Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)… Part 25

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***dial segun’s number**** sege!!!! Abeg let’s chat.

***10 seconds later*****

SEGE: padi e, wetin happen?

ME: wahala wan shele ooo

SEGE: Bimpe matter again abi?

ME: yes

SEGE: I thought as much. I know say na one person go kill the other between two of you. So what happened?

ME: ***** narrated everything in details*****

SEGE: wahala dey oooo

ME: so what do I do now?

SEGE: the whole thing is complicated

ME: as how?

SEGE: for her to feel that way, chating with you in open and expressing her mind without any fear of been caught, then it is clear that she is no longer on a revenge mission.

ME: I don’t understand.

SEGE: ok let me clarify it to you. Did she threatened you of recent?

ME: no

SEGE: did she requested any money or materials from you of recent?

ME: No.

SEGE: then its clear that revenge mission had turned to a love quest, and what she felt was normal.

ME: normal as how?

SEGE: let me tell you, if you see an ex whom you still have feelings for, having se*x with another guy, you will definitely feel jealous.

ME: na lie.

SEGE: my guy, I dey tell you. Its a thing of the heart. So, for her to still feel that way, then its obvious and glaring that she still feels for you.

ME: but I don’t feel anything for her na.

SEGE: onihaxy!!!!!!, you can lie ooo

ME: I’m serious segun

SEGE: wait, ever since I know you. You had dated like 3 girls before you met bimpe isn’t it?

ME: yes. And how does that connect to the issue on ground?

SEGE: onihaxy wait, after this same adebimpe, you have dated like 3 or 4 girls too isn’t it?

ME: something like that.

SEGE: how come that among all the 7 exs you had, its only bimpe you keep flashing back to?.

ME: things just happen jaree.

SEGE: onihaxy, things don’t just happen that way, after kemi, lolade, janet and joys’ break-ups, I never heard anything about them or hear their names again. But two months will never pass by without hearing the name bimpe. Onihaxy. You sef get feelings for her.

ME: segun, that’s not what I called you for, please bring up a solution to my predicament before I fall into another trouble.

SEGE: the solution is simple if only you can do it.

ME: ok, I’m listening.

SEGE: first one is to stay away completely from bimpe, don’t visit her house again, don’t pick her calls, don’t call her, don’t reply her texts. If the eye contacts and communication is broken, the feelings will eventually fade away.

ME: that will be difficult. You know betty lives there, and also, she had always wanted bimpe and I to settle our fake fight. Infact, any time I call her or she calls me, she would give the phone to bimpe for me to speak with her. And if I don’t visit there again, betty won’t be happy with me, and she might be suspecting me or be thinking maybe I don’t love her anymore.

SEGE: ok, here is another alternative, you should tell betty maturely that bimpe is your ex. Though she might not find it easy oooo. But I think if bimpe is aware that betty knows her past moments with you, she will adjust so as not to Bleep up.

ME: hmmmmm.

SEGE: but the danger in it is that, betty might not forgive you for hiding things from her before now,, she might not trust you again, and remember she is travelling out of the country for her masters? And her brother also travels every weekend?

ME: yes

SEGE: my guy, there is a higher probability that her mind will not be at rest every weekend. And remember, she once saw a text on your phone as you told me?

ME: yes.

SEGE: and you said bimpe had been acting cold anytime you and betty are together?

ME: yes.

SEGE: my brother, betty is too smart from my point of view, she will definitely calculate that you guys still have something burning within,so its either she accept you or end the relationship, cos she might not buy the idea that you once slept with her brother’s wife.

ME: segun. That one is too difficult, I don’t think I can tell betty about what transpired between bimpe and I in the past.

SEGE: ok, here is the third alternative. Break up with betty, forget about the henry’s family and move on. Because if you still continue this way. The whole secret will still be eventually blown out in open, its just a matter of time. And by then, it might be too late to put things back together.

ME: segun, that one too is difficult. You know betty is my benefactor and helper. She so much love me and I love her too. I can’t break up with betty, lailai!!!!, nothing on this earth can make me leave betty.

SEGE: my friend, you are standing on the valley of decision. So make your choice.

***THE END***


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Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)… Part 24

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ME: betty? she is inside ****hooking my belt and bimpe was looking at my zip******

BETTY: onihaxy!!!!!!, is that mummy daniella?

