Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)… Part 33

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I dropped at the hospital gate and I paid the bike rider with the last money on me, I even forgot that bimpe promised to pay for my fare.

I entered the compound. It was a 3-storey building hospital with Porsche cars parked inside of it. I was proceeding to the hospital entrance when bimpe appeared from the garage.

She held my hand and pulled to the back of the

ME: **worried** wait wait!!!, where are you taking me to?, where is betty?, what happened to her?.

BIMPE: **tears rolling out of her eyes** stammering

Me: bimpe please don’t scare me, what happened to betty, let me go and see her.

BIMPE: **pulls my cloth back*** betty is fine. Nothing happened to her. Onihaxy, please I need
your help

ME: me?, my help?, you?, how?.

BIMPE: ***held my hands and crying*** onihaxy, please help me.

ME: hold on, wait a minute, first of all, where is

BIMPE: I sent her an errand to get something for me at home. She would soon be here.

ME: then why do you call me here?.

BIMPE: I intentionally collected her phone and used it to scare you so as to bring you here. I knew that’s the only way I could bring you here.

ME: ok, now tell me, how do I help you madam?

BIMPE: **crying** daniella fell from the staircase
this morning.

ME: **screamed** haaaa!!!, temi bami, oh my God, How?, where is she now?, hope she is fine?.

BIMPE: no, she isn’t fine, she was admitted here in this hospital, she lost alot of blood and she needed blood urgently. Please help me onihaxy, save daniella please.

ME: **wiped her tears** its ok, is your husband not around?, call on him please.

BiMPE: he is already on his way here from abuja and he should be here in 1 to 2 hours time. Please I want you to help me before his arrival please.

ME: why me?, I’m not related to you or your husband. Why do you think my blood will be compatible with that of daniella?. Why not tell betty to donate blood?, isn’t she your sister’s husband.

BIMPE: **still crying** betty’s blood had been tested. It wasn’t compatible. Yours will be compatible, I’m very sure. please onihaxy, help me, save daniella.

ME: no, I can’t, I don’t trust you, who knows maybe you had liaised with the doctor to take my blood for rituals. Your heart is so full of evil, I don’t trust you.

BIMPE: **crying** no, I won’t do that to you onihaxy.

ME: but why do you think my blood will be compatible with daniella, since that of your husband’s relations didn’t work?. Maybe you should wait for your husband’s arrival.

BIMPE: **** still crying, held my two hands and knelt down infront of me*** Onihaxy, you are the only one who can save daniella. You are the only one who can help me, and I needed the help before my husband’s arrival please.

ME: I don’t understand

BIMPE: please, can you keep a secret for me?, I promised to return all what I took from you, I promised to be nice to you from henceforth, I promised to turn a newleaf, I promised to get you a good job, I promised this, I promised that…….

Me: **cuts in*** bimpe, just tell me what you want to tell me and leave the promises behind.

BIMPE: **silent and crying for like 10 seconds before speaking up finally*** Onihaxy, eeeehmmmmm!!!!

ME: eeeehmmmm what??

BIMPE: daniella is the product of what happened between us on the hospital bed in Abuja that night. Daniella is your daughter, she needs your help urgently before Henry’s arrival please.

ME: **screamed** whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!




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About 3 months later, betty told me that she had informed her brother about the job fixing, but she said aunty bimpe wasn’t in support of it and she had poisoned her brother’s mind.

She told me that bimpe said I cannot be trusted and that I’m a gold digger who only wanted to ruin and drain the family investments. She told me that she tried to convince her brother but bimpe had always been against me.

“Chaiii, this bimpe again?”

” Why is this girl against my success na?.

I told her its ok and she shouldn’t worry, but betty assured me that I would get a job, she gave my CV to an interior decoration firm in lekki and I was called for a test/interview another 2 months later.

The test was fixed on a monday so I took the some days off at work in ado on friday and told my manager that I would resumed on Wednesday, he wasn’t happy with my 2 days absence but I tried to convince him that I wanted to travel to write a professional exam and he latter accepted.

That friday afternoon, I left work at 3pm and travelled to akure to visit segun after 6 months that we never saw each other, he was aware of my trip to lagos and he gave me his usual training and orientations.

I travelled to lagos from akure and got to my cousin’s place in mushin at 11pm. I had my bath and was later chatting with betty on how we would go about the job test and interview and we agreed to meet at her house on saturday morning.

On saturday, I dressed up and went to lekki to meet betty,. I was welcomed and entertained and I sat down in the living room, betty was alone at home at that moment.

Me: where is bimpe?

BETTY: she went out to a party

ME: what about daniella?

BETTY: she is sleeping upstairs.

ME: ok, I didn’t see your car in the compound. Is it faulty?.

BETTY: not at all, Aunty bimpe took it out.

