True Story: How our family driver dis-virgined me, turned me into Nymphomaniac… Part 7

Senior Dorida turned and said

DORIDA: Floxy I’ll like to see you later in my class tomorrow

Barb wire were waiting for me in the designated location because for the first time in my life, I had gotten more than enough dick in a day, so I went home to go wash off cuz my pussy was sore and hurts.


The next day which was a friday, the heavy sex routine of the previous day had made me so tired that I slept and woke up late the next day to school, as I rushed to school, on getting to the gate, I saw Snr Dorida standing their holding a long cane as she was flogging a student that was late to school and fear gripped because I couldn’t tell if she was angry with display yesterday, so when I got close to her, I joined the other two students that were kneeling down and waiting to be flogged by her, she saw me and her face brightened up

DORIDA: Hey floxy, stand up from their and come stand here

As she pointed her left side, I stood up and obeyed her command, when she was done flogging others that defaulted, she walked towards the classroom area as I followed her

DORIDA: Prepare yourself, I’ll be taking to meet some correct chairmen tomorrow, just tell me your address.

I gave her the address to my house and she told me prepare by 12pm that was when she was going to come pick, I had this inner joy that I was now friends with the dreaded Snr Dorida.

Uncle Martins walked into our class and we all stood up and greeted him, he Began to teach us, writing the new topic for the week, I noticed from that from the moment his eyes met with mine, he became confused, he would stutter for 2 minutes and shake his head to bring himself to consciousness, he turned to the class

MARTINS: You guys should go home and create you own note and submit it to the class prefect

He wore his glasses and turned to the class as he looked at a direction that wasn’t where I was

MARTINS: Floxy come out and follow me to the office now, you have to help to mark some result of your classmates

He patiently waited right in front of all me classmates as he handed his note over to me and walked before me while I followed him, on getting to his office, as he opened the door, he seem to be very horny as he grabbed me by the throat and all the books in my hand fell to the floor, he turned me and I rested my arms of the table, he lifted my skirt and inserted his dick and kept moaning as he said

MARTINS: How can your pussy be this sweet? This small girl you made me not to sleep last night

He slapped my ass hard that I got scared that someone don’t hear these slaps and inquire to know who was been beating, he fucked fast and so furious and he would grab my tiny waist with both hands and pound my pussy fast, putting his finger into my butt hole and fucked slowly

MARTINS: Which kinda girl is this ? Your not a small girl oh!

We fucked for only 15minutes and Uncle Martins began to shake like someone bitten by rattle snake and I pulled myself from him, turned and watched as he jerked, holding his throat as he pointed towards his trousers, In fear I grabbed his trousers on to put my hand in his pocket and discovered his inhaler, he opened his mouth and puffed some shots into his mouth and he became relieved, I didn’t say a word, I just wore my clothes and with a vow of never going back to that office again, I was scared to death that I had killed someone with my pussy.


Saturdays comes with its own share of troubles, I hated saturdays for too many reasons, its a day have to clean, wash and cook, and my short supply of dicks to grind me was what I hated most about saturday.

Its 12:25pm and I was all dressed up, waiting for Snr Dorida and I almost died in anxiety, looking at the clock as it ticked away, I heard the blaring sound of a car horn at my gate as I ran out to check who was that, hoping that it was Snr Dorida, a black jeep with tinted glasses parked right beside my gate, as I came out the car honed at me and the glasses of the passengers side of the front door opened and Snr Dorida popped her head out

DORIDA: Come here my dear and get into the car let’s go

The air condition from the car was so chilling that as it met my skin, I felt relaxed, turned to see who was at the drivers seat, it was an elderly man with gray hairs and heavy moustache and he looked at me and smiled as Snr Dorida introduced him to me

DORIDA: Floxy meet my very good friend Mr Bright

Bright: {stretching his hand towards me} pretty girl how are you?

I answered in the affirmative and we drove off towards town, we parked inside a compound and we all came down, then Snr Dorida walked up to me and said

DORIDA: I trust you sha, but behave yourself

Already I was hearing loud moans as we approached the door, I became curious to see the door thrown open and when I got in, nobody turned towards our as they were all busy fucking! It was an orgy party, I almost leapt for just, this was the peak of all my years of smouldering dicks, some people who didn’t want their identity revealed wore mask and it was mainly the fat and pot-bellied men that wore mask, a short dark guy walked up to me and said

SHORT MAN: Follow me!

That was the only word he uttered as I and Snr Dorida followed him, we walked into something that looked like a mini lab, and the short man pointed at a lab technician inside the lab

SHORT MAN: He will tell you what to do

Those where his exact words as he turned and left us in the lab! The lab technician didn’t say a word to us as he took our blood samples from us, few minutes later he turned to us and said

TECHNICIAN: You guys don’t have HIV, your free to go join the rest

But he turned to me and said

TECHNICIAN: You hope you know your pregnant?

Those words hit me like a machine gun faced to my head and the trigger was pulled, not that I couldn’t believe it but it immediately dawned on me that I didn’t know who the father was, I turned to the technician and said

FLOXY: sir can you help me remove it?

He turned towards a pile of drugs and then acted like he found gold as he smiled and handed me a drug

TECHNICIAN: Take these tablets after today

As we turned to leave,now naked and ready for the show, I saw different types of mask hung by the door, I grabbed one and wore it on my face, Snr Dorida teased me

DORIDA: Oh floxy your so funny!

The moment I got back into the living room where everybody was busy fucking, a stout dark guy on mask rushed me, carried me to a corner, made me bend facing the door as he put his condom on and began to fuck me slowly and grabbing my boobs while he kept fucking me lazily.

The door to the orgy party opened and my dad walked right inside, I almost fainted in Shock! He must really be a fun person to this group of men because the moment he entered the room, I could hear people cheering him “THE BOSS” even the fat guy banging me from behind, turned towards him and greeted him “ALPHA”

He sat down exactly opposite me as he dragged Snr Dorida to suck his dick while he kept spanking the ass of another girl that was riding the dick of a much younger guy, my dad was really a freak as he kept saying

DAD: Yes people fuck and enjoy your life jare.

He would spray dollars from his wallet into the air and girls would scramble for it and still continue to fuck their various partners, this was a man I ask for two thousand naira this morning and he explained to me how the situation of the economy was bad for his business, I thought to myself, the best way to revenge his evil action earlier today was to remove the mask and let know that I have seen all he is worth

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