ME: yes!!!

BETTY: ok, I’m coming!!!!! *** rushing out*****

BIMPE: ***still looking at me and later winked****

BETTY: **came out of her room and leaning on my shoulder*** welcome ma, you came so early today.

BIMPE: abi jaree, how is daniella?, has she eaten?

BETTY: yes, she ate noodles before she slept, aunty bimpe, you look dull and unhappy, hope you are fine?,

BIMPE: yeah. I’m fine.

BETTY: haba!!!, mummy daniella, your eyeballs are red. Definitely, there is something wrong.

BIMPE: nothing jor, a tiny particle fell in my eyes inside the lab today. Maybe that’s why.

BETTY: ok ma

BIMPE: let me go to my room and relax, hope you have entertained your guest?

ME: ***silent and looking at both of them as they exchange conversations***

BETTY: yes, sure I did. He said he is on his way home sha.

BIMPE: way home kee?, hope I’m not the one chasing you away onihaxy?

ME: rara ooo mummy daniella. I just have to go now, I have something to do at home.

BIMPE: ok then, when next are we expecting you?

ME: probably two weeks time sha

BIMPE: ok ooo.

BETTY: mummy daniella, I’m coming, let me see him off.

BIMPE: no problem.

Betty and I walked out of the compound, the new security man opened the gate and we walked out of the house, we continued chating and gisting till I reach the bustop. I took a bus to lekki gate and from there to my house.

As I was in the bus, betty and I was having conversations, she told me how happy she was
and how she missed me and I told her the same.
I was in the midst of this chat when I got a “HI” whatsapp message from an unknown number, I looked at it and I knew it was bimpe’s secret number. I opened the chat and I replied her.

ME: hello.

BIMPE: onihaxy, I don’t just know why I felt so akward today.

ME: akward as how?

BimPE: I have been around for like 25 minutes earlier before you were out of betty’s room the
other time.

ME: really?

BImPE: yess!!. When I got to the living room. I saw a file on the sofa with an offer letter inside it which has your name on it. It was then that I knew you are inside.

ME: hmmm

BiMPE: I climbed upstairs and I was hearing all your moans and tunes with that of betty, I can’t believe I was so jealous, uncomfortable and worst of it was that I was actually crying out loud before you came out.

ME: I thought as much, when I saw your eyeball, I knew something was wrong, but why feeling jealous and why the tears?

BimPE: I just don’t know, it looked as if something so precious was stolen from me and been used by someone else.

ME: hmmmm.

BImPE: yes, anytime I see you and betty together, I’m always feeling jealous inside of me, but it wasn’t as crazy as that of today. I felt like breaking the door open to stop both of you from having se*x.

ME: bimpe, I understand you, but the earlier we both forget, Resist and ignore any feelings we still have for each other and move on with our spouses, I think the better it will be for us.
Hope you know what I mean?


ME: ok, the earlier you pretend as if we never met or had anything together, the better it will be for you and I.

BiMPE: onihaxy, I understand you, I wish it could just be as easy as you said but its just difficult. The more I see you, the more I think of the beautiful and romantic moment we once had together. Onihaxy, when I heard you making love to betty, I was so wet at the door and I felt like having you all to myself. Onihaxy, its now I know it that I so much love you and it is so difficult for me to let you go.

ME: ok bimpe. Let’s chat later at night, I’m in oshodi now. I don’t want my phone to be snatched from me while chating.

BiMPE: ok my heartbeat. Believe me when I say I still love you so much and I think of you all the time. Don’t forget to always clear this chat.
Let me know when you get home.

ME: alright bimpe. Bye

BIMPE: haba onihaxy!!!, just be romantic for once naw. Atleast i know how you used to end chats with me back in the days.

ME: hmmmm, ok, bye love, miss you

BIMPE: that’s my darling!!. Missed you too honey. Chat with you later. Bye.

***chaii, me?, love? Romantic?, haaaa!!!, mogbe!!!!!!!!, segun must hear this before I fall into trouble***


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The moan was increasing as I continued squeezing and pressing the bosom, my hand found his way to her laps and I pulled up her gown to caress her laps, she was jerking and getting uncomfortable, I moved my hands upwards to the underneath of her pants, I tickled her clit through her pants for about one minute and then pushed the pant sideways with her hand.