Me: why?,

BETTY: her highlander is having problem, so the mechanic took it away to fix it.

ME: “chaii!!, Bimpe dey drive highlander and me never get okada??”. Ok dear. When will she be back?.

BETTY: I can’t say, maybe 3 hours time.

ME: how about your uncle?

BETTY: he doesn’t stay at home most weekends. He is doing a partime business course with a foreign university who has affiliate in Abuja,

ME: hmmmmm, no wonder I have never seen him since I have been coming here.

BETTY: smiled. So , let’s talk about the job.

ME: yeah, how do we go about it?.

BETTY: onihaxy, wait a minute. Are you sure there is nothing else apart from the fight you had with Aunty bimpe in potharcout?

ME: why do you ask?

BETTY: because she so much disliked you. Infact, she doesn’t want to hear anything related to you. The other day when our purchase manager resigned. I was trying to talk to bro henry to fix you in and you need to see how aunty bimpe was so much against you.

Me: how?

BETTY: she said you are a gold digger, that you were sacked from somewhere in portharcout because you stole the firm’s money. Bla bla bla.

ME: and you believed her.

BETTY: no, I don’t. Because you don’t look like someone who could do such. But there was no way I could win the argument.

ME: hmmmmm, o ga oooo.

BETTY: even so many times, she had painted you black to me and gave me reasons to dump you. But trust me, I would never do that.

ME: waooh, you mean bimpe did all these things?

BETTY: why would I lie?.

ME: ***took a deep breadth***

BETTY: so onihaxy, is there something I need to know?,

ME: not at all.

BETTY: ok, if you say so, so as I was saying. The interior decoration firm is owned by my father’s friend. He used to travel out and also import furnitures and interiors to nigeria.

Me: so what would be my job position there?.

BETTY: he needed a marketing manager and I convinced him that I have someone who is capable.

ME: haaa, betty, I don’t know much about marketing ooo.

BETTY: its not something difficult jaree. You will just design proposals, go round hotels, offices, companies, online etc to seek for clients for him.
That’s all.

ME: do you think I would be able to handle this thing betty?

BETTY: I believe in you onihaxy, I believed you can do it. What you just need is the connections to people who would be your clients and I’m willing to help you with that.

Me: thanks so much dear.

BETTY: transportation won’t be your problem, bacause an official car should be given to you for easy marketing. And the bigger your clients, the higher your take home packages.

ME: like how much is the salary?.

BETTY: I don’t have idea oo. But I think he should be paying between 70 to 100k per month sha. You know here is lekki, so take homes should be at that range.

ME: “chaiii, official car huge take home, my own don better ooooo” thanks dear.

BETTY: you are welcome, so dear, I want you to prepare hard for the test and interview. I want you to get this job and shame aunty bimpe. I seriously want you to be bigger than 30k monthly salary.

ME: thanks dear.

BETTY: but please, I don’t want aunty bimpe to be aware oo, she might go behind me and poison the man’s mind because he knew bimpe too.

Me: haaaa.

BETTY: don’t worry, you are safe after getting the job, I just want it to be secret for now.

Me: trust me now. We don’t even relate or talk, so how will I get to tell her?.

BETTY: that’s my darling. ***hugs***

Betty and I continued gisting untill daniella woke up and bimpe also arrived. She eyed me as usual after saying ‘Hi” when she saw me in the house, bimpe climb upstairs and betty told me that I need to start going so as to prepare well for the test.

I left lekki at around 5pm and went back to mushin.

I was at oshodi on sunday morning at around 8am to buy new shoe and tie because I didn’t come with tie and my shoe doesn’t look good for a lekki interview. I was under the bridge pricing shoe when I got a call, I looked at the screen and it was betty. I smiled and picked up.

ME: hi darling ***bedroom voice***

STRANGE VOICE: its not betty, this is bimpe ***panting***

ME: **frowned*** ehn ehn?? what happened?

BIMPE: **still panting*** please don’t hang up. Are you still in lagos?

Me: yes

BIMPE: where are you at the moment?

ME: oshodi, and why asking all these questions?, where is betty.

BIMPE: that’s why I called you, come over to mendila hospital in Ajah straightway. Its an emergency.

Me: **screamed**** yeeeeeeh. What happened to her?, what happened to my betty?, tell me!!!!

BIMPE: stop asking questions, when you get here, you will know.

ME: how do I get there from oshodi?.

BIMPE: haaa, take a cab from there directly to ajah. Give the driver the description, don’t worry, I would pay him when he gets here.

ME: ok,

I was so worried and scared, I dropped the shoe I wanted to buy, I climbed oshodi bridge to the other side and I heard a bus shouting lekki ajah.

“Oh my God?, what time will this one get to ajah now?.”

