Story: 3 Sisters And A Corper… Part 10

Sir ,I am sorry to write u this letter , I never

thought u would betray me this much, u

said u loved me and I foolishly fell for it ,

while u are dating my sister . I was lucky my

sister didn’ t report me to my parent , I

regret every of my actions with u , thanks

for showing me who u really are . I HATE U .

I just sighed a sigh of relief knowing that

their parents is in the dark, the rest of the

school hours was spent in the staff room

chatting with my kopa friend name jumai till

the close time , went home stayed in doors

till around 7pm I think , then I went out

tried calling Bola again, in fact all what I

could think anytime I entered my room was

how I could get Bola to come for bleeping

so what Tolu and her sister Rachael was

doing , I was not minding them anymore , so

I tried Bola ’s line but not available, I was

sad cause I would be traveling soon but I

have not seen her again after that day I

saw her . I strolled round , went to our

viewing centre and as I was going back

home I heard my name kopa ! kopa ! (That’ s

what they call me there ) I turned back to

see who was calling only to find out that it

was Funke , I was a bit concerned thinking

she would ask me what happened between

her sisters and me , but she just came and

asked where I was coming from ?

Me: *ehhn ? She no know ehh* I was bored,

I just came out to walk it out.

Funke : u should ’ ve come to our house nd

stayed with us na .

Me: Yes that ’ s true but I needed d walk, so

u where are u coming from this night?

Funke : from the church , I came to see


Me: ah ! Ok

Funke : What naaa ?

Tapping my shoulder

Me: what did I do na ?

Funke : I ’ m not like that oh

Me: Rachael nko?

Funke : she is in her house , what about her ?

Me: nothing i didn’ t see her throughout


Funke : did I come out today ?

Me: what about ur friend , Bola ?

Funke : she is fine, do u like her ?

Me: I promised her something that ’s all

Funke : u like her .

Me: just because she is a fan like me

Funke : but its like she loves u

Me: really ? Ah, but my heart is somewhere

else now.

Funke : for sure? Where?

Me: if I tell u won ’t believe me

Funke : try me .

Me: I ’ ve been in love since I came to this

town with u .

Funke : hmmn are u sure?

Me: 100 % sure

Funke : why do u love me ?

Me: *ehh , na interview oh * because u ’ re

beautiful , calm, caring , and intelligent .

She smiles and didn ’ t say anything again ,

then I asked her

Me: did I win?

Funke : am I a trophy ?

Me: u are worth more than that to me .

After saying those words I stood , she turned

back and saw me standing and asked what

was the matter, I walked straight to her and

hold her hands, tried to kiss her she

withdrew her head and asked what was I

trying to do ? I did not answer her , I just

held her hands and was just admiring those

huge Bosom of hers and was wondering

inside of me that what do I give to suck

those huge Bosom , the biggest I ’ ve had

opportunity to get so close to .

Funke : why do want to do dat here ?

Me: am sorry

Funke : let ’ s go home

Oh I was excited hearing that from her . As

we got close to where we live she just said

“ see u later ” and left , I was perplexed, I

just stood there watched her go to their

house , then I went home disappointed .

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