Read Story: Two Realms (Romance Thriller)… Part 48

A story written by INEGBENOISE OSEODION OSAGIE. (07068221839, 08093828575, [email protected])

Lauren studied the newspaper. Its version differed from what Jide had said over the phone. The Vanguard’s version made Richard a criminal, and the evidences did no good, worse than Benjamin Casper’s situation in Mistress.
She crossed her legs and read the interview of the prosecuting attorney, where he stated that the reasons for the crime were not very clear, but the police suspect a personal vendetta or something related. The prosecutor emphasized on how the big men in the nation escaped the hand of the law, and promised this would be an exception as the case would be treated with every of the nation’s law ethic.
Her dad stalked into the sitting room, wrapped in his crimson towel. “I believe you must be wondering why he would do such a thing. I was shocked myself when I heard the news.”
She raised her head to him. Shaving cream covered the short strands of hair on his chin. “How did he end up in such a mess?”
“I don’t know why he did it. Everyone is wondering that.”
“What if he is being misjudged?”
He pointed a finger to the newspaper. “Can’t you see the evidences? The police found him with a firearm kit, which probably had the handgun that released the bullet found in the victim. Maybe he found a way to hide the gun from the police.” He stalked closer to her and pointed to the paper’s bottom where the evidences the police gathered were listed.
“I’ve read it. I talked with Jide, and he said Richard is being misjudged.”
“Mr Jide is his friend and colleague. What do you expect him to say? The police found Richard’s bullets in the victim’s body. What other evidence could be clearer? If it were in Canada, he would have long been sentenced.”
“I can’t fathom why he would do it. I know a little of the man. He’s principled, and he’s a Christian.”
“A Christian by name. Everyone is a Christian by name.”
She closed the newspaper and stared at Richard’s picture on the front page. He stared back at her. Audible words of “not guilty” voiced from his lips.
Dad positioned on the couch’s arm. The cream on his chin clustered and curled his beard in bunches. “What was he thinking?”
It was evident only she could hear Richard’s non-guilty words.
“He was found with a gun, Lau,” her dad muttered. “You will hear the ballistics result on his trial. It sure will be a match.”
It wouldn’t. It wouldn’t match. The gun that shot the bullet didn’t belong to Richard.
“If it doesn’t,” dad continued, “then the bullet came from a gun he borrowed or acquired illegally. But I believe he shot that man. He was found in the scene with a firearm kit. A handgun must be in one of those.”
There could be other reasons to why he was in the scene with a gun. He might have been somehow framed. Things like that happened, and her dad probably knew it. It was possible for there to be a mix-up somewhere.
“You knew him very well?” dad asked.
“Richard is a friend.”
“I’d prefer you use the verb ‘was.’ Sometimes we don’t know what our friends could do.”
“But sometimes they deserve a little vouching.”
“Don’t tell me you can vouch anything for a man found with firearms in a crime scene and a bleeding man below.”
“I know him. It wouldn’t be easy believing all he is accused of.” She eyed the picture on the paper. “I’ll have another talk with Jide. He might know some things.”
“So many things lead people to do unspeakable things they themselves may not think they’d do; that won’t cause God to spare them. He makes it an obligation to see them suffer for their sins. When you’re older, you’ll understand.”
She understood that. But still, Richard worth some assertion. She focused on the newspaper.

To Be Continued….

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