Story: 4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND… Part 7

…A knock on the door interrupted me this time, Amanda went to answer the door and behold, our princes stood at the door, ‘Welcome to the lioness den, please come in if you’re brave enough’, Amanda welcomed them into our home. The guys, led by Tony, followed by Lekan, Habib and Opeyemi came into our apartment. They were all looking charming and well dressed but my gaze was just for one person, Habib. ‘Meehn, this guy is fine!’. He was dressed in a dark green polo shirt over a dark blue jeans, a silver stud in his left ear, his left wrist housed a silver Swatch while a tiny silver chain adorned his right wrist. His facial features were perfect, his hair was cut very short and waves were in it, his dark eyebrows was full but it was neatly arranged. His eye lashes were long and dark, his nose sat perfectly on his face but what really got me was his full lips, I couldn’t help but imagine what I could do to his lips and what his lips could do to my body, instantly that got me all wet below. He has a very masculine body, you know; the big chest and six pack types. His arms filled the helm of his Polo shirt and the rest of the clothe molded his body well and his soft leather sandal looked good on his feet. I licked my lips and blinked my eyes.
I searched the faces of my friends’ and they were all taking in their partners. Opeyemi was dressed in a short sleeved navy blue shirt and a black pant trouser. He had on a leather wristwatch, a gold chain circled his neck and he had a black shoe on and I’m sure if we ask Koyin, she will say her man is the most handsome amongst the four men. Tony wore a deeply cut V-neck white shirt over short brown knickers but what I love about his outfit was the brown hat he had on his head. A bead on his wrist and brown loafers on his feet completed his dressing. Lekan wore a tailored shirt, the white embroidery on the lemon colored shirt was beautifully made, he wore it over black jeans, and there was a silver chain around his neck, a silver wrist chain around his right wrist and a black leather wristwatch on his left wrist. They were all cutely dressed, my gaze went back to Habib and I caught him starring at me too, we smiled at each other and I regained my senses.
‘Since you guys were brave enough to enter the lioness den, I think you should sit down but first let me introduce you officially to my friends even though you guys have been talking for the last few days’, I said. I don’t know why I’m introducing them self, because each girl was beside her man already, anyways, courtesy demands. ‘Opeyemi, Tony, Habib, Lekan, please meet my friends, this is Amanda, this is Koyinsola, this is Bimpe and I am Sandra, we are pleased to have you here’, all these were said amidst handshakes and hugs. My girls were so quiet! Were they turning shy on me? No way! I thought to myself. ‘Since you guys were generous to provide these champagnes, I think it’s only fair to share it with you!’ Amanda said and Koyin and Bimpe stood up together to go and get the champagne flute, one person can get these flutes ordinarily but I’m sure they needed to gossip, ‘I’ll get the ice cubes for the drinks’ Amanda said. What? I can’t believe these girls are ditching me to go gossip! What am I suppose to go get oo? Then I remembered we have some cashew nuts at home. ‘Let me get you some refreshment with the drink’, I said running to the kitchen. I could see the boys smiling, so what if they know we were gossiping about them? I mean they’ve had their time too! When I opened the door the girls were whispering with glee like a she-dog in heat! ‘How dare you girls leave me out of this?’ I whispered with glee myself, they drew me into their circle and we group hugged, ‘Woow, pictures do lie, these guys are way too cute’, Koyin said. ‘I know, but we’ve to get back now before they change their minds and run away’, I said. Each girl took what she came for and we piled out of the kitchen as we entered the living room the guys head was also together in discussion!
Alas, they were gossiping about us too and we caught them. We were all smiling as we set down our wares on the centre table. ‘Ok, we guys are not going to pretend we were not talking about you ladies like you went to gossip about us in the kitchen, we were just appreciating what we’ve seen, right guys?’ Habib said as he picked up one champagne bottle to open. ‘Right’, the boys said and nodded in agreement. ‘So when you guys say something behind us it’s ‘talking’ but when we do it, its ‘gossiping’ abi?’ Bimpe asked, where Bimpe did got such confidence from, I don’t know, but I liked it. ‘Well, it is common knowledge that girls gossip more than boys, I mean, you people talk about everything, especially us boys’, Tony added while Habib filled out flutes. ‘Opeyemi, as a lawyer, do you also agree to this? Do you think women do gossip more than men?’, Koyin asked her intended lover looking him straight in the eye. Oh oh, God help this guy, because koyin’s eyes are enchanting and when she turned them on you, you have no chance at all. ‘Well, it depends on the school of thought you belong too and the kind of female or male we are talking about, you know some guys do gossip more than girls’. Ope tried to be diplomatic while he stood bewitched, the guys were about to turn on him when I saved him.
‘Can we make a toast and drink these champagnes?’ I asked, we all stood up raising our flutes up and I said, ‘To four couples on their way to libration and happiness, may this weekend be one to remember for the rest of our lives?’, ‘Hear, hear, hear’, we all echoed. ‘To four pretty ladies who are brave and Sekxy, may you find what you seek’, Lekan toasted on behalf of the boys and we drank our champagne. ‘So, how did you girls meet?’ Lekan asked and Amanda told him how we met at the NYSC and how we’ve been together ever since. ‘Wow, you guys really are connected, it’s not easy for four girls to live together and not fight, how do you do it?’ Opeyemi asked and Koyin answered. ‘Who told you we don’t fight? These girls can frustrate the life out of each other!’, Amanda, Bimpe and I turned a questioning look on Koyin, she pretended not to see us and continued. ‘But we love each other and respect each others’ space and differences and there’s division of labour too, no one falls sick on their cleaning day’, everyone laughed.
‘Me I get question for lady nurse oo!’ Tony said and we all directed our attention to Bimpe ‘Matthew 7:7’ Bimpe answered. ‘I’ll like to know why all matrons at the hospitals have big yansh, do you guys do something to it?’ We were all laughing before he finished his question and amidst our laughter Bimpe answered him. ‘Well, we’ve sworn an oat not to tell! It’s our secret, I’ll have to kill you if I tell you and I’m sure you are not ready to die? Talo feku?’ She asked, all the while the TV was on but we were too involved in ourselves to watch it until the NEWS came on, we turned up the volume. ‘Hope you girls are ready, I think we should leave after the news’, Opeyemi suggested. ‘Ok then, if you will excuse us’, I said and we cleared the table and we went into our respective rooms, when I came back to the living room, Amanda and Bimpe were already there, they’ve changed their outfits and they were smiling broadly with glints in their eyes, ‘What did I miss?’ I asked. ‘Well the Lagos state governor just declared June 12 a public holiday, and it is Monday!’ Tony informed me as Koyin walked into the living room. ‘He be like say I hear person say public holiday now?’ Koyin asked. ‘Yes dear, Monday is a public holiday, isn’t that nice?’ Lekan asked.

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