Just while I was still asking rethorical question, I saw a powerbike parked very close to “under bridge” and behold, the rider was coming out of somewhere to mount on it. I ran close to him immediately.

ME: hello, please I need you help, its an emergency

RIDER: ***frowned*** yes, how can I help you?

ME: *scared and panting*** please I need to get to ajah, at mendila hospital.

RIDER: then go and take public bus now.

ME: please, someone so closed to me is dieing on a hospital bed and doctor said there would be no treatment until we pay, I just got the money and I want to rush down there to save her life.

RIDER: ok, your money is 3,000 naira.

ME: ****hian!!!, even Akure to lagos is 1,500naira na**** please have mercy on me, I don’t have up to that amount.

RIDER: **** switch on the bike** then get lost

ME: please wait, ok, I will pay 2k please.

RIDER: ok, I will take it because you said you have a dieing patient. Ok, climb up.

I mount on the power bike and it took me straight to the hospital at ajah in 25 minutes.


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“Chaiiiii, segun was definitely right!!, That house is a place that is dangerous. Bimpe wants to blackmail me, betty wanted to dig deep, na wa oooo” .

I simply delete the previous recording and set the phone on a new one and returned it inside the chair, as I dropped it, betty arrived with container of water. She met me sitting alone in the living room as she entered.

ME: welcome

BETTY: thanks dear, where is aunty bimpe?

ME: she went upstairs. What took you so long?

BETTY: don’t mind me jaree, I met an old friend at the junction, so we began to gist.

ME: hmmmmmmmm

BETTY: you didn’t believe me right?,

ME: I do my dear, just that I wasn’t expecting you to stay out for so long.

BETTY: **fixed the water into the dispenser and came closer to me***. I’m so sorry my dear.

ME: its alright. Its 6pm, I would be going any moment from now, I don’t want to get home at night so that my cousin won’t be angry at me.

BETTY: huuuh. So till when?

ME: maybe tomorrow morning before I return back to akure.

BETTY: ok let me see you off ***screamed: mummy daniella!!!!, onihaxy is leaving****

Bimpe came down stairs and her face looked like someone who had slept but I knew it was fake, betty told her that I was leaving, she acted as if she care and she told me to take care as she returned upstairs while betty and I walked out of the house.

On getting out of the living room, betty excused herself “onihaxy!, please just a minute, I wanted to change my slippers”.

Ok dear no problem, “yimu!!, she wanted to take her recording gadget,”. Betty came out with phone on her hand within 20 seconds and I smiled

“Oluwa, thanks for making me to scale through this one”.

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m not comfortable with this your stay at Ado. I can’t settle there, why not relocate to lagos?. Or will your family go against it?

ME: ***paused and faced betty***, no ooo, no one will be against it, just that I haven’t got any job here yet.

BETTY: ok, I will discussed it with my brother and beg him to fix you somewhere in our daddy’s company.

ME: **held her hands***, thank you so much dear.

BETTY: and if it won’t work out that way, I will need copies of your CV and submit them to daddy’s friends here in lekki and ajah. It would make it easier for us to be seeing regularly instead of this “once in a month of a thing”.

ME: ok dear, I will forward them to your email. thank so much dear.

Betty followed me to the junction, we both board a shuttle bus to lekki phase one gate. I took a “lag bus” going to oshodi and she returned home there after..

While I was in the bus returning to oshodi I logged on to whatsapp to gist my nigga.

ME: hi sege,

SEGE: how far?, how the thing dey go?

ME: fine ooooo, you were right the other time sha.

SEGE: how?

ME: betty was monitoring me.

SEGE: heeee!!, you caught her peeping?,

ME: no oo, she placed her phone on vibration, set it on voice recording and hide it inside the chair.

SEGE: haaa!!, how did you find out?,

ME: after waiting for 15minutes and she hadn’t return, I dialled her number and I found out.

SEGE: thank God ooo, onihaxy, you just have to be careful around these two girls. One wanted discovery and the other wanted a revenge.

ME: you are right.

SEGE: delete any message, image or contact that has to do with bimpe from your phone. If you want to communicate with bimpe secretly, do so on another sim card and make sure you stick to texts than calling.

ME: why?.

SEGE: so as to avoid another voice recording, and if the texts later leaked. You can easily deny it saying its not your number.

ME: ok boss.

SEGE: and don’t always stay alone with bimpe. Make sure a third party is there, don’t they have a maid?.

ME: they used to have, but betty said the maid used to steal their money, so she was fired.

SEGE: ok, you just have to be careful and be mindful of your speech and attitude whenever you are with them. Because if you loose betty, you might not make heaven I swear.

ME: loooool, why na?.

SEGE: she is the available opportunity for you to step up and upgrade your career.

ME: yeah, that reminds me, she said She would try to fix me into her dad’s company or any other firm in lagos so that we can be closer.

