True Story: How our family driver dis-virgined me, turned me into Nymphomaniac… Part 3

I would sit in class and all i could think of is closing time so that i could get back under Chris and let him ravage my body, but as time went on, it was obvious he got tired of me, i complained about him to my mum and he was sacked, my excuse? i told mum he keeps coming late and he beats me alot, being the pet of the house i would get anything i want done.

bro. bayo my lesson home teacher was my next port of call, he just finished SS3 and instead of him to stay idle, my mum employed him to coach me in some science courses and i was happy, over time i have come to love the art of flirting, you see a man who barely cares about you but with the power of lust encoded in the male gene, a mere flash of a vagina, he is singing halleluyah and promising both heaven and earth, all in a bid to satisfy his insatiabl lust.

Bro bayo looked like the typical church boy, quiet and never smiles, his looks would make you handover your daughter under his care and when he gets the needed chance, he would corrupt your daughter to a point of no repentance, i never made the move to lure him rather he was the one that made the move, we would be in my room, door closed while its just the two of us at home.

Bayo: Floxy your a fine girl o, if only you were a correct girl i’ll like to have you as my girlfriend.

Me: {Smiling} brother! am not a small girl o, i have had a boyfriend before o

Bayo: Serious? does he touch you like that?

Me: Bro bayo, if i tell you now you will go and tell my mother

Bayo: look at this girl, am the one even scared if you will go and tell your mother

Me: No i won’t na

Bayo: Oya come close

He drew me close and gave me a deep kiss, and since i didnt protest, he pulled my skirt up and we had sex.


Bro bayo’s was the whole slept me all through my JSS3 until i moved into senior class, bro bayo was the one screwing me, i knew i need more hands to be able to quench this burning desire inside of me and SS1 was my “go card” i had been looking for.

walking down the veranda of the senior secondary section, i saw a classmate of mine crying, she had catarrh drooling out of her nose, as i walked up to her to enquire why she was crying, she bowed her head in tears and told me

Girl: Senior jude, the one they call barb wire

Me: Yes?

Girl: Him and his friends rape me, the dragged me into the bush and raped me.

I didn’t feel sorry for her, i wished i was been raped, how can someone have too many dicks and complain? i needed to be stuffed like her and i turned immediately and left the place, while she kept crying, all i could reason was where i could locate barb wire and his friends so that we can rape me as much as they want.

After over an hour of futile search, i had lost hope of seeing barb wire and his friends until i decided to go urinate in a nearby bush, it was then i saw him and two other of his friends as they sat down, smoking something that looked like marijuana and walked towards them, when i was closer to where they could see me clearly, i raised my skirt, pulled my pants off and made sure as i knelt down that my gaping vagina was staring them to the face.

Barb wire was the first to bend down to get a very clear view of it, i heard his other friend called Stone as he pushed barb wire and said

Stone: Barb wire you see fresh toto? omo if we no chop dis thing we don jonse

Barb wire: You dey craze ni? your oga never give order you dey talk anyhow.

My pant in my hands, and my skirt still up, i turned to all of them and touching my vagina as i said

Me: Stone i know guys like you, only mouth but no action

The shock in their eyes almost made me laugh

Me: Yes na, even if i allow the three of una sef, you guys can’t do anything

Barb wire: if we no fuck dis girl today make i die, i go fuck until your toto bleed

And Barb wire gave them order to drag me deep into the bush, I never made move to run and walked with them into the bush until we got to our abandoned agric poultry farm, barb wire told me to pull my clothes of which I did gently and neatly, not wanting to dirty my school uniform.

I laid my back on the ground as barb wire told me to suck his dick, just then stone and his other friend brought out their dicks too, amongst all the other friend that barely says a word was the most endowed amongst all of them, as the trio of them surrounded me and I was sucking them and making sure they enjoyed it, Stone like I imagined was the first to moan like a fool as I sucked him and he shoot his cum straight into my mouth

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