Story: 4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND… Part 13

I wore a red round neck top and a black mini skirt with no underwear; I have a feeling I’ll get naughty soon. He wore a blue shirt and brown knickers. I served him and myself, I said a quick prayer and we began eating. ‘Koyin, this tastes good, hmmm’, he said after eating for a while. ‘Thank you sir, but wetin you go talk if he no sweet self’, I accused playfully. ‘I go beat you ni’, he replied. We continued eating and having easy conversation. ‘Do you like football?’ Ope asked me. ‘Well, I’m indifferent to it, why do you ask?’ I asked. ‘Well, I am a fan, a big fan, I support Chelsea and we have a match today, I was hoping we could watch it together but you can watch or do anything you like sha’. He told me. Boys and football sha, na wa! ‘No p, we’ll watch it together’, I replied. ‘Are you sure’, he asked again. ‘Yep, I’m sure sir’, I said. We had finished eating by now and I stood up to clear the table but he stopped me. ‘Let me’, he said. ‘Hhmmm, is this how you are or you are just being nice?’ I asked skeptically, ‘Funny you, anyway it’s a little of both’, he said carrying our plates to kitchen. I followed him; he washed the plates while I dried it. How I wish men continue relationships the way they started it…

‘Asfsh’, nooo, oohh, stop, no jor, Ope please’ I giggled uncontrollable as he tickled me. I was lying on the floor and he was on top of me, he held my two hands with one of his and tickled me with the other and I was laughing hard. ‘Say please sir’, he bullied me. ‘Puleeasee ssirrr’, I giggled out as he continued tickling me, ‘Aarhh, jor now, sebi moti bee now’, I begged. He stopped tickling me but bent down to kiss me. I wrapped my hand around his neck while I kissed him back. ‘Gbagaun, gbagaun, its 2o’clock’, the walk clock announced. ‘It’s football time sweetie’, he said standing up and drawing me along with him. ‘Do you want me to get you anything from the kitchen?’ I asked. ‘Yep, beer and groundnuts and something for yourself too’ he replied, ‘Ok’, I said. I went to the kitchen, got all the things I needed and put them on a tray and brought it back to the living room. He was already sitting down on the “love couch”. I put the refreshments on the table and sat beside him. He drew me closer to him and kissed my checks, I kissed him full on his lips trying to distract him from the game. ‘Sweetheart, it won’t work, it can’t work oo, you can’t distract me from watching football’ he boasted, if there’s something I hate about the male ego, it’s their boosting and I’ve taken this as a challenge! ‘Who wants to distract you? I just kissed you, that’s all!’ I lied baiting my eyes innocently, I’m so very much gonna distract you, I vowed to myself silently.
‘Yes, yea, right there, give it to him, oya gbe fun J.T, J.T run, run, wo eyin e, oya give it to Mikel, good, wasere! Mikel dapada seyin, Puyol n sare bo oo, ode, give it to Mata jor, oya ge Pique! Oge, ege, run jor, yeeessss!’. It was 46:37 minutes into the match and I watched the movement too, captivated by the players legs and determination. The ball was passed to John Terry (J.T) who ran with the ball and gave it to Mikel Obi, Mikel gave it to Mata as Puyol, a Barcelona defender rushed towards him, Mata collected the ball, dribbled Pique, ran past him towards box 18 where Torres was already running to, Mata gave a through pass to Torres who looked up and kicked the ball to the right top corner of the post, the keeper went left, Valdes the keeper fell hard on his buttocks as he followed the ball movement into the post, he slapped the ground in frustration while Chelsea team members and fan jubilated! ‘Goal, goal, goal’, Ope and I screamed while he jumped about the living room, he picked up his phone and dialed a number, ‘Se I no tell you? I go beat Barca today una no go fit eat! Go jor’, he said into his phone and dropped the phone, he hugged and pecked me. ‘So happy babe, awon omo Barca yen o derun!’ He confessed to me as we settled down to continue watching. Now is the time to seduce or distract him, I told myself.
Instead of sitting beside him, I laid down and rested me head on his laps, I raised my arm above his shoulders and reached for his ear, he looked down at me, I smiled and averted my eyes from his, pretending to be interested in the football match. I played with his ear for a while then dropped my hand to is stomach, I maneuvered my hand into his shirt and caressed his stomach, he relaxed into the couch, giving me more access to his body, I rejoiced inwardly. I went boldly for his right Tip, I pinched gently and rubbed it, he was still watching the match but now his hand was in my hair massaging it softly. I unzipped his knickers zip and brought out his blick, I felt his eye on me but I didn’t look up, I massage his blenis with my right hand while I stared straight at the TV, he pinched my hand and asked huskily, ‘What do you think you are doing?’ I looked at him, baited my long eyelashes and replied, ‘Watching football’, I didn’t even bother looking at him. ‘Okay’, he replied. After some minutes, I stood up and knelt down between his legs and took his blick in my mouth. ‘Gbkmmh gbkmmh’, he coughed trying to mask his moan. I stole a look at him through my eyelashes, and he wasn’t looking at the TV! His hands roamed about my head and face, he couldn’t mask his moan any longer as I performed the mouth job on him. (To be continued)

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