Read Story: Two Realms (Romance Thriller)… Part 63

A story written by INEGBENOISE OSEODION OSAGIE. (07068221839, 08093828575, [email protected])

“Sustained,” Her Ladyship said. “Please the court should disregard the State’s last statement.”
The prosecuting attorney continued. “All I’m trying to do is make the court see reasons why the defendant could say a slanderous statement against his wife. It is obvious he was interested in another wo—”
Mr Victor hit the table. “Objection! The prosecuting attorney is veering outside the case. It concerns nobody if my client is interested in another woman or not.”
“Sustained. Mr Momoh, you shouldn’t go into that again.”
“Okay, My Lady.” The prosecuting attorney faced Richard. “You said a pistol was taken from your firearm kit.”
“That’s true.”
“You said you do keep this kit in your wardrobe.”
“That’s true.”
“You said you live only with your wife.”
“That’s true.”
“So it’s either you used the pistol or she did. Since it couldn’t be you, it’s automatically her. Isn’t that what you are saying?”
“I’m saying it’s her because I saw her shoot the victim at the orchard with the pistol.”
“That’s what you say you saw.” He paused. “Is there a possibility that someone other than your wife could have entered the room you kept your firearm kit?”
Richard remained silent for a while before muttering out words. “I kept the firearm kit in my room. No one enters my room except my wife and me.”
“No one had ever entered your room except your wife and you?” The prosecutor focused on him.
“No one could ever enter my room and open my wardrobe other than my wife.”
The prosecutor dropped gaze to his pad. “Mr Richard, do you realize you are indirectly saying your wife took your pistol and shot that man, and do you realize she has a reputation which you are shredding apart. Mr Richard, unknown to you, you could be compiling your charges.”
“Objection.” Mr Victor shook his head. “Is that a threat to my client?”
“I’m not threatening your client,” the prosecuting attorney said calmly. “I’m only educating him on the gravity of words spoken in the courtroom.”
“Sustained,” Her Ladyship said. “I don’t think the defendant needs the education.”
“Mr Richard, have you ever housed anybody in your house, the same house you keep your firearm kit?” the prosecutor asked.
“I have.”
“Are you always home with such persons?”
“Is it possible for such a person to gain access to your room and wardrobe?”
Richard did a swallow. “My room is always locked when I’m out, except when my wife remains at home.”
“And your wife is a woman. She could be in the kitchen, laundering, or doing one of the many things women do, while this guest of yours could be in the house doing nothing. Can such a thing happen?
“It can.”
“And this guest of yours, can he or she have access to your room when your wife is in the kitchen or someplace other than the room?”
“He can.”
“Thus, it could be anybody who took the Glock pistol, right?”
The question was already answered. All he need do was say the word. “It’s possible.”
“Or could it be nobody?” He turned to Her Ladyship. “My Lady, I have nothing further.” He marched to his seat with a widened face.
“Any redirect, Mr Victor?”
Richard made for his seat.

To Be Continued….

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