Story: 3 Sisters And A Corper… Part 3

The next mornin, as early as to6 toluknocked the door, I asked her to come in,

when she cane in she asked if I needed

water, I said yes and she left with two of

my buckets and fetched the water,

Tolu: sir, I have brought the buckets

*answering from inside my room*

Me: ok tanks a lot.

I arranged my self and went to work, while

teaching my phone rang but It was a flash

so I ignore the call severally, when school

close I returned the call and female voice

responded. *dialog*

Me: hello?, who is this?

Tolu’s sis: its rachael tolu’s elder sis

Me: ok! Hw re u?

Rach: fine oh, how was work today

Me: fine fine, where are u ?

Rach: in our house near ur room

Me: ok then wen I come back I’ll come and

see u ok?

Rach: ah! No problem

*call ended*

I got home rest for 30minute then ate d lil

food that was in the house, after the meal I

went out to caretaker’s(CT) house, sat on

the bench outside then I flash her so she

can come to meet me, soon she and tolu

came outside we all sat and discussed many

things, as it was getting dat rach said I

should accompany her to where stays I

agreed to see her off then she went in side

to tell her parents that she’s going then she

came out and we left, as we are going we

chatted as follows

Rach: so in Bayelsa is true u marry many


Me: I don’t knw cus I’m not marry yet


Rach: ok u’ll get married here b4 u finish

ur service.

Me: hahahaah den I will marry u na?

Rach: hahaha kopa u re very funny oh, so

if the chance comes up u will agree to

marry me?

Me: yes na or won’t u?

Rach: I don’t knw oh. *smiles*

Me: oh u’ve started denying me.

She just smiles as we walked, I was just

admire her well carved shape, legs, hips,

and those wonderful and large bubba


Me: u knw this community is very boring

why can’t u look for a girl to be keeping me


Rach: really are u that bored?

Me: u won’t understand

Rach: y a girl? Hw about a boy

Me: don’t worry about boys I know where

I’ll meet them,

Rach: ok then I’ll look for a friend of mine

to come keep u company

Me: lest I forget, tolu told me she has two

sisters, where is the other of ur sister?

Rach: ok funke, she has not come back

from work cus she comes by 8 dats y u

have nt seen her.

Me: hmmmm no wonder I don’t meet her,

so when will u invite ur friends

Rach: next week

Me: ok I’ll be waiting

We said bye to each other and I turn back

to my home. After about two days in the

evening I had a knock on my door and

replied, when the door was open I saw one

fat girl and Rach

Me: ehhhh rachael wats up nw

Rach: am fine oh wats happening, we came

to visit oh

Me: yes oh I can see let me go get u somtin

to drink for u girls so what can I offer u

Rach: fummi what will u take

Fummi: malt

Rach: malt too

Me: ok

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