As my finger was landing on her Kitty-Cat, I could feel her juice dripping on my finger, she was super wet. I started finger bleeping her and she was pressing my head on my bosom and squeezing my shoulder at the same time. I continued finger bleeping her till she drips again and again, moaning over and over again, at a point in time, she pulled up her gown to the top of her bosom and pulled off her pants by herself, ***chaiii, omo see fresh fish****, I understood the signal as “no time to waste”.

I unhooked her bra while she unzipped my trousers and pulled it down with my boxers.

I knelt in between her legs, spread her legs apart with mine and was suucking her boobs while she was doing handjob on my dick, I was about leaving her bosom to move down to her Kitty-Cat to suck when grabbed my buttocks, pulled me closer to herself and inserted my dick inside of her. Hmmmm. “No time”.

I responded by pressing her two legs raised upwards to her bosom, hanging them over my hand and bleeping her in deeper penetration.

Betty was moaning and shouting but I didn’t care.

We bleeped for like 8 minutes without changing style untill I was about to cum and I withdrew my dick and cummed on her belly button.

BETTY: ***lieing by my side*** ayanma!!!. Why did you do that?

ME: **smiled** I don’t want to stain your bedsheet.

BETTY: **hit me*** naughty boy, so its my body you should stain abi?.

ME: smiled

BETTY: **spread her hand to the side of the bed and brought out a tissue, removed part of it to clean herself and she gave me to rest.** onihaxy, take and clean yourself.

ME: ***collected the tissue and cleaned up***

BETTY: I love you so much onihaxy. You just have all it takes to be my husband.

ME: really?, what are the things I have ooo.

BETTY: a good look, a caring heart, a faithful spirit and a good bedroom skills.

ME: naughty you.

*****we continued to cuddle, discuss and chat as we both lied down Unclad beside each other for about 25 more minutes and I told her that I will be leaving for my house******

BETTY: leaving?, so soon?

ME: yes dear. You know I’m going to mushin and you know its far.

BETTY: ***sad face**** ok dear, but onihaxy, you have to leave that mushin and get you own accomodation jor.

ME: yeah, definitely. I’m working on that too.

BETTY: where is the location of your bank.

ME: oshodi area.

BETTY: still close to mushin jor.

ME: I will get an accommodation around maryland sha.

BETTY: that’s where she lives abi?

ME: who?

BETTY: she na. That girl that can’t stop loving you.

ME: betty!!!!!!!!!, you still haven’t forgotten this issue. I told you it was sent to a wrong number.

BETTY: I hear you. Let’s go to the bathroom to have a shower.

ME: shower kee?, time has gone now.

BETTY: dirty boy, so you want to go out without shower abi?.

I obliged and we went to the bathroom together both still Unclad to had a shower, we ended up with another hot round of “shower doggie se*x”. I cleaned up and dressed up, and was set to leave. I headed to the door first and I told betty to meet me at the living room as she was still dressing up and packing her hair.

I opened the door and behold, I saw Bimpe standing infront of the door, bending in a position as if she sticked her ear to the door, she was shocked, stood still and her eyes were soaked and a sad mood was shown on her face.

Before I could say anything, in her sad face and faint voice, she said “Hi onihaxy, how are you? And where is Aunty betty?”.


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I followed betty immediately and we climbed the stairs with both of us smiling and playing with each other, on reaching the top of the stairs, I could see like 4 doors. She pointed at the room one after the other and describing them to me.

She said the first room is her brother’s matrimonial room, the next room is daniella’s room, followed by another room which was said to be a guest room and the last room was betty’s room. “””Chaii!!, money good oooooo”.

She opened the door of daniella’s room to check on her and I entered with her.

The room was bigger than my cousin’s room in mushin, it has academic and cartoons wall papers hanged on the wall, a standard bed which she was sleeping on with a standard wardrobe, installed AC and colourful toys on the floor. I also saw a bathroom door inside the room. I was like, “All this luxury for a child not up to 2 years?”.

