Story: 4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND… Part 12

….‘I don’t intend to be a kiss and tell but girls, eru niyo, his blick is beautiful; not too big, thick and very smooth, the kind that makes your mouth water!’ I confirmed to my friends. I held it and… ‘Wait!’ Bimpe said ‘I no fit hold this piss again, I need to go to the bathroom!’ Bimpe ran to the toilet and Amanda said ‘As much as I hate that girl for interrupting, I gotta pee too’. She stood up and went to her room, ‘I think I’ll get something to drink too its getting hot in here’ Sandra said and headed for the kitchen ‘Sandra’ I called, she stopped and turned towards me, ‘Bring me a bottle of coke please’. ‘Ok’ she said. Bimpe came back and asked of Koyin, I told her where she was and she went to the kitchen to get drinks for Amanda and herself too. Koyin and Bimpe returned from the kitchen carrying drinks and Amanda also joined us. We shared the drink amongst ourselves and Bimpe said, ‘You can now continue oo’. ‘Where did I stop’ I asked. ‘Where you held his bldick’, Amanda reminded me. ‘So as I was saying…’ I continued with my tale.
I held his blick with my left hand; I ran my right hand over his thighs, legs and buttocks, ’Iissh’, I heard him inhaled sharply. I massaged his joystick, rubbing it, pulling and pressing it gently, his hands rested on my shoulders. I looked up to him, he was smiling, well, smiling is good but that wasn’t the expression I wanted! I wanted him groaning and moaning so I swallowed his Joystick in one motion, ‘Hhmshjsk’, he whispered through his teeth. I rolled him in my mouth, swaying my tongue around his blpenis cap as I removed it from my mouth. I blew hot air on his Joystick before taking it back into my mouth, this time I didn’t swallow everything. I took it half length into my mouth, I shielded my teeth with my lips and started giving him a slow MouthAction while my left hand taunt his buttocks, my right hand played with his spheres. His hand dwelled into my hair, drawing my mouth closer to his blick, in and out; I went over his blick, licking, pulling, and sucking, he was groaning. ‘Ggrrh, mmhhnr, aarrrgmmg’. I removed my mouth to lick his full length but he said harshly, ‘No’ and forced my head back to his Joystick. I blew him for some more minutes and he met me halfway, he began to pant harder. He held on to my head like a lifeline, thrusting his blick into my mouth harder and faster. I knew he was coming so I sucked hard and faster as if my life depended on it. ‘Yes, yes, Koyin, aatrhsgf, arggjiiirrr’. He groaned and came into my mouth and fell onto the bed. I tried to swallow his blsperm, but I couldn’t.
I went into the bathroom to clean my mouth, when I came out; he was still lying on the bed with his right arm over his face. He looked up when I closed the bathroom door, I felt extremely shy as he starred at me, ‘Come here’ he commanded. I went to him, he sat me down beside him and hugged me tightly and said, ‘Thank you, no one has ever sucked me till I climaxxx’. My heart swelled, Usman has never said thank you to me after S£x or a terrific MouthAction! I kissed his temple and said, ‘Thank you too’, he released me from the hug and ask me if I was ready to sleep, I said yes. He asked if I needed anything I told him I wanted water, he went to the kitchen to get it, I changed into my nightgown before he got back, when he came back and saw me in my nightgown he said, ‘Wow, blue looks good on you, I like it’, ‘Thanks’ I said taking the cup of water he extended to me. He drew back the duvet and I climbed into bed, he joined me and drew the duvet over us. He drew me closer, I rested my head on his chest and put my left hand on his stomach, and he kissed my forehead and said, ‘I’m very glad you are here Koyin, I hope you are happy too?’ Was I happy? I really don’t know but I can say I was contented and I definitely wasn’t sad. I nodded my head against his chest as I yawned, ‘Sleep angel’, was the last thing I heard…
The sun was in my eyes, urging me to wake up, I turned to the other side trying to block out the sun rays, but then I remembered sunlight does not reflect into my room like this, my eyes flew open, my surroundings was strange to me. I try to wake up my fogged brain and I remembered where I was, I was in Opeyemi’s bed! I looked beside me, Opeyemi wasn’t there. ‘Ope, Ope’, I called out but no one answered me, I panicked a little. I unwrapped myself from the duvet, and got out of bed, I was looking for a slippers to put on when I noticed a paper by my feet on the floor. I bent down for a closer look and I saw my name on it. I took it and opened it, it read; “Angel Koyin, good morning, it would’ve been a sin 2 wake u up, u looked so much at peace, I’m off 2 d gym, I’ll b back by 9am, if u want 2 cook, you’ll find all u need in d kitchen, if not, I’ll take u 2 b.f when I’m back, remain beautiful, Ope”. I read the note four times, I found it Sekxy and it makes me so happy. I looked up at the clock and it was 8:04am, “oga oo, mosun ga sha”! I thought to myself and stood up to look for the kitchen, I found it and indeed, he had all I needed to cook. I got down to work, I cooked prawn-rice and stew, I garnished the stew with the snail we brought home last night. It was 8:55am by the time I finished cooking, I rushed to his room to clean up, I couldn’t let him see me all sweaty.
Seeing the bathroom again reminded me of last night and I felt a pleasant sharp pain in my tummy. “To think I’ve not really had intercourse with Ope and he can make me feel like this?”. I ran water into the tub and soap it till it bubbles, I stepped into it. I wanted to have a quick shower but the water was so inviting that I relaxed, some minutes later, the door knob turned, the door open a little and Ope’s head was in the doorway, ‘May I come in ma’am’ he said smiling, he didn’t wait for a reply, he entered. His gym-clothes were soaked with sweat. ‘Yes you may come in’ I replied smiling, ‘I was hoping you’d say that’ he said undressing, and he was in the tub with me in less than a minutes. He saw the look of surprise on my face and said, ‘You said I should come in now, make room jor’. ‘Arh, oro e ti yemi’, I replied. ‘Sit forward Koyin, let me sit behind you’, I sat forward and he sat behind me, I rested my back against his chest. He kissed me temple, took the sponge from me and started washing us both, ‘Did you sleep well?’ He asked. ‘Yes I did, I woke up around 8am’, I replied. ‘Good, I left for the gym around 7am, I didn’t want to wake you, so what did you cook? The house smells delicious’, I titled my head back to look at him, ‘Just rice and stew’. ‘Good, I’m very hungry, are you clean enough madam, or is there someplace else you will like me to wash?’ He asked turning me around to face him. ‘Actually yes but not here’, I said biting my lips. ‘Naughty girl’, he said. He rinsed us both and we toweled each other dry.

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