SEGE: you see what I was talking about?. You just have to be careful so as not to loose this girl ooo..

Me: ok boss,

SEGE: and also onihaxy, try to control yourself, don’t do anything silly that will ruin everything.

ME: anything silly as how?.

SEGE: by having se*x with bimpe ni, because my instinct tells me that you will still fall on her laps again and again.

ME: haba na, segun!!!!.

SEGE: don’t segun me, abi no be the onihaxy wey I sabi?. You know she is now married and her husband’s sister is also your girl. So don’t even try nursing the thoughts of bleeping bimpe talkless of doing it real.

Me: hmmmmmmm

SEGE: if you refused to listen to me and anything happens, I will deny you and I will never be part of it,

Me: yes boss, I hear you.


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Bimpe climbed up the staircase with her daughter daniella.

I was sitting alone inside the living room and I was scared, I don’t know if bimpe wanted to harm me or I would be implicated by her. Afterall, I was in her house,

”this girl fit carry load put for my head and scream thief oo!!”. I was just getting uncomfortable on the seat when my phone rang.

I checked it and it was segun and I picked.

ME: hello sege.

SEGE: how far na? You don reach?

ME: na there I dey right now oooo.

SEGE: how far?, you see your wife?, sorry, I mean your concubine?.

ME: se bimpe?

SEGE: yes na.

ME: **voice lowered*** omo I saw her ooo, you need to see how her eyes take red.

SEGE: wetin she talk?

ME: she dey threaten me say she go show me pepper.

SEGE: wetin bring about the threat na?

ME: na me first threaten her say I go burst bubble if she no give me my certificates.

SEGE: chaii, onihaxy, you too dey fucck up.

ME: wetin I do?

SEGE: na her house you dey na, you no suppose threaten her. Na peace mission you suppose do. With that, you fit even get access to her phone and sort your pictures.

ME: eyah. But you no tell me before?.

SEGE: must I tell you everything?. If na outside her home na, e for better, but at her house. If she tear her cloths and screamed that you want to forcefully rape her, you know say she go win you hands down?.

ME: na true you talk oooo.

SEGE: and you know that she is in a game with you and looking forward to score more points. So you have to be careful and use your sense.

ME: alright.

SEGE: meanwhile, where is betty?.

ME: she went out to buy water for dispenser.

SEGE: was she inside when you and bimpe dey argue?

ME: no.

SEGE: ok, she never come back?

ME: at all.

SEGE: are you sure that girl is not hanging around to listen to what you and bimpe would discuss since she was interested in digging deep into what happened between you and bimpe?.

ME: I’m not sure she would do that, I’m so sure because I heard the sound of the gate been opened after she left.

SEGE: do you know maybe she just opened and closed the gate and only to sneak back to the window?.

ME: sege!!, I know you are so smart but I’m sure nothing of such is happening.

SEGE: ok oooo, no problem, we go talk later na.

ME ok ***hanged up***

About a minute later, I was bored inside the living room and betty is yet to return. I decided to call her, immediately I dialled her number, I noticed a vibration from beneath of the sofa.

I traced the vibration after dialling for so long time until I discovered that it was betty’s phone and I took it out.

“Eyah, this girl left her. Phone her phone her sha”.

As I was about to drop the phone, a thought just came to my heart.

”This phone ranged few moments ago while she received a call when she came to pick me at the junction.”

“How come the phone is now in silence?”.

I picked up the phone again and pressed the navigation button to review the home page.

Behold, the phone was set on voice recording.


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BETTY: ***turned to bimpe*** that is onihaxy, my boyfriend. **pointing at me***

ME: hi.

BIMPE: **frowned** hi, how are you sir?

ME: ***me?, sir?***, I’m fine ma.

BIMPE: **sat down and pulled her daughter closer****, I heard you came from Ado?.

ME: yes

BIMPE: that’s cool. How was the journey?.

BIMPE: it was ok.

BETTY: **came closer to sit with me** onihaxy, I told Aunty bimpe a lot about you and she had always said she can’t wait to see you.

ME: **chaiiii, *** really?

BIMPE: ***fake smile***yeah. I have always wanted to see the person who puts a smile on my little mummy’s face.

ME: ***smiled also*** thank you ma.

BETTY: loooooolz. That reminds me.

BIMPE: ***looked at betty’s direction*** what’s that?.

BETTY: onihaxy told me that he knew you and that you once lived in the same street, is that true?.

BIMPE: **looked at me somehow*** yes, seems so.

ME: hmmmmmm

BETTY: and he told me that you had a quarrel that hasn’t been resolved.

ME: silent

BIMPE: is that what he told you? ***turned to betty***

BETTY: yes Aunty.

BIMPE: don’t mind him, we lived in same street and we met at a filling station while queuing to buy fuel, and can you imagine, he pushed my keg away and slapped me because I left the queue to squeeze my keg for just a litre of petrol.

