Story: 4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND… Part 16

‘Wow, that was a weekend you had there, and I thought I had the best weekend!’ Amanda said and Bimpe replied, ‘That’s good to know. Now, it’s your turn to tell us about your weekend!’ ‘Very well then, make una all go piss and take whatever you will need oo, because una no go fit stand up when I start oo’, Amanda adviced us. We all scrambled to our feet and went to attend ourselves, when we came back, Amanda was ready for us, she began….. ‘Let me tell you this first, Lekan’s blick is long and large. He’s a hell of a kisser but sucks at blussy eating, so I taught him……..’ ‘Slow down madam, you are supposed to give us all the gory details jor. Start from the beginning ooo’, Koyin said. ‘Abegi, me no get your kind brains oo. I’ll tell you what I can remember which is the S£x and money part, ok?’ I told them and Sandra said, ‘Ama, Nawa for you oo, Sha talk’. ‘I go talk. Oya make una listen oo’, I told them. ‘We’re all ears madam’, Bimpe said. And i began…..

When we left here, I asked him where he lived and he said Ikeja, but I was surprised when he missed the Ikeja exit. So I asked him, ‘I thought you lived in Ikeja?’ ‘Yes?’ he replied. ‘Well, you just missed your exit! When you get to the next roundabout, turn’, I told him. ‘Thank you ma, for your observation, but we are not going to my house. I’m taking you to the hotel’. I felt so embarrassed! Was it that I don’t deserve to know his house or what? I wanted to ask him why, but I couldn’t. I felt so ashamed, I’m sure he noticed my distress because he said, ‘Amanda, it’s not what you think, ok? Two of my colleagues have accommodation problem and they are with me for a while. If I take you home, we won’t have much privacy and you will have to cook for four people!’. ‘Oh’, I murmured. ‘You see, the kind of weekend I’ve planned for us does not involve other people or cooking! Are we cool now?’ he asked. ‘Yes,we’re. Where are we going?’ I asked. ‘Well, we’re going to Swe Bar, from there to Picadelly Hotel where we’ll be lounging. Have you been to any of them?’, he asked. ‘Nope! I’ve not, but I’ve heard about Swe Bar before’, I told him. ‘Don’t worry, you will love it. Hope you brought your swimming suit along?’ he asked. ‘Yes I did’, I assured him and we drove the rest of the journey in easy conversation. He told me about his work and I told him about mine. We told each other about our backgrounds, likes and dislikes, hobbies etc. He was telling me about his school days when my phone rang and… guess who was calling!

‘Uche!’, my friends chorused. You are so right girls, the bastard was calling me when he hadn’t picked my calls for five days, five good days! I really didnt want to pick it up but I did anyway.’Hello’, I said in a super sweet voice. ‘Hey baby! I’m sorry I’ve not been picking your calls. I forgot my phone in my friend’s car and he wasn’t around. I just got it back now. So how are you?’ he asked. Can you imaginethat? He must think I’m a fool! But I wasn’t in the mood to give him a piece of my mind. ‘No problem’, I replied. ‘I miss you babe. Come over for the weekend. I know you miss daddy too’, what an audacity! Well, I was his fool but no more. ‘Oh sorry, can’t come. I’m on date with my boyfriend, but you may check me at home in two weeks time. I should be back by then.’ I said calmly, and he was quiet for a while and then he laughed into the phone and said, ‘I understand you, you wan punish me for what I did shey? No vex baby, I’ll pick you up in an hour. Get ready,’ he said, and it was my turn to laugh. I laughed hard while Lekan sneaked looks at me trying to understand my call. I move my left hand from my lap to the back of his head and smiled at him and replied Uche. ‘Ok dear! I’ll be waiting’, I said to him and cut off the line. Let him come home. I’ve once heard that revenge is sweeter when served cold. ‘Everything ok dear?’, Lekan asked and I replied smiling. ‘Things could only get better,hope you are good too?’, I enquired. ‘Yep, and we’re here’, he said as he drove into the City Mall.

I touched up my face with powder and lipstick and we got down and walked into the City Mall. I saw sexily and expensively dressed pretty ladies and cutely dressed, handsome men walking to the stairs by my left. I thought we would head that way too but Lekan tugged at my hand gently and said. ‘The stairs are for regulars. For a VIP like you, it’s the elevator. This way please’, he said while we moved to the right. We turned a corner and he opened a door which revealed an elevator. He summoned it and we rode to the third floor. As we climbed out, I saw big bouncers by the door. They saluted Lekan and I knew instantly that he was a regular at that bar. We went inside. It was dark inside and I couldn’t see anything at first but it cleared up in seconds. The music was superb, their food was tasty and the drinks were chilled. We spent about three hours there before taking our leave and we drove towards Lekki where Picadilly Hotel was located. He had already booked our room earlier in the day. He took our key from the receptionist, as he helped to carry my bags and we went into our room. It was a nice room. Everything was white, the bed was so big that four people could conveniently sleep in it. ‘Do you like this room?’ he asked me. ‘We can change it if you don’t…’ he told me. ‘It’s fine dear’, I replied, dropping my bags on the floor. I had earlier silenced my phone and I hadn’t checked it at all because I was having fun at Swe Bar. But when I looked at it, I had fourteen missed calls and they were all from Uche. I checked my BBM. He had left me several messages and voice notes and I found myself laughing. ‘What’s funny?’ he asked, smiling himself. ‘Nothing darling, just a funny tweet’, I lied.

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