She closed the door and we went to her room, she opened the door and I sat on her bed. I looked round the room, her room has the same settings and structure with daniella’s room, just that she has a portable fridge, a make-up chair and table with mirror hanged on the wall, I TV and DVD stand and so on.

I was looking in admiration and I was cursing poverty inside of me. She closed her door from behind and came to sit with me on the bed and resting her head on my shoulder.

BETTY: onihaxy, this is my room, do you like it?

ME: looked around. Its cool, fine and colourful.

BETTY: thanks so much.

ME: the room downstairs where you and bimpe normally enter most times, who lives there?

BETTY: our previous maid used to stay there before, but now, we use the place as a secondary store.

ME: ok dear,

BETTY: so dear, what do you care for?

ME: Anything ***smiled***

BETTY: ok ***stood up, walked towards the fridge, brought out a “five alive” with a glass of cup**** let me serve you dear.

ME: ***smiled***

BETTY: ***poured the drink inside the glass cup and gave it to me.***

ME: ***took it and drank it up** dear the stress at that outsourcing firm was so much. I’m so stressed up jare.

BETTY: **smiled*** onihaxy, you are funny, you are sitting on a bed, pillow is behind you, and you are saying you are tired, lie down jaree. ***removed my shoes and socks and she pushed my back to bed***

ME: dear, don’t let me sleep off ooo, so that bimpe will not catch me here.

BETTY: ***lied beside me, with her left leg over my laps and her head on my shoulder*** are you scared?

ME: yes na.

BETTY: if she meet you here, nothing will happen, even if I keep you here for days, nothing will still happen, the only person I fear is my brother.

ME: funny, what if she inform your brother?

BETTY: she dare not. Do I look like a teenager?

ME: ***laughed.***, how will you know when she is around?

BETTY: she has her own keys

ME: ok oooo, that reminds me, I saw a man at entrance of the gate when I entered, who is he? .

BETTY: yeah, he is the new gateman and security guard.

ME: ok.

Betty and I continued to chat, from there, we started playing and it led to a hot and passionate romance.

Our lips met each other and we are kissing under the chilling AC, she came closer with her hands wrapping my neck while my hand began to move down to her bosom, I started with a tickle on her cleavages, then squeezing and pressing the bosom through her gown, I was finally able to bring out her boobs from the top of her gown, I moved my head downwards and was sucking one the bosom while hand-manipulating the other one, she let out a soft moan “ooooooouccchhh” as she presses my head closer.


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I called betty immediately I received the text and she told me that she was aware of it. We discussed on how I will travel that day.

There after, I went to my manager and discussed the issue with him and told him about the text, he was so happy with me and he gave me brotherly advice. He said I should travel first, see the job environment and if I’m ok with it, I can send my resignation letter via email to him. I also called my uncle in Ado ekiti to also inform him, I informed segun too and I left Ado that afternoon and arrived at mushin at few minutes to 11pm.

On friday the following day, I went to the outsourcing firm in lekki with my credentials, following the description that betty gave me. I was surprised when I just given an attendance to sign against my name which had been typed along side some other names, I was asked for the copies of my original credentials which I tendered.

From the discussions of the other guys I met there, they were once there for test and also for interview. They were relating with one another while I appeared odd among them.

By 3pm on that friday. I was through filling the forms I was given. I was given the offer letter and was told to resume at the bank on monday morning. After leaving the outsourcing firm, I went straight to betty’s house to give her feedback.

I arrived at the compound and I was picked from outside after calling her that I was at the gate. I got to the living room and met the house empty.

ME: dear, where is everyone?,

BETTY: my brother travelled to abuja as usual, Aunty betty went to work and daniella is sleeping upstairs.

ME: sleeping upstairs? Hope the door is locked sha.

BETTY: ***smiled** trust me now, the accident that happened the other day shouldn’t repeat itself again.

ME: alright dear.

BETTY: how far with where you went to?

ME: ***narrated everything**** thanks so much dear

BETTY: you are welcome dear **hugged me***

ME: I was given two guarantor’s form self to fill and to be returned back to them

BETTY: alright, when will you do that?

ME: I will give them to my brother and his friend to fill.

BETTY: ok dear, I’m so happy right now. I want aunty bimpe to realize that we can make it without her help.

ME: you and this your bimpe sha.