ME: ***chaiii, this girl can lie oooo, the devil is definitely a learner ooooo****

BETTY: **turned to me** onihaxy, is that true?

ME: **looking sober** yes, why would I queue inside the sun for over an hour and someone would just come to outline me.

BIMPE: can you just hear him?.

BETTY: **stood up and moved closer to bimpe**. Please its ok, I want everything to settle here right now and that’s why I invited onihaxy here so that both of you can meet and settle.

ME: I’m no more angry with her.

BIMPE: I’m still very much angry. Imagine, he slapped me that day.

BETTY: aunty bimpe, please its ok, let’s just forget the past and let there be peace again. I beg of you.

BIMPE: its ok, I heard you.

BETTY: mummy daniella, are you sure?

BIMPE: yes.

BETTY: haba, Aunty, but you are still frowning now.

BIMPE: its ok **faked smile***.

BETTY: ok, let me bring a wine and let’s have a toast for the peace been restored between you

BIMPE: ok,

ME: ok.

Betty left for the wine and bimpe and I was sitting opposite each other at the living room staring at each other as if we should break bottle on each other’s head. The look on her face was so scary that I was becoming uncomfortable and getting scared as I was seated.

Betty arrived with the wine and we both faked a smile, betty popped the bottle and pour the drink into 3 glass cup. We had a toast and we drank it.

BETTY: now that peace had been restored between two old street neighbours, let me excuse you guys for a moment, I want to buy cway water for the dispenser from the 2nd street. I will be back in a jiffy.

ME: ***smiled*** ok dear.

BIMPE: ***faced betty and smiled also*** alright love.

Betty left the room and bimpe and I were both silent until we heard the sound of the gate indicating that betty had left the compound.

Bimpe stood up from her seat and walked towards me. My heart was beaten faster as she was coming closer. She finally stopped few inches from me.

BIMPE: **yelled with frowned face*** you are playing with fire onihaxy, and I will advise you to thread gently. Don’t just try me.

ME: and what will you do to me? ***with boldness***

BIMPE: let’s just watch and see.

ME: madam calm down. You don’t have to threaten me anymore because I’m now in charge.

BIMPE: let’s just watch and see.

ME: where are my certificates?.

BIMPE: which silly certificates?, you told me that I should eat them. So if you want your certificates, go to lawma, because they have been disposed away long time ago.

ME: bimpe, before the count of 3 bring out my credentials or else…….

BIMPE: or else what?

ME: I will burst out the bubble.

BIMPE: **laughed and clapped**** clap for yourself. Go ahead and burst whatever you want to burst. For your information, my husband and her sister are already aware that a patient raped me while I was working with an abuja based hospital. I have pictures and video evidences of where I was crying helplessly after you raped me.
And also, I have told my husband about my past relationships so there is nothing new that you want to say that he isn’t aware of. So mr man, they would be so happy to meet the guy who did the raping. If you don’t burst whatever you want to burst, then you are a bastard. **hissed and walked out of the living room with her daughter*******


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7 Months After Betty had finally agreed to be mine, bimpe and I are now fake friends on phone.

Whenever I call betty, she would give phone to bimpe to say hi.

Betty was trying all her best to settle the fake fight between me and bimpe, so bimpe and I were playing along just to make betty happy. I asked betty why she was always around bimpe and she told me that they lived together in the same house.

Betty told me that her brother who is bimpe’s husband do travel to abuja most times, so she was staying in the house with the family to assist them.

“Chaiiii, this one is strong oooo”.

I began to miss betty and we agreed that we would be swapping visits. If I visit her this month, she would visit me the following month.

She was the first to visit me the following month. She came on a friday and returned on sunday and it was a moment of sexual and romantic sessions. Betty was so sweet and hot on bed, she was among the girls I so much enjoyed se*x with.

The following month, it was my turn to visit.
Betty made me realise that there was no way I could lodge at her house. She said I could only stay with someone and visit her at home and return same day. I wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement at first but I had no choice than to agree.

The following month on the 3rd weekend, I left Ado on friday evening and travelled to lagos. I got to lag at around 11pm and I stayed over at a cousin’s place in mushin.

On saturday. Betty sent her address to me and I followed it.
I board a bus to oshodi, and from there, I took another bus to lekki phase one and dropped at the gate. I climbed the bridge and crossed to the other side.
At the entrance of lekki phase one gate, I began to count range rover vogue like pure water, “chaiii, omo see big big cars as dem plenty here fa. These are cars I get to see in Ado once in 2 months, no wonder betty said she can’t settle in ado, chaii!!!, this girl’s family must be rich ooo”.

I took a bus from the gate and dropped at road 8 as described by betty. I dropped at the junction and called betty and she later came to pick me.

