Read Story: Two Realms (Romance Thriller)… Part 56

A story written by INEGBENOISE OSEODION OSAGIE. (07068221839, 08093828575, [email protected])

The thought of a trial made Richard think the worst. What if he was found guilty? What if his lawyer lost to the prosecutor? He rested his gaze on Mr Victor and asked him those.
The lawyer assured him he wouldn’t be found guilty and would leave the court a free man by the end of the trial. Richard asked again, and this time, didn’t need assurances. He needed answers.
An appeal, the lawyer said. They would be an appeal and the case would be fought till the end.
Richard breathed in the heavy air the conference room offered. He could be found guilty and might be spending more days in hellhole. An appeal might be done. What happened after the appeal? The lawyer had no answer to that.
“Isn’t there a tangible evidence? Isn’t there someone that saw my wife at the scene, shooting that man?” An urge so pushed him to strike the table. “There has to be.”
“The case is to prove your innocence and not your wife’s guilt.”
“If she’s guilty, then I’m innocent. It’s either one of us. I can’t be suffering for another man’s crime.”
“There’s nothing to prove she was involved. Your words aren’t enough. I doubt the court would consider them. Putting forth claims against her could sound slanderous, but I’m working. I’m working hard to find evidences that’d prove your innocence, and possibly her guilt. Interrogators questioned her, searched your house and her shop, but didn’t find anything helpful.”
The lawyer zipped his bag open and brought out a sheet. “This is a list of the State’s possible cross exams with good replies.”
Richard browsed through the questions and studied the replies. They were nothing more than the expected. “I can handle this.”
“Don’t forget to always look into the attorney’s eyes, as that erases fear, and try not to stutter or hook between words. Her Ladyship should be able to hear you clear enough. She is not a young woman, so don’t expect her hearing to be perfect.”
“What about Ivie, you think she will be able to witness without a break or something like that?”
“I talked to her, lectured her. She will,” the lawyer said. “The best way to overcome the cross-exams is to remember you’re the innocent one, so you shouldn’t be afraid. You’re saying no lies. Your words are the truth; there’s no need to fear.”
Richard nodded. He was the innocent one, then why was he locked up like a criminal.

To Be Continued….

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