The Best Private Universities in Lagos State and Their Fees

What are the best private universities in Lagos? Can you afford to study there? Read on as we explain to you a lot about universities in Nigeria! You will find out the whole list of institutions to study in Lagos state with their school fees. Continue reading to find out more!

All Private Universities in Lagos

How many private universities in Lagos? For today, there are 8 accredited private universities in Lagos. They claim to provide the best quality of education. Let`s take a look at all of them!

1. Anchor University, Lagos


The Anchor University was created by Deeper Christian Life Ministry. This Evangelistic movement was established in August 1973. This Ministry is related to the educational institutions across 60 countries of the world.

This university consists of three faculties and every faculty has its cost for studying:

  • Natural Science – the total tuition fee for the year is N600,000;
  • Management and Social Science – the total tuition fee for the year is N550,000;
  • Humanities – the total tuition fee for the year is N500,000.

The university also provides accommodation. The total price for the accommodation starts from N60,000 up to N200,000.

2. Christopher University

It`s one of the newest private universities in Lagos Nigeria. It got the accreditation number in 2015. The main idea of the university is to create specialists who can survive on the global market and bear the traditions of the university.

What about the school fees for Christopher University? The school fees vary from N420,000 to N470,000 per year depending on the level of students.

3. South Western University

South Western University in Nigeria is another perfect example of a good private institution in Nigeria. It provides a great choice of disciplines. The most popular courses for this university include banking and finance, international relationships, mass communication, marketing, economics, business administration, microbiology, computer science and accounting.

The total price for the school fees is N175,000 per year. You will also be required to pay N25,000 for infrastructural development.

4. Redeemer`s University Mowe

It`s also one of the newest accredited universities in Nigeria that provides a lot of disciplines to study. The university is divided into four colleges:

  • College of Humanities;
  • College of Management Sciences;
  • College of Natural Sciences;
  • College of Law.

You will need to pay the school fees according to the semester of study. The lowest total fee for the semester starts from N87,000 and goes up to N655,000. You will also be required to pay the first year admission fee which is N144,000 for male and N166,500 for female.

5. Pan-Atlantic University Lagos

Pan-Atlantic University in Lagos provides great opportunities for people to study. You can select out of four different courses of study:

  • Accounting – N1,850,000 (first year), N1,760,000 (second year), N1,650,000 (third year), N1,650,000 (fourth year);
  • Business Administration and Economics – N1,850,000 (first year), N1,760,000 (second year), N1,650,000 (third year), N1,650,000 (fourth year);
  • Mass Communication – N1,950,000 (first year), N1,860,000 (second year), N1,700,000 (third year), N1,700,000 (fourth year);
  • Accounting – N2,050,000 (first year), N1,960,000 (second year), N1,750,000 (third year).

6. Caleb University Lagos

It`s another university you will want to attend. It provides a great variety of courses for applicants. The university consists of three colleges: Environmental Science, Pure and Applied Science, Social and Management Sciences. The school fees start at N189,500 per semester.

7. Babcock University

It`s one of the biggest private universities in Nigeria. The price for the tuition in this university usually starts from N500,000 per year. Still, you shouldn`t forget about additional fees for books, library or accommodation.

8. Augustine University

Augustine University is another example of one of the best private university in Lagos. It has a great variety of courses that you can attend. Depending on the course, the price starts from N250,000 and up to N312,000 per year.

What are the main advantages of private universities Lagos Nigeria?

Private universities are very different from government educational institutions, they are equipped with modern equipment so students may feel comfortable studying there.

The main advantage of private schools is small class sizes. Therefore, teachers may be more attentive to students. At the same time, students will be more attentive in a classroom as they do not need to overlook to see a teacher..

Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages of studying in such universities. One of the main disadvantages is the price. It`s significantly higher than in common universities. Still, you pay money for that education, and it means that you can expect a better quality, however there are limited limited number of courses offered in private universities.

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