Story: 4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND… Part 9

It was Monday morning but it felt like a Saturday because we left home on Friday. I woke up aching sweetly in the right places, I felt worn out yet refreshed. I turned on my back, facing up, I stretched and yawned then I felt around my bed looking for my BB. I found it under my pillow, put it on, and said a quick prayer and started checking my Messages, I had plenty but I was just interested in one at present; Habib’s. If his messages weren’t waiting for me on my phone this morning I would have felt bad, disappointed in fact. I read his pings and my heart swelled! It went thus: ‘Morning sunshine’, ‘It felt strange and lonely waking up alone’. ‘I miss you’, ‘Ping me when you wake up’, ‘Kiss kiss’. I quickly typed my reply, ‘Good morning sweetheart’, ‘I slept well and I’m still aching pleasantly all the places you touched, I miss you too’. I dropped my phone on my bed and stood up, I went into the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower, naturally I would have done some exercises but the S£x I had over the weekend had cover it! I put on a tank top and a short skirt and went into the sitting room taking along my BB. Everyone was there except Koyin.
‘Good morning ladies, how was ya nights?’ I greeted. ‘Refreshing’ Bimpe said, ‘Fine’ Amanda said. ‘Where’s Koyin?’ I enquired, ‘I never see am this morning but he be like say movement they her room, make I check am?’ Amanda asked already heading towards her room. ‘No don’t bother’, I said trying to digest what I’ve just heard, I remembered I left Koyin and Opeyemi in the sitting room, and now Amanda is hearing movement coming from her room, could it be that Ope slept over? Hmmm, today should be interesting; I thought and went into the kitchen. There were some fried eggs in the pan, I put some on my plate, took six sliced breads and made a cup of green tea to take with it, I put all in a tray and went to sit at the dining. Bimpe was reading a novel, Amanda was watching TV and I was on my fourth bread when Koyin came out of her room, Ope was closely behind her, I swear, if Koyin was white, she would have turned red at that moment! ‘Mo morning girls’, she whispered. ‘Morning’, we all chorused trying very hard and succeeding to hide our smiles. Ope sensed her distress and moved closer to her, he draped his left hand over her shoulder and said to us, ‘Morning angels, am I safe?’ This time we all giggled and he continued, ‘My headlights developed some faults as we were coming yesterday, and she wouldn’t allow me to drive home alone with bad lights, isn’t she caring? He asked. Bimpe and I nodded in agreement and Amanda said, ‘Very caring, not that you owe us any explanations though’. I eyed Amanda, she didn’t have to say that, it only embarrassed both of them more, why they were both embarrassed was beyond me though. ‘Ok then I’ll be on my way, y’all have a good week ahead’ he said walking out still holding Koyin. ‘We will, thank you, bye’, Bimpe said.
I quickly finished my food, took my plate to the kitchen, washed and dried them and hurried back to the sitting room. A minute after I sat down, Koyin came in raising her two hands up like she was being arrested. ‘Ok girls, before you people pounce on me, yes he slept here, no we didn’t Be Intimate and no it’s not what you are thinking! Any other questions?’ she asked. ‘Yes’, we all answered at once. She rolled her eyes at us, dropped her hand from the arrest position and slumped on the sofa,‘What is it? I thought I answered your questions already!’ she said. ‘Why..’ ‘How..’ ‘When..’ we all started to speak at the same time, she raised up her hand and said, ‘One by one oo’, but I said, ‘Girls keep calm, since we promised to tell each other how our weekend went, I think she should start from the beginning, start from when we all said goodbye to each other and you entered his car! Then each of us will relate our experience too. No one should interrupt anyone while narrating unless it is absolutely necessary, deal?’ Amanda and Bimpe nodded but Koyin asked pouting, ‘Why do we have to start with me?’ ‘Because Ope slept in your room last night and you got caught this morning’, I answered. ‘And remember don’t leave anything out no matter how small or irrelevant!’ I added. ‘Ok ma, but can I get my food first sa?’ ‘Hurry’! Amanda said. She came back to sit with us after eating then she started telling us about her weekend…
‘Hope you are good?’ Ope asked me as I buckled my seatbelt, I looked at him smiling, ‘Yes I’m fine, thank you’, and I looked away. He started the engine and drove off into the night. ‘Where would you like to go before we go to my crib?’ he asked me. ‘Anywhere’ I answered. ‘Anywhere is nowhere Koyin, do you have any place in mind?’ he pestered me. ‘Ok ok, I like high life music, my father is a fan, I grew up on it. If you know a place where we can chill and listen to one, I don’t mind’, I told him. ‘Now you are talking, I know a place in Yaba, very close to the E-center that plays good high life music’, he told me as he drove towards the express. The rest of the journey was spent in silence and I would have paid a lot of money to know what he was thinking about. ‘Here we are madam’, he said bringing me to the present. ‘Oh’, I said unbuckling my seatbelt and getting out of the car. He walked around to my side of the car and took my right hand in his left hand; we walked side by side into the bar.

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