BETTY: yes na, I just hate it when someone feels that without her, the heavens will fall.

ME: na you sabi.

BETTY: onihaxy, Have you been to my room before?

ME: I don’t even know which one is your room out of all the rooms in this house.

BETTY: na wa for you ooooo, and are you ready to know it now? **flirty smile**

ME: **smiled** won’t you entertain me first?, not even a glass of water for the past 35 minutes that I have been around.

BETTY: Handsome, if you want any entertainment, follow me as I’m going upstairs ***smiled and cat-walked while oscillating her booty as she was climbing the stairs one after the other.

ME: chaiiii!!!!!


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Bimpe continued to call me that night but I didn’t pick up.

I woke up the following morning and got her message on whatsapp begging me to forgive her for been rude and also encouraged me to be more careful next time. I replied her and we had several minutes of chats thereafter. I had my bath, dressed up, spoke with betty on phone and departed from lagos at around 10am to ado ekiti and resumed work at the water factory on monday.

Two weeks later, betty called me and told me that they have been making plans to fix me into the family company but she was against it. I asked her why?, she said how come the same woman who once said onihaxy was a criminal and ran away with his former boss money is now saying onihaxy should be employed by the family, betty also said I won’t be respected and might be remotely controlled around by her family.

I tried changing her mindset but betty still insisted that I must not work with them, I had no choice than to reject the offer even when henry called me officially to inform me about the family decision. Three months passed away, there was no call from the interior decorating firm.

After several hope of getting the marketing job. I was at home one weekend when she called me.

ME: hello dear,

BETTY: hi onihaxy, how is work going?

ME: work is going fine.

BETTY: onihaxy, I have something to discuss with you, I don’t know if you will be interested.

ME: what is that dear?

BETTY: concerning the marketing job, I’m still in-touch with the man and he said you guys will be called when the new showrooms under construction are ready.

ME: ok, how soon will that be?

BETTY: can’t really say, but it should in three to four months time.

ME: ok dear

BETTY: but I have a guy at an outsourcing firm here in lekki,

ME: ok

BETTY: he said they are outsourcing for a bank who needed temporary staffs for a three and half month project. So I don’t know if you will be interested.

ME: its cool, how much is the pay?

BETTY: he said 70k

ME: for the whole project?

BETTY: no, its the monthly payment.

ME: what will now happen after the project? Will I loose the job?

BETTY: he said there is a tendency that you might be absorbed to be a permanent contract staff depending on your performance at the bank. And incase you are dis-engaged, the marketing job should be ready by then.

ME: no problem, its cool then, how soon will it be?

BETTY: I will text your details to him today, so you might get a call any moment from now.

ME: ok dear, thanks so much.

BETTY: you are welcome dear. Talk to you later.

After betty’s call, I had a chat with segun concerning the new development, he said its ok and he encouraged me to take the risk and move ahead.

He later asked me about my property in Bimpe’s possession that I promised to discussed with him. I cooked up an excuse and changed the topic for him. The following week, I was on my seat on thursday morning when I received a text to come and pick my offer letter at lekki by 9am the following day. I was like me? Offer letter? Without any test and interview?.


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BETTY: onihaxy, come closer, let me see the caller

ME: ***removed the phone from my pocket with fear and I drew closer to betty**** checked the screen,

BETTY: ***looked at the screen*** bimpe!!!, who is bimpe?

ME: oooooh bimpe, its your sister inlaw

BETTY: same aunty bimpe?, how come?, when did you guys exchanged numbers? And since when have you guys been exchanging calls?. And you never made me to be aware of all this?

ME: *** depressed **, please will you let me pick this call before answering your questions please?

BETTY: ok, Go ahead?

ME: ok ****placed the phone on my ear*** hello.

BIMPE: ** whispered*** how far? Where are you?

ME: **looked at betty in the eyeball*** I’m on my way home, betty is even here with me.

BIMPE: ok, I just wanted to thank you for everything. Henry also said he so much appreciate you and he sent his greetings.

ME: ok ma, thanks so much ma for the meal, thanks for hosting me, and my regards to your husband ma.

BIMPE: you are welcome, please pass the phone to betty.

ME: ok, ***gave the phone to betty****

Bimpe and betty were conversing on phone with betty laughing out loud, their conversation lasted for about 12minutes before betty handed over the phone to me.

