Story: 4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND… Part 4

We retired to the lounging area to continue the discussion; I sat beside him on the love seat. Demola opened his IPad and passed it to me, ‘This is Lekan, he’s a banker but he’s rich and as you can see for yourself he’s handsome and I think Amanda will like him, he has all the qualities she likes. He is a very busy person, not the jealous type, he’s a cheerful spender and he’s a friend’. ‘Good, he’s perfect for Ama,’ I said. I scrolled on and stopped at the photo of this beautiful man, ‘Wow’ I said and looked at my friend, ‘Please tell me he’s for me’, I asked eyeing him. ‘Asewo buruku. Anyway, because I know you very well I went out of my way to find you your perfect match and yes, he’s for you’ he replied grinning as much as I was grinning myself, ‘Tell me about him’, I implored. ‘Ok, his name his Habib, he works for Ex-oil, he’s the boss and also the boss’s son, he’s naughty and frank, he doesn’t like playing games, he likes to spend and here’s the good part, he likes you!’
‘Demo! How can he like me when I’ve never met him?’ I asked. ‘Remember when I told you some guys were interested in you the last time I used your picture as my D.P, and you said you weren’t interested? Well, he’s one of them’, he told me. ‘I’m so so interested in his fine Bottom and pocket, is he available this weekend?’ I asked, ‘For you, I’m sure he will be, let me call him’. He made the call putting his phone on speaker and I listened in as I held my breath, ‘How far guy, how hustle,’ Demola asked, ‘I’m fine oo brother, anything for your brother’ he replied.‘Yes I’ve something for you, you remember that chick you saw on my D.P sometimes ago, the big hip girl?’, he tried to describe me. I eyed him for calling me‘big hip girl’. ‘How can I forget her when I self-service with her picture, what’s up with her?’, he asked. I was sure he would be so embarrassed if he knew I was hearing what he was saying. ‘Well she is bored and she needs a guy that can show her a good time this weekend, are you game?’. ‘Wow, I’m totally game oo. Are you sure she won’t change her mind?’ he asked, I mouthed ‘I’m game’ to Demola, he told Habib, ‘No she won’t change her mind, I’ll send you her bb pin so you guys can talk’, ‘ok, I’ll be expecting it, you said she’s your best friend, give me inside info now, how do I please her’, he asked and Demola replied, ‘Just be yourself and spoil her rotten, I’ll ping you lerra if I think of anything you need to know, bye’ he cut off the line and I released my held breathe.
‘Are you happy now?’ Demola asked, ‘Yes I am, remind me to leave you a list of how I’d like to be spoilt’. ‘You are not serious at all, can we move on now?’, he asked ‘Yes boss, we can’. I checked the next picture. He’s cute, I could see he was not tall and I knew instantly he was for Koyin and asked him, ‘Who’s this?’, ‘That is Opeyemi, he’s a lawyer, a calm and collected guy, he’s just been jilted by his girlfriend but he’s ready to have fun again, I think Koyin and him will match’, he told me. ‘I think so too. Is the guy game?’ I asked ‘Yes he’s game, I chatted with him this morning but I’ll have to call him back and tell him we are game too’, he replied.‘Tell me about this one’, I asked pointing at the next photo. ‘That is Tony, he’s with the Naval force and he’s on three weeks leave from work, he has a love boat and he’s very adventurous, he called me himself and asked me to hook him up with a girl for the weekend, so he’s game’. He concluded. ‘Wow, you have done a great job, how much will this cost me?’ I asked. ‘Can you pay my bill? Go jor’ he said. ‘Thank you sweetheart and I know of a way to pay you back but you still have to do one more thing for me first’ I told him. He rolled his eyes at me, took a sip from his wine and asked. ‘What is that?’