We walked few distance until we got to her house. ” Chaii!!!, omo see fine bungalow”.

We entered the compound and finally into the living room. I sat on the chair and she offered me a juice. Few seconds later, a small girl walked out of no where to the living room.

Betty said “that is Daniella, Aunty bimpe’s daughter”. I waved at her and she smiled at me, I pulled her closer and was playing with her until I heard footsteps on the staircase as someone was walking down the stairs. I looked at the direction and behold, I set my eyes on my own Adebimpe again and she was staring at me as if she should remove my kidney. I got scared and my heart suddenly began to beat faster.


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BIMPE: onihaxy, I said what do you want?

ME: I want to marry betty, and I don’t want you to stop me. Infact, I want your 100% support.

BIMPE: alright, I heard you.

ME: and also, I want …………

BIMPE: ***cuts in*** Mr man, that all I can grant, nothing more ***hanged up***

ME: “”hian!!! wetin be this na?. I want ask of my certificates na” ***redials number and it was switched off***

I dropped the phone and continued with my work until I got multiple pings from betty. I suspended my activities and chat with her.

ME: hi love.

BETTY: how far?, you have been keeping me waiting since na.

ME: I’m sorry dear, my boss just left.

BETTY: ok dear. So I’m listening.

ME: hmmmmmmm. The truth is that I knew bimpe.

BETTY: hmmm, I thought as much. So she was your ex?

ME: Ex kee?, no oooo.

BETTY: so what was the relationship between you guys?.

ME: we used to live on the same street in portharcout.

BETTY: hmmmmm, why did you deny her earlier on the day you saw her on my phone.

ME: because we weren’t in good terms

BETTY: really?, what happened?

ME: she used to be rude, proud and arrogant. So we had a fight on a particular day and since then, I hated her with passion.

BETTY: are you sure there was nothing romantic attached to it?

ME: betty, I swear to God, you can ask her. **yinmu***

BETTY: ok oooo, no wonder she doesn’t want to talk about you. I guess the hatred na long thing.

ME: loooool.

BETTY: and now that you want to date her husband’s sister, how will you guys be relating?

ME: hmmmmmmm. This one is strong ooooo.

BETTY: hmmm, eleyi Gidi gan. Jokes apart, will you guys continue like this?.

ME: maybe we would settle our differences because of you then.

BETTY: that would be better.

ME: looool. Betty please, can we chat later, I want balance the account for the day.

BETTY: ok dear, TTYL.

I dropped my phone to tidy up my work.
I got home and decided to gist segun on the latest development.

ME: hi sege.

SEGE: Ale Bimpe, how you dey?.

ME: looooool. Not oko again?, na Ale now abi?.

SEGE: yes na, you know say she don marry. So na concubine you be for now.

ME: you no well.

SEGE: so how far about that parole?.

ME: loool. I don do am.

SEGE: e work?

ME: e work. The thing surprise me sef. I don’t know that bimpe can fall for a threat.

SEGE: sebi I told you. You know I’m am oracle. I told you she has her marriage to protect, so its going to work. What you just have to do is to be bold always and don’t let fear appear on your voice and on your face. She would definitely continue to fall for it.

ME: thank you jaree.

SEGE: you don ask for the certificates?

ME: no ooooo,

SEGE: why na?,

ME: I was about to ask when she cut the call, and her number hasn’t been reachable since then.

SEGE: don’t worry. If her dog run away from motor car death for 20years, na cutlass go still kill am.

Me: hmmmmmmm.

SEGE: so what was the negotiation you guys had?.

ME: betty in exchange for her peaceful marriage.

SEGE: that’s my guy, don’t let betty find out the truth about you and bimpe. Or else, you will be finished.

ME: that reminds me, betty made enquiries about bimpe from me sef.

SEGE: really?, when?, how?

ME: she said bimpe saw my picture on her phone and she screamed just like I did when I saw bimpe’s picture on her phone?.

SEGE: haaa!!, that girl smart sha. How you come take resolve am?

ME: I called bimpe to inform her and we both agreed on a story to cook for betty.

SEGE: did it work?

ME: sure. I told betty that bimpe and I once lived on the same street and we had a fight

SEGE: and she believed you?.

ME: yes na. She was even trying to settle the fight for us sef.

SEGE: that’s my boy. You don dey smart be that. Now I’m proud to be a good coach.

ME: you no well.


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I excused myself from betty’s chat and I called bimpe on phone. It rang 3 times without been picked. I dialled it the 4th time and it was picked up.

ME: hello bimpe, its me onihaxy. please don’t hang up on me.

BIMPE: yes?, how can I help you?.

ME: well, I don’t need your help. I think You are the one who needs mine.

BIMPE: **laughs** funny, me?, need your help?, what do you mean?

