babe from interfering, unfortunately we’ve had to handcuff her to her bed, but don’t worry, she’s fine, and you’ll get to see her later. But for now, sit back, do as you’re told and most importantly enjoy yourself!” Ife Said.

With that the three girls undid the ties at the front of their dressing-gowns and to my amazement, one at a time, took them off.

Tochi was the first to slip out of hers, revealing herself to be wearing just a pink bra and matching thong and then doing a little twirl to make sure I’d got a good view.

Tolu took hers off next, to reveal a black push-up bra that gave her a nice cleavage and matching tie-side briefs, she also gave a little twirl to give me a good view.

Finally Ife took her dressing-gown off, revealing a white bra that was struggling to contain her big br**sts and matching underwear that was revealed to be a G-string upon her completing a twirl.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, Moji’s hot friends were in just their underwear in front of me, apparently ready to give me a good night, something I was more than willing to accept, even if it wasn’t being forced upon me via handcuffs, after all this was already turning out better than my wildest dreams!