ME: hello ma,

BIMPE: **whispered*** talk to you later.

ME: ok ma, take care.

Betty and I continued strolling

BeTTY: onihaxy, you haven’t answered my question.

ME: ooh, about bimpe right?

BETTY: yes

ME: ok, it happened the day she dropped me off after I donated blood to daniella, she asked me for my number that she would like to call me when I reach home safely.

BETTY: and you didn’t bother to tell me about it?

ME: I’m sorry, I never took it as a serious issue.

BETTY: really?, then I will get your friends or brother number behind you and be calling them behind you since its not a serious issue.

ME: ok love, I’m so sorry, please forgive me dear. Alright, let me delete her number in your presence, I will never talk with her again.

BETTY: onihaxy, don’t get me wrong, I never said you shouldn’t call anybody or talk to anyone. But atleast, you should let me know when you started it, for integrity sake.

ME: ***pecked and hugged her*** ok dear I’m so sorry.

BETTY: its ok, let me know when you reach home.

Betty stopped at the bus stop, I took a bus back to lekki gate while she returned home. I took a bus from there to oshodi and finally to mushin. I was thanking my stars that I wasn’t exposed today.

I got home at few minutes to ten, I called betty, spoke with her on phone and told her to extend my regards to bimpe and henry. About 15minutes later, I got a call from bimpe.

ME: hello bimpe,

BIMPE: onihaxy, how are you?

ME: I’m good.

BIMPE: what happened today?, why calling my secret line while betty was with you?,

ME: I’m sorry, betty caught me and she said she wanted to know who owns the line.

BIMPE: what!!!!!!, how?, when and where?

ME: she read your text on my phone when she went upstairs with it.

BIMPE: onihaxy!!!!!!!. How can you be so dumb and careless?, why will you leave such text on your phone?, can’t you hide it or archive it?, or can’t you just be a man and defend the text or cook up something else?.

ME: ehn?

BIMPE: yes, you even have the mind to call me in her presence, what if I wasn’t smart enough to calculate the situation and remained silent when you called? Only God knows what would have happened by now. Your type can’t keep two relationships successfully. Haba!!!. So what happened next?

ME: asking me what happened next after insulting me?, you are not serious*** hanged up***


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ME: ***scared to press the speaker button as my hand was shaking***

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m still waiting

ME: ***pressed the loudspeaker button*** the person isn’t picking up.

BETTY: re-dial it again, I’m waiting…..

ME: ** re- dialled and still wasn’t picked up****.

BETTY: re-dial again

ME: ****with my heart beating faster and heavily I re-dialled the call and bimpe picked it***** Hello, hello, hello oooooo, I’m onihaxy, who am I speaking with please?

BIMPE: ****silent on phone****

ME: hello ooooooo,

BIMPE : ****still silent****

ME: HELLO oooo, who is there?, can you hear me?

BIMPE: ****silent****

ME: ***hanged up****, baby, you can see, the person isn’t talking.

BETTY: and what does that teaches us?

ME: just for you to know that I don’t know anything about the message. I can’t lie to you betty.

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m still not convinced.

ME: ok dear, what else do you want me to do to convince you?.

BETTY: I don’t know, I just don’t trust you anymore, I’m quite sure there is something you are hiding

ME: sweetheart trust me. Since this message didn’t come from you, then it was certainly sent to a Wrong number.

BETTY: hmmmmmmmm,

ME: yes dear, ok, let’s do it this way,

BETTY: which way?

ME: let me give you the person’s number.

BETTY: and what should I do with it?

ME: call the person and find out for yourself.

BETTY: and you think I’m that daft?, and what will it cost you to call her behind me and tell her to lie that she is someone else?, and besides, I don’t have that time for child’s play.

ME: betty, why are you so angry like this now?. Please now!!!. I have been begging you since morning, I swear to God, I don’t understand the message neither did I know the sender, atleast I called the person in your presence and he/she didn’t speak, its not as if the person heard your voice maybe that was why she was muted. Please believe me, I just wish I can convince you on this, please dear. For the sake of the love between us, please understand me my love.

BETTY: ok dear, I heard you, I just pray it doesn’t repeat itself. I hate someone who cheat on me with passion.

