Story: 4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND… Part 5

Today was hectic; it took me close to six hours to drive home after I left Demola and the other guys at Troy bar. I was so tired; I just hoped the girls were still up because I couldn’t wait to hear what they had to say after I sent each of them their weekend dates picture; especially Bimpe and Koyin. I also can’t wait to tell them how the day went. I got out of my car taking my jacket and bag with me; I locked the car and strolled in lazily. I entered our apartment and everyone looked up as I dropped into the nearest chair to me. ‘Welcome dear, I don’t need to ask how your day was, your face says it all’ Koyin said. ‘I was just about to send out a search party out to look for you’, said Amanda. ‘Thank you ma, I’m home now you can call back your search party’. I told Amanda, ‘Where is Bimpe?’ I asked. ‘She’s in the kitchen as usual’, and Bimpe was on cue as she came out of the kitchen carrying our serving bowl with her, sweet aroma filled the air. ‘Sup girl, when did you get back?’ she asked me, ‘Just now’, I replied. ‘You look tired, pele dear, food is ready. We’re having yam porridge’, she announced as she went back into the kitchen. ‘You guys go ahead, let me just have a quick shower, Ama can you come with me please’, I said standing up and going into my room, Amanda was right behind me.
‘So what’s up with Bimpe? Have you talked some sense into her?’, I asked as I went into the bathroom. ‘Yes I tried my best, but I think what finally convinced her was the picture you sent. She hasn’t been able to stop talking about how handsome he is, so I think we’re good with her’, she reported as I came out of the bathroom. ‘Good, we’ll talk about the guys over dinner, I’ll join you soon’, I said while I toweled myself dry. ‘Be fast, I can’t wait!’, she said and walked out of my room. I put on a short gown and packed my hair in a hair net and went into the living room. Everyone was sitting at the table; I sat down as Bimpe served my food. I watched my friends’ faces and I am sure I had them where I wanted them, “eager to talk”. Koyin said a short prayer and we all began to eat, two minutes later, Amanda said’ ‘Ok, enough with the suspense, can’t wait anymore, please tell me about my guy’. I smiled broadly and looked at Koyin and Bimpe to be sure they were interested; yes they were excited; they had stopped eating and were all staring at me. I smiled broadly to myself, I like having my way, always!
‘Who do I start with?’, I asked. ‘Me’, they all echoed. ‘Ok I’ll start with Koyin. Your guy’s name is Ope, he’s single, he’s a lawyer, he’s a good guy. He’s in the same emotional state as you are. He just lost his girlfriend and I met him today. I guarantee you, he’s cool and safe and he really likes you too’, I told her. ‘Now the question is, do you like him?’, I asked, ‘Yes I do! Arh, the guy handsome die oo, make I no lie, I think this weekend will be fun after all’, she said beaming. ‘That’s my girl’, I high “fived” her and she took it. ‘Bimpe, what do you think about the guy’s picture I sent you?’, I asked holding my breath, ‘Well, he’s fine, I like his smile. Who is he?’, She asked. ‘His name is Tony, he’s a Naval officer, cool guy, very charming, you won’t believe he greeted me with a kiss at the back of my hand! He’s a bit busy but not at present and he’s single too’. I told Bimpe and she said, ‘You sure know how to find them don’t you?’, ‘If that is a complement, I take it, thank you’. ‘Ama, the only thing you need to know about your guy is that he’s rich’, I said and everyone burst into laughter. ‘Common Sandra it’s not all about money oo, abeg download his profile for me’, Amanda said. ‘Ok ooo, his name is Lekan, he’s a banker, rich, a selfless spender. He’s always busy but he knows how to show a girl a good time. Met him today, he’s cool. He’s single and he likes you too’, I told her. ‘I like him too; so far he can spend his money. So who is your own booboo?’, she asked.
‘Well, his name is Habib’, I said passing my blackberry to Koyin who sat to my right so she can see his picture; she passed the phone to Amanda who passed it to Bimpe. ‘I trust you to save the best for yourself’, Amanda said pouting at me, ‘I’ll gladly exchange with you, the only problem is that he’s not a cheerful spender’, I lied. She said eyeing me ‘No, thank you, I’m ok with my Lekan, you can have Habib to yourself’. oh how I know my friends. ‘So, any question for me?’, I asked, ‘Yes’, Bimpe said, ‘Do you know if any of these guys is in a relationship?’, I didn’t want to lie to my friends neither do I want to raise their hopes so I said the truth, ‘I really don’t know dear but let’s look at it this way; if they are truly in love with their girlfriends will they be having a weekend out? I mean, if you girls were still in a relationship would I be able to convince you to this plan?’, I asked, ‘No’, they all echoed. ‘How do we meet them and where are they taking us’, Amanda asked. ‘I’ve given them your bb pins and I’m sure they will add you up tonight, so you guys can get to know each other. They will pick us up here on Friday, 8pm but I don’t know where they are taking us, it’s a surprise’, I answered. ‘Any other question?’ I asked, ‘Well, I will like to know where, when and how you got these guys in 24 hours?’, Koyin asked, why are they asking me questions I don’t want to answer, if I tell them I met them through Demola, they might want to pull out or get shy around him, so I lied by omission, ‘That’s my secret, you don’t expect me to tell you my secret so you can become the queen naughty lady?’, I said while clearing the table, Koyin swatted my buttocks as I passed by her to the kitchen, ‘Ouch’, I moaned.

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