Waec 2018 Geography Obj And Theory Answers – May/June Expo

Geography OBJ:


i)It leads to economy development
Ii)it brings about imployment or job opportunities
Iii)It develops the nation

i)Internal Economies: Internal economies arise within the firm because of the expansion of the size of a particular firm.
ii)Use of machines: The large scale production always makes use of machines. So, all the advantages of the use of machinery are available.
iii)Economies of Organisation: With an increase in the size of the firm, the cost of management is reduced.

i)the north Atlantic route
ii)the Panama central route
iii)trans Pacific trade route
iv)the south Atlantic route

i)it help in the transportation of goods and materials at chesper and safer means
ii)national and international trade water transportation enhance trade between two or more countries and also between two regions
iii)it enhance access to national resources through transportation in different natural resources are discover of the nationa
iv)generationals of revenue water transportation generate revenue through obtaining license from the government of it nations

i)river should be dredged regular
ii)ship should be equipped with refrigerated holds
iii)water weeds should be put under permanent controls
iv)construction of canals to by pass water falls and cataract

i)It is mostly practiced by peasant farmers.
ii)It involves a small area of land.
iii)It involves the use of local tools eg hoe, cutlass etc.

i)It increases yield: Owing to the use of a large area of land, there is an increase in farm yield.
ii)Production of cheap products: As a result of mass production, the sale prices of products are usually very low and affordable.
iii)Provision of quality products: A lot of skill and time is given to the production of the crops and animals, so there are usually of higher quality.
iv)Specialization of labour: Commercial agriculture leads to specialization of labour because all operations are mechanized.

i)Use of small farmlands: Small farmlands results in small yield.
ii)No surplus for sale
iii)Pests and disease are not controlled

i)concentrated in towns
ii)mainly import substituting;
iii)depend on imported machinery/technology;

i)Making relevant products: manufacturing industries in tropical Africa create an environment where the products created for it populace are made with a proper understanding of their needs.
ii)Job creation: With vast youth unemployment in the tropical Africa , manufacturing is one of the only sectors next to agriculture that can create a significant amount of jobs for the currently unemployed in these areas.
iii)Participation in the global economy: Unlike other countries that have strong manufacturing sectors, tropical Africa countries is limited in its participation in the global economy.

i)inadequate capital;
ii)poor management;
iii)shortage of raw materials;
iv)poor infrastructure

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