Story: 3 Sisters And A Corper… Part 11

During the xmas period, me and my friends were in a drinking bar in my community , helping ourselves with some bottles with some of their female friends, we all gist together , then I turned my attention to one of the babes and asked her if she has a friend that I can make my friend since I was the only person without a babe there we all laughed and the guys pressured her to call any of her friend and agreed , so she called somebody , after the call she told me the friends name is Ama or Josephine , after about 15 min or thereabout a very fat babe burst to the scene , though they were all thick but she was more thicker, with extra large of every feature in her anatomy, only she’s average height for a girl and has a pretty face, pointed nose, soft but thick lips , and she look good in her make up and her mini- gown, when she came she greeted everybody and the guys quickly gave her a seat next to me and as sharp guy I quick quick welcomed her and complements her beauty and praise her size , she smiled and sat beside me , I offered a drink and requested for bullet , there we all chatted , caught fun , and got high on beering .

During the gist I would just drop a hint that I like her , we exchange zeros, we talked and I placed my hand on her lap while we all gist , I smooched slowly to the knee and up to her inner lap she would slightly open legs, when I try to go further she held my hand and looked me then I smiled, I whispered in her hear asking her if she has any other place to go to after here , she signaled no with her head then I told her that I want us to go she said ok but I have to leave first then called so she can come and meet me , ok I said , I told the guys I want to go home , I left and called her she did nt pick , called again and again and finally she said she is at the entrance to my compound I directed her in to my room, as she entered I complemented her again and hugged her before u could say one we are locked in heavy kissing and smooching, she on the bed, I am with my boxers alone , she removed the gown only with bra and a short tight, look at this size I imagined , I loose the bra to release the Bosom , I was shocked as they rolled down , I dive them and sucked them hard as she just whine body and waist , I pull down the tight together with the pant , she is already wet all over.

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