ME: well, I just had a chat with betty just now and she demanded to know what transpired between us.

BIMPE: **silent for about 5 seconds*** what did you tell her?.

ME: I haven’t disclosed anything yet, that’s why I called you to know what you told her so as to replicate the same in order not to contradict.

BIMPE: *cool voice*** I didn’t tell her anything. I only said your face looked familiar.

ME: that’s exactly what I told her when I first saw your picture on her phone. Maybe that’s why she wanted to find out what was behind the familiarity

BIMPE: ok.

ME: so what should I tell her?.

BIMPE: dismiss the chat and tell her we never met before, Period.

ME: I tried it earlier and it seems not to be working. She gave a condition that its either I tell her or its over between us.

BIMPE: then tell her we once lived in the same street and we had a quarrel.

ME: what if she asked what led to the quarrel?

BIMPE: then think of something to tell her.

ME: ok.

BIMPE: besides, I don’t think its necessary to tell her anything. Just ignore her and let it be over between both of you. Period

ME: that can never be possible bimpe.

BIMPE: **voice changed** what do you mean?. Didn’t I tell you to stay away from my family?. You are stepping on my nerves onihaxy. I can bet it with you that you will regret it if you don’t back off.

ME: bimpe calm down. Betty is the girl I want to marry, infact, she is my last girl standing. So you have to be involved in it and make our union possible. Or else, we will both loose out of this game.

BIMPE: what do you mean?

ME: if I loose betty, then be ready to loose your marriage.

BIMPE: ***laughed***** what a nice threat Mr man, and how do you intended pushing me out of my matrimony sir?.

ME: well, its simple. I have the screen shot of all your sexual conversations with sodiq back in akure, the screenshot of all our sexual conversations also, I have all the blackmail texts and messages you sent to me demanding for money in exchange of my credentials and nudes. I have copies of the nudes.

BIMPE: and what do you intend doing with them?.

ME: nothing much. I have your husband’s home address, his email, his office address, his social network profile and his phone number. I will simply attach all this evidence and forward it directly to him so that he can know the type of girl he married. I will also send a copy to betty for her to see also. So my dear, we will both loose. If I loose betty, I will go to the extreme to make sure that you loose your marriage.

BIMPE: ****silent*****

ME: hello oooooooo.

BIMPE: ***faint voice****onihaxy, what do you want?

“Chai!!!!, it worked!!!!!”


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Over to whatsapp between me and my guy.

SEGE: you don’t mean it!!, you mean bimpe called you to warn you?.

ME: yes.

SEGE: glory be to God almighty.

ME: why that?

SEGE: this is what I have been waiting for.

ME: waiting for as how?.

SEGE: it shows that she is weak and scared. Therefore, this is the right time to strike back at her.

ME: are you sure?

SEGE: yes. Trust me. But onihaxy. You just have to be confident and bold enough to carry out this task I want to give you.

ME: you know I’m always bold na.

SEGE: you dey craze. No be onihaxy wey I sabi?. You fit tremble and forget your name on seeing ordinary laps of a woman.

ME: you dey craze.

SEGE: na you and bimpe dey craze together. So as I was saying. You will pick your phone and call her.

ME: what if it doesn’t go through?.

SEGE: did she use the same number she had been using to text you?.

ME: No,

SEGE: then trust me. The number will be reachable, for her to call and issue a warning, then she must be waiting for a reply.

ME: so what do I tell her when I call her?.

SEGE: tell her that if she wants you to loose betty, then she should be ready to loose her marriage.

ME: just like that?.

SEGE: wait jaree, I never finish.

ME: ok sir.

SEGE: tell her that you have the screen shot of all her sexcapades with sodiq back then in akure, also the screen shot of all your conversations including the threats, the blackmailing, how she had been demanding money from you, pictures of the nudes she sent, and so on.

ME: but you knew that my phone was stolen na. And I couldn’t access her facebook since the day she left akure. So I don’t have any of these things. What if she ask for a proof?.

SEGE: that’s why I said you have to be confident and bold. Don’t let fear appear in your speech or texts, or else, na fucck up be that. Say it as if you mean it. Try and be sharp na onihaxy.

Me: ok, I will try.

SEGE: if she ask for a proof, tell her that you have her husband’s details, his name, phone number, email, social network accounts and house address. Tell her that if she needs a proof, you will document everything and forward it to her husband and also, copies would be sent to betty so that they can check it first. I can bet it with my fingernails, she would come down and even beg you for negotiation.

ME: are you sure?.

SEGE: trust me my guy.

I began to rehearse on how to face bimpe over the phone.

It took me 3 days to gather courage and boldness. I was at work on a friday and I intended to call bimpe when I get home in the evening.

At 2pm, I got a chat message from betty.

BETTY: hi dear

ME: hi sweety. How are you today?