‘I need to get these guys together and explain what I want for my girls’ I replied. ‘I don’t know about Habib, he’s busy during the week but I think I can get the rest together, when will you like to meet them’. ‘Today preferable, you know I can’t get any day off this week again’, I told him. ‘Sandra! Why does everything you do or want have to be impromptu?’. He eyed me. ‘No vex now, please work your magic’, I psyched him. ‘So where will you like them to meet you and what time?’ I asked. ‘Let’s meet at Troy bar in Ogba, 4 or 5p:m will be ok and you are coming with me, drinks is on me’, I concluded. ‘Funny, you actually think a table of four males will allow a lady to pay for their drinks? You’re a fraud I swear’. He said and put the calls through on his phone. I’m happy to tell you that all males are available. We didn’t envision the traffic on the road but we still got to Troy Bar by 4:10pm, luckily for us none of our guest was around yet. We ordered for a bottle of McDowell’s and two bottles of cook. ‘Demo, for all your troubles today, how about I pay you back with something you can’t reject?’ I asked my friends, ‘Hmm, I’m all ears oo’ he said.
‘I talked to Ada today about you and I’m sure she’s into to you too, she’s just a little bit scared and playing hard to get. Before, when we talk about you, she usually says “NO”, but today she said “I’ll think about it”, and when a lady says that most time it means she’s into you already, by the time I finish with her on Friday, you can come pick her off to lunch’ I concluded. ‘You are serious, aren’t you?’ he asked giving me a big grin. ‘Yes I’m very serious’, I said returning his grin. ‘Yes you are right, the pay back is truly worth it. Thanks sweetie’. He was going to hug me when his phone rang, he picked it up. ‘Sup, ok come right in to the inner bar’, he said into his phone and said to me, ‘That’s Tony, and Opeyemi just pinged me that he’s almost here too, I told him where to find us’. Tony entered the room and Demola stood up to greet him and he turned to me, ‘Wow, Demola, you didn’t mention you will have a damsel with you’, he took my hand and kiss it. Hmmm, what a gentleman, Koyin will surely like him. ‘Thank you, you are charming yourself’, I said, he sat down. ‘Wetin make them give you brother’, Demola asked Tony, ‘Make them bring cup make I join you jor,’ Tony replied and Opeyemi walked in through the door.
‘How far guy, sorry I’m late, Lagos traffic na die’, he exchanged handshakes with the guys and said hi to me, ‘Ope, Tony this is Sandra and..’ his phone rang again and I guess it was Lekan, I was right ‘Yea, inner bar, ok’, he said into the phone and said to us, ‘Sorry about that, I’ll continue the introduction when Lekan gets here’. Lekan walked in looking like the banker he was, I wonder how he got off from work though.‘Sup guys hope I’m not too late,’ he said taking a look at his watch. ‘No, you are right on time’, Demola assured him. The waitress came in and Lekan ordered for Heinekens beer while Ope ordered for Star beer. ‘Ok guys, let me introduce you to each other, Tony, Ope, Lekan meet Sandra she’s the reason we are all here. I’ll let her explain the situation herself to you’, Demola told them. So I explained my girls to the guy and told them why we’re doing this. I told each guy who his girls is and showed him her picture. I gave them a low down of what each girl likes and how to make them happy. ‘So are you game guys?’ I asked looking at them one after the other, each of them nodded their agreements.
‘Good, you guys can pick us up by 8pm on Friday and thank you for doing this for us, you won’t regret it’, I thanked them. ‘So where is your own guy or are you not coming with us?’ Tony asked. ‘Oh, I dare not miss the fun, I’m coming along, Demola will link you guys with my guy, Habib is his name by the way’, I told them. ‘Guys, I’ve to go now, I’ll see you guys on Friday’. I stood up and they all stood up and I hugged them one after the other, I left the room and Demola followed me out. ‘Please hook Habib up with these guys and bring him to date. No Bleep me up ooo’, I said drawing my earlobe in warning. ‘Yes ma, trust me, he will be there’. I entered my car and drove off. The second scene of my plot is concluded, let’s move to the third and if you don’t know by now, let me tell you. I’m Sandra and I am “THE QUEEN Naughty Lady”. (To be continued)….

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