ME: ***Hugged her** thanks so much dear. I swear and promise you it won’t repeat itself.

BETTY: and get this straight, any day I catch you red-handed cheating on me, just kiss this relationship goodbye, and I mean it onihaxy.

ME: my love, why on earth will I cheat on you?, when I’m not mad. What else do I want in a woman that I haven’t found in you dear. I’m assuring you that I will never cheat on you.

BETTY: ***strolling with me**** alright dear, so when are you travelling?

ME: tomorrow, you know I have to go to work on monday ***phone ringing in my pocket****

BETTY: Thank God she has called back, maybe you can convince me one more time and vindicate yourself.

ME: **scared, sweating and heart beating heavily as I dipped my hand inside my pocket to bring out the phone.

BETTY: let me see the caller.


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ME: *** formed seriousness**** oooooh, is that why you are moody?

BETTY: **still frowned*** is that the answer to my question?

ME: ok, let me be sincere, I don’t know the sender of the message,

BETTY: what do you mean?, you are inlove with someone else, she sent you a text, and you are telling me that you don’t know the sender?

ME: trust me betty, I can never and will never cheat on you. Let me explain please.

BETTY: go on, I’m listening.

ME: I was on my bed on thursday night when I got the text, I was surprised because the person didn’t indicate her name, neither did the person mentioned my name, and the content of the message was so strange to me.

BETTY: hmmmmm, and what made it strange mr man?

ME: first, I was at home all through that day, I never went out , had any guest or met anyone

BETTY: ***still holding my phone** ok, go on.

ME: so I got this strange message from someone begging me and telling me she doesn’t want to loose me, I’m serious. I was about to ask you self if you were the one that sent it, that was why I didn’t delete it.

BETTY: and you think I’m so dumb and I’m a fool to fell for that story?, she was even telling you to stick to a rule abi?, and what rule is that?, to dump me right?

ME: betty, please for heaven’s sake, trust me. If you go through my phone, you will notice that the message was the only odd one, I’m not cheating on you please. Even me myself, I’m still confused. I kept the message for you. If not, I would have delete it since

BETTY: just the way you have been deleting other texts abi?, sebi its God that wanted to catch you that made you forgot to delete this one, and why didn’t you ask me immediately after you received the message?

ME: I’m so sorry dear, I wanted to confirm the person’s identity first by trying to call the person back but the number wasn’t reachable.

BETTY: hmmmm, story story

ME: I’m serious, even till this morning, I tried calling the number and it is still not going through. I’m guessing the person sent it to a wrong number.

BETTY: onihaxy, are you sure of what you are saying?

ME: my love, I swear with my life, I’m so sure.

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m asking you once more, are you sure you aren’t cheating on me?

ME: I swear.

BETTY: ok, take your phone, dial the number now as I’m standing infront of you. Place it on loud-speaker and speak on.

ME: ****yeeepa, mogbe*** betty, you still don’t trust me?, are you saying you don’t trust me?

BETTY: onihaxy!!!!, sebi you aren’t hiding anything?

ME: yes

BETTY: sebi the message was strange to you?

ME: yes

BETTY: sebi you said you aren’t cheating on me?

ME: yes.

BETTY: then its simple, just dial the number and speak on, or is that too difficult?

ME: **so scared*** not at all

BETTY: then dial that number and speak up, if the person mentioned your name or you act somehow. I swear to the God I serve, this relationship is ending on this spot we are standing on.

ME: ok ***opened the message and dialling the number with my heart beating heavily, getting scared not really because of the call, but because she might recognize bimpe’s voice.**** Grin grin grin grin ***phone ringing**

BETTY: now that it is ringing, please place it on speaker…………..


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BETTY: ****coming down from the stairs and looking at us******. Hmmm, men and football sha!!!!

HENRY: na so now, atleast ours is better than gossips you girls do. *** faced me*** onihaxy, abi no be so?

ME: ***smiled*** na so oooo.

BETTY: ehn ehn onihaxy!!, is that what you will say also?

ME: smiled

HENRY: ***faced betty**** where is bimpe?

BETTY: she is still in the kitchen.

ME: hmmmm, no wonder I have been perceiving aroma since ***smiled***

HENRY: betty, please tell her that we are ready to eat.

