Read Story: Two Realms (Romance Thriller)… Part 65

A story written by INEGBENOISE OSEODION OSAGIE. (07068221839, 08093828575, [email protected])

“No objections,” the attorney said.
“You may continue, Mr Victor.”
“I have no further questions.”
The judge scribbled on her pad and looked at the prosecuting attorney. “Any cross examination?”
“I’ll be asking some questions.” The prosecuting attorney adjusted his suit and rose. He stalked to the podium and pierced his eyes into Ivie’s. She removed hers and returned them to him on remembering Mr Victor’s words to always keep head straight.
“Miss Oboh, who exactly is Mr Richard to you?”
“He is a friend.”
“What about Mr Bakare Damijo?”
“A friend.”
The prosecuting attorney scrawled something down. “How long have you known Mr Bakare?”
“For some months. I would say nine.”
“For the number of months before this all began, did you ever suspect Mr Bakare to be involved in a criminal activity?”
“And do you suspect him now?”
“Considering the things on ground, I believe he was somehow involved in some criminal activities.”
“And what things are on ground?”
She stared at the prosecutor. He cocked his head and stared back at her.
“The whole case,” she said. “With the hearings of the case so far, I’ve been able to gather he could have had hands in some crimes, and he, himself testified to be involved in a heroin deal.”
“Or would it be more suitable to say you believe he was involved in a criminal activity because your other friend, Mr Richard, said so?”
“Objection!” Mr Victor saved her. “Mr Momoh is deliberately trying to force words on the witness.”
“Overruled. Mr Momoh, you should continue.”
“Thank you, My Lady.” He returned to Ivie. “Miss Ivie, you’ve not answered my question.”
“I believe he is involved in a criminal activity because he testified so himself. My personal study also shows there is a huge possibility Mr Bakare could be involved.”
“Did your study not also reveal Mr Richard could be involved?”
“So your study favoured one friend as opposed to the other.” He stared at her. “Miss Ivie, do you think it’s possible to hear background noises of trees rustling and wind whirling through a phone.”
“It’s very possible. I heard them.”
“No one is saying you didn’t. I’m only questioning the possibility.” He paused. “You claim to have phoned Bakare Damijo, the victim. Are you aware that a thorough search has been done on the crime scene and nothing resembling a phone was found?”
“Someone must have taken it because I actually phoned him. I—” She swallowed her remaining words. There was no need defending herself.
“And what someone? Footprints were not found either.”
“Objection.” Mr Victor narrowed eyes at the judge. “The place isn’t a muddy ground. It’s all turfy and grassy. Footprints would be hard to find, and I doubt the police did a thorough search. They must have believed to have found their criminal which they assumed to be my client.”
“Overruled, let the prosecuting attorney finish,” the judge said.
The prosecuting attorney returned to Ivie. “How old are you, miss?”
“I’m twenty seven.”
“Isn’t it new to the ears that a twenty seven year old citizen of the country does not know her zonal police number?”
“Objection.” Mr Victor rose. “My Lady, It’s not new. Most Nigerians in their graves never knew the police’s number for their lifetime. I won’t be wrong to say most spectators seated here are yet unaware. The Police is not well advertised. The woman should not be blamed.”
“Overruled.” Her Ladyship pointed something close to a scowl at Mr Victor. “It would help if you could give the State attorney some space to examine the witness.”
The prosecuting attorney turned to the judge. “That’ll be all, My Lady.”
“Any redirect, Mr Victor,” the judge asked with a freshened face.
“No, My Lady.”
The judge faced the court and announced the end of the day’s session. The court remained adjourned until the 3rd of October. More days for Richard in prison.
Ivie left the witness box and returned to her seat. Richard looked at her and gave her a nod.

To Be Continued….

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