BETTY: I’m fine. And you?

ME: I’m good my love.

BETTY: please I want to ask a question.

ME: go ahead.

BETTY: Are you really sure that you don’t know my brother’s wife?

ME: who is that?

BETTY: Aunty Bimpe

ME: ****scared*** Not really.

BETTY: then how?,

ME: why did you ask?.

BETTY: because when I got back to lagos. I was having a gist with her about my visitation to Ado and I showed her your picture telling her that I met you. I noticed she screamed exactly the same way you did when you saw her picture on my phone.

ME: really??

BETTY: her mood and face changed instantly when she asked of your name and I told her that you are onihaxy. I noticed she felt somehow.

ME: hmmmmm.

BETTY: so please can you tell me the truth. Did you really know her?.

ME: sweetheart. Did she tell you that she knows me.

BETTY: she isn’t willing to answer any question.
That’s why I’m asking you. If you truly love me as you claimed. Then don’t put me in the dark. Can you please tell me what is going on between you guys. Or else, forget about me.

ME: haa, betty, why na.

BETTY: yes. I can’t just build my hope and future on a guy who is secretive. Its either you tell me all I need to know or this union between us is over!!,

ME: ****scared***** ok dear, can you please give me few moments. My boss is around. He must not catch me handling phone during work hours. I will get back to you when he is gone.

BETTY: ok be fast. I’m waiting.

“Chaiii, na which kind wahala be this sef………..”


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I took to whatsapp to gist segun after betty’s departure on saturday.

ME: how far sege?

SEGE: oko bimpe, how you dey?

ME: you no well. I wan gist you jaree

SEGE: ehn ehn!!!, I dey listen.

ME: I have found bimpe

SEGE: tell me its a joke

ME: I’m serious

SEGE: how?, where? When?.

ME: you remember betty?

SEGE: the girl you met at eatery?

ME: yes

SEGE: what happened to her?.

ME: I found bimpe’s picture on her phone.

SEGE: that’s serious. Are they related?

ME: something like that.

SEGE: What was her explanation?

ME: she said bimpe is her brother’s wife.

SEGE: wife??, you mean bimpe is married?

ME: yes. married with a kid who is 15months old.

SEGE: are you serious onihaxy?

ME: I’m serious jor. I even sent the picture to my phone.

SEGE: send it to me and let me see

ME: ok ****shared picture with segun***

SEGE: hehehehehehe, na true ooooo, she don change ooo, she don add weight sef.

ME: abi oo.

SEGE: but e pain me sha

ME: say wetin?

SEGE: say no be you marry her ni. See as dem snatch my friend’s wife.

ME: you no well

SEGE: did you tell betty that you knew bimpe?

ME: not at all, I told her its only a resemblance.

SEGE: your head complete jaree.. But onihaxy, this is a battle line.

ME: as how?

SEGE: if bimpe finds out that you are relating with betty, she might use the girl against you and also use her to get back to you. Or probably poison her mind towards you.

ME: hmmmmmmm.

SEGE: and again, if bimpe finds out, she might think that you want to use betty to get back at her.

ME: hmmmmmmm.

SEGE: and if betty finds out that you and bimpe knew each other, she might want to dig up information about what transpired between both of you. And in the process, you might loose this new girl as a result of the revelation.

ME: hmmmmmmm, you too get sense. So what
do I do?

SEGE: its now easy to get back at bimpe. But the issue is that. Are you ready to sacrifice this new girl?

ME: which girl?

SEGE: betty now

ME how?

SEGE: you can break bimpe’s home by revealing the dirty secrets to betty which will further transfer to her brother but the good news is that, she will never marry you after finding out that you once slept with her brother’s wife.

ME: hmmmmmm. I’m not ready to loose betty ooo. Infact, she is my last girl standing. If she just gave me a “yes”, na to marry straightaway.

SEGE: and bimpe also can not really hit back at you via betty because she has her own marriage to save and protect also.

ME: are you sure?

SEGE: trust me, I see things that you can’t see.

ME: so what do we do next?

SEGE: like I said earlier. This is a table tennis battle between you and bimpe while betty is the egg. It require a lot of wisdom. Just give me time to figure out what to do.

ME: that’s my nigga.

Betty travelled back to lagos the following day and we continued chating and talking on phone until a week later when I got a call from a number which I picked.

ME: hello

CALLER: its bimpe

ME: hee!!, bimpe, how are you?

BIMPE: fine, I just want to tell you that I saw your pictures on betty’s phone and she told me you guys met and have been talking. I just want to warn you. If you know what is good for you, just stay away from this girl completely and stay out of my family. Otherwise, I will make sure you see hell. ***hanged up***

“Chaii, which kind wahala be this again na?””

I returned to segun on whatsapp to update him on what bimpe told me and segun came up with a master plan.