Betty went to the kitchen while henry and I continued our arguments, we started from football, then enter politics from there to life style, then to women. We related as if we knew each other for long. As we were discussing, bimpe was looking at me and I was looking back in annoyance but I hid it from betty and henry.

The table was set and the four of us sat on the table. Betty did the serving and we were discussing as we are eating. I sat beside betty, bimpe sat next to her and opposite me.

Henry sat beside bimpe.

HENRY: onihaxy, betty discussed so much about you which I think I’m somehow satisfied with.

ME: thank you sir.

HENRY: my wife also said she used to live in same area with you before and that you guys used to fight.

Me: ***smiled***

BETTY: that’s past tense brother, they have reconciled with each other.

BIMPE: ***smiled***

HENRY: if that is it, thank God. But onihaxy, there is a little problem.

ME: **scared*** what is that sir?

HEnRY: there is an agreement that she must posses her masters before getting married. Do you think you can cope and wait?

ME: I’m already aware of that sir. I will definitely wait since I don’t have another alternative.

BiMpE: ***paused her meal and stared at me****

BETTY: so if you have alternative, you will dump me abi?

ME: haba dear, you know I won’t do that na.

BETTY: you just try it!!!, I will kill both of you. You and your alternative

THREE OF US: ***laughed***

HENRY: another thing is that she will be travelling out of the country for her program., hope you won’t disappoint us?

ME: I won’t sir, its betty we should beg that she shouldn’t disappoint me.

HENRY: I trust her she dare not. **faced bimpe***. Mummy daniella, you aren’t saying anything about our discussion?, why?

BIMPE: ***sighed*** just don’t have anything to say to it. Whatever you people decide is ok by me.

BETTY: hmmmmmm. Brother, don’t mind both of them, their fight is off and on?

BIMPE: haba!!!!, aunty betty, stop that now, did I tell you we are fighting?

ALL OF US: smiled.

HENRY: ****brought out a cheque*** mr onihaxy, here is a cheque of 100k, as a token of appreciation for saving our daughter. Thanks so

BIMPE & BETTY: stared at me

ME: ***think for a while****, thanks so much sir. But please keep it, daniella is more like my own daughter also.

BIMPE: ****looking scared***

ME: ***continued*** I knew her and used to meet her here even before knowing you. So it won’t sound right. Thanks so much once again, no offence sir,

HENRY: that’s wonderful mr onihaxy, but I still insist. Please accept it from me.

ME: ok, if you insist sir, hold it and deduct it from the bride price I will be paying.

HENRY: ***handshake with me***, thanks so much onihaxy,

ME: you are welcome sir.

We chit-chat for about 30 more minutes. I checked my time and it was few minutes to 7pm.

ME: I need to get going sir.

HENRY: why so early?

ME: my destination is far sir.

HENRY: where is that?

ME: ***chaii, how you go call mushin for this kind place na** fadeyi area.

HENRY: ok bro, see you some other time.

ME: **smiled*** you aren’t always around

HENRY: yeah. that’s right, I’m running.
Professional course every weekend in abuja. I was around today just because I was expecting you.

ME: ok sir.

BETTY: ok, let me see you off. Ooops, where is my phone?

ME: where did you put it?

BETTY: I can’t even remember, give me your phone onihaxy, let me use it to find my phone.

ME: ok ***hand over my phone to her****

BETTY: ***climbed upstairs with my phone in her hand using it to dial her number***

ME: *****ooooooooooooops!!, yeeepa!!!, bimpe’s text!!!!!!, I never delete am ooooo, I pray she didn’t go through it ooooooooo*****

BETTY: **came down with a frown on her face***

ME: ***chaiii, e don happen today****

I bid them farewell and went out of the compound. Betty was holding her phone and mine, she frowned and was silent. Her mood remained the same as we were strolling to the bustop.

ME: my love, you look so dull and silent, what is the matter?

BETTY: **silent***

ME: ***stopped**, betty, what is the matter?, have I done anything wrong?

BETTY: ***stopped also****. Onihaxy, who was the lady that sent you a text two nites ago?. Tell
me the truth and don’t lie please.

ME: ***chaiiii!!!!, e don happen today******