True Story: How our family driver dis-virgined me, turned me into Nymphomaniac… Part 6

Uncle Martins frowned as he asked me what I was looking at and what my hand was doing inside my bra, he peeped and saw Mr Adewale in hot action as he smiled and said

Martins: You seem to like what they are doing inside there, you this small girl

He immediately knocked hard on the as he said

MARTINS: Padi, open na your guy

Mr Adewale opened the door, strutting his huge dick before Uncle Martins and he drew me inside and Snr Dorida was shocked as she closed her legs and brought her skirt down

ADEWALE: Martin seriously how did you discover this girl? You know say she dey finish work? Na today I fear you

MARTINS: Wetin you dey talk? Na infront of your office I see her as she peep you through window

ADEWALE: Shun my man, fire down, this girl would put you on that side and dis-orientate you waist for you

MARTINS: {smiling and pointing at me} dis small girl? You no know wetin you dey talk.

ADEWALE: {Turning towards me} come floxy, you know your punishment?

I shook my head saying no and Mr Adewale continued

ADEWALE: You will do the same thing I caught doing with your classmates in the bush earlier today.

I kept a sad face but inside my heart I was having a party already, I didn’t waste anytime, I hurriedly took of my clothes not to give Uncle Martins the chance to change his mind about that, he drew me close and told me to sit on his bosom, began to fondle my breast as he asked me

MARTINS: So you were caught in the bush today having sex right?

And just in time Mr Adewale cuts in and said

ADEWALE: This girl your calling small girl handled three of her classmates and made sure all of them were satisfied

He spread my legs apart and began to finger me with his index finger, fucking me slowly as he kept asking me questions

MARTINS: How old are you ?

In my shaky voice I answered him

FLOXY: Am 16yrs sir

And Mr Adewale who was about to resume his rendezvous as he turned to Uncle Martins

ADEWALE: I tell you say she don ripe! 16yrs pikin dis day dey handle big man like us, knack am till him sweat for bed

And it seems like my age was the driving force that geared Uncle Martins to continue with his plan, he slides two fingers into my pussy, pushed my back to rest on the cushion and placed the other hand on the lower region of my abdomen as he began to finger fuck me fast and would look at my facial reaction while using his thumb to rub my clit, he would fuck me fast and ask me

MARTINS: Are you enjoying it?

And I’ll moan out and say ‘YES’ and he would continue again, meanwhile Snr Dorida was sucking Mr Adewale’s flaccid dick and was trying to make him gain erection and he looked disturbed as he removed his dick from her mouth and said

ADEWALE: This is why you fail in class, I have told you if you want to suck a guys dick, don’t use your teeth! Its a turn off

And Snr Dorida apologised as she turned and looked at Uncle Martins as he was pleasuring me

DORIDA: Sorry Uncle, let me do it well now please

ADEWALE: {looking angry} If you don’t get it well this time, just consider that you have failed agric this second term

She carefully took his dick into his mouth, she was getting it because the angry Mr Adewale seemed relaxed as he began to moan

ADEWALE: Ehn! Its now your getting it, so you can suck like this and your biting me with your teeth since

Uncle Martins finger fucked so well that I threw shyness to the wind, emboldened by the high state of ecstacy that his fingering and caressing had driven me to, I jumped out of his body, hurriedly began to pull his belt out and spoke fast in his self-styled warri accent

MARTINS: Shooo! Dis girl want dis prick now now oh!

I didn’t even cared to listen to his complains, his dick though very thin and curved like a banana, had enough flesh to fill my mouth as I began to suck him, he bent his head backwards and place both hands on my head and directed my mouth how he wanted to be sucked.

MARTINS: Yes Floxy, tru tru you dey finish work

I sucked him dick so fast, licking his balls and stroking his cock that was made sloppy from my spit and gave him a fast handjob and carefully suck one ball after the other, making sure I gave him the best I could offer, he began to jerk fast! I knew he was about to cum but that didn’t deter me, as I sucked harder and he tried to push my mouth off when he was about to cum, I grabbed him from his buttocks and swallowed his dick deeper into my mouth and his cum ran straight into my throat and I swallowed it.

In frantic efforts to get that dick inside me, acting like I was possessed by the goddess of karma sutra, I pushed Uncle Martin to the cushion, turned my back facing him, I used my hand to hold his dick as I inserted it into my pussy and began to whine my waist in circles as Uncle Martins grabbed my breast from behind and was kissing my back and neck, I notice Mr Adewale and Snr Dorida automatically stopped and was watching me show Uncle Martins my prowess, I stood up with his cock still inside me, I began to pound his dick in slow hard strokes, I would go up slowly and come down with all the full force my hips could muster and it will collide and his balls was seen bouncing up and down, as he kept jerking from under to meet my hard strokes when am coming down heavy on his dick.

Next thing I knew, Mr Adewale left Snr Dorida, walked up to me, grabbed my boobs and began to press it hard as he directed my hand to his dick, I lifted it up and placed his dick in my mouth and began to suck him, grabbing him from the buttocks and was spank my Teachers ass as I sucked him.

Uncle Martins began to jerk fast and he kept squeezing one of my boobs while Mr Adewale was squeezing the other one as I kept sucking him, it seem both of them have same sex clock as the two of them began to moan endlessly, and BOOM! Uncle martins was the first to cum deep inside me, and Mr Adewale followed suit as he shot